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Planet Impact: Revolution

Planet Impact: Revolution for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Uaimedna located at Amatininku 14, Kelme. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I liked it except for the Orbital mode where the planets are so small you have to zoom out and in all the time it gets finicky.
Orbital mode has the smallest things you can send your ships at. Sometimes in the orginal game mode you can't even beat the level as you just keep on attacking and they keep on regenerate....
Orbital levels are nice, but the game needs more levels or some kind of difficulty option. In most cases this game is an easy one
I hate it, shame on you! It is very bad copy of Auralux , you just added guns, no sound , and the music is boring slow
This is a fun game but there are things that should be fixed such as touch sensitive when zoomed all the way out, moving camera when zoomed in instead of having to zoom back out and in to see another section, and mpc regeneration should be fixed. I was left with planets equalling thought 90 and I had to go against an mpc with 170 and it regenerate faster than I can get my planets to prepare to fire! It's hard starting with one planet at 20 going against 3 huge planets equalling 340 its very frustrating
Would be a great game if only the targeting was more sensitive half the time I go to attack it pings the planet but never sends troops
Great game, but desperately needs fixes... First lag, mainly probably caused by the annoying banner ad that doesn't go away when you play a level. That's a big one u should fix...plus I don't even think there's a pause button because of the ad, and when I hit my back button it exits the game completely and when I get back on its even glitchier until I manually shut the app down.
Horrible app to use on a phone. It's to small and inaccurate. Sometimes it doesn't even touch the planets im targeting.
Unplayable game due to ads covering parts of the screen at inopportune moments, then not being able to be removed. Really just an example of a game only made to make money for the owner via ads. Completely unoriginal gameplay, derivitive, and far less developed/refined as the games like auralux that its ripped off from. Made me angry, just because of how bad it is and how transparent it is in its lack of imagination and revenue raising.
Its alright, good time killer except the adds at the top during gameplay get on the way and are annoying but other than that its pretty good.
Went through almost the whole campaign waiting for it to not feel like a tutorial level. Each one was just as easy as the last. Still kinda fun to play though, worth checking out.
Don't waste your time on this. Controls are broken and you'll just get frustrated by swiping on the screen without reaction.
As I am RTS lover, I've had a great timr playing this game. It is simple and easy to learn, but that does not mean finishing the matches wont any difficult. Whilst playing this game, your strategic skills will be put into test.
Bought the game to support the developer. I suggest at 82 cents others should do the same to. However I do have a few bits of feedback. 1) the game is too easy... If you full upgrade each planet as you take it over the regeneration is so high you can just rush the other enemies big planets and then it's a simple takeover. 2) sometimes the game doesn't allow you especially in orbital mode to move your troops. I have to restart the game and then it works again. It is annoying..... But i love the game :)
Not bad .minimal ads. Lineal difficulty runs parallel with the upgrades . Instead of exponentially difficult. No pay walls so you can actually finish all levels ,a rare feature these days. Nice gfx . Recommended for anyone who likes RTS games without all the crap.
This game allows zoom but you can't move the are while zoomed the orbitals are so small you can't see them unless zoomed and then since you can't move the screen around you can't see most of them anyway. And, send things from any planet to another with some on the path and all or part go to the planet in path instead of around which is realistic and what other similar games either go around or through. If I in path to Saturn unless I specifically want to go to Jupiter too I will go around Jupiter.
Fun game, but needs more maps / levels and means of indicating what level you were last on when replaying completed levels / maps. I really enjoyed the constellation maps which are a superb variation on the theme and look forwards to some more.
This game is cool to play and going to tell my friends to install it cuz it's fun to play this game is awesome and amazing
I have to say to say i haven't had something like that in loong time. Some future ideas... mabe make different types of planets like gas that can hold a large population but it takes longer for them to populate. Some sort of campaign would be nice... fighting different alien races to conquer the universe... and different alien races have different advantages. I also find the controls a bit glitchy at times..but it still made the game playable. The game is simple and easy to.understand...keep it that way...
On levels where there is a lot of moving ships (the dots) it lags heavily...and I have a decent phone (galaxy s6). You should have some creative features added, like different types of lasers, or the ability to sacrifice small planets to make big ones. Also, make it easier to select planets for attack. A lot of times I can select my planets but when I go to select an enemy, it doesn't go through because I slightly moved my finger. Focus less on number of planets, and more on AI and upgrades.
Super fun game. Can only access up to lvl 18 it keeps going but if I stop at lvl 24 I have to start at 18 again to het to lvl 25.
It gets pretty challenging when you get up around level 40. Its a fun game, but gets a little slow when there are ads across the top of the screen and there's a major battle going on.
This is a good old game that I always loved. It is easy to play this game and the fun is still in hthis game as always
In zoomed out mode, specifically in the orbital levels, it is very difficult to select which planets you want to send ships from, but can be impossible at times to select which enemy planet to send them too. I often had to try several times until it would finally recognize which planet I was trying to attack. This would give the computer the upper hand as it would have all that time to make its move. I easily beat all levels, but it was still extremely frustrating at times.
Good game. Nothing flashy, but fun. Only minor issue is that sometimes it's hard to attack the smaller planets. Just a minor control issue.
Pretty interesting at first, but it gets kind of boring... At least for me, you can just rush the enemy big planets and win in less than a minute. Orbital mode has horribly tiny planets that are very hard to target. I never thought I would say that winning is boring, but it is! Maybe this game is more suitable for a tablet. Thanks to the devs that replied, that means this game will improve!
I LOVED this game. I found a similar game online called Solarmax 2 but it wouldn't work correctly. Once I found this, it was bliss.
This game is fun. Definitely needs more levels instead of a garbage 2nd version. I beat this game after binging in a couple hours. Highly recommend if your into cell of singularity, hole io, etc style games.
This is essentially a less developed version of the game Eufloria. A little rough around the edges, but overall fun.
Orbiting planets make it hard to select an attack target and touches don't always work in orbital mode. Also game is too short
The game is a great idea. I love it BUT the controls don't work most of the time. It doesn't send to designated area. I swipe and swipe and swipe nothing. I get the circle on the planet but they dont go most of the time. Please fix I enjoy these types 9f games and im not going to spend $ on a game that has movement issues.
Its really fun but you should ad other stuff to it like more levels and upgrades because if you play to much you could get bored but other than that the game is great and to those who are installing have fun😊😊😊