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PJ Masks™: Hero Academy

PJ Masks™: Hero Academy for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Entertainment One located at 45 Warren Street London W1T 6AG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really this game is very very fun I have look this cartoon PJ Mask they defeat all the night villen and PJ'S robot is very qiut
I really really like this I really really like this game for sure this thing is like this like the world to me and whatever happens I will succeed this game no matter no matter what whatever happens I will stay with this game for ever please keep this in mind and don't give me any problems because if you do I will crush you
Yes to you many five stars I like this game PJ masks game is very much funny game disease very funny game I like this game
I bought the full game and it will not work, even after deleting and reinstall. Super sad. Was good while it lasted.
I love this game I wish I wish I travel made this game good job and if you made this game please send a message under your tablet
I am giving this game 3 stars. This is a good game only for starters or biggeners. After the hero training there is another step 'bad guys united' and when I have completed the step, there is nothing without 'shop' and the shop needs real cash. This was a good game but when I completed the 2 steps, nothing is free. I wish it will be better in futer. Thank you...
This game seems fun and exciting with an interesting adventures with the pj masks and the villains like romeo luna girl mothsuki nightninja and the wolfies it feels like fighting the villains together with pj masks and pj masks robot sidekick pj robot.
Very boring the most boring game l ever played even a game for a one year old is better than this horror movie 😴🤯😤😡😡😡😡😠😠😡😡😈😡😠👹👺💀☠️
My daughter installed it today and played it,she didn't quite understand why the levels were boring,please make more easy levels because she hates tge levels,that the levels are too boring,thanks
Well it is a good game for children and it mixes learning and fun together. My most favourite level is the mistery level in which we make master fang cake.
Pointless puzzle game where all the answers are given. Just when I'm about to work out each step of the puzzle with my kid, Pj Robot appears and shows not a hint, but the full answer. This is not configurable from the menu, so the app is pointless.
My experience with this game wasn't very good, a game called Hero Academy should have an Academy, but this has only generic puzzles that the target demographic would find boring, my siblings are an example of this. I found the puzzles to be okay, but they get stale pretty quickly and it overall was not a fun game. I do not recommend this if you aren't into repetitive puzzles.
This game is wonderfull and amaizing I can't even talk more cause I am excited.Please make sure you download this game as fast as you can pliz.(go to play store search for the game and install this app.)Download and see for yourself.Some people think that it's a vaby game.¿¿¿¿¿
Because they have so much learning for kids cuz I'm 9 years old and my brother want PJ masks it learned so much things cam always learn about PJ Max because he have this game on his phone and he learned so much he learned so much about learning Dino but you know about 1 1 + 1 2 + 2/4 + 4/8 + 8 everything all the races 16 + 16 he is so smart that he can do anything you are so much help me with math so I'll start doing the PJ masks a so I can get smart like him and I got so smart that I can do any
Please it makes me happy. Thanks so much. I have been trying to get. This game is so classic. This game is so complex. This game is so cute
Having issues installing the app. Will not install from play store or Amazon app store and I paid for the full version. Pretty annoying, but the app was great when it was installed.
Owlette catboy gecko Luna girl is going well for the invite but he said he was a little puzzle clue and he was like you know what time you are in the morning and let me when you're ready to go back to sleep. Real estate in the morning and let me know if you have any questions please let me know if there will let him know to be so do it for you if you want to come over and have a great day today and I owlette catboy gecko Luna girl owlette catboy gecko Luna girl safe Mommy wants to love You eat
Well, this game is pretty boring but if you do the hard levels it's okay... I like the concept of mixing learning with games so I give you 4 stars
Pj masks is a better game to play for children's and a experience game . My friend told me pj masks hero adventure is a super so I downloaded this game and I rated 5 stars so it was super
I like about this game cause it mixes learning and fun together and its ad free so there's no ads and I like no ads so u dont have to wait for abouts 20 seconds and that's why I like this game I also watch pj masks but I'm 8 but no one knows cause I keep it a secret cause indent want to he embraced
Awkward Basic trening for free, rest 12.99 to be honest basic training doesn't hook you up enough. Waste of time.
I Like the idea of mixing learning with fun but I would like a future update with anyu and armadilln for free,but just today it started taking so long to load and also add more levels to holiday heros at least a secret level building the cat car
I hate this game with passion there is no game that is good anymore this a challenge to other game companies work hard
I love you Talking Tom I just want to control you with PJ masks and either we have to deduce ourself and be patient and it has to load right now and put it to load when you're pressing talking Thomas loading with PJ masks and if you want to know did you have to press the button of PJ mask and talking to her and did you see yourself and you have to be patient and be deduced yourself and
Please give catboy ,owlette and gecko all their powers and please make the game a little harder than that ,with more levels, new characters. I finished it in a day
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This game is not listening to me when I press the Go Button it takes forever to go in the game! And I just uninstalled it and then I installed it again. Did happen to you too? Did you like my review?
I love and like this game so much for the first time in the morning and then I can see the new game 🍤🍱🍢🍛🍜🍥🍱🍥🍱🍥🍛🍥🍛🍜🍀🌹🍁🍃🌼🌴🍀🌸🍀🌸🍀🌸🍁🌸🍁🌸🍁🌵🌸🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🏠🏡
Not so great not so bad but any time i try to play the game it start"s from the starting..................and i cant play bad guy united
I just downloaded this game now it led me to the first level ,but after l completed the first level It work in the second l think its a bad game...
Flying,running, climbing,racing i just love it please give me this game for free without using data it will just appear on my phone please i beg you
Good but I'm almost 9 and pj masks isn't many style so I mean it's good but for toddlers and I'm in year 4 so I'm suppose to be a junior. Sorry but it's just I'm but not in to the game it's good but not good enough.
I'm a big fan of pj masks when I was in kindergarten for World week I dressed up as owlette I give this app five stars
I gess this game isin't that bad BUT i have lots of questions about the game 1rst of all i did lots of boring levels then the game asked me if I wanted to make it easy midium or hard so i chose hard beacuse it was way too easy and then I puased for a little bit and when I resumed it had taken me to the first level !!! And when i tryed to go to the hard again but then it did not work So im sure it deleted all my hard work. Please this game bad news. at list your cartoon is interesting keep it up
Pj mask is a good game to play if you dont have no wifi you can play dise awesome game the pj mask game that is so fun Is fun fun i cant stop playing it
It's great for kids! Now this is basically a coding game, but I wish there was a version where it's kinda like subway surfers and it's when you actually play as one of the PJ masks and you feel like your helping them train. I think that would be a good idea. But on the other hand, this game is great!
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I love this game very much really PJ masks is very like very very very very beautiful it even helps to children's like us to see how it is to be good thank you very much PJ masks you are the best
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I love this game. It is the best mobile game I ever played🤩, but there is a bug🙁, the spinning wheel