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Pixel Survival Game 2

Pixel Survival Game 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Cowbeans located at 7025 Markham Road Suite #143 Markham, On L3S 0C3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ist is very good game. But pls help me. My game is not opening. If I click on single player it doesn't work. If I click multiplayer then it says server timeout pls try again. I have soo many rare items such as the skull mask, the dark shield, the devil ween, moon blade 2and many more. Pls help me.
I have a problem with this game num.1 its to hard to play your going to make a pretzel in beginner to make a copper bar its to hard. Num.3 the prize of the shop its to expensive and accepting diamond is only two its better when you make it 5 but not you did. Num.3 i buy 1k of gem but i didn't get it but i get it on first and i buy ninja also 300 gems i have 500 gems when i buy the ninja i doesn't get but my gems is -300 can you fix it back can you?.
At first i didn't know what to do and then i met a nice player who helped show me the ropes of the game and gave me stuff but when u start to play more of it. It gets fun. I really enjoyed playing this game but the devs should add a instructions when u start like a list up on the top righr corner and highlight the places u have to go but overall i really enjoyed playing this. Its packed with lots of things. I still dont understand everything but ill learn. :)
great game but now i can't access multi-player mode. am i suppose delete all my progress and lose all of my hardwork for months just to open multi-player mode?
its a good app but its very grindy especially the pretzel maybe upper the chance from 5-25% its really hard to get it unless you get lucky some items require hundreds of materials that will take hours to get
I really like this game but when it comes to getting swords it will take a long time becase we will need many difrent items to make the sword but this i sky experience yours can be difrent
I love this game. it was amazing but I can't play multiplayer for some reason it says waiting for connection. and I wait and I wait and still nothing I don't know if the server's are down because ALL of the pixel survival games say the same thing.I would really love to play this game again it's been so long I'm going to email the developers to and see if I can ask them to get it working.
Good game πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 But there's a thing I can't get any ads that gives gem and dailyreward and join to multiplayer it says "waiting for connection" but I wait so long then try it again it repeat what it says but I have strong connection and I use wifi I don't know what happen please fix itπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘
I swear to god i would rate this to the top 3 games It is so good! Its a bit to hard for me but you know what? Thats fine! Edit: i found a problem: sometimes the game kicks me out of the server but however im not like out of the app its just a weird bug i found, please fix
I hate this game. It was bad enough starting off with nothing and have pros look down on you. But then I finally got some good stuff for once. Then my phone shut off. When it came back on, my character got deleted. I deleted it and reinstalled it, and it put me wayyyyy back in progress. This is the worst game ever. Don't waste your time downloading it. I am so angry 😑 right now bruh.
Great game i would of given it a higher rating if i could sfop getting banned,for example i was playing the game normally and a hacker joined and got me and my friends banned for doing nothing.Please fix the problem so we all can have a wonderful time on this game.
I like the game its just when are cow Beans going to update the game the game has no player on anymore :(
Game is alright, trading is strict on some items for some reason but not on others. Trade is honestly just too strict in general. Sorry your fan base is nice people that give away in needed gear I guess.
Can you fix this issue 1 I can't put a single fence or workshop bench 2 if I got an ads it just crashes my game and 3 I can't add friend anyone I can only get there UID,if you see this please fix this game it's so fun when you have friends to play in my opinion this game is the best game in the whole wide world please FIX THIS GAME,THX you your the best
Bug: When you enter Darklands and you reach the "supposed to be" 2nd portal to the next stage, the portal doesn't appear..... It's really annoying
I love the game and would spend a lot of time on it but the hackers i get so far but then always join the game with hackers and get banned I uninstall the game and then reinstall the game but it saves my progress so I am still banned and have no way to restart. I would love it if there was more updates and if there was a restart button in the settings. Thanks.
Ok, soo it was really a good game but, I can't play multiplayer, if I choose any server, it says server unavailable, why? Many people says because banned or something, I don't really like online multiplayer but I kinda love to play it but if u have read my old review, I maybe have played multiplayer before and then same like that, then I deleted it, after that I install it again, and still like that,but please, I would like to see a new update with added a host&play please and I will give 5⭐
I enjoy it but it wont let me play multiplayer it's done this for a day now after I got best weapon heavy ice devil sword and ice devil sword and I need better armour by playing multiplayer but it always says server unavailable please try again later I've been trying all day it wont work but I like the game good swords but too powerfull areas its good
The game is fun. It would be more fun if you could save your level progress, and there is a bug in game, when I place a cannon all the letters and numbers disappear. If you could fix the bug, and add the progress saving option I would like the game more. Have a nice day. Edit, and could you make there less ads please, cause there's too many of them.
every time you select a server region an ad comes, every time you die, an ad comes, lot of item is really expensive to craft, laggy servers, have to grind for hundreds of hours
This Game Is A Really Good Game But There Is 1 Thing Annoying Me Can You Make Stuff Easier To Get? Like Jelly You Have To Kill 2-5 Slimes To Get Atleast 1 Jelly And A Quests Tab This Will Be Really Cool And If You Update The Game Too It'll Be Super Cool!
i was having a great time until all my stuff in storage just disappeared.. i don't know what happened.. when it did, all the items' sprites just turned to blank squares, then just disappeared. i don't know if it's a bug or if i got hacked.. but i think i might uninstall the game. also it's too grindy and things are too costly, not to mention the actual money stuff. and the hitboxes are very buggy.
It's alright but the difficulty of getting certain items really prevents you from getting any further in the game especially in missions
The game is fun. It would be more fun if you could save your level progress, and there is a bug in game, when I place a cannon all the letters and numbers disappear. If you could fix the bug, and add the progress saving option I would like the game more. Have a nice day. Edit, more bugs, when you play for a while the game starts to glitch and I start walking upside down and sideways and then when I chop Stone, trees, and ore the words that say I picked them up stay there and don't go away.
Just a heads up I met a hacker in the game that made monsters drop high powered loot and as I picked up some the servers just shut off straight away, kicking me out, I hope it'll be all fixed soon I love playing this game with my friends.
This game is good but at one point between dark area being worthless and to esay and hell being to hard you need help from other people that can atleast do ghost area also how come there is no ice cavern area i mean it would be hard but the rerwards also how come if you beats the ghost area you can get grassland area tear loot
Would be great to have a recipe book where you can save crafting recipes in the book. To see how we made themfrom the first time...
Well for the first time I enjoyed it i played most of my time bugged and i lost my account but still played it after losing accounts after accounts i got tired well i see great potential in this game its really funa nd its been 2 years since then but still no update or fixing this bug the ad chest bug the multiplayer server unavailabe bug and trade decline bug you really need to work on this cowbeans I would have rated this 5 or 4 stars but because of bug, saving of accounts and banning system
I love playing this game but there's wrong their are hackers that has damage 2million+ and it makes me feel that your game is boring plss fix this and also I want you to add 1vs1 battle on the pixel town that can be pay by pixel money and survival money and also add that can play with friends multiplayer by lan wifi or hotspot or bluetooth THANK YOU!!!πŸ’•
Super fun I just have one complaint... Hackers. they are everywhere and keep the game from being fun if on multiplayer mode. Please fix this and 5 stars.
at first it was great i started to get really good and met a few pro's that helped me out BUT!! then a few days later i was playing and i got on a server with what looked to be a normal noob with a ice sword, and so i was about to leave BUT!! he put on a darklands arena portal and i thought i should let him go in and leave but i wanted him so i went and it turns out he was a HACKER!!! and he got me some good loot ofcorce i had to get rid of it i tried but it wouldn't let me even to go on single
I put it on 1 star I really like this game but when I wait for a long time it says on multilayer it's not working so I wait for an hour but it still says please try again later now that I deleted it and got it back again now it's says trade decline on my own crab and over crabs even if no one is in my sever now I can't trade or sell please fix it
I love the game but once i joined a random public srever which had a cheater in the game for some reason i had to restart the game and start from scratch because the game wouldn't let me go multiplayer but now there is a restriction on trading and now it just sucks. I even sent an email to explain what happened and that there was a mistake but i still have restrictions on trading even when i sign in with a different account.
It's a good game actually, I can't stop playing it but there is a problem.My brother everyday plays it and always claim the ad chest but one day he can't do it even he already clicked it, but he managed to claim it with switching his character 4 times with his other characters to claim it, I don't know it is a bug or something different, but please fix it because my brother already sick of it. Sorry if say something wrong :)
I really like this game but for some reason when i tap multiplayer and select any server it shows an ad and kicks me out of there, in conclusion i can't play multiplayer even from the moment i started the game please fix it.
This game is super fun to play..i play with my little sister..but it so hard to get high lvl material..and also you should do bar health of bosses and it name on top..and also make house building to make it more fun(if don't wanna do,it okay)..Very good game..
It just deleted all my progress and keeps crashing the game it just randomly happened now i cant play
I loved the game I've been playing it for years but there is a bug when I put the cannon all the numbers disappear and there are a lot of stuff that should be tradeable
It's a extremely fun and additive you can make swords and armour you can make friends and adventure and do quests and missions and find secrets play this game!!!
i personaly love the game. I can easily spend a day playing this game without getting bored. But theres a down side to it. if you accidentaly join a server with hackers you instantly get banned. i thought that deleting the games would fix the ban and it did fix the ban but your banned from trading now. pls fix this problem cant even trade with players and it very annoying.
I like your game. Honestly. But, it has a few glitches/problems. 1 when a Canon is placed words and numbers disappear. 2 I can't give/trade with my friends. 3 I can't save my things in places like Grass lands. 4 More of a question than a glitch: why is our UID so long?? Other than these 4/3 things, great game! Sorry I realized that the trading thing was a mistake. Sorry!
This is gaster and i have little problem in the game now this is all players complaining about this which is the progress, the progress is very bad because if you deleted the game and download it again and if you open the app all was just ther is just some empty boxes( reseted ) and there is still another problem there are some player in the server are hacker and fake vendor if they sell thing and we buy it they quit directly which i call it fake vendor
Love the game but when i joined a hacker i was banned reinstalling the game didint work now everything i worked for i feel like i lost everything Having frinds in this game is great but when a hacker joined it was the first hacker i ever saw but after a bit later i realized i was banned at first i thought it was mt connection then i thought maybe a teampoary glitch but after i read the other comments it was a ban Pleasw let me play again because i plaued this when i was 6 im out of letters...:(
Tbh i rlly hate this game so much now ive spent over Β£70 pounds on this game then got vaneed by a hacker using mod menus then agai then again and so on but why do we have to get banned annd why not them pls do something about this and make things easier to get and can u add emperror dress to hell arena or ghost arena drops with combo book 5 cos i cant get them :(
What happened to this game!!!??? Every time i enter multiplayer it just kick me out! Then it will enter ads!! I hate this nowww!!!!
Love this game but when I Am Soo Op And I Save And Quit I Watch YouTube for A Mins And When I Came Back The Multiplayer Starts Showing Ads And Kicking me Out And Restarting the game I Need to clear data to play again That's why all my progress is gone:( All my hard work Gonneeee!!! and I also Buyed A Gem 100$ I just waste My Money Fix it Pls Pls Pls
Ok so I ran into a hacker and then I left the server as fast as I could but I also got one of the weapons that he had and now I cant play online anymore I've been playing for so long and now I cant play the game online with my friends anymore please fix this if you can I love the game and I dont wanna restart please fix this
very good game, I have many hours invested into it, but then a hacker came along, broke a tree, and I got a bunch of ninjas and got kicked from the multiplayer game and now for some reason I can't play multiplayer anymore, please help :(
It needs a tutorial. Also you get banned not if you are the hacker, but if you're in the same game as the hacker.
Hello There! I Have a problem to this game I can't trade to others it keep said "trade declined" I Was Trying to Give other players the items that I don't need Can you Please Fix?
This game is amazing!pixel survival game 1 2 and 3! Best game ever!I downloaded pixel survival game 2 3 and world.I smelt my ores and go to battle with my equipments!!This is just so awesome and cool!Very challenging and nice graphics.
To be honest I think it's a really good game there's just a few things that I don't like but they're not a big deal I hast came to ask for an arena were all of the bosses are a regular enemy.
I love the and I was very over powered in it but it didn't let me play multiplayer. because I can see the best players in the game, I thought that I was signed in but it turned out that you can't sign in and since I thought I was signed in I uninstalled it and reinstalled the game. When I went in the game, I pressed play and saw no saves so I had no characters, I had nothing when I made saved, all I had was the stupid things you start out with so, I give it a 1 star rating.
This game is really good because its alot of weapons,armor and resources this is not boring at all i can trade at others,my friends and my brother. Name is also NeoHonesty22 Irated this 5 STAR
Um ye cool game but there is one thing that really bothers me which is I have that dragon dress but everytime I equipped it the game crashes in my phone . Well, it does work well on single player but I downloaded the game specially for multiplayer pls fix this bug at multiplayer servers.
It's to buggy I tired to buy something it took my money with out giving me the item and when I try to rez people it doesn't work and when I try to Login to my account it get cleared and it keeps crashing and it has way to many adds
Hello i want to report this to the game 1.when im trading i cannot trade please i want to fix the trade i saw some players have hacking but it banned for trading :( 2.can you lower the inventory prize when you bye some inventory? Cause its hard to get it cause i need a lot of diamonds my items is full so please lower the prize 3.fix all the bugs if has any bugs in this game i like it a lot i will give this a 5 star if you please fix the trading i know ive been banned so please unbanned me thx:)
This game is great and yet i know it can get annoying when theres a hacker in the server and you get banned for it but i usually just leave when i see a hacker but i really think this game needs an update since its a great game and it definitely deserves it.
This game is great! The devil sword can be trade and op caracters! This game is a 5 star to my opinion though trades are great ang i got fria or fiar or whatever but moon blade 2 can be traded! Moon blade 2 is 34 damage however it maby long sword volcan op than a ninja game 5 stars thanks for making this game its not boring when i play game is so good. Keep it up of the game cause the game is great! Im so exited about the next update
So good game because bugs is fixed, but when your conection is like fair signal you were got auto quit.please make a new version like pixel survival 4 plzzzzπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Hello cowbean pls u need to fix this why i cant trade to others player? And help me out pls help me so i can play ive been playing for 9 years and this happend after i finish having fun with multiplayer 2 hackers i found after that i just log out instantly i dont know why and after that i tried multiplayer again and i cant join in so i delete this app and uninstall it again after that i lost all my stuff its ok now cause i can join again in the multiplayer but theres one thing wrong i cant trade
Good game but I rated it 1 star, 🌟because it deleted my account that I was rich on:( so plz can u give me free good stuff on my new account then I will rate it 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars.Plz fix bug.and btw can you give me the spi character.
The game is rlly good but there is a few thing i think u should add boss helth more new idems more ppl in a sever
I am a returning player, This game was my childhood. But this game is now just plain unplayable. you click multiplayer and you get kicked out and get an ad. Nobody plays this game for single player. I would talk about the terrible banning system but multiplayer using an option anymore. Please fix this game. This is just sad...
Add a way to save your progress to the cloud I have a phone that is slowly dying with all of my save files on it please before it is to late.
In the ads and pitchers it looks cool and I want to play it and stuff but it keeps stopping it's installation I would give it higher once it's fixed it could be cuz bad internet but it's happened with good internet. Someone hacked and got me banned but I was not the one hacking there name was something that starts with r. I had to uninstall it and re install it. And I wish the support tab had an option of using ads in game to get any amount of gems depending on the amount of ads.
This is a great game but there is a problem, I've been noticing a rise of hackers lately and this is annoying because every time they hack it kicks me out of the game and when I try to play again it says server unavailable and I have to delete and reinstall the game to play multi-player again, please fix this. I don't want to restart the game every 3 days πŸ˜”
Fun, but progression is broken and crafting is confusing. This is by far the grindiest game I've ever played.
I like the game a lot, but the problem i have is that whenever my device resets while i am playing this the data is removed and all my items are gone. I have lost my account 3 times due to this. I think it would be a good idea to allow players to make accounts with passwords or something like that.
So, I love this game so much but something happened where I cant play online but I'm using both wifi and data. I also lost my previous account and I had a lot of things I farmed for. Can someone please help me play again, Idk why I cant go online because it works for my brother and I wanna play with him to. I bought an snow dress for 8000 and that's where I went offline. It's hard to explain but I need help.
Addictable game. Amazing. I've known this game for about a year and been switching accounts several times (cuz the game couldnt save my account for some reason.) But i need a new update Please add this. 1. You could save the progress using other apps such as twitter, facebook, etc 2. A chest for the survival mode. Like, please add it. It'll increase teamwork in the game and made it easier for us to save items for later. Also other players could open it too if they have our permission Thats all.
This game is my Favorite of all time since 2017-2021 I've been playing this game everyday so hard and I donate noobs too i better help those who can't understand so I hope you Developers Banned Hackers And Fix the Banned Problems and Hackers so Thank you I Rate this game 5 Stars 🌟 so yeah :-)
Now it tells me server unavailable, please try again later. Can't even play the game online now. Are the servers down? Am I banned for some random reason that I don't know of? Rating 1 untill it's fixed
This game is fun and all but.... i joined a game and someone was hacking and i got instantly banned. Now i have to delete the game and start all over again just because this game is unfair. Its not my fault that i joined a random game and this happend. Sorry but 1 star only. Doesnt matter how much i had fun and addicted since alll that went to waste.
Great game I can spend hours grinding and playing and never notice it I love it and like how it's not just pay to win there are many ways to get good stuff
I've played this game before and it is a great game but I tried downloading it over and over but it won't work. I deleted apps, reset my phone, freed up space. It just wouldn't work. Please fix this problem, thank you.
Really great game i an play this game for hours and never get bored however there are WAY to many adds whenever i try to play with a friend its always an add befire i even getninto a game or look at my feiend list overall very good game keep it up. And also for a next update idea give the bosses health bars. ;)
I like this game I play this game last year but all my item are gone and I can't join in multiplayer can you fix that please I don't want to start all over
Worst game ever you can't save you account and some time you get banned because you don't know that there is hacked in your server and after banned you can not able to join multiple and then you have to delete this game and download to play multiple and you lost you account. And the worst thing happen to me is I can't able to buy, sell or trade nothing
I played for 1 whole year and had good progress then one day all my dara vanished. My Gems,my gear,all my accounts, you name it. The worst part is thata i spent 10$ on that game that i worked for! And i cant get coustemer setvice to help. Overall not a good game.
Nice game, but i lost 3 things: refined combo sword heartstone ring lll ivory armor please read this message dev.
My experience with this game was fun I made a lot of friends and almost got end game loot it was a lot of fun the thing that ruined it was the hackers 2 time this happen first time I emailed the game developer 2to5 days I got unband but I could not trade I was okay with it but then I got a lot of stuff and made more friends but the in grasslands it was all over. This game was my favorite rpg game there was no other like it it was better than the first and the third one and I had a lot of fun :(
HI! I have a big problem and im worried beacuse its been 2 days since this problem started,once i create a public server and 2 cheaters enter obviosly they make infinite damage and dupe etc)( i havent cheat or hack on a game and i dont have intencions of it) then my game crashed ( i lost a lot of fire cracker swords because i was planning a"giveaway" with some friends and for a YT video i lost my entire inventory and now i cant enter any server in the game, thank you and hopefully this get fix!
This is one of my favorite games. But i dont know why they dont update no more which is kinda sadning but its still fun
Sooo good but pls delete ad and if i click multy it dosent work some time for i need click 2 times or more but ya good game
Hello There! I Was Wondering You To Add More Features In This Game. My problem is i keep losing my progress in this game. So could you add account saving system.
First i was trade ban and it was ok for me. And just now i joined a server and there was a hacker a then for a couple of minutes he goes in the grassland and there was a boss and there were many items op items and now i was kick out of the game and i was multiplayer ban whyyy???? Plsss fix and i just give this a five star and pls fix :)
I love this game,but i hate when there a monster fall at the top of your character because its hard to hit them and the monster can damage you many times, pls fix this
Idk why but the game just doesn't work for me anymore... its a fun game but after re-downloading it big melee weapons seem to break and i have to attack right up where an enemy can attack back and now the chat bar doesn't even show anymore... games fun but not like this.
I love how the game is layed out but i have one problem, i have android 7.0 Hisense U601s but every time I place a cannon the numbers and words disappear.Fix that plz. And one request is that some people want this game Multiplayer lan wifi also.So plz add this in it would mean alot.but keep online Multiplayer mode in. :)
i agree with brian santos & t rembold other than hackers and bugs AND glitches, over-all this game is...a 6 out of 10. if u fixed the hackers and the bugs AND the glitches...other than the wall glitch of-cource -_- : this game would be a 10 out of 10.
Hi if ur reading this I'll help u do the friend request. first they need to add u and tell them to leave and then pressthe CHECK button then its done sometimes it dont work so pls use this so u canget friends
I'm a starter still, I'm enjoying the game, but the recipe for items are hard to get, and other people make it unfair when showing off... New me, i unstalled it to actually play a game bc my limit is one game.
In the ads and pitchers it looks cool and I want to play it and stuff but it keeps stopping it's installation I would give it higher once it's fixed it could be cuz bad internet but it's happened with good internet. Someone hacked and got me banned but I was not the one hacking there name was something that starts with r. I had to uninstall it and re install it. And I wish the support tab had an option of using ads in game to get any amount of gems depending on the amount of ads I don no how hac
I really like this game,but sometimes I can't go on multiplayer????? I really want you to fix this because I want to play with my friends on there
I just cant even play single player or online it just Kicks me out and it was working find later Today But please fix this
Hello CowBeans my , this game is my favorite game but is have omly one problem(bug) !!! The problem(bug) is i dont can trade or buy or sell , can you help me ? I will give you 5 stars if you fix this big problem (bug), and thanks ...
Got banned from multiplayer cus hacker joined my lobby:(and game is so fun online but can't play online just 1 player
It's actually a rather fun solo or multiplayer game. Been playing with my friend and we've been having a great time. The only problem we've experienced was that when we exited the game we lost all our progress...Had to rebuild the accounts, was annoying to say the least but i still play and recommend the game
it is cool. but before i cant trade people. it says that an error has occurred. but I can now. thanks for the developers fixing the problem. 5 stars is worth it
good game but is so buggy in multiplayer so many forced ads now and keeps disconnecting and haveing server problems
I actually would rate this game 5 stars. But i saw most of the feedback and they talked about hackers. Ive never met any hackers in the game but i know that it would be pretgy bad if all your hard work was to waste. All i want to say is to all the people who talked about a buncha hackers, please dont rate the game bad just for that. Its not the creators fault, its the hackers. And to the creator, please do what they want. Fix this hacker problem so everyone could be happy once more.
This is fun but I got bug egg keep not hatched I can't hatch other egg pls fix Edit: thanks it's fixed :D edit again why now I found many ads every I join died open inventory ads always happened pls fix
it was a great game, until that is i got banned. i promise i dont use hacks or glitches, im forsed to play offline. please unban me, i am alone on singleplayer. i love this game and dont want to give it up. please help.