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PixWords® Scenes

PixWords® Scenes for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Dekovir located at EDIF. PRAT DE LA MOLA, BLOC A - LOCAL 2 AD300 Ordino, Andorra. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Tobacco Use, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game 💜 I had to download more levels since I completed 200 levels. Only thing I would like different is if you could touch the word you have already completed and it will show you where that word is in the picture. I want to remember what things are called or look like so I will know what it is the next time I see it. Great Job!!
If I were able to shuffle the letters, and add things to the room for the kitten with coins or a prize at completing certain levels would make the game more fun and interesting 😉. Arlene B
This is basically a very good game. My only criticism is that some items are incorrectly labeled. Ie The game labels 'ribbon' as 'Tape' and 'milk can' as 'butter churn'. These are just a couple of examples. Good variety of images good level of challenge.
Only have one problem. This game pix words scenes not back yet on MY ADROID TABLET. It keeps saying update. Did uninstall app then reinstalled app it still isn't back on my tablet. Can Yu please fix problem ? Thanks Sharon Sinclair dated Oct 18 2020
Don't uninstall or you'll loose everything even the premium with no ads will be gone. I've bought like two times and they still haven't fixed the edit name thing. I can't get pass level 20! I used to be 2k+ in this game. They stole my coins and support hasn't responded in weeks! I wish I never played this game.
I love this game, keeps my brain alert and I must be honest, I find it much more fun than a normal crossword. Thank you.
This game seems pretty easy, at first. You really have to look at EVERY detail in the picture!Things you wouldn't even think of, not just the pictures, but what the picture actually IS. Say a picture of a girl with a balloon. 1. A girl (easy) 2. What is she wearing (dress/shirt/pants/stockings/etc) 3. What color is she wearing (hair/clothes/etc) 4. Is there a pattern, if so, what pattern is it. 5. What are the balloons made of 6. what is holding the balloons together SO much more but out of ro
I like the game but a 30 second ad every time a game is finished, is a little irritating. I don't mind ads, I have even downloaded games from the ads from other games, but there isn't an ad after every game we play. Uninstalling.
I got a popup while playing the game that if I made a purchase I will no longer see the ads. I did and the ads are still coming. Is that an error? If not how can I be compensated?
It is my understanding that every word is something to do with the picture. Level 5 is a child reading a book sitting beside some candles. One of the words is "plaid". There is nothing in the picture that is remotely close to being plaid. (In reply to comment from Dekovir, There is a blanket between the candles and bear, which does not look plaid. Perhaps it's just not visible in the photo. ("plaid is a checkerd type pattern of various widths and colored stripes in a crisscross design. )
Fun game to play. Various levels on each turn. Some are easy, others make you stop and use your brain. Would recommend.😊
A fun game! At first a bit challenging because of a language barrier where a common American item will have a different name. However, I enjoy the game so much I see this as just another challenge and am determined to beat the game anyway! I do find too many repeated scenes and words which often changes the game to a quick memory game instead of a 'new scene' game. I would like to see more variety of scenes and fewer repeated words scene to scene.
Nice game but far too many ads, so I turn off WiFi and they're gone. Some words are a bit obscure / abstract eg happy. You can't see a happy, it's an emotion. Quite a relaxing game though, and some of the pictures are quite stunning. Could do with removing the cartoon ones though.
The PixWords Scenes game. Is not everyones cup of tea. But the graphics are gentle on the eyes. Lastly it helps improve your spelling and writting skills.
I really enjoy this game. But some levels are bit hard and you only get 1 credit per word. So i tried the 'cheats' on google but since level 20 the pictures on the game are not the same as the pictures on google answers. Not sure what that is about. If you offer the answers they should match the levels in the game
Wonderful word game its a great game to play offline it keeps me entertained for a long while i absolutely love to play this game. Fantastic game 👏 😀
Great picture crossword game it's a good game to play offline and enjoy hours of pixwords scenes it's a great a time killer it really is very addictive and fun to play. Very nice 👌❤😀
I love the game, however some of the words are spelled wrong, therefore making it somewhat difficult to solve. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for that.
Great game. Love playing this game; I played it most of the time. Like to think it keeps my grey matter ticking over? The only problem? Everyone wants to get to the top, possibly thinking that they may go on to the next level. Thing is, when you do, there is no "next level" only the top of the Saphire level, which then (it seems to be) ends the game.
I really like that you can do levels in multiple languages. I try them in Russian, then switch to English when I get stuck. You can't learn a language with this, but it is good practice.
Just beginning with the game. Much better than others I've played. So far no adverts whereas the last game of crossword had adverts after each turn..very frustrating...this one is FUN
Pretty fun, but beware if you are American because there are a lot of words you will not know. Either it's a dialect thing or this app was created by a non-native English speaker. I've started to make a list of weird words because they often are used again. Also, the app is quite sexist.
Great word game its a very fun and entertaining game its got lovely scenes where you can find hidden objects very well done. 👍
Can't stop playing! Great word-pic game! A nice combination of challenge and success. The fact that you can make the picture larger is very helpful for mobile phones. Once in a while you'll come across a word that is unheard of but I consider it a learning experience. Great job developers! Hoping for many more levels!
I love this game only i couldnt upgrade ito my ipad and had to delete it. I downloaded pix 2 but I found it a lot more difficult with glitches and purchase problems. I'm currently playing on my android phone and its brill
Just started playing this game, and so far it doesn't annoy me like many others do. It's not too intrusive with the ads, and doesn't seem so complicated that I lose interest. It's an exciting, yet calming game, which is a fantastic feat! The graphics are pleasant without being too bold, bright, or overpowering. As with most games, it tends to be a bit loud. My major complaint is that it's very hard to exit out of, and that might make me uninstall. Don't like being forced to stay in a game!
Quite a good one picture crossword. Bit different, with various types of clues. Have played others and uninstall this, but came back to it b.c. it is so good.
I like the game but I hate that younhave to keep buying coins. I get thats how they make money but I dont like it. Its like every other game. You have to spend money to keep going.
I love this word.game. I've had one of these before but their are more items to get in these pictures to fine.
Great game, very addictive! You start with 100 levels, but you can download more when you reach that point. Already played to 600+ and hoping there is still more to come. Play on airplane mode and skip the ads.
Great except when I accidentally deleted the app and reinstalled it the premium I had played for did not come back on so I lost 26 days of it. :( I know other apps identify the ISP number and you automatically start where you left off. This app doesn't do that and I had to start again. But really enjoying playing the game apart from that.
Frustrated. I like the game overall but the "Please let us monitor you to improve your experience" request appears every few rounds but I never see the yes/no options (definitely no) and the fact that stupid ads appear after every round. I understand free game and all but the problem is that the ad doesnt even appear but the annoying music does and wont go away. The end result is I have to close out the game 90% of the time. If the issues are corrected I would probably give a higher rating.
Fun game, enough of a challenge so as to be fun yet not frazzle your nerves with unsolvable puzzles. Yet another Dekovir gem!
EDITED: I had to stop playing this game. While I did enjoy i at first,, I was uncomfortable with pictures depicting satanic rituals and witchcraft. The one that made me stop had a black book with a pentagram, a book with pages for satanic ritual, a black cross and black feather. That pic made my skin crawl. Very entertaining and challenging. My only issue is that there's no racial diversity in the pics. Please fix this, thanks.
I've completed a few hundred levels of the game but I'm uninstalling it as soon as I complete this review. Ads randomly appear and once you manage to close one another ad can pop to take its place. Another annoying thing is that 95% of the time you can't even see the ad. I like the game as it makes you think but ads as a general rule are annoying but the frustrating nature of the ads in this game are making me angry enough to abandon the game completely. Goodbye.
I LOVE this game. Please come out with new levels, I've finished them all. My kitten is hungry but I can't feed him because it says "you've completed all the levels" and won't bring me to where I can feed him. I get that it's a fictional cat but Im still heartbroken and feel responsible for his starvation 😭