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Pizzaiolo! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Geisha Tokyo, Inc. located at 〒113-0034 東京都文京区湯島3-31-1 中川ビル 202. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is really exciting. I like this game a lot. It is the best game to kill our boringness. I also like the expression given by the customers after getting their pizza. But one thing that i don't like is the AD's. After every level i have to see one ad. Sometimes 2 ads comes in one level. Sometimes my mood of playing this game gets spoiled because of ads. So i am diducting 1 star rating because of ads.I hope some changes could be done. But on the other hand it is really exciting game.
The game is very fun. I enjoyed it at first but waaayyy to many of ads. It ruined the experience. Also ONLY during game, does my phone entirely freeze. Does it have bugs? I don't feel comfortable playing this game anymore. I'd give it -negative stars.. It was fun while it lasted.
Amazing game, I liked it . I got no problem with ads after all there is no other way you can keep the game for free .
I like the game i always play it but i get bored cuz there is not much ingredients and not much smarts bots sytems to tell wither your food is good or bad i suggest you add faces and more ingredients or make this game a tycoon!
This is the best game ever I love it so much I rated it full 5 stars I will keep forever when it installed I started playing with it immediately you should play with this game. Thank you
The sound doesn't work at all.. I tried removing the headphones and still nothing comes out, the ads are too long like 50 seconds. This game is supposed to be played by children yet it's not really that fun at all..
Lots of ads but no wifi working game and entertains the 8,7 and 5 year old. Mom of 6 sometimes I need quiet ':D
Cool app I won't lie and its ver funny and annoying when they don't get pizza they want. But it's really cool but I give it four stars because of ads , ads, ads
This is very amazing game... But I rated it only four stars because there are many bugs in it... The pizza dough suddenly became extra large then it made a very strange shape... Kindly fix this glitch.
Did you know that why I give three stars because the game is fun the game is good. But why I give three stars because of too much trouble means of ads please fix this problem. thank you.
It's a great game, works smoothly and wonderful concept, definitely a good time-killer! But the thing the ADs! Oh my God, their are obnoxious, after every level you have to watch and AD, plus in-between the game, and to get in-game items, again, ADs! It gets really annoying and in the way when you just want to simply play a game!
Holy mother of ad's... Seems like this has been designed for ad's and if you get a chance you can play the game 🤣🤣....very very frustrating experience
it's a great game I recommend to everyone it's feels so great after making a pizza it feels I am making the pizza in real but 2 problems. 1 to many ads 2 when I press the finish button for banking but it doesn't stop and my pizza sometimes burns..
Its is a very nice game👍👌. The only problem is adds. But I have a solution for that. Just switch off your wifi.🤗😝. Otherwise it is really nice. U should try😇.
This game is really good but one thing I didn't liked is that it lacks too much while putting cheese and while baking the pizza in oven please give an update and fix the bugs
I like this game but the ads like if you have time to bed and just you got ad at 1 sec your time is up time for bed
This is a amazing app(◍•ᴗ•◍) because theres no stress perhaps the great thing is if you forgot the customers toppings after a ad it just show right ontop and its really nice tho the problem is there are ads..but nice game(◍•ᴗ•◍)
Wow ! What a suburb game ever it's better and good than all the games , the graphics , customers , and shop is all goood only one problem in this game that is 1: there are only 3 customers in a day. Living that this game is really good.! Everyone can enjoy playing for that pizza lovers.
Its very good and theres ads but this game is awsome please buy this game when your bored you can play this awsome game its very cool buy it when you buy it you will have fun playing with so you can be this good game and if you are reading just buy it its so cool!!!!!!!
Very good game the only reason I gave a 4 star is because there are a whole bunch of ads but still a great game...
This game has so much ads that irritate while playing game but game is very awesome please remove ads :)
I really love this game♥️ It very fun and interesting...And the name of the game itself is very funny PIZZAIOLO!😊 And the ads don't ruin the game it's quiet fun even if there r so many ads. I give it a 5 STARS!!!
The game is very good and satisfying. The only problem is that it has ads. But when I put it on airplane mode, its wonderful
It is a very good and nice when bored and it's satisfying at the same time I love this game that's why I gave it 4 stars🌟 🌟🌟🌟
Just ruined the experience by playing too many ads inbetween the preparation. Unfortunately making money is a priority rather than user retention in this scenario.
I love this game but there is a things which blows out my mind from it which is adds!!It can be a bit better.
I loved the game.I don't have words to say but I do not gave 1 star because the adds are dusturbing and the most important we don't get the more ingredients fast it take a lot time so I don't gave 1 star but ghe game is very very very very nice there are really no words to tell my feelings but I will just say beautiful,amazing,enjoying and superb game and those who are installing the I will tell you, you will enjoying the game 👍👍👍😊
Amazing and fun! Don't enjoy there's a lot of ads but that doesn't ruin quality! Its amazing and occupied me for ages. I recommend it.
It is a very better option to play when we are getting bored and I feel like I have opened my own pizza resturant
This is good game but after playing a week I think I bored , much ads and not so good graphics these three problems make the game not good .🤔
This game is good!!!!! But, there is an issue that while playing with every stage!! 3 to 4 ads we have to see...then only!!! please solve this issue... because of this issue I haven't rated it 5 stars...or else it's good!!!
This game is fun but the add are so bad they come when your playing after your playing before your playing eh but I like it just the adds 😤😤 this should be give five stars but no
This game makes my phone lag whenever I put the cheese on the pizza I always have to close and open it again please can you fix this problem.
Okey i want to say thanks for giving me a best game and this game is like real i can learn how to make pizza and the ads are okey maybe but thank you
This game is very wonderful. I love the game very much. It gives me much pleasure l want. In online, there comes a lot of ads.. so I play it on offline. However, I like it very much. So I am giving you 5 star rate . 🙂🙃
I love this game this game is intresting and there are so many customers to if we get to noob vs pro vs hacker In pizzaiolo I will get to god level the level is level 9999😱😱😱😱
It's very good game and add problem comes in every game but this is not that if add will come so it will spoil our game and you should say add is very very good because if add come so we can see such type of game like this pizzaiolo also I have download after seeing one add and in this game add comes of very short time atleast 5 seconds and you are saying this game have a problem
It's a really nice game. But a lot of ads. And one more problem is that after all the ingredients are over for some people the game becomes booring. So if you could add some more ingredients. It would be good . Otherwise I love this game.
Love the game. The only thing i wish is that there should have been some sounds or music to make it more entertaining. Oh and please specify all the ingredients that should be put in each pizza. Like sometimes i put sauce and the customer gives a laugh emoji..like was i just supposed to put the toppings without putting the sauce!!?
Great game if you turn off wifi or mobile data. If you play with internet. You get bombarded with ads
this is a fun game very interesting but with adds it's TOO anoying the adds come per one by another another if the game put less adds it will be better
Great game fun to play could add more to the game like mini games after each day or something like that
I love this game,but there's a problem there's so many ads, sometimes i just want to give this app only 1 star.I wish there is another game just like this but pancake 🥞 i love pancake. Please can u make it 👍👍
I enjoy this a lot before bed. It helps me relax. I just wish there were less ads & I wish the details for the pizzas made sense. Sometimes if I add sauce or cheese a customer gets mad. Sometimes I just add veggies, no sauce and they get mad. It's very confusing.
I feel very bad for this game this has too much ads some times not even working The controls are too bad but graphics are good game play is also good game is too good when gaming technical team improve this is nice game. So I minus 2stars for worst controls out of 5stars
Good app but starting there is only pizza topping and cheese . I think in starting there is 3 or 4 things . And the box is only 1 . For that 4 stars not 5 . I think you change this game .
I love this game but ...but I download it but... I see they r just saying that loading loading and I am tried to waiting to load ittttttt....but no response please fix itttt we can't play this game everr if we wait for 1 year please fix itttttt this is the big problem I never seen in any gameeee
This is amazing game I love that it is realistic and the way the food goes on the pizza the only thing I wish it had was a redo button if you forget to put sauce or somithing.
I love this game because its easy to use no wifi needed and you can make your own pizza and collect ingredents. So fun get this game there are some ads but not many.
It's a very nice game . And I feel very satisfying after making the pizza and I feel that I'm making pizza in real life .But there are two problems. No. One is there are too much ads . No. Two is there are less topings , otherwise it's excellent game.
This game is fun but there too many gliches in it so you better fix them or this game is never gonna get 5 stars rating from me. Sometimes the pizza gliches and sometimes the toppings gliches🙄. So please fix it or am not gonna give 5 stars.
Great game! It takes away my boredem. I buyed the 'no ads' and I finally can play the game without adds. ^^ I highly recommend buying the no ads because the ads are ridiculously annoying and it's difficult to play with so many adds. I hope for more toppings in the future and maybe some more updates.🧡
Ok guys let me make an acurate reviw so its fun to make pizzas and burn them or make them nice which is why i have 3 stars the problem comes in with the ads and not so great graphics and the biggest problem the ingredients there are barely any whicj gets super boring and if you acxidentally hit cheese you cant go back and they order the same things add more stuff and make it so you can drop it and roaches get on it or something
I don't really like this game..its not really anything like the playable ads..its not running that smoothly..please fix this?
Its really fun and it is so satisfying when you cook it but the reason why I did 4 stars instead of 5 is because THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! If you do not like adds i don't recommend this game but if you think you can take on the adds i say go for it! Even know its got a lot of adds i still in joy it, its super fun and joyful and the graphics are pretty good so I would like you to try it before you deny it. Like I said it is fun and it definitely keeps me busy when I am bord.
Horrible.I wish I could give a negative number.So,I wanted to download this app because my sister was using it and it was fun.I,Tried downloading it.It was a fail,I kept getting things such as "CANT DOWLOAD APP" But I had enough storage.When it gave me the Storage warning,It said ready,But I couldn't continue.Is this a virus?
Amazing app......I really like the controls and also that we can make different types of Pizza with it and no complaints amazing game please try it.....
This game is so fun to play. I like the ingredients there are a lot of ads but I have a solution turn of your wifi and no more ads but other than that this is a good game so I am giving it 5 stars. Keep it up. 👍👍💕
This game is good but the ads need to stop lying its just to much ads of this game but I know you want money and the game is great you earned it just chill it with the ads also you can turn on airplane mode to stop ads also the game that I have just no more of your ads 10 is enough
The game looks fun but you can't get the crust to work right/ it jumps and makes a real mess, not fun.
It's a good game however I wish they would fix the black cloud glitch thingy everytime I cook the pizzas
This is the best game. All are telling that there ' re too ads because they're keeping the net on .I m not keeping my net on so thier is no ads . I like this game the most.
I like this game in my sister tablet but in my own tablet they say its not responding. I try one time again then its respond. In this game only pizza making. But I like it . All Customers only buy pizza
ugh when i made a pizza after i am done theres just many ads! Please make the game that has no ads, it will be more fun! Thank you! Remember remove the ads.
The game is good overall but what kills it is the amount of ads. Ads are in all games but in this game every second there's a new ad. Other than ads, it is a good game. 4/5
This game is fun and so many pizza to make and um the problem is cos this game has a lots of ads and when we cook the pizza then the ad starts to come that's why and its pretty heh.... amazing yeah
I give it a five star rating because it's not really my 1st time playing this game but it's interesting actually but the ads are kinda good for myself but the game was kinda glitching i think like 100% glitching lol but it's one of my favorites so yeah but it got a lil weird but I still 99% like it 👁👄👁👌🏾
I would have given this app stars in minus. I mean there is an ad after every indgredient!!!! It gets way too annoying. Here's the thing why don't you put ads after every second, huh??! That would be much better and change the name of the app to ADDZAIOLO😡😡
Rubbish app when ever I put cheese on pizza it hangs and it does not only does that even when ever I am playing in the middle the add come and even I can't play my game !! This is the rubbish game in my whole life 😪😪😤😤 I warn you not to play this game again!
this is quite entertaining but it has a lots of ads on it. like, if you click on the next button, ad will appear. it's so annoying. like, while making 1 pizza, there would be 1 until 3 ads appearing.
Very nice game but it has too many ads , after every movement an ad comes in between so please fix it please make the ads less .
Very cool game I like it very I feel like I am Pizza shelf making pizza for everybody! 😂😂 Just kidding but I don't know how to make food I'm pretty sure I can make pizza too 🙂
Fun, good time waster and interesting, but there is a glitch that I'm currently experiencing where the cheese when you bake the pizza that goes around the crust turns into black pixels. it looks weird but apart from that good!
It 's ok but after a while it gets boring they are only a few ads which is great. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😃🙂🙂🙂🙂
The game is great i installed it yesterday the only problem is its glitching everytime i cook the pizza or start to put on the cheese and the ads too many please fix this
Really good app I'm impressed but there is a problem of add first the add came in TV then on YouTube and now it is also in games and stuff some games need to keep their wifi on like save the girl etc. But this game sometimes annoys so ima give this game 4 stars