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Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Vulcron located at PO Box 3035 N0B1S0 Elora, ON, Canada. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4W and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved the game. I played Pixelgun 3d for a long time but the pay to win mode made me hate it. Now I started playing pixel strike 3d and I loved it so much. Always full of players and weapons are well balanced. Lvling up is not tedious as hell and you have the chance to earn crates just for playing. 10/10
This game guns accuracy sucks The most accurate ones are melee Because its a close range, Other are really bad. They shot like shotguns from far away. Only some guns here are ballanced and accurate. Never try sniper without the scope. You never hit someone unless in close range. Trust me I've tried.
I have so much fun playing this game! It's like pixel gun but it's just better!! Thank you for this piece of awesomeness I will treasure...
I love how it has multiple game modes it's a good game. I love how it allows you to have a edited for you're new character for 50 dollars
Cool game, way better than pixelgun. There's really no pay to win mechanics here. If you spend money you get cosmetics if you want to look like a sweaty player. I rate 5 stars.
Wow its awesome... the guns, graphics., FPSs, its all awesome, the controls need a bit of colour though... this is even better than PG3D!!!!!
It is a really good game. By leveling up you get all your weapons. One of or the best mobile game Ever.
Its a good game just two things games need to be longer and it needs to be easier to get the coins you use to buy stuff
The game is great and fun but there are cons, you need to patch up that water slide, people are getting up there and you need to put intentional secret hiding spots :)
Good game it is. I give it a five star just wish it was offline like it use to be, another thing that could be fixed is the time wait that happens in infected where you have to wait 2 minutes.
An absolutley amazing game i just want 2 things from this. It would be great if you could change the multiplier on your match and if you put your multiplier up you could now lose coins if you lose the match and you will be ranked with higher level people the higher you out the multiplier. Also i think credits should be a bit more common to get like instead of 2 per level you could get 4 or 5 every level.
It sucks its too hard to kill one person during one life and 100 health is barely enough to kill one person and aiming really sucks especially in snipers impossible to have a comfortable and enjoyable gameplay with this mess if you fixed these things I think I will give your game another chance but right now I prefer pixel gun 3d
The controls are smooth and easy and fun to use, the gameplay is quite fun, and the graphics are good but can use some improvement. It's a relatively smooth, and quite a fun experience. But there are a few bugs, like I suddenly become unable to aim, and I wish there were more weapons and content to play with. Keep the good work!
I am ⽋trh ♱NINJA♱ϡ and this game is ok graphics alright the personal game is good I like how u run it's like ur in a real chase I reccomend it
I think this game is absolutely great. The gunplay, the movement, it all feels balanced. Hiwever, there are two glaring issues i have with this game. First, most perks and guns requite you to level up to insane amounts, and the character animations are very bad. With these two improvements, this game could be 5 star.
This game is nice but here are some improvements you guys need 1. Make it easier to get coins and credits(after you finish a match) 2. Make it easier to get gun skins 3. Improve you anti cheater system like if a person installs a unofficial version of the game(hack version) make it say cheat/hack/game guardian detected and make it close out the app and say you will have to reinstall the official app from playstore other than that this game is amazing
This app is very good, the graphics and gameplay although there is a lack in gameplay style u can have a lot of fun with friends in game.
I really love the game, but my only problem is about the jump button, it won't work sometimes on the death run maps, hope you will fix it... other than that I love the game!!! 5 stars!
The game has good graphics and controls. But I hav one problem. The matching. The matching is just so unfair! The game is matching bad players (like me) against pro players! Newbies like me doesnt have any chance to improve at all cuz im always dead.
This is so awsome the graphics is good iys just like pixel gun 3d but better you can login into this game
Its overall very nice, it doesnt smash microtransactions in your face and the game play is very smooth! Very good game.
It's so cool you get to be a Star wars skin you can be a skin you like it has guns and everyone likes guns like fortnite but fortnite's last cooler this game is cooler
I really like this game but the thing i would like you to change is making it more easy to get money 💰
This game is a great first person shooter. There are loads of gamemodes, guns, and customizations. I love everything about this game its a good time passer. The only thing i dont like about this game is the match making anf the toxic people but itd great overall.
This game is the best pixel game I have ever played in my life the guns are great maps are perfect and even the characters and the customization features that they have is amazing.
I really love this game but I wish there was a map where mostly it's like an actual Battlefield were there is sandbags bullets on the ground and bushes a Jeep a crashed plane destroyed houses Bob wire trenches that's the kind of map I want
Nice and smooth but maybe have a hacking system so hackers can play because I ran into one with aimbot and fly hacks
the hell is the matchmaking, you think you'll go against people your level and skill but no you'll go against a level WAY HIGHER than yours. don't think this game is pay to win, though here's a thought; maybe make it fair to lower skilled players each time they want to play something like tdm? or any other game mode.
I ratel this 3 stars because my custom,friend list don't work I can't see my friends profile can u pls fix this and the place to I can't make it na cross platform
A seriously underrated game. Reminds me of the old Pixel Gun 3d, which is awesome. I really like the gun play, and the matches are always action packed. My only problem would be the ads, which I wish there could be less of. Other than that, great game, keep it up.
Game sucks the tasks make you HAVE to do things that take like 3 or 4 hours AT LEASST for the most small and insignificant pay off in the world.
Decent game, Love the Cosmetics plus the fact that you just got to level up to unlock the weapons, no pay to win elements, just perfect.
I'm unable to connect to any game. My WiFi is working well like it should, but the game itself isn't. This game may be better than Pixel Gun, but it's buggy as heck.
Great game! It's so fun to play some shooting games, death run and other games with playing some other random players without pay to win so i rate 5 for this game. I hope there is a horror game thank you!
Even know it looks like a Minecraft rip off it's not I like the graphics graphics are cool and yeah people like others are people like you to play it
love the app but sometimes i cannot move my screen up down and left right it would be better if you could fix it:) I like the graphics on the game but to keep it alive maybe you can add more game modes and new weapons and pets and new cosmetics thats all!
10/10 remind me of when i was a kid and play pixel gun 3D well that game is now pay to win byt this game is just like it and it brings good memories of pixel gun 3D love it
i love this game bro! so many custom skins to edit to make ur own, make new friends! this reminds me of old pg3d
Its a good game its like pixel gun 3d but without fighting pay to wins and pls ad new maps for zombie mode like the survivors runs for an chopper while zombies chase and other maps
I love the game but there is only one problem if u can make the game where it does not lag on 2gb ram devices I have low graphic settings but it still lags if u fix this ty for listening to me
This is so awesome although it could be offline too but It freezes after a match and I have to reload the game and everything is good and good lookin but this is a good game👍🎮
This game is really good but is there a way to disable the chat system??? And also can you make the game have more things to accelerate the player movement (like movement speed/jump height/a crouch/slide button) and if you can add an update where you can add attachments into a weapon like scopes, suppressors, etc that would be really appreciated but if you cant i understand im asking for a lot and i will be patient for another update and keep up the good work! :) K now bai :)
Brilliant game but theres one thing the prestiging i dont like it when you get sent back to levle one its tough to grind xp pls vulcron fix this since i prefer my awp but this game will get a still get a 5 star 😎
By far the best pixel shooter available. Sure it's as a few bugs but the character movement and the gunplay is on point. Fast and fluid gameplay with a real sense of impact. Great job Devs.
This game is best .it's has a smooth shooting animation and it's have a different vibe than the PIXEL GUN 3D. I definitely love this game
Bro this game is AWESOME it's like if your playing a fps computer game but better this game is SICK.Also I have a problem,when I go to a match and play the parkour Everytime I join it glitches,bugs and I have trouble playing the parkour.
I gotta say probably my favorite game ever I mean I had to get rid of my best friends top game but I all that it was worth it but the thing is that I need more games to play other than that great 5 star rating keep up the good work :)
It is a pretty good game with some great graphics and some cool stuff but one thing when other people are shooting you or you are shooting them you have to shoot them for 4 seconds then stop but they keep moving then they die in 2 seconds
I honestly love the game the shooting effects feels so realistic and this is just a decent game compared to pixel gun 3d but I recommend getting it on steam the controls are more easier and its great for pc great job developers 👏
I love the game it's very fun I love it when I first play it I dont know how to get more guns but if you want more guns level up
I hope you see this. But anyway this game is a good pick for a reason ngl it's like cod but a pixeled version I really love but one problem so I hope you fix this next update so what I want you to fix is the turning in this every time in turn my camera stops turning and I get killed cause of that so I really hope you fix this and yes I'm on mobile
This game so good but WHENS UPDATE game makes me happy every time I play it really fun my issue is players in sandbox always go out of the map and they find secret places and I wanna do it to but I can't there's invisible walls and how the players go out of the is they frow snow balls on the ground and jump at the same time and I just wanna report them but it keeps failing ok I'll tell you my name in pixel strike demon konder ok when Vulcron fix it I'll be happy still like the game 😀😄
Iike pixel gun but with no annoying offers and no game crashes. Best pixel FPS i have found. However i would add a place to customize the controls, i cant tell the ammount of time i hit aim instead of shoot
I can't play claw like Call Of Duty Mobile because if I don't press the fire but with my thumb all of the guns will continue to fire even after I stopped pressing the fire button it is extremely annoying that I can't play my playstyle and it makes the game extremely boring fast
Okay so the first time i just rated so it would stop asking but after 2 weeks im in love its such a good mix of cod and pixel gun. One problem is you cant vs bots offline i mean you dont even need to give us rewards for that just make game online and offline people love that mixture(gave 4 hoping devolper sees this and changes it)
uumm i like the game cuz the first release of pixel strike i liked the zombie mode and now its even better i loved how the parkour is hard cuz its hard it makes me feel comfortable when its hard right its 5 stars i love this game thank you for making this game i love it so much and also i love the guns and the battle royal and stuff like that i love all of it it makes my day everytime i play this
Well, i got nothing to say than, the game is good and cool, when i first got it always crashed, but now it doesn't, the controls are kinda good, they are ok, but still it's an good game.
Wow this was such a great game!!! Until it started freezing after every game and I didn't get any awards. When y'all fix this I'll put my review back to 5.
Its a good game but you get matchet whit higer experienced players and is not really fair to the lower ranked or experienced players and gives an advantage to the higer ranked or experienced players make sure to make the game a little fair
Pretty good game honestly nothing wrong but I dont know if its just my screen but my screen glitches to were I can't move my screen so that the only problem ive had
The game runs very smooth. If you like fortnite, call of duty, and minecraft than this is it. The only thing they dont have is a building mode. I can go on and say lots of things about this amazing game like how they listen to their community. I'll warn you though there are hackers and sweats. You get introduced to the sweats early and you gotta grind really hard to get all of the guns for FREE. There is no pay to win aspect and it is fair. What are you waiting for download this masterpiece!
Best game ever just like pixal gun but better but you should add like you can change your controls to however you want best game ever.
I cant believe that this game has loadouts like call of duty!!! That means that this game is just blocky call of duty and I love that!!!! Please continue updating the game and adding new modes!
Love your game but i hope one day u can mack a update in 2021 or 2022the i want is form partymix let all game game mode because i hate when others go a snper so do that pls
it's soooo fun, with kinda bad graphics that my device can run with up to 60 fps! and the ping in this game is soooo good! I'm just bad at commentating 😅
It looks okay. It doesn't run as well as other games you can be playing and the controls are weird. It starts you off as left handed and you can only aim with the joystick you walk with. Thw other side of the screen doesn't allow you to aim you just stand there. If you're meant to aim on the left side of the screen then why keep the joystick there? Am I meant to play left handed? Do those who are left handed have a chance to have a better time playing due their dominate hand orritation?
its very good game and its hard I like the guy or a woman who made this game is really useful and even you delete this game your things is still saved and I love this game to much.
This game is actually a "little" better than PG3D. Because the movement is smooter and its a great game, keep the good work Pixel Strike 3D.
Really fun Call of Duty styled shooter, reminds me of the good old days of CoD 4. My only issues with the game are hackers, and higher leveled guns which can give an unfair advantage
This game is fun but here's what im experiencing, when theres a free chest i get a skin but i dont have it!! + im at lvl 16 i can unlock the light saber but ITS NOT UNLOCKED YET..! PLZ FIX THIS This is not cool
Good game love the animations and reloads. So why 1 star? The game from time to time freezes. Its annoying you dont get your rewards and also when your ranking you loose a whole rank and have to do it again if your score is bellow 100 the score resets and deranks you
I love the game the graphics the gameplay but i have a little bit of problem when i dont touch my screen for a minute in game my screen is stuck i can move but i cant move my screen pls fix it
The game is pretty fun i don't have any issues,but I must warn you its pretty full of try hard but other than that it's great
I love this game cause I like this a lot of MOD you can play with friends my level is going up today download pixel strike 3D is totally fun game good luck soldir
Please fix the controls delay, Everytime I shoot it stops all of a sudden. It happens Everytime when I move and or shoot. It's really annoying, so I'm putting this on 1 star until you fix it.
Good game but I was disappointed in some areas as for number one the game froze number two the game didn't give me my purchase when I had purchased it. Which is sad credits don't grow on trees you know.😑
This is a very great dane but it has some flaws you every time you log out the game will not log out but leave the game when you go when you go back into the gate at the long run back in and it doesn't automatically log you in you can play offline with the boss akad computers so I suggest that you should just try and log it on a daily but I'm giving it 4 stars because I love the game and the graphics are great and I love the guns It's just sometimes they don't give enough power when you try to w
I LOVE this game but it's stops by own self when u try to join a game and then it gets stopped pleas fix the glich
its so fun and cool but as a marksman user i get targetted every game and there are lots of hackers and spammers wish some guns would be nerfed but anyways, its really fun and i made lots of friends and thats all love the game🔥🔥
The game is great overall but I've been having a problem with the shooting Whenever I shoot the gun and stop shooting the gun the gun will continue to fire untill it has no more ammo nothing else is really bad about the game so far
Game awesome, Control Very bad and sucks, Can't move those annoying Menu, Player list and chat, So bad I usually give 5 star because control was best and now it's most worse that ruined my life, Can't get Win on Gun game. Clicking shoot when weapon loaded is not firing anything for real.
It's a good game but the control is bad I mean whn u shoot it keeps on firing until u relode which mak it waste of bullet n ther should b aim button not while u shoot it automatically aim ther should be be separate button fr aim n shot ...
Still love this game even after not playing for a long time (I have played for over 7 years off and on) but PLEASE BRING BACK SHOWDOWN! Create party doesnt work, it just loads forever. Add hold to ads for sniping. Nerf jumping a tiny bit. Fix matchmaking so lower level people arent matched with high level players. Great game though. With battle royale I'd just like to see maybe 50 players a map and a bigger map with duo's and squads and more guns around. Good stuff vulcron, much love👍🏻
it has very good graphics to start.good guns and im not taking my failure out on the game but i got in at the wrong time! very nice game for what is is. Love it.
Wow this is such a great game!!! It has no lag, no crazy tryhards like in Pixel Gun 3d, and its so great, also I changed it to 4 stars bc after EVERY LIKE 5 GAMES IT FREEZES.
Very good game but there is one more thing that is wrong when every one drops there is not enough weapons cuz it's not fair that I don't have a weapon and they can kill me easily so please fix that but good game tho
The game itself is a great master piece but there are some stuff need to be fixed 1: the crosshairs are to wide to no scope a player forcing u to use the (auto aim) option. It would be better if the crosshairs where close enough to do no scope kills 2: the Matchmaking: This issue needs to be fixed as we fing max level players while i am just lvl8 i find people using vector and getting kills quick as well please fix this problem in the next update Overal this game is perfect as it is!
I love those game but Free For All is a big no, we defeated so badly especially we won. A mode is super awesome, we victory too many times and we win.