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Pixel Sword Fish io

Pixel Sword Fish io for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by APPIDEA Capital LTD located at Suit 14, Park Lane 55, London, W1K1NA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a really good game but there is a little problem when I play bought mode the Bots are always spawning right next to me and ganging up so if you could fix that it would be 5 out of 2 I hope you can do it.
the game is pay to win but if you play it for a while you start to learn how to counter most of the characters
fun but pay to win its simple but really fun and intense. the controls are pretty easy to learn and the game is easy enough to get a good score but challenging enough to be replayable and intense-at least for offline mode it seems really pay to win because you can buy characters with a lot of spikes and it makes it really hard to kill them. its not fun if youre matched up with opponents who have way more spikes than you or even have a spike at the end of their tails there are also a lot of ads
it's a very awesome game I love love it but I wish every time you poke someone your swordfish gets bigger or more spikes that would be so cool now I would give it five stars for that
very good game my only problem is how slow you get stars the main currency of the game. in conclusion play it if you want long lasting gameplay.
Awesome Just a few probs,In the common skins section theres a skin that asks me to rate the game (im doing that now)and when i did that before it keeps asking to rate the game and doesnt give me the skin.
Soo good but the strong skins are sooooo hard to get so make them cheaper or get more stars when you kill someone
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Pretty nice game overall its just that it keeps saying "its dissconnected" when my internet is ok making it so i cant play online but overall pretty good
It's a fun game all you have to do is play and earn new skins and some new skins have more spikes and spikes help you win
This game is very challenging but fun and I like it even though you can't get far it's still super fun it's only for the pro's but even some noobs can play and it's super fun 5/5
This game is sooo good because you can get sick skins that leaves people's mouths wide open! And also, I love this game because there are multiple ways to play. You can play in teams, by yourself, or you can collect stars while you demolish other people! 5 stars is definetely what I will rate this.
Its so cool every time if I have no Wi-fi get to play offline with Bots and if I have Wi-Fi i can play online and that's awesome and I'm giving this a five stars
This game is so easy that you can kill people so fast this is why you give them a five stars but it's kind of hard to control them
alright i downloaded it again and its worse that BEFORE, basically all this app is is adds and pay for cause it makes you into buying and watching adds, like theres WAY to many adds, after you die like twice in a row add, every. TIME. this is just ONE of the worst apps ive seen and played.
This game is fun and kinda addicting to try to get a big sword or a better skin. Not to much adds and more than 1 game mode so if u get board of 1 u can unlock and play another.
I like the game and everything but it seems a bit pay to win idk but I still love the game it's really good a I recommend playing it.
Really good game but I keeps glitching when I buy a new skin the next day it gets rid of it please fix this glitch then I'll give 5 stars
Its pretty good but sometimes glitches on the lot until the game has to stop so my tablet doesn't explode but otherwise it's good
Ok 1st I really like this game the graphics are good the movement is the best every one play this game
Fun at first but many of the other players (all opponents are bots) advance faster than you to the point that you either give up or pay $$ for better bodies and weaponry. And in team play, your kills dont change the score board; you can kill 20 (of the 50 respawns) and still lose by a bunch. In about a week, it went from fun to frustrating.
Game is awesome that all that I can say it'one last thing good game very very awesome I just got to say more it's so awesome this game was just the best game you making make some updates to make it even better! And one last thing good.
It's a good game, but being able to buy permanent lengths for your swordfish is a bad idea. It defeats the purpose of killing to get the length. You could have 20 kills worth of length and die to someone who bought length.
Realy cool game it makes my mind glow BUT... when your horn is too big other people can spawn in your horn πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΏπŸ’€πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ
I use to play this game a while ago and decided to install it again. But now, each time I click the "online" button it says "connection to server lost". I have a perfectly good connection to the wifi and can use the internet for everything but this game. It worked only once for a couple minutes until it stopped working for the rest of the day. I don't know why it's doing this now and I don't know if it's something with my phone or the game. Other than that, 5 stars.
it's fun but it's hard because you have to like try to get people by the bodies and sometimes they have like the back of the tail with swords and it's kind of hard to get them so yeah
I dont like this game my opinion is 0-1 or 2 stars igliest. Because EVERYTIME I TRY TO CHECK MY DAILY REWARDS THE GAME STOPS AND I HAVE TO OPEN IT BACK UP. So becides that i do love the game a little but please do fix this. Oh and i do get a little too many ads sometimes when i try to play. But the game does crash "ALOT" for me and there too much lagg sometimes when i spawn in. alot of ads. I have problems where when i try to join online I KEEP GETTING DISCONNECTED FROM SERVER!!!😠😑
5\5 stars! I love this so much I would faint if i just saw this awesomeness I play this almost every day if my mum would let me because this game is amazing! One day I even got 67 score, you might not believe me, but it's true no matter what Even my brother and sister love this, they both got more than 100 and I was really shocked, it was so impressive so I wanted to be a pro and defeat all enemies if I could so another day, I tried to not die until I get to 200 score, and it worked at day 7!!!!
I absolutely love it!! 😍😍 It's so much fun!! Also I have a feeling that most of the reviews are just so that people could get one of the skins. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Great game not too many ads also optional. Extremely expensive swordfish but tbh they are worth it so all in all 4 stars.
It's a really good offline and online games if your on the go and you don't have internet boom you can play it your snug at home and you have internet you can play online mode over all rellay good game there might be lagging sometime but still I sayits good
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I love this app it has very good quality and very addictive it doesn't need much work or connection there is also a offline mode where by can play any time u want there is also skins one thing I don't like is update i beileve this game needs more update overall it is a pretty fun game.
It's Fun but sometimes I get killed and then see this bad ads pls erase them it makes me depressed hope your reading this.
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Okay some is DEFINETLY wrong with this game. I can't play on data or on WiFi. Please fix this, it keeps saying "connection to server was lost".
my experience is awesome this is an awesome game this game is awesome and I love it and it's so great I know there's other games out there that might be better than this one but I'd like this one because he is sometimes get the awesome thing the awesome things that you get like four and then you can play for it for free for 1 and then it you don't have to buy it but and then it when she lose it let me have to buy it but and then you could make a comeback I don't t know how it's going to come back
Played online, spawned in front of players always die instantly so much fun... for the other players waste of time and space on my phone
Is this a fish games cuse I know that the player is a fish... You should add a two home phone/tab player or five to two players and please do itπŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸ₯Ί
Game is awesome that all that I can say it's very very awesome I just got to say more it's so awesome this game was just the best game you making make some updates to make it even better!
I love this game this game is so cool you did to advertise your avatar you get to get your pointy things longer that's cool and when you have the spice all over you know what to kill you so you can just sit right there
I like the game a lot but the only 2 down sides I have is stars are a bit hard to earn and the fact that the power ups inside the games go away quite quickly right after you picked it up
Good game and there's offline mode so you can play whenever you want also that's everything i can say
It's a very fun and addicting game, the only downside is that there are a lot of adverts. Luckily, they are skippable and only play if you die so I don't mind very much. Recommended!
I just love the pixels it has awesome Graphics it's just the best game ever that I've ever played in my whole entire life
I love this game and I played it since I was 10 so and it's no one's opinion just as mine and I really would like to see the developer make more games in the future
every day i play this game. its so fun that if i had one game to choose to have. it would have to be this game pixel swordfish
Ive been playing for a long time and the game is just pure fun,ive experieced some issues but other than that i love the game.
Initially fun, but have been unable to access online gameplay for a couple of days so have deleted, which was a shame as it was a fun casual game.
Very challenging, fun, addictive and it's very unpredictable because of the movement. Very good game.
the game is Lost In Fun and is very raising rage-inducing when do you lose when you but when you win it's lots of fun
I love how simple yet fun this game is. there is quite alot to it but its not confusing like other really comlicated games, That shouldn't even be hard! The tutorial for this game is short and easy in no time youll be an unbeatable king!
This game is suuuuuuper fuuuuuuuun. It's also pretty addicting, which I like a lot! I got almost no lag, which is aweeeessssssooooooommmmmmmeeeee! Thanks a lot for this game. I love it so much. Keep up the great work, developers! Have an awesome day!
Decent, just the servers won't work so you can only go against bots (not a problem, as I am a trashcan myself)
Great time killer! There is also an offline option, in case you were wondering. I have had no problem with it 😊 Totally recommended!
I think its a cool game ,Kind Of Annoying though because it tells me to connect to the internet sometimes when I'm already connected,but overall good game guys!
A lot of good games and the loss of best I love again so much I gave you a 5 stars and no game and play it's tough to give them five stars so I gave them two and three but you get five bye
Its a nice difficult game where u don't know when someone's gonna attack and i like the thing where they mark the person who killed u so u can kill them
Decent game. Adds are annoying, and trophies can be hard and grindy but overall it's decent enough for me too play. 3/6 Stars.
this game is super fun to play and I love the characters and the graphics that they put and I love it how you can kill people with your nose super fun game and I would recommend this to everyone
Great! My brother always plays this game and it's amazing. Although I do have my opinion. I don't play this game much so I don't really see the apeal but I'll give it a 4
This is a amazing game, but there are some bugs like if you play offline your trophy is 99999 and you need to have better graphics than the normal graphics. My wish is that you need to less price some things because its so expensive even a common one Just please make it good,
It's really good I like how you can boost and team up against a king but the thing is that it is really hard to beat a king
This is completely copied by a game called swordfish i.o which was made in 2016, this was made in 2017, and all the concepts are the same, the dashing, the hitting bodies and trying to avoid getting hit, being top on the leaderboard, getting a crown when your at the top, its a complete copy of it, and it just has more ads than swordfish io. Its a complete copy, dont get it.
Is very funny but it's very hard to find hopefully body need more updates in the prices hello neighbor ☺️
I get that you rely on ad revenue and that's fine but you must be making a killing because I get ads everytime I die, the game is buggy as hell, and there are people who some how have amazing skins on the first map. I have never once before played a game that genuinely fills me with such rage that i wanted to snap my phone clean in 2. You guys were begging for your rating well here it is.
I love the game but I think it's just a lot of people who plays the game l give 5 stars because it has a lot of adds. You have to play the game and I have no choice wan l get bored i play the game
Pretty fun, and satisfying! But please add something like.. Adding an extra spike everytime you kill someone, instead of making your spike longer.
Fun idea, terrible execution. It is loaded with ads, it takes forever to get enough stars to buy anything unless you pay cash, but the game is not very fun after maybe 30 minutes of playing (I'm being generous) people may find this game more fun. It's a bit like agario but you can only hurt people with your sword and your body never grows, just the sword. Try it if it looks good, maybe you'll like it. Try running it in airplane mode for a bit more fun without the ads.
I like this game but I don't like when someone run from me and then turns back and kills me. I think this is cheating
this game is super relaxing and I can play it when ever I want so it's a win-win but the only bad thing is that it stops randomly
This game is so fun that I reccomend you play this. Like you have no idea how much you have to press that intall button, like just press it, I highly reccomend you play this so juts press it
it's a good game I dont really like games cause it's not really challenging but this one is fun and you can get back at other people that killed you
its very fun because there are different modes and skins that you can put on.There are i different modes that you can unlock the more you play the more stuff you can get
I remeber when I was younger would play this game I just found to love it but there are some small bugs but nothing bad about it the game keep up the good work
It is awsome but the thing I dont like is the adds like I litterly keep dying because of the ads and the payment to remove the ads is too high.........so i rate it 2 stars
It's a great game! But.....I lost all my progress somehow :( I had all the skins and everything now it's all gone!!!!
It's just amazing but there is a slight problem with the hit box of some fish but other than that it's great
It's a really fun game when your bored or you have nothing to do, I personally like this game because I always get bored and this game helps me get out of it.
I love the game there's not to many ads and I think you should make the skins more cheap and keep the updates up very good thats my review thank you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Good game why I'm giving it a threeis because the glitches there's so many ads and when you boost bots spawn infornt you besides that great game
It's a very good game what I don't like about it though is that the legendary skins cost so much you I think it you went a little overboard with the legendary skins cost if you come update it so the legendary skins is a little bit not too much I'd like that
Good concept but not great feels like all of the games are filled with bots but pretty good game overall
It's pretty good. But i want the thorns or whatever it is to kill others no to get throught the enemy without killing it
Very fun and intertaining I like it though I wounder if all you have to do is rate the app and follow you on twiter that is easy I like it no floss no bad intertainment no ads full stars from me
well its a fun game and all but theres way to much ads and everything is expensive and when you go head first in to someone and your spikes longer you will still die and its annoying.
It is honestly a good game it even has a offline mode I suggest getting this if your going on road trips it'll provide some entertainment
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It's fun also can you please add power ups for the game like ice balls acid speed ups and more than I'll give you a five star
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!! Well i hate the adds but make sure you have internet so the adds will go away stay safe everyone
The game is actually better and mkre addictive than I thought. it has a giid twist which makes it special from other games following the same idea. However, I have one single complaint and it's that the game feels awfully pay to win. Some characters make you completely unbeatable and makes the game less fun for other players. Other than that the game is fun
Really good game but only one small problem the offline doesn't work when you driving to school or work so can you please fix this problem
This game is very nice .I am in love with this game and so many charecters to unlock.nice game and I appreciate the owner of this game
Such a good game just a little lag and bugs the bug that made me give 4 stars was I hit a player in the side and they killed me instead
This game is cool like if u dont have any wi-fi u can play offline where theres bots. Offline is easy cuz the bots dont kill much! So this why i rate it 5
I think this game is great! Gameplay is simple though sometimes hard to control, but overall I think it is truly truly amazing
I rated this 4 stars because it's a fun game and all but in online everyone uses legendarys and I only started and the ad is kinda fake but I love this game. :)
It's a really good game it's really calming really easy kind of hard but other than that it's a really good game
My opinion of the game is it's pretty fun and I think it need a mode where you could earn a decent amount of stars other than that good game
Its a very good experience for my kid with cutting fractions. LOL! Thank you creator for this amazing game.
Its a pretty good game except for the fact that only the tip can hit things, so the longer your horn/horns gets the harder it is to hit people but the further you can reach. Its understandable though, if you have horns that are extremely long then all you would have to do is spin in a circle.
It is really good because the gameplay is amazing and it is very easy to control. This game has many different wormy things and it's really creative
The game is how I left it but the controls are slippery when I turn the sensitivity is over 9000 Idc but has to be changed
It's kind of struggling but it's great I like everything about it except for I can't connect to the server
The game is very simple and can get addicting because of being able to upgrade. On top of that, the experience is complete with the ability to play with AI rather than real players if you're not connected to the internet. Good game.
It's a good game I would recommend it for anyone but when I was playing but then said the server connection cut off can I come back and I'm all the way from the start
The game is very fun it has a few bugs but I can never stop playing it if you read this you should download it the one thing I don't like is how many ads there is.
About the ingame progression. Its byfar 1 of the slowest Ive seen in a game. Stars=main currency in game. You get them by killing other players n popping balloons. Thats fine on its own. However, you only get 2 to 3 β˜† per kill save for the king. whats worse is other people can steal them b4 u grab them. Wouldn't be bad if the things u buy with the stars didn't cost at least 1500β˜†. Anything worth bying is upwards of 10000 2 99,000. I'd b playing 4 years b4 I could buy something worth while.
its a really fun game the only reason im not giving five stars is because when you eleminate another player it should give u a choice to either make your sword bigger or add another sword
I like it because you get different characters and you get to kill many people to win you can play on kill the king o
So cool because it's like you're a spear fish and with your spear you can Spear of a fish with it so other people should play that game super cool try it out for yourself
I like that the game is hard because most games i play there really easy. And i don't like that. But this is a mix. So now i can finally have some fun!
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Good game although sometimes have connection problems. Also some characters are ridiculously expensive.great game overall
Alot of people spend mony at the start its not fair I almost naped my device in 2 I dont like it they start whith long sowrds and they troll.im soo happy if the people that cheat rage and it has alot of bugs
I love it but maybe add some more like new skins that's not that much because the price's are high a bit for starters. give tutorials on how to maybe go online and then switch offline! that's it!
This game is the funniest mobile game I have ever played they did great there is so many skins and stuff to do and emojis and you can get all that just by getting on every day it's amazing very well done there is also a mode where you can play with bots if you dont have internet or wifi I recommend getting this game is is great.
One of the best games ive ever played but the screen format in my tab is very small so can you fix the glitch.
I love this game, it is all out war, so competitive to know who is gonna me the ultimate champion, keep up th good work
(My opinion) This game is really amazing I love that you can do offline and online! I love the customisation and gameplay! Overall it's a really good game!
This game is great! Although there's some things I do like and I don't like. the good thing is there's barely any ads and I would like if things cotsed a little lower.
I love this game its so fun i have got really good at it and its still entertaining the only thing is that the Skins are really expensive and people that use money are netter because they can buy the Skins that are insanly op but this game is still GrΓ€ten in my opinion
because it's awesome game and you can do anything you want but it's hard to live and you can just kill people and you can have awesome skins this is awesome game please try and do not download if you do not like killing games if you do download this game it's awesome so awesome because it's the best game I ever played and this is awesome so yeah
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This is pretty fun game i would recommend playing this game but its pretty hard to move around when your blaze is getting bigger
Very addicting, I like that there's a play with bots so you can play offline, it's pretty lagy, it might just be my phone, if anyone else complains then might wanna fix it.
i loved it until i acctidently (i know i wrote that wrong i think) delted it it took all my skins away now i have 3 skins😭 it shows to many ads and the sales are 0% or 100% (the 100% doesn't work and i dont know even if the 0% work i think so), it takes so long if u want to join survival and i hate the notifications of this game its so annoying and if you are not in the first to worlds or lobbys the 3rd one is really hard u die directly and there are 5 more lobby's
Almost every mode in this game is broken. There sould be no invincible time when you spawn. When someone spawns near you in kill the king or smash they can go inside you and then it is completely random who dies. You can't even kill em because they just go through your sword when they spawn. There is a lot of ads. The gamemodes that are fine are teams classic one sword pro. If you remove the invincible time and make people only spawn near walls the game will actually be fun to play.
It's amazing everything so cool. Just one problem you guys need to fix when we attack sometimes the people don't die
I take bqck everything I said in another review. This game shoved a 200 dollar microtransaction in my face (discounted from 970 for all characters even though most are objectively worse than other) and then the second time i went to play it told me I was on a 3 day trial and after that, 8 dollars per WEEK. This game is not worth 32 dollars a month, or 384 dollars a year.
Its a very fun app and is very good, the only reason its 3 stars is because everything is VERY overpriced and in kill the king its very gliche.
the controls are good smooth the gameplay is smooth to its the best .io game ive played in a couple years ive been trying to find the perfect .io yames and here it is for you
Its great! But reason why for, is because there is a ad each time in servers I die. But on the other hand its perfect and fun!
I'm not sure what to expect but I think it's the same as 6AM but you don't know how it works for the rest and Morty and the rest are so good and stumbling on titan songs that are so good for the fans of cars that you can be a little more than you have been able for the last two games in a lot more of a good person to get
Its a good game all around would recommend it if your good at multiplier games if not you can try the offline mode :)
lacks balance when 3 to 5 mega fish vs no mega fish. Tries to make you pay by making the games unfair on purpose but I have been beating cheaters since Counter Strike. Pretty good time killer, lots of game modes.
Honestly this game is just too grindy to get stuff normally this is pay to win and force ads at each bitten click after 1 hour of playing
This is one of the best .io games. No bugs No rage and it not like other games that take a minute or two this loads so fast. And that's why I give it a big fat 5 stars
Pretty good game. Its fun, has easy controls, and has many different features. Definately the next game that will make me stay on the toilet for 30 minuites.
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This game is so fun! But there`s a problem that annoys me... and the problem is the ads like after a round boom there`s an ad then another and ANOTHER but this game is still fun no matter what so I gave this game 4 stars and I love it when your own sword or thingy grows longer and longer and the sword things should be really long and nonstop β˜† :D
Its fun really really fun but the problem is can u umm maybe make the legendary sword fish a little cheaper please
Is a very good game but the same time very frustrating but very good game and keep making these games
Very good its a good game ishu is why is the new carters really hard to unlock? And it is a good game because it has hardly any adds.
I really like this game it's really fun even has different game modes of although I think you should make the controls a little bit smaller
Very fun and useful if your bored,this is one of my favorite games just got it and I rate 5 stars because I can play this until I'm in heaven.
It's really good for entertainment the only thing is you can die right away so there should be a shield for the first 3 seconds or so
Takes so long to load in and is like a game that depends on lag other than that the game is good solid 3 stars.
Wow this game lit I keep raging but I'll calm down this game is sooooooooo good I love it it's so addictive well the controls are easy and yeah this game is soooooo good I love it keep up the good work and yeah.Q
I like this app because the swordfish in those are super detailed and I like how you have to kill more swordfish and you get a bigger sword I'm really good at this game I really like it maybe you should lower the Star level but I love getting Stars it's awesome
Thank you for the game it is so much fun because you get different choices of pixel and you can get star please can you make a good game like this game please !!!!!!!! <3
I like this game but why i gave this a 4 star is because i would give it a 5 but its 4 cuz the characters are a little bit creepy
very fun game. ads are always annoying but you get several lives before you see one and most of them you can escape right away by spamming the back button.
Absolutely great! The game has some ads, but its free so the ads are not a major problem. there might be some bugs but the game over all is great.
It's a good game! I like it pretty much, though it has 2 problems 1. Every 5ime I die I get an ad its no prob however, it's kind of annoying 2. The characters are very expensive anyways it's a good game! I recommend you to lower down the costs of the characters tho NOT THA5ITS A PROBLEM OR Anything. So that's all I have to say it's really good!
I have nothing to say this game is good but i dont like how the words are. Its wierd fro me at least change it to cursive
This app is very easy to use and very fun I have had this app for about 5 hours and its fun I would give this a 5 star if it was less difficult or less costly. Overall this app is very easy and fun I suggest to try it.
To many ads, bots spawns right in front of you when you bost, to many glitchs, online is not evan online it is bots,to many ads, and the game itself is pure garbage, I never seen a game that fills you with rage so much I hope the development is canceled but the graphics are alright and I guess its a little good but other than that's its bad.
The the prices on to buy fish is insane you cant wich arena you wanna play to play with a friend is just completely stupid other than that its great
Amazing game but it needs work. When you get kills i think you should be able to get more horns but you have to get a bunch of stars to and thats why I keep getting killed.
it's because like I have like all type of cool game Odin like you can do regular but and also like how to wash clothes in like that's a pretty cool thing so I just want to see like when do the Wasps stop but it's a cool game as I see that's all I have to say about this
The games really really good I like how there gamodes and stuff the skins are great thanks for dining the game it's really fun.
Good game I really like the way it works. It has a little bit of glitch but that's ok. I still really like the game.
Inspiring me At my friend and my familyMy cousins play then it to and IT my phone every I go Cause I really love to play that game I think it's a really awesome game and my cousin of say that's a really awesome game 2 I don't call them my poodle they really love to play it the game called soide fish I really love the game and bigger and still go be plain I even playing in the night and day and the afternoon Even in midnight I still play Floyd Phish love Game My mom and dad And my sister
This game is so addictive and fun i wish there were ways to get stars more frequently but this game, I recommend to EVERYONE.
Here why i rated 4 star everytime i die i lag and an add pops up which lags my whole phone u need to remove bit of ads
I rmeber when I was younger would play this game I just found to o love it just soke small bugs but nothing bad about it loove the game keep up the good work
THE GAME is fun and funny and relaxing i have all of the skins but it take me for 2 years to get but it was easy
Its a good game to play should just update a neon sword skin in it would be awesome thanks but besides that love the game keep adding new things to improve stats be great.
This very very fun game I play it for hours and you can just sit used boost destroy enemies it's just fun and it's available to play against real people so that's a bonus
Wow i like this game but why cant you fix your ads? I got one ad where i can just watch it i cant even skip it and it appeared after very good match