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Pixel Survival Game 3

Pixel Survival Game 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Cowbeans located at 7025 Markham Road Suite #143 Markham, On L3S 0C3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Grinding will take a year but here's some problems and things you should add:1:first grinding isn't a thing it takes forever and there's a trail way of building. 2:also when a starter creates a world make it so that is that starter logs in they get a free village with armour so that person can protect the village.3.add a training system to train normal people that spawns into the game and that's all tho it's hard to play and also and the ability to craft beds so we can sleep through the night😊
i have a big problem from this game first, why the multiplayer not working? and second why there is no ads appearing? and lastly,why is there no daily reward? ill rate this 5 stars if you fixed this but still a great game
It says connect to the internet but i'm already connected to the internet there is nothing wrong with my internet why can't i play like old times :(
it's good but plss make a 1 to 3 they are no monster so it will be easy and the player can be ready for different creatures that may appear. Also the creature they need a maximum sight or if there is a wall they will give up following you beacuse it's hard to kill the if they are to many waiting you come out. But even though it need more Improvements its still a good game thanks Dev for this nice game.i love it
Smh such a missed opportunity on a great game , if only the devs still gave updates(fixing farming systems and egg laying, adding tutorials fr stuff etc.) and fixed the loss of progress bug
Its extremely laggy but very good you can make bases farms buy horse and cows you can make owner doors too and the charators walk so slow and theres no way to find your base other than that its a pretty good game
The ads just keep popping up even in the middle of the game offline. It keeps saying server unavailable even if it is single player mode. You should add an offline mode for people to play freely. For beginners crafting is almost impossible since everything is new and enemies kill you while you are in inventory. Dropping items was reasonable. But since there is no other game like this one I might as well it's good.
I love the gameplay of it, it has brought me joy because the hours you put into it become pleasant memories. however, there is a glitch where if your game crashes whole connecting to a (single-player) world, you lose the ability to access the character entirely. this has led to me creating many different accounts, all of which are free to play accounts(thankfully) but if someone spends a lot of money on their account and has this problem they lose everything.
Can you Cow Beans update this game pls add this game Sharing Items because my friends need tools to mine caves and ect.Plz add sharing items and can you make more boss to fight. And add more monsters and add some more Bioms like desert,fiery lands,snow land. Like that and pls increase the movement speed to escape from monsters or enemy's pls add this to your game Cow Beans. :(
It's a great game, but can u make it so that tools don't break so easily, i really dont like having to craft them over and over again -_- . Otherwise it's a good game! :D
Hi Cowbeans,i enjoyed the game since it was out the only problem i see is its that pay 2 win i love the graphics and everything but can you guys add more ways to get gems.
I actually have no problems with the game and was actually enjoying it... until update 1.22 came. I spent a week playing in singleplayer clearing out my world's B6 to only have silvers left . But when I updated the game, my whole map changed, the silvers in my B6 turned to coppers, rocks, coals and irons. My surface and B1 are still the same (Same goes for B7) but besides these floors, everything changed. Now my B6 barely has any silver... I like the new damage text tho.
I tried doing multiplayer so I can play with friends, but nope it says multiplayer is broken, and I can't play single player, help me please
I just experienced a bug that removed the mining/fighting button and the support button is gone I just got level 25 then it bugged out I can still play but I have to use the auto clicker and that could get inconvenient is there any way to fix this?
The game is a fun game but the only reason I am giving it 2 stars is. My account kinghill I just finally got so many hell bars and so many Arena3 crystals I went to Cloud save and now I cannot go to multiplayer because it is telling me my server is unavailable for a week and a couple days now I feel like I wasted all this time getting stuff to become a pro and now I cannot go online.the survival working perfectly no glitch nothing it is just the multiplayer I'm going to give it one more week
Can u please help me i am in the surface i used vine to go down to f2 (1st underground) then i put stairs to go down to f3 (2nd underground) then i put stairs again beside the stairs i just putted and then after i put it, the stairway to 1st underground has disappeared, idk why so the problem here is im stuck at f3(2nd underground) and cant get up to f2(1st underground) so i can go up the vine please help me the stair disappeared
I can't even play the game every time I go into multiplayer and join a server it kicks me out to the main menu even with solo
The game is great. But i rated 4 stars because i cant play multiplayer, it keeps showing (unable to connect server ERR). So its hard for me to play together because i am new to this game.
slow and boreing lacks ease of use good systems completely different from pixel survival 2 which i had enjoyd so this i dont like and just after hoursof gameplay i feel like ive gotten nowhere and this is just more of a base builder insted of makeing a strong charachter
Thanks again for fixing my king hill multiplayer but there's one big problem that I think everyone is getting mad about and it is the new update can you guys please fix back the Joystick the way it was still love the game though
The game is crashing and I can't play at all My device is SM-T585, the crash occurred in the loading after the title screen
I haven't played this game and this was supposed to be my opportunity to download it, and when the game launches all it comes out is some logo and a loading sign. It took me minutes to wait but it crashes and i launch it again, yet it still crashes. You better fix this game.
I like it but the update ruind it i cant play its taking me back to my screen FIX THIS THING btw i like the game
I dont know why when i load it doesn't work and im stuck at the loading screen like less than 12 minutes
Still I rate it 5 stars because I really really like the game i even left my mobile legends for this game and please help me with my problem my data had been corrupted last year I got error 400 and now my data had been corrupted but still I rate it 5 stars because I'm really×2 addicted in this game and please help me retrieve my account
Best pixel game EVEEERRR!... but I rate it 4 star because can't drop items I know it's hard for developer but please update we can drop items :D
I Have played this game before it was so fun but I think that u should add local multiplayer it would really help alot
This game is very very good but 1 problem only one thing i really really dont like...........WHY CANT I PLAY MULTIPLAYER ALL IT SAYS IS SERVERS UNAVALIBLE WHYYYYYYYYY
This will be the longest you will take long time to get more aged wood,copper bar and waiting to the farm but its easy to fight on land and its hard to fight on underground its a lot of monster ,boss,pirate,and ghost. I pkay this 2 days and i survive 23 days only and my progress is verygood because my house is looking strong My name on the game is NeoHonesty22 i experience this 2 years ago and pixel survival 1 and 2. Sorry im really bad talking english. I rate this 5 STAR
I cant even go multiplayer when Im online:-\please note that i edited this,,,the game sucks when i try to load my characters dissapear maybe corrupted i tried loading again but it has exceeded load limit dont waste your time it was a fun game but then the updates were gone please fix it!!
Great game when i first played it i clicked the gem ad i did not get the reward and i dont bother at all its all i gotta say its great game
Amazing game. All though there are many small issues I continually run into leveling is a major pain but more importantly the drop rates for items are extremely odd there is no sure fire way to get a good portion of the early game items. Aswell there needs to be a home defense item to help with the mages.
Please fix my ERR:400 i can't play my world and even i can't play multiplayer with my friends if you fix this ERR:400 i will rate it 5 stars so please fix my error i like this game but this error messed up everything. My UID:v477bcp442 My Username:fixmyerr400 Thank You.
The multiplayer button doesnt work the controls are bad and difficult but i bet this game took a lot of time and effort to make so i am giving this 5 star
i cant load my cloud save, its a fun game but the goddamn old crush thing is still here last update the game death screen wont work.
I cant play anithing if i try single player it says conect to internet and im f###in conected to internet!!!multiplayer says just eror same bull#### as previus game
I love this game. The only problem is there are enemies that are hard to kill with your hands only. We cant make home because we die at night because of them. Can you make the first 5-10 days of the game enemy free. However it's still a great game
I accidentally cloud loaded a old account and now my data is gone .my level 15 hero! Gone my base. Gone I'm really upset if there's any way you can help me recover it please tell me
Pixel survival 3 is a super fun game where you get items to try to survive and theres alot of items to discover thats why i gave it a 5
The game is very fun, I loved to play it but eventually you just get banned. It wont let me play single player or multiplayer, it just says error 400, it would be really amazing if you could fix all these because no one likes to get randomly banned and not be able to play your hard work. I and many other players would love this to be fixed but I know Cowbeans doesn't look at these or probably doesn't care but I've had to restart a few times now and I am tired of loosing my hard work, thankyou!
Smh such a missed opportunity on a great game , if only the devs still gave updates(fixing farming systems and egg laying, adding tutorials fr stuff etc.) and fixed the loss of progress bug Almost as good as stardew valley and a good alternative.
I love pixel survival I hope They fix My Problem I Use 5 Weak fishing rod and I got Nothing Trash stuff pls fix it And keys are hard to get I never got one of those keys Pls Devs 😥 Add More stuff hehehehe No ad Bug😥 devs pls fix this bug i cant get gems now pls i will make it 5/5 why im ban i cant play mulitiplayer😥 Down to 3/5 star pls unban me devs
This game is good if you have an internet connection, however if you don't and you are expecting to play because it says that it is offline then you are going to be very disappointed. You shouldn't say there is offline capability when there isn't. Your other games are actually offline so I don't see why this one isn't. Please change this so that way more people may enjoy it.
I think it is a good game but it is almost impossible to find the giant under ground worm and it needs ads to survive I hope it can be fix overall it pretty good actually
I can't access the multiplayer any more, because it tells me, my google play games account isnt the same anymore. It simply can't be. I just changed the name and nothing else. I hope you'll fix it. It's been a while now, that this issue is a problem for me. The update is okay, but didn't solve my problem, sorry :3
Wow, this is my 3rd time playing this and every time it somehow deleted my progress. Please fix this bug!
If Free to Play Players doesn't want to be left behind, they watch ads Also every stuffs are hella expensive and the chest are SUPER DUPER RIGGED, very low chance of getting Rare item. This game is created by greedy awful and pitiful devs.
Its a fun game when it works. It has many aspects that enrich the gameplay and offer a fun experience. There are many bugs in the game that ruin the gameplay. The screen capture at death is known to crash the game, which in turn also gives a chance to corrupt data. Rendering your profile useless. We had a group of 7 playing, but the screen capture crashed the game and lost all progress. That was over 1 month of work and many hours lost because of a bug.
This game is fun but not only fun what i'm feeling. The materials what i find is a bit difficulty, and some enemies are more and less damage whatever i faced them. So this game is a challanging for players. (3:56 p.m 21/2/2021) I have one question, do i need to create my character while i'm online and once i'm created my new character, i would able to play offline? That's what i want to answer.
Maybe by adding the run control,it would be easier for us to dodge an attack,thats all actually. Great game,much more fun if you're playing with other people! Also please add the log out feature. Im trying to log out from my brother's account by logging out from play store and changing accounts at google play. Unfortunately it wouldnt let me logging out.
Such a good game, some improvement required such as fixing the multi-player system so people doesn't engage to connect. More character customization options. More building options. And fix that if we make a pit and fill it up with water so it should be able to be as before (plain surface).
Hey Cowbeans I have some problems with the game but it's still fun so 4 stars 1 I Have Chickens with hay feeders but they just keep dying even when I put the hay feeders close to the chickens 2 Please add more animals and recipes 3 This game must change into 3d 4 I need to trade for fishing rod only can go fishing 5 Please add a blender for juice 6 add thirst bar pls with water bottles, purifiers and dirty water bottles 7 and add hardcore too Love you all Cowbeans and pls make more games !!!!!!
pretty good game and i hope there actcually are more features and more updates to this game, have been playing the game for a while and the game havent quite changed yet hope there would be pretty much more stuff to the game
This Game Is SO Cool I Can't Believe That it's doesn't have four stars Its So cool!! My brother(younger) and i play this all the time
This game is really good for me because there are lot of glitch u can do inside it like gem glitch.If u have no money to buy gem you can watch ads,to make gem glitch u must forward your time 2 more hour and get inside this game and go to single player and wait 2 min pop up ads will show.You can do it repeatly if u are patient to watch ads .(bad english)
I tried to login my account in my new device it says Please connect to the internet 😑 my data is on my net is running smooth I've played this game for such a long time without hacking😑 and now I can't login😑😑😑 please fix this and i need my account back😑
Cowbeans if your reading this don't abandoned this game please😰😭😭. This game is fun now I don't care my lost item its fun everyone rate this game its so fun. Oh and cowbeans can you add may be we be able to trade in next update please and make its easier to find game like a server list is gonna be good so please do new update maybe story mod Idk but I love this game so much please do new update😁😁
having some saving progress issues:(pls fix those bc i built a house and a bed and when i left and came back to my house,its all gone:(the bed was gone too so i cant spawnpoint...
This is a great game its like minidayz in fantasy and it has many quest and ather cool stuffs and features like building house, farming and pvp! But i gave this game 4 stars for my account is still cant play multiplayer telling server unavailable try again later- err:001 (which i think a rare case?)... Anyways i will change it to 5 stars when they've fixed it.But overall its a nice and challenging game!!!
Its nice but you really have to grind or watch ads to get diamonds to pay for the good things, but I dont have them.... Or money to buy diamonds... Other than that its awesome.
The game is good. However, leveling up takes forever and the tutorial is not that helpful. New players can't do much because they have to grind for a long time or just don't know what to do. Also, it's really annoying that you can scroll through the playable server to see how many players it has in it and to make sure you don't join the same server twice. Lastly, there is no way to drop items or trade with other players making it impossible to split resources or to trade items with eachother.
I love the game! But there are way too many problems with the game, first whats up with the map? I expected that if you were gonna make our bases impossible to find you would at least try to help! But the map just lets you see farther not see the intire island! Also if you even wanted a good base that had everything you needed it takes you almost your whole life! But the monters and the fact you can play online save you from a 1 star reveiw because omg all other games about survival online SUCK
it's good to play this version 3 PSG. this game is very challenging. but the reason why i give this rate because some mobs like archer walk in solid block. i hate it when i mining they go through the solid block. also its rare to kill me with 999+ damage in the archer or mobs. please cowbeans developer fix this bug so i/we can play longer and we support you by watching ads. also add enchant scroll in merchant npc..
Cowbeans i wanted to tell you something about this horrible game.Thefirst i dowloaded it and open it i was shocked about the price of thing you know White Stallion is 900 GEMS! Oh My Goodness!And then this game made my friend ANGRY and forgot us! And also i said to this game that it was Horrible! It was banful and even the map is toooooooooo small and cannot see the whole island.This is just my "OPINION" of this banful and horrible game thats why i give you ONLY 1 STAR.
This game is cool me and my friend played it and did very good you should make the monsters disappear when it's morning
i lost my expirence and a hard days work just because that i got on at night, or so i think, but just update it already, its been a couple of years.
Game is speechless .I highly recommend this game for those who want to play offline survival rpg games . It's little challenging and cute game . It has everything from building house to cooking food and crafting and much more . Please come with another game like this 😍 . but i can't complete the quest of gaint worm cause i can't find the worm . please do something about it . what is more required to find him
Not here to ruin your day, but the update we recently got is quite horrible, we need the attack button back, just imagine trying to access a specific chest. We would also like more floors, more gear, seasonal events, weapon stat changes like nerfing the legendary sword by 2 damage buffing the fancy sword by 2 damage. Please take my ideas into consideration or fix the update at least. Also fix the santa hats with their "Hp and Mp +1/+2" thank you.
It is cool survival game idc about graphic but I care about the idea and the fun of gameplay which this game is 2d make it difirent than other survival games
This game is more pay to win then survival. In order to beat the Devil boss, you need to have like a really good weapon to defeat it's 3k health. Diamonds come in at a slow rate and it is very hard to earn gold coins, WAY too expensive items. I hope that in the future this game will support the F2P players by helping them achieve a better weapon later on that can help them get through the Devil boss, like let's say a hard and tedious quest not involving killing bosses. 3 stars for a fun game.
Sorry only 3 stars,i have a problem in this game,im clicking the single player but it says (pls connect to internet) and im on WI-FI fix this pls and when i go to multiplayer it says (server unavalable) fix this pls
The game was very fun, I loved to play it but eventually you just get banned. It wont let me play single player or multiplayer, it just says error 400, it would be really amazing if you could fix all these because no one likes to get randomly banned and not be able to play your hard work. I and many other players would love this to be fixed but I know Cowbeans doesn't look at these or probably doesn't care but I've had to restart a few times now and I am tired of loosing my hard work, thankyou!
This game is not that good because it has very less pets and when you started it playing you have to craft swards but they are very difficult to built and they are temperory and we have to watch adds to survive we have to watch adds to collect diamonds and to buy swards I don't like this game to much because this game have nothing new like swards, pets, armor etc please add new things
This is a great game but you need to update something it needs upper wall cuz the flying ghost goes to my house and kill me and make one click to bed and appears when you die you Respawn to the bed
It's a nice game and I really like it, but the character walks so slow and there's no hint or anything to where you'd find materials or make things like a wooden board. Being killed spawns you to a random location and that messes up everything because if you decided to settle down at a spot but end up dead, you'll probably lose everything you had because you can't find your spot anymore. So it'd be nice to walk a little faster, controls were smoother, spawn where you died or near it.
well yeah this game its fun! but i only can play offline (single) when i press multiplayer it error so pls fix this game , also when i re-install it i cant play multi or single so pls fix it
This game is fun but not only fun what i'm feeling. The materials what i find is a bit difficulty, and some enemies are more and less damage whatever i faced them. So this game is a challanging for players.
It's really cool but I don't like the character is so slow and I keep disconnecting in my own server even if I have wifi can you pls fix this
Ok. If you are a free to play player and grinded till diamond axe and pickaxe don't trust cloud save. Even though I'm very careful while saving and exiting the game i still lost 2accounts worth of 1year gameplay. I loved this game. Really. But now i actually start to hate it
Wow ok, this is actually interesting. Its more layered than i expected. Honestly i can't think of anything to complain about. I gues if i had to pick one it would be that you move a bit too slow. Maybe add a run button and have a stamina bar, or make the hunger bar decrease a bit faster when you use it to balance it out. That way it doesn't become a cheap overpower. Nice game guys. seriously love the well blended simplicity/complexity mixture.
It could be a really fun game but there are two big issues: 1) Where are the people? As long as I stayed online, I found just one active game with 2 players. Even when I tried switching servers, it led me to the same map with the same 2 guys. 2) What's the point of joining someone's game when only the host can go down the caves for mining, for exemple?
The reason I give it a 1 star is because I lost 50 dollars while buying the 45 dollar gem pack and it did not come through so I will give it a higher rating as long as I get my money or gems back.
It's a nice game but the last update is 2018 it didn't update until now you have a new game PS2.o but u can't update this game. Fix many bugs and add some more items Also the seed maker takes ages to make the ingredients is too high to be build in a few month Additional I can't play online or offline when using the cloud saved account. Fix it -_- i just buy diamond axe and pickaxe in that account -_-
I really like this game, I've been playing it for 3 days now and i'm totally into it but there are a few annoying things such as, Having to switchthe auto hit every time i open a GUI, second there is the sounds options, It would be really nice if you implement a sound and music bars (instead of icons which mutes/unmutes them) so i can set it to what ever volume i want. nothing else other than that (for now, I still have alot to discover.) Great game, keep up the good work :)
It's an awesome game ... Maybe it should have more updates 🤗 ! But , Monsters spawn a lot at Night so its so Hard. And Some Cooked Foods can only fill the Hunger Bar a Little ... So pls Change These!!!!!!