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Pixelfield - Battle Royale FPS

Pixelfield - Battle Royale FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Epic Stars located at PO BOX 192544 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94119. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
These game it's going to be my favourite game but after I see the multiplayer I see no one players if you lock at the people playing these game you gana see 1m people playing these game pls if someone playing these game play the multipleyer if you Don't see eniting add friend me my name to these game it's Frank2541 pls I don't now why I'm seying these but pls add friend me or play multipleyer mode pls forgive me
I saw greatness in this game guys. I even thought that it was better than pixel gun. People rarely go into it nowadays. And heck, I was a true dominator in the game when everything was running smoothly. The guns arent too expensive, everything seems to be in order, and the new map you guys added was great. But unfortunately the community is dying. So I just wanna say, it truly is a masterpiece, well done, and I bid you guys a farewell!!!
really is this a game i try to play online every mode and its 1$3 players only whats going on with the players u did something to this game i know the u guys wont reply i have read the comments not even a single reply so please take your time and give me advice on whats going on
This game is 1M better than pixel gun3D but after it's ideas got stolen by pixel gun3D it's now a dead game and when I played it it told me there is 10 player online this game even look like it's not a pay to win game instead of playing pay to win game like pixel gun3D play this one bc if it the ideas weren't stolen it would have been a massive success and could pass the player count of people playing it this game is really good i would recommend this instead of playing a rip off game
Ok the game is fine but I can't aim properly you better dev!!! Add some Aim assist and auto Aim becuz i can't kill my Enemy's Ezly you better to add that pls. and one thing to know pls add some battle pass and rank classic and fix!!! the HUD costumize make it larger for better control becuz it's really hard for tiny control
I remember liking this game, but I had to uninstall it because I was changing phones. When I tried to install it on my new phone, it suddenly needed to manage my phone calls. Suspicious as all get out.
Its awsome game but nobody plays anymore litterly i canp on all 3 severs and sometimes there is nobody playing all day
I wish your still on in this game pls make this game undead its just that you can still continue game right cuz I've been waiting this game 3 years and there no something new you still continue even when pixel gun stole your ideas just go forward never go back
Absolutely a good game my only issue is there are no more players in this game which is sad and also the devs abandoned this game
This is a dig dumpster full of poop i tried and tried and tried and tried and every time it says that I don't have a memery card even though I have one I deleted everything and it still says i don't have enough space you stupid developer you need to fix this and the sad part I used to be the one of the best players i was in the top 10 best players but suddenly the stupid game was acting stupid and l tried to download it again and it says you don't have enough space even though i deleted it dumDV
im lvl 1 and i cannot do anything like i cant open chest and cannot play with orther people why is it becuz my lvl too low? 😮😮😮😟😟
Sorry for the 1 star but I would like to ask what happened why have you not updated this beutifully made game. Did your company go wallop or have you just given up?
I love this game so much.I cannot believe it has an offline mode.The only problem is that my game lags too much and it crashes on the island map frequently.Either way I love this game.
Nicest Game Possible. The Developers shookt out on Pixel Gun 3D so they now pale and low, but in memory this is the best pixel games ever. #Condolence #Memory #Pixelfield #StopPayToWinGames
i havebtwo chests from raid but it wont let me open it because of server but im in Europe and ime useing Europe but it wont let me so let me open my chest because i want to get my stuff from my chest because it was hard work since i was in cornfield the whole time once with three and the other 1
Everyones comparing this to pixel gun but in my opinion this is a free version play to win pixel gun but better the good times i played this game was amazing
I love pixel games and this is one of the best game for me . It is some similarities like pixel gun 3d but it is far better than pixel gun 3d . It is the best alternative game of pubg .
Good game in general, but matchmaking is nearly impossible. One of the best aspects of this game ruined.
every time I tell me for my name and it won't let me every time I put my Name In Lights clicked on it keeps asking me for my name
really cool game. wish they would do a update. the maps are really good . good game play . just a cool game 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Honesly i couldn't find a single match to joing at all i was the only one in the lobby and the controls are just awful im sorry but no thanks -_-
this game is good but the upgrade button tunrs into gray it wont let me upgrade the weapons the chest does not work any more it said "game server not connected please try agian" i already have a good internet and it still won't work i deleted the game several times i got i lot of coins but it still won't let me upgrade is it a limit? do i need to be a higher level? if not pls fix this ASAP
I mean this game is way better than pixel gun 3d the only problem is the devs left the game and there only small amount of people playing the game the sad story is that pixel gun 3d stole their ideas and yes I know that devs is not read this
😔😧 why . What happend to coming soon story mod sand box when is that soon coming why is this game left abandon
Sad to see that not many people play anymore... yall probably don't work on the game anymore because its been three or four years since yall updated it, or more... so this game is dead, but its still really good. Hope yall get back to working on it soon...
This game is is good but theres less players now and I'm not getting any chests.This game has so much potential and I know it.Please add updates and fix some bugs and this game will be the best.Keep up the great work!!👍😁
Very good game nice makeing this game I love it but just add more new guns update it so we can get better guns but nice job
Pixel gun sucks. This game is far better. If I were the creators, I'd try to think of new things to add. Maybe add a mode which is a Raid to get powerful Items. Or add Special Events like Maybe a Large Dungeon and you have to Find players and survive Monsters...? Maybe add a mode where you are playing a Boss and players have to kill you.
Right. It's rubbish. Every time I try to open a chest, it says 'sever is currently unavailable' which is great. Not much to do, to be honest. I personally prefer Pixel Gun. A lot more stuff to do, you don't really need to buy stuff. Like keys... 😒
It's A Really Good Game But There Is Up To 1-2 People Online Most Of The Time 0 People Online And Even On All Servers It Is Same Thing! That's The Only Reason I'm Only Giving You 1 Star!
I really love this game. But no one ever playes it anymore. Mabye add a new update to bring back the players?
these game was so experience.i hope many games would be like this. the graphics also great. and i love it. 😍
at the start of this games life i was a huge fan because I saw huge potential but sadly this game has went nowhere. i think the mode battleroyale was definitely a sell out and the large amount of time that we have been waiting for an update kind of makes me give up on the future of this title hopefully these guys will return to show us what this game can really be. for now I give this game a 3 mainly because I cant even find a server anymore and the disappearance of the devs doesn't help.
Its a great game but not alot of people are playing it no more. You gotta add somethin new to the game man so more people will play it, also when are you gonna complete the story mode and sandbox mode in the game, and when are you gonna add new maps in the game, and you should add videos to claim gold
Total shameless rip off of Pixel gun 3d. Played that game 2014-2018, it's way better than this garbage
I love this game more than pixel GUNS3D but what would make it better is if you devs make a titan fall mode please I would really love it if you put a titan fall mode
I'm really impressed with your work but there's something missing pls add offline mode that would be useful if your out of load or data you can practice with bots
I mean it's good but the game is actually dead like thanos snapped and destroyed the playerbase sorry but I guess I cant play battle royale
Games Fun wish you could add like a practice Mode Where You could Play with bots while offline or online.
I can't get through into the game while in the Tutorial It say What's your name son I put a name in but it ask you need 30 Crystals but I can't do anything cuz I'm still in the chat please allow that when you start the game you don't need to pay to get a NAME!!!! Thank you. PLEASE FIX!!!!
I love this game but i hope you make more updates and can you fix bugs( i found a bug that i long pres the jump botton its make a lot of jupping sound and you'll jump once not repetedly). The match making sucks a bit because theres no players in the game but it a cool game
To be honest with you the game is pretty boring bot is not that brainy the sound of guns is boring explosion is too low the music u choose did not fit on the game the map is not that large i mean u should not name it battle royale i hope u add a ultra graphics but the graphics of the game is still beautiful very fantastic still. Thank you Epic Stars
Sad that is a dead game the devs should add offline modes bots or somthing for the players that still play this game but the last udate was in 2018 an pixel gun stole all the ideas.
Listen im gonna be honest here, i loved this game, its a really good one. But you should still be a lot more active with it, do some updates, fixes and more, 'cuz the game is really good. But it could be better. Hope you guys see this.
This game is fun but its a dead game so people should really play it And I really do like this game I wish I had people to play with tho
This is the best shooting game Pixel I have ever played can you add more characters and add a custom skin
This game is awsome like it is way better than any pixle fps but nobody plays anymore like you should make it popular like how among us did and you should update the game because i feel like you gave up on pixle field
The game is great, but alot of the mistakes have been complained and reported by others. The positive side of the game is the updateds that have story mode and a new server update and friend list update. It is annoying that the servers are down and that almost everyone who plays on here seem to be almost dead. It love the game and cant bring myself to give it anywhere bellow a five star rating.