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Pixel Survival World - Online Action Survival Game

Pixel Survival World - Online Action Survival Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Cowbeans located at 7025 Markham Road Suite #143 Markham, On L3S 0C3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very grindy but fun. The best part is all of the combat, being a huge part of the game in the first place. Just please add a way to get good items, like a tiny chance to get a weapon with 20 damge or less in the cavern of evil.
I gave this 4 stars because: Gameplay is good, outstanding for those who like 2d survival/magical games... But one thing, you have to pay to enjoy... I'm not a rich guy so... Please don't ask too much money for the game
I think the game is definitely better than the other games that you made, so I would recommend either this game or 2.o
This is terrible, i pressed the play button over and over again, singleplayer AND multiplayer and yet NEITHER of them worked EVER in other words, it sucks
1st fix multiplayer. Have you closed it because of the hacking? Its a really good game to play with others and i know most ratings would go back up if you did. 2nd you need a quick tutorial or a small guide for some things like the lever for the underground. I dont think the chests or daily quests have been showing up either. Edit: Ok now im locked out of the game 1 day later, "Internet required" I've played this game without Wifi and i was using wifi so this is juag confusing me. Fix yall stuff
This game is amazing its better then the other games you make also i have a suggestion can the fire sword have the abilitty to set things on fire and keep up the good work
Great gameplay and people are really nice online but I do think that there should be more ways to obtain blueprints like a 0.1% from slime and 0.5% from the bats ect. Also I think that some weapons should have secret ability like the lava sword should set things on fire and the fire does 1 damage every second. The game is great and I would love to see these in the game; if not then that's fine as they are only suggestions. Overall the game is great and has a potental and keep up the great work.
Lots of messing about with fighting mechanics that are cumbersome and unwieldy. Got as far as the second wave (fighting bats) before quitting, as apparently you have to wait for some reason in order to return to battle. Screw you if you think I'm going to sit around for no good reason. Feels like yet another sandbox focused on revenue generation rather than gameplay.
This game sucks no multiplayer useless Fricking bad it use to be good with multiplayer so it makes the game fun fix this bug I wish there was a 0staar rating this game suck I hate single player fix that bug all of your games sucks bechuase I can't multiplayer fix it I'm not happy with this game people who are reading this don't install the game that's a tip
This game is little bit boring but its ok i rated this 5 STAR because i had a lot of friends in Europe,Asia,North America and South America. I had a good armor,good sword and many name tag Name on the game is NeoHonesty Pls put google play on the game so i cannot put my Facebook account becouse its hard to connect at facebook
The game is good but so many issues... i acidentaly found a duplication glitch and i reported some other issues to the developers and they dont respond. Like my trading doesnt work for weeks and they dont reply... or i spent 25'000 gems for an item and it doesnt work. Please devs if you read this, fix the game and the bugs
Good game good way to get rid of any extra time you might have And it's super fun if you have a friend or two to play with it's fine solo but in my opinion not as fun
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER but theres one problem pls make the stuff not expensive cuz for new players cant buy that much stuff so i hope you make the stuff cheaper
This game is AWESOME!!! I noticed an error in the description: when it says 'monster kill' it makes more sense as 'kill monsters'. Much appreciated if you fix this.
hmmmmp... this game are totaly awesome and grate game i ever seen. now this game i give 3 star because there is a problem... i want a free gem and to get that gem is to watch ads vidio. now i press that ads and a few mins the game is crash.. tell me how to fix it or u fox it plss.. by the way can you add quick switch to the weapon beacuse in the defend i use range attack now enime is in my character i cant switch faster.. so pls fix it.. 😘 thanks to read my feeds
The game is pretty bad because there is no quest menu to tell you where to go next and the hit detection is absolutely terrible you'll get hit almost every time you swing at an enemy and then the flying enemies you can't swing at them because they are above your hit detection it's just terrible and the movement is bad it would take a second to register to move I say the game would be fun if you fix your game and servers but... you guys are too lazy to do that have fun making the game fall flat.
Need more things when you get little pro it gets boring maybe make pvp or idk make somthing that not get boring
It's awesome I play this when I was a grade 2 age 7 maybe and now I'm 13 I search this game but I not found and I remember it's name is pixel survival game I see pixel survival 1 2 3 And I see this online Pls make this offline multiplayer to Give Five stars pls
I was happy to see this game had a World multiplayer kind of feel. But uhm have you golks ever heard of a tutorial. the learning curve is horible, thus making the game less fun, and just frustrating.
Fun game but the auto mining really let me down. First of all it rarely gives you diamonds and when I auto mine I get off and check on it an hour later and it hasn't even added anything!!! I saved up 1000 gems to get the pickaxe and it doesn't work properly!!! I would give it a 3 or 2 star but it's a fun addicting game. But the auto mine was a big big let down. Please fix it if you can. Thanks for the fun game!!!!
It's a cool game you have so many friends. I love this game one question please take out the mummies they creep me out. But I still like the game so much bye
Thx for making a wonderful game but there should be option of giving someone and item for free, becuase some items are not tradable and it cost more so in trade i could have gotten much gold but i got a friend who dont have anything and wants sword but when i check there was no option of giving it as if we are giving to friends. In survival everyone is friendly and can share things. Please add.
Needs better controls such as picking up traps to reset elsewhere. No explanation of what each bar means when selecting character. Cost premium currency to speed up the day? Why? Getting to the monster arena is a long ways away. Needs better way to travel to those far off zones.
I been playing this game ever sense I was a kid now I'm playing it again and your other games you made, I love what you been doing so keep it up! : )
This game is great I have alot of fun, somtimes there are weird glitches, but the game is awesome. Developers if you are reading this please let us shoot through traps, that would make the game more cool.
Cool stuff in the game but the characters need more lives. It is a great game the monsters are fun to fight.
Nice game But.. I do recommend tutorial Like arrow pointing where to go? Also i would like if there difficulties like easy normal hard. And this game is hard for newbies they need a pro to guide them so can u make the day easier? Thank you for reading!
No explanations anywhere, wasted most of the stuff I got in the first 10 minutes because i didn't know what they were. Really, a trap with the same sprite of a sword? And the run run thing, I though it was waiting for other players (what else should I be waiting for?) And instead found myself with no stamina on the unexpected start of the minigame. Really not new-player-friendly. Also seems like there are more options to buy diamonds than features in the game.
it's a fun game, but without spending money you'll be grinding at day 3 and 4 for a long time. I wished there was some sort of guide to let you know when where or how you can get certain items so you k ow when the rest of the town can be interacted with. i.e. a gold nugget to use storage, where do you get that and is it a one time use or is it permanently unlocked? how about the trading market?
There's an issue with the abandoned mine, I've been playing it for more than 2 days now and everything was fine, Everything was fine at first then there will be instances when the mine would be closed off and i can't enter it for some reason and now it stayed closed for some time and i can't progress my quest because of it, Please fix it i really like the game
Its a good game i have over 100 houres in this game at least but i switched my phone i tried facebook login and it didnt saved the progress i was depreser for a few days then i stoped playing this... :(
It's fun if you don't mind fighting in the arena over over again for money, but just want to know how to get ore. I need moonite for the blueprint machine, and a bunch of others for high-level gear. I've looked all over google and couldn't find anything.
Does not even allow me to play multiplayer no daily chests fix this it is not fun to keep on playing single player
I have great suggestions... First Is.. It would be nice that you add something useful for the portal near the cavern/arena portal. Second Is.. You should add an adventure mode/portal for more exciting stuff, because I'm kinda bored for doing survival and arena farming. Third.. It would also be cool if you add a guy for selling seeds and also decrease the selling price for stuffs, because "For God Sake Their So expensive!" Fourth.. You should add a bit more gold from Auto-Mining. ^ _ ^
It's a wierd but good game. The only reason i am giving four 🌟🌟🌟🌟 is because it was very hard to earn coins. Other than that, a very good app in which u can play with people.
A pixel survival game Why are survival games so addicting? Do you seek something unique? Need a good challenge and an epic adventure? Let's play Pixel Survival Games! Pixel Survival World is a sandbox survival game where you and your survivor friends will monster kill and defend against monsters for loot. Protect your settlements, protect the survivors and acquire epic loot in the survival arena If you like sandbox games, simulation games, survival games and or adventure games, this survival
This game is great but lack of trill. Because when you watch an ad for gem and buy boxes and you get the best sword there will be no trill, no adventure and nothing more you can do. Sad to say, but I hope this game have more in game adventure.
this game is so amazing and i hope his game shoulde be more fun and amazing,just one problem cow beans need to have item/boots to increase your speed because geting to the gate of heroes to the Portal place cause it takes long to go to portal arena place to gate of heroes and i hope this game have a cloud save or somehing to save your last account because in log in if u save to much account the one u save last u play places get taken by another account so pls fix
I used to love playing this with my friends but once again like with everyone no matter what i did i pressed singleplayer and multiplayer it wouldnt work but if it can change then this will get 5 stars because i know its good but it doesnt work
This game is pretty bad, first of all why can you only link your account with facebook, some people at a young age can't do that because of obvious reasons. Your data does not save even if you link your account(I have tried multiple times). There is no tutorial (why should I be surprised it's a Cowbeans game) also almost everything that costs coins is way over priced. So if you are looking for a good pixel game cowbeans' not for you.
Amazing game you guys! This is the best game out of all the other pixel survival games you made. I would really like it if u can add more people in groups like groups of 6-8 or something. Also, I would really enjoy if the tower stones where easier to get, run run run and jump is really fun and easy once u get kinda high, I don't care if u add some of these or not, just suggestions. Love the game guys!
The friend list is buggy because when i made a sever so my brother can join it said that edude (me) was offline so i refreshed still it said that i was offline exit the game still says i am offline please i am begging you to fix this bug.
We need : .Stones that can be equipped to see gosts without a tourch .God swords with live animation like fire or thunder .all items must be tradable .more weponds in store . unlimited adds that give you 50 gems each time . Increase mineing out put by 90% and make gems more commen . If all recommendations are followed then I will rate this game 5 stars Thank you.
I really like the game and my most favorite of this game is the offline mode and the attitude of the people they arent bad they are kind and suppoΕ•tive in every decision i make and they are really good at teamwork i love this game cause the people here are also loving me as a welcome in this game thanks for this game. Thanks also for the friendly players there
the game was good, everything is fine, until you find yourself losing your game's data, so you have to start from the beggining, well its not the worst one, you see, i spent atleast almost 3$ on the game, small amount isn't it? well ofcourse it is, what makes me pissed about this developers is when i wanted to get back my lost gems after my facebook account accidentaly saved a newbie account.
They removed the chance to use the google play so this game only cares for Facebook also face book sucks I rather use google play But not only that, the game saving is for Facebook and Facebook is having a load of trouble so I want this to have a 0-1 star, developers don't even try to help.
I like the game but i want it more because this game deserves more and i think this is the right time to make LAN MULTIPLAYER so that we fellow players can play if we have no wifi or mobile data but i still like the offline because we can play the survival and earn survival coins and also i forgot why 4 stars because there is something wrong about the cannons it wont give damage in online i think its a glitch kindly fix the cannon damage
This game is absolutely terrible I can't figure out how to dig under ground and i can't beat the first set of monsters I thought it would be great but it wasn't I'm not sure if I'm going to unistall or keep on playing to get better at the game please please please let me know your decision thank you that's all I have to say thank you again but the only thing that is good is there isn't any adsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜πŸ˜Ž but bye
It's a pretty good game but i havent got far. you should have the boss monsters drop different loot cause i had like 10 of the same change badge.If You could make the dimond easier to get it would be great!
I like the game but i want it more because this game deserves more and i think this is the right time to make LAN MULTIPLAYER so that we fellow players can play if we have no wifi or mobile data but i still like the offline because we can play the survival and earn survival coins and also i forgot why 4 stars because... the fb account turn it to cloud save because my last progress was sick and now i was reseted.
Look this game is just like every pixel survival game, its honestly kinda crao to see the same thing over and over. Dead servers, dead players, way to easy to hack, the grinding system is difficult and on top of that it's annoying to see the same weapons over and over.
This game is very fun! But theres a bug i try to watch a add but it doesnt show up please fix this bug!
Pixel survival world is just the best it has good graphic and just good game play it's just amazing how this game evolved of the years
I have this game on my phone and works fine now I'm trying to download it in my tablet and saids please leave and reset the app I do I do it then i try to join a multiplayer serv and said requires internet but I have internet . I like it but it has issues
I have been playing for long time and when I switched to my new phone I made sure that I linked to Facebook but when I logged in with Facebook on the new phone and press yes on restore data nothing happened at all and I have lost my 3 month play account 0 stars
I love this game, but i cant still enter trade area, i've got trade stone and it said 'unable to do that' so i hope you help me for that, so i just give you 3 star, hope you fix that Name: SkyGaming1234
I used to love this game but crashes too much and made me lose a full day of progress including friends coins gems and other in gane items which is dissapointing because i made it to day 36 and had 10k+ gold from that in multiplayer but game wouldnt allow me to join single or multiplayer and when i reinstalled once again it restarted me and i am logged into facebook but im done restarting for no reason
First the game graphics are peak and I love the weapons and armor... I have a idea for armour. It's called the helldog and it's common but OP Thy e weapon it comes with is the lava longsword, pistol and weak bow. I hope this make it's way to you it would make my dream come true Best regards
Hi I gave this game a 4 stars game because there is one problem it's a little bit hard to grind coins in the arena sometimes but with pro player it's a no proplemo
Its a very nice game but lots of problems please fix bugs.My brother can't get his account back and he did log in to facebook.Please bring new updates this game can make big bucks if you work on it more.Thanks for reading.