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Pixel Starships™

Pixel Starships™ for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Savy Soda located at 201 / 441 Docklands Drive Docklands VIC 3008 Australia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi there dev. Been playing this game for a couple of months and I like it very much! Just need help with the issue with my email. Because when I had my account on it activated on your main website (which works fine), it doesn't show it in some way when purchasing items from the market w/ other players. It keeps asking for my verification on the email I used to access the game and website. Please help thank you.
On my typical hunt for good mobile games I found this gem. Most content is available without paying a cent. The game is a lot of fun for a mobile game. This game is a space strategy game where you command you ship to fight other ships. At first damage is done with mining lazers, then you add missiles. They're a lot of options to choose from too. 5/5 great game.
Great game! Plenty of free content and the vip is cheap as well. Has a variety of characters that are customizable and you can customize your starship's interior and exterior. Can obtain premium currency easily without paying. Explore space, go on missions, mine planets, join fleet, sell items on the market, build and fuse to create rooms, gear, minerals and much more. Never played a better pixel game than this one.
The game is fun not gonna lie, I've been playing it for the total of 28 hours, but I've faced a problem where the skins are not masking the shape of my ship and other people's ships. therefore the ships became a giant floating box that has fancy colors, but overall that's the only problem I encountered, so,yeah keep up the good work devs
I dont know why everytime I want to open this game it load very very very slow and says error. What the heck my wifi is very very strong how come the game says its error. Please fix this bug.
Update, two months of play, it holds up. Easy to spend money if you want to but it's not a must. Decent opportunities to earn in-game currency, especially if you're willing to grind crafting. Generally competitive at each level, with minimal 'slap around the little guy' I dig it.
I love the game but I have a few suggestions... First of sometimes my ai for the gun will glitch and skip over a code (example if shield is down attack shield room and then if the shield comes back up before the room is broken it will just move to the next command). One suggestion is that you make the code more complex after you upgrade the machine that allows you to use new commands. For example at first you only have the regular command but after a few upgrades it becomes more useful...
The uograde timers in this game are ridiculous. Five days for a level 7 ship. At that point, just about all components are a day, a day and a half, if not two or three days to upgrade. I've got better things to waste time waiting for...
This is a fun little time waster game that only requires you to watch ads if you want to speed up your room build times. If you don't mind the small wait, you need never watch ads. The campaign is hard but fine and findiing joy in the grind can yield great results; I recently upgraded my spaceship just by grinding the main campaign. I haven't tried pvp yet but it looks cool too. Thanks Developers! I love this game! See ya out in the Black!
Mostly Legit. You can tell the devs started this as a project of love, and that is commendable. Unique concept, cute pixel art and animations, gameplay is tight for multi-player limitations... however, you can tell each update has grown more and more greedy and hungry for money. So much so that the quality and integrity of this game's initial labor of love is lost. This game will quickly begin collecting dust down it's current path.
HORRIBLE!!! Starts out okay, but as soon as you complete the first set of easy missions, you will have to PAY TO PLAY as everything from that point on becomes impossible unless you spend money. Not worth it.
The game is fun, but it's kind of a grind. It takes forever to upgrade things to high levels. Like even a level 9 to 10 miner takes 16 hours. So could the devs revamp the building system? Like you can train crew in the academy to have a building value. And if you put a crew with a 2 build value in a room that is upgradeing/building it reduces the build time by 50% 2=2×, 3=3×, 4=4× etc. Also getting large amounts of "Starbucks" for free-to-play players is hard. But overall it's a good game.
The controls in this game are horrible. It fails a things as simple and crucial as scrolling a menu, assigning a target or moving crew. The matching for PVP is non existent. You can spend 10 minutes and only find a ranked match of someone twice your level. If you don't want to shell out a bunch of money you will hit a wall of pay to win players with double your crew and weapons. Just checked back in on my review to make sure it was at 1 star and couldn't go lower.
Wow! Great game. One review called it a cash grab? I've been playing for months, and there's ZERO reason to spend real world money. It looks like a kids game, but the games depth and scope is massive. A giant universe, full of solar systems, and planets to explore, and starship battles to be had. With millions of players, an active online community, with their own discord pages. Just far too many features to list Looks retro, but is the same as Eve Online. HIGHLY recommended
Good game to spend time while in quarantine. I like the market of the game for it use multiple currency. Looking forward to more events
This game meets all my expectations, runs smoothly, excellent graphics and so far, no bugs, one thing i wish it had was an ability to select all offensive firepower in battle and target something, i know theres coding that you can actually use yourself as the player, but i wish to select all guns mid-fight and choose which building to fire on. Still, a solid 5 stars!
Game has bugged out at the upgrade captain level 1 -> 2 tutorial instruction. Can't progress despite reinstalling, reloading etc. Will change review in future if resolved.
Good strategy game with solid core gameplay with generous premium currency (as much as I hate to even use those words together). I have also read a lot of reviews talking about bugs, I am running on galaxy S8 and have minimal bugs. Every now and then some long load times but a quick restart fixes it so it's not something worth complaining about. Worth checking out if you like space management games. Thumbs up.
The game looks like it will eventually become an idle game. Room upgrades disable them until the upgrade is complete so you can't play while stuff is upgrading. Yet you need upgrades if you want to progress through the game. Timers ramp up like crazy so you are insentivised to not even touch the game unless you like watching your ship die due to nonsense like no shields or weapons cause its room is upgrading. Penalty for losing is some slight resource loss and another timers. It's all timers.
Amazing game. Sorry i rated 1 star saying i couldnt defeat the fed fleet. I was just very irritated at the time. Keep it up savvy soda!
I enjoy the game but it only loads about 15% of the time for me. Fix that and it would be better Edit: also the email verification bug. Obviously you're aware of it yet instead of a real solution you chose the shittiest customer service option. E-mail
Amazing game! Like FTL meets pixel pirates. With some clllaaashin. Serious complaint though. Maybe it's just the phone I'm trying to play on but the game will sometimes not load. Easier to crash the app and try again. Ive sat with the loading screen open for 5+ minutes multiple times now. That's can't be happening in a game like this. Other than that more fun than most 60 dollar games coming out nowadays
Its a great game but the initial start up takes forever to load here but that's maybe caused by my 3rd world internet. I would love to have an game encyclopedia about the races' culture, lore and skills! I have a 4 man team of soda company but i still dont know how the Emp blast work, do i have to send them to enemy ship even if they're mostly repair crews?
Game is surprisingly fun, even though you can buy in game stuff to complete builds quicker you can still do most things with the in game resources you earn for free. Only complaint is that the controls are a little annoying at times.
I've reached a point where I can't use the immunity item, and when I can, I am already destroyed. at which point I have immunity for 8 hours. Usually it ends during the night, and I wake up with my ship destroyed and I have 8 hours of immunity. I no longer am playing this game. I'm only waiting for the next notification telling me my ship is destroyed.
The depth in this game is like FTL but more mobile if that makes sense. More emphasis on renewable mechanics like upgrades and PvP, but the depth is there. The strategy of organizing rooms and programming AI is actually fairly detailed and there's lots of potential. The downside is the reliance on premium currency for most important things later on, but you get a fair amount every day as long as you don't mind ignoring ads. Give it a try, it's worth your time if you like FTL.
This starts great, nice pace, fun mechanics, cool game play. I have been playing for 3 days and I have already hit a massive brick wall of difficulty and an endless grind. I can't finish any mission outside of the home sector and all I'm doing is gathering resources and upgrading my ship.... It's dull... There is a whole galaxy out there and all I'm doing is waiting for my drill to finish upgrading.
This game is essential for the pandemic life style, which is becoming a norm. Optimize your work flow, mine money from space, recruit, trading, PvP,...
I really like this game, but I ran into an issue. I wanted to switch to the federation faction, but I can't do it, and it won't let me reset the game to do it.
I like this game and it's got a solid progression path, definitely rare in these. I do have one gripe, however. As of right now the UI has issues with the button bar being set for swiping rather than a permanent button bar. This results in the UI being slightly offset. This doesn't usually cause usability issues, but it does with the bottom bar, causing issue selecting rooms out of storage.
Absolute hell to try to play this game. The concept is great, its just glitch ridden and the server is horrendous. If you play this game prepare to have to reopen it dozens of times a day or have it restart itself because it constantly loses connection on even stable internet. Its even worse on their Steam port. Until they get better servers and stop running the game off their pc or whatever its just not worth the constant annoyance
Read a review stating it hard hard after lvl 3. Oh boy. 3 is interesting, 4 is stupid unless you use real cash or idle for days, periodically logging on to collect resources. Shame because it's kinda fun.
I think it's a great game I can't see any problems with the game and it doesn't take up a whole lotta data to download honestly I would recommend this game to anyone out there and that they have as much fun with this game as am.
Good strategic game, I enjoy the random RPG fights, the vast ship designs and crew sprites are nice, great story player's are capable of judging how the story goes, plenty of room for more improvement's but over all excellent game.
This game is perfect for people who's into space fighting. I recommend this game, currently I'm a level 3 space Pirate and I experienced some bugs where the crews were duplicated which was pretty concerning but after a quick restart it was fixed and I can continue on grinding and upgrading my ship. Great game! Try it out.
Exceedingly difficult. I barely started... did the tutorial and then went to do some "target practice" like in the tut but this time, the "target practice" was a fully operational ship that destroyed me in moments while I couldn't do anything to it. What a joke.
Pixel Starships is a pretty decent free to play mobile game. Has Space battles, as well as Land battles. Lost a space battle, was thinking that I lost my crew, but no, just said for me to try again, and there was my crew. Excellent job on the game developers.
The main story missions are B's the first few are easy but then all of a sudden it just goes 0 to 100 full sprint. Even if your ship is upgraded above the level required you still somehow loose like you just accepted the highest challenge after 5 minutes of playing the game. The only other way of getting rewards that quick is to fight other players which most of the ones they recommend are higher level than you are so I don't know how they thought that was a good idea.
Firstly, the game itself is great in design, gamestyle, and characters all of them are great. But when it comes to gameplay, the game itself is relentlessly trying to make you grind whole day long. This game is really really hard ( when your ship is LV 3, it becomes automatically hard to even grind or do something with it). And in game purchase doesn't guarantee you're success.
It's an amazing game but there is a bug where I won it disconnected and it says I lost and my ship goes to 0 hp. I hope they can fix that in the future.
Thus far (ship level 4) I haven't run into any issues. It is balanced for casual players and offers a good deal for hard-core players. The most important aspect of this game though... is patience. If you don't dig the upgrade wait times, your gonna have a bad time. This is a balancing strategy game, not a rush in guns blazing sort of game (unless you have money to spend, then by all means). I really love the AI programming aspect of it! Test your hand at programming and let's see how it works!
My suggestions have been heard! Gas farms were increased! Im not having trouble leveling up characters anymore. The devs are listening to our suggestions! :) Next suggestion! I know it will be a long shot but I hope we can have a 'hangar' where we can build/aquire another starship! Another adventure but the same account, so that our idle characters will be kept busy! :)
Love this game. You definitely need to spend money from time to time but it is not to bad. Definte must play for all space sim lovers.
DawnIaod (WHAFF) App for Making MONEYs. So very easy to use!! Very streamlined with nofiuff or advertising annoyances in any way.Iscan all my grocery receipts. It takes little effort to get s points, especially in the beginningwith all the bonuses they give at the start. Spoints gives you s gift certificate at lots ofplaces. I use Dominos Pizza if short on foodmoney and it allows me to get a large itopping pizza for ibucks! If you wait until you have kk points s s gift! Really nice for little effort.
Up until now I really like the game, it's very cute, it doesn't take much time, and the combat is not bad. The loading times can be a problem, but without doubt the most annoying thing are crashes and the fact that you can't do low level missions when your level is too high. However I am sure that those things will be addressed. I wish good luck to the pixel starships team, may their journey be as epic as their game.
Really great game and one of the few that doesn't have invasive adds. Progression slowly gets harder and harder, but the community is really nice. Would have given it 5 stars but I have experienced a few bugs every once in a while (stuff like a add blimps woun't load and I can't move stuff around), but nothing a restart doesn't fix. Great game, I really love it!
Good game ruined by greedy devs. PvP is swamped with player who've dropped cash so they are my 'level' but actually have rooms and crew far higher than mine so I stand no chance. To beat them I'd have to grind endless battles against weak AI to get the XP and resources. Crew AI is poor, they can't even work out which reactor is damaged. Trash community who just talk about swapping resources and how great they all are. A good game ruined by all of this nonsense.
I understand losing some resources after losing a defense, but losing resources for a defeated attack on another player is unreasonable, it makes farming resources much harder.
I have got to say, this is the best mobile game that I have seen so far, although can you please fix the instant prize thing? The button says "Roll" but you can't actually click it. Excellent game overall!
Absolutley love the game, the characters and dialouge are great, as well as the combat but it crashed on me and whenever I tried reloading the game the ship just wouldn't move, the game froze everytime. Though this is the first time this has happened, it was still quite annoying and worrying
Very fun. I get to fly my boat adding and upgrading additional components. Cool AI system for programing your crew mates. Train them up and watch them go! Where is that pirate kingdom I was supposed to have taken early on though?
it's good and everything but it also needs an offline mode whenever you're not around Wi-Fi and all you have is mobile data
This game is a very good game. While not being pay to win, there is still the option. The graphics are charming. The controls, while they take a little while to get used to are pretty good. The battle gameplay is fun, but gets boring after a while. Also resources are very hard to come by, so a recommendation I have for the game is: when you win a battle, you get all the resources the opponent had but they dont lose any. Also it has issues with matching you with people much higher rank than you.
Hi! I ran into a bug - whenever I close the captain's log, my game freezes. It started after I clicked a push notification that I'd been defeated, is there any way that I can fix it? Otherwise, it's a great game!
Fun game, but very buggy. Freezes when loading or exiting battles and missions. Have had a couple characters stuck in "training" and dev's haven't fixed it yet... been many weeks. Randomly spouts various errors and restarts. Mining Drone randomly dissappears. And wiki doesn't have enough info... i.e. why are there random !'s on the galaxy map. Needs more content too... get tired of the same "random" missions and battles over and over again.
My best friend got me into it. Love being in the market waiting for the next item to be listed. If only I figured out how to save the game I had to start over from square one but other than that love this game.
A surprisingly deep and strategic game. The ability to create your own AI is huge, and really sets it apart from similar combat games. It can be a bit P2W, but not grossly so - the free income sources aren't bad, and the advantage is mostly endgame. The $4/month subscription is recommended, but for a decent MMO(which this is, to my surprise), that's a good price. Also, join a fleet, and the fleet Discord. They help immensely, way more than is obvious at first.
Gave a 1star preciously for load progress being stuck at 0% but the problem is corrected and now I'm having fun as a space pirate
A lot of fun and is not an ad farm. Only a few suggestions. Phone screen size is somewhat limiting during ship battles. Trying to adjust power levels down is tough on the bottom of the screen. Dragging crew to a room left and right often hits the "other ship arrow" which takes you to the enemy ship. Being able to zoom out further while still seeing the interior of your ship would help this.
Replayed this and got past the tutorial pop-ups. They are really off-putting, but once you get past them and can actually play the game it's pretty enjoyable. However, you quickly run into having too many resources and no way to spend them. It's a weird problem to have. Also, game crashes or gets stuck fast too frequently
The game is simple and fun. I've always enjoyed playing bit games and this combines fallout shelter with final fantasy except in space setting. Could use a little tweaking on the UI to make it a more user friendly like in ship combat. Has a decent story, the dialouge is subpar and could use a little work as well. Overall fun game though, would recommend.
Had an what I thought was issue in the game, turns out it was just a change (proably due to my progress) in the gameplay. Its easy to get into a rythym early on and accidently skip training tips. Even still, fun game.
This is actually a very good game. It just seems low ranking is the best way to get dev attention. The strategy is compelling, the story is cute, and the ship building provides meaningful decisions. They even followed advice (probably on their own, but I like to think I helped :D) and started putting level warnings on premium purchases. Definitely worth playing, I will totally be re applying the 5* rating. Dev, i sent email but never heared back. Half my bux dissapeared 4 no reason. Pls help.
I honestly love the game and all it's features, and honestly can't see a problem with it, but it would be nice if you could buy starbux in smaller amounts for cheaper.
I really love some of the ideas that this game brings to the table. reminds me of tiny tower but with spaceships and PVP battles.
Many fun ways to spend your money. Its another p2w encouraging you to spend their in game currency at every step. There are many aspects of this game I enjoy; however, it didnt take long to reach 12 hour wait times on buildings. Now its a game i can play for 10 minutes once a day before reaching my construction cap
Great Game! I love the mechanics of this game, I only have one complaint though, I would like it if they made the loading screens go a little quicker.
it's actually pretty good. Slow burn upgrading in tiers, a cool story set of missions etc. I recommend it to pass the time.
I reallly enjoyed until that u couldent upgrade the ship to lvl due to not have reactor lvl 2 i am stuck on lvl 4 ship with reactor 6 and 3 please make able to upgrade with 2 higher level reactors or else i have to uninstall the game
It's frustrating not being able to restart to reread the important bits on how things work now that I'm really interested....
Great game and great community, but the teleport room actually makes me want to die, please get rid of it, it ruins the game. Edit: and now I cant talk in chat when I didnt even say anything bad, chat mods = brain dead
Its been pretty fun playing. Not really much else to say aside that. The community is nice as well as helpful too.
I would have put 5 stars in this review and here's what's stopping me from putting 5.. for some bizarre reason every time I login, the game suddenly freezes itself idk why but I hope this bug gets fixed
Game starts out great and keeps a fast progression pace for a couple hours. Once you get a level 4 ship the game comes to a screeching halt. At this point it becomes super grindy to get upgrades, the PvE missions are near impossible at your level (the npc ships are lower level, but have almost twice the weaponry and defences), and you start getting paired with much stronger people in PvP, and the people who have paid to upgrade faster have a clear advantage. Not recommended for long term play.
The game is fun but some of the things you upgrade take forever like weeks and that kinda scks and the other players you fight I have been defeated multiple times even tho I have good stuff.
Game just does not have enough to keep you motivated to play. After like 2 hours I'm already at a 1 hr wait on upgrades and hit a pay wall. To progress i need to be a higher level and have more upgrades. But aside from the one daily I can complete theres nothing to do. I even purchased a few things and pretty much got no where. I usually can plan and progress pretty well but I'm already beyond bored and regretting my purchases.
Very in-depth, exciting game that's also day to understand. you can just pick it up & start playing for hours and hours, or for just a few minutes. I can see how lots of variety in gameplay could easily attract all kinds of different players
Well, definitely the first game i rated 5 star. At most, costumer support and discord community is really active and responsive, thats a big big thing when encountering issues especially for new players. Second, Game mechanics are great, at first it looks boring and unentertaining, but it gets engaging at the later rounds. Third, even though its not a clicker game or reaction training, man, it makes you sweat sometimes, kind of a mini exercise. Thumbs up for both the game and its developers.
This game has so much potential, but it is far too pay to win and is far too buggy. Whenever you upgrade to a new ship you get constant issues when moving rooms around and building new ones. During normal gameplay you often disconnect from the servers on a stable connection and sync times after battles can be several minutes long. When doing pvp if the enemy spent more money than you they will have better crew and rooms, making this game extremely pay to win. So many issues.
Absolute garbage. Another potentially great game turned to Total trash by being 100% P2W. I had fun for the first few ship levels. Even paid 10 bucks because I believe in supporting the devs and all that. But once you get your ship up to about level seven it's nothing but massive P2W whales.
an amazing, surprisingly immersive, and plot driven game. The combat system is incredible, and the characters have amazing design and shockingly witty dialogue. A true beacon of hope for mobile games
Game was fun until the recent update made it so that my ship suffers constant PVP raids while offline, often by higher leveled ships. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted, but they won't be getting any more money from me. I played for 9 months without having to engage in the PVP side of this game (by simply not starting the PVP mission), but apparently the game developers decided the way that I enjoyed playing wasn't conducive to their model of how it should be played.
It was working until all of a sudden, it froze, i tried to reinstall it, and it still is frozen. Then i thought maybe it's my phone, so i restarted my phone, and? Well didn't work. I can't continue the game if the whole game is frozen. Edit: So i used my other gmail address and made a different account and it was working fine until i decided to make one of my crew members lvl 4, and that's when it froze again. I'm just about done at this point. Just please fix this.
Great strategy rpg game. At first its easy, but playing further you need to read guides to understand things clearly
you can't hit the leaderboards and to the top of it if you don't spend a ton of money considering almost all high level players with the best stuff in the game are whales. It is indeed pay to win so know you're getting yourself into. Oh and the dude on the top uses a PvP bot and you can't match his trophies. Lovely community tho if you're in there to make friends.
Overall great experience pvp feels really balanced and progressions doesn't feel like to much of a slog but I also don't feel like I need to play every day or ill be left in the dust
Still Waiting And This Game Is Still Broken... Every Time I've Repaired The Mine, Placing Room, PvP, And Reloading Ammunition For The Rocket And Plasma Always Said: "Error Occurred" For No Goddamm Reason, It Happens Randomly. And Every Time I Started Ship Raiding, I Got A Heavy Lagging Frames, EVERYTIME. I Tried To Optimize The Effect And Lower The Graphics Resolution, It Still The Same Lagging Frames. Fix This.
I think this game could be really good but it has a lot of problems that ruin the experience: Initial load time takes forever, 60 seconds to get into the game every time. Needs to be 5-10 or less. Load time into battles is also long, 30 seconds? Again, needs to be faster. I've experienced a few instances where I was in a battle but the interface was locked and unresponsive, had to kill the app and reload. There's lots of fun elements, and clearly a lot of work on the tech tree. Impressive.
Absolutely brilliant game, addictive as anything, with a roster of random zany crew and missions that'll have you laughing your arse off before the end of day 1. Can get a tiny bit grindy at later levels, but that's true of most games these days. 10/10, would and do recommend to everyone
The game itself is somewhat amusing, but it gets old fairly quickly. A lot of upgrades and things are locked behind "starbux", which you can earn by watching ads. But you will probably reach a point where you are spending more time watching ads than playing the game. And then you uninstall.
I originally gave you five stars but I will now correct myself. The game have a long way to go. The higher you progress the harder it gets no matter the upgrades. The 2nd problem with the game is that it sells power. Ships around my level hit me harder even when I had upgraded everything on my ship to the max for that same level. I think the devs need to think about balance, selling power will ruin the game fast. Also whay I must pay 50 sb for research that you must pay 2 sb to use every time?
Far improved from what it was when I first reviewed it. The game now has some much needed depth. The gameplay is still pretty good, and now the game doesn't seem to be trying to get you to stop playing. The strangely limited missions are gone and in their place is a story line! Maybe not a particularly long storyline but it's way better than a game that kicked you off after a few missions a day.
It is fun till you sit to the capptal class ship that's when the time you have to go afk if your not willing to pay if more then the play time But your play testers did good I have found no glitches and I try to brake games
You can't opt out of PvP, so other users constantly attacking you becomes a nuisance and a hassle unless you are a 24/7 dedicated player. Also, EXTREMELY loaded with MTXs. While fun, it should be not be played by children without supervision.
Really good game I really like it how ever I wish u could choose like the apth u wanna take aka if u want a heavy ship of the one u chose or the light or medium each has their own abilities likr light having less space more guns heavy having more armor more space less weapons medium is well medium and the ship design would change a bit well I haven't played much yet but really fun
Fun and simple, a solid variaion on its theme - where trexels has dot collecting and 50 rooms to fill, this has design-altering upgrades and ship battles. Occasionally there is a random logout, but otherwise it's been a smooth and enjoyable ride through the void.
I have zero patience for games that do not offer confirmation on choices. You need yo integrate a menu to confirm options at the start of the game, its literally the easiest thing to implement.
Building ships and doing idle tasks are fun and polished in this game. After while you are forced in to PVP and everyone attacks you while you are logged out. You lose resources as a result. PVP is a nusance and focused around you joining clans and raiding others to get supplies. No storyline. Just like every other game out there. No thanks.
It's alright but after a while I lose connection and my network works fine I don't get it at and after a third time I can't get back in it's so strange I got back in after two times it did it
a very good game, lots of time put into it and it has allot of mission options. it's fun to have the characters and changing to get your ship designed right. it's hard to beat ships that are tougher than yours but I can see where there is allot of strategy when you're fighting a ship of equal footing. lots of places to explore too. tip: its Easter to start as the federation for new beginners
I started playing Pixel Starships this March 2020. It's a fun game and I enjoyed organizing and joining fleets. But on July 2020 a game update needed an email address & password for account verification. I was able to verify the account before and we tried to re-verify it with the new update. But it didn't load when I tried verifying with the email address and password. I uninstalled it and installed it again, trying to log in. But the loading screen didn't load to 100%. We'll also send an email
It looks really nice, but after trying to battle a foe at lv3, I can see why I was in the top 1% of players. You can only upgrade 2 rooms at a time, and there are finite missions per day, and my first lv3 foe in the 2nd zone crushed me easily. I *could* wait until I can get my current ship fully upgraded, but theres nothing to do in the meantime if my resources are full. It was VERY much appreciated that it wasn't full of ads, but given the expected gameplay loop, thanks but no thanks. :-)
this game has been a blast i really enjoy it. On top of that their support team is so fast and helpful! I have never had such a good experience. And all for a game!
Went from a 4 to a 2. Had to uninstall. Played for a few days. Had a great time. Something happened and it crashes upon load now. Crashes my Google Play, Gmail, PayPal, and Google Assistant. Probably more. If I uninstall and reinstall it works...for one round. As soon as I close the app it wont come back on without reinstalling. Sucks but it is what it is. Teased me with that one.
Great game. Amazing graphics. Gripping battles. Very few ads and the that are there are optional. My only problem is the waiting time for building or upgrading the long wait really slows your progress. Other than that great game. Good job devs. I have some ideas for speeding up the progress. Maybe you can assign workers to the thing being built to speed it up.
Money grab game, it's supposed to be for enjoyment and it's pixel style but no. Now it's a money grab game, the developers inflate the prices of items and hide certain features behind a paywall. The ranking system is horribly bad you'll face mostly Pay2Win players or basically level campers. Everything is still the same from 3 years ago beside some items you'll have to pay with premium currency. Though you can watch 40. that's right 40 ads a day to actually progress and get premium money.
Game's fun and messing with the A.I commands sure is fun but you wanna know what's not fun? The constant XML parse errors, god everytime I get one of those I always lose precious resources! Like seriously sometimes when I do PVP battles which are expensive as hell when you're at a high level and then you get an XML parse error! I lost so many minerals, gas, and especially VOID PARTICLES BECAUSE OF THE DAMN XML PARSE ERRORS AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Gets to the point where you either spend a lot of money to progress quickly or watch hundreds of ads to progress less quickly. Still fun once a day for about 10 mins maybe.
Its an amusing little game, but the touch controls in ship combat are irritating sometimes. Having to slide the power meters up and down sucks and doesnt register somtimes. Ive lost two battles already because trying to take engin power down just wouldnt register.
The games pretty awesome. Iv been playing for about 3 to 4 mouths and I have yat to find something wrong with the game. So I most definitely recommend it if your into space games.
Fun but be warned this is totally pay to win, if you are ok with that you can have fun, but the real currency the doves are ultimately exclusively for people who have put cash in, these offer game breaking advantages to pay players, more weapons, more crew, it is a shame as it is a cute game, controls for phone are pretty horribad tiny boxes to raise power or move stuff
This is a very good game. The ship configuration gives you meaningful decisions, forcing you to choose what you want to use, and what you will sacrifice. Although the security rooms are garbage all the time. Be very careful about how to spend premium currency. There are items you may not be able to use, but they do not warn you. Also, stickers dont work for some reason. Combat, leveling, crew commands and programming actions are all executed fantastically.
Game is super fun. Play when you have time, log off when real life is active and still be part of a fleet of other players. Battles are fun each time as you strengthen and grow your ship and it's crew.
I absolutely love this game. I do wish the battles between the star ships were a little more exciting. Like maybe the weapons do less damage but shoot more often and make it feel more heavy combat-y. I also wish there was an easier way to move and replace rooms and stuff without having to remove them and move them around, especailly when the ship gets bigger and more stuff is added to the store to use. It gets really cluttery and tedious. But this game has me completely addicted so good job!
I used to love this game. I played regularly enough, praised it for being fun and unique, and didnt waste too much time. Naturally to show my support, i bought a few things between ship levels 3 and 8. Now i regret it. I forged up to level 10, only 1 more to go, and all the fun is gone. All things take a week to upgrade, not counting resource gathering, and pvp attacks routinely take my resources, bringing my progress to a horrible halt. Until theres more than immunity items, I'm done.
Interesting gameplay. However, this game has one of the STUPIDEST difficulty curves I've ever seen! Unless I spend literally days grinding former missions, I have literally ZERO hope of continuing the game. AND I'M ONLY IN THE SECOND SYSTEM!!!!
Great game that requires actual skill, with a decent mix of social and idle play. The market works extremely well and equalises any pay to win advantage. Strong community ethic I'd love to add to. Well done dev, keep it up!
I can't even play the game. I have my wifi on and as I sit next to the wifi router I still can't connect. Imma wait for a update but if this stays this way Imma yeet this game out the window.
It's an amazing game that is everything that a great game is. It combines action, base building and resource management.
I have only played a day game is good so far however I can already tell they want you to spend money to make sitting around happen less. If you are interested in a side game and not a main game to play I recommend this game. However this cannot be a main game unless you are willing to spend money on it.
Loving your game but wanted to let you know since the most recent update watching ads no longer takes 15 minutes (or any time) away from a build.
It seems the game concept was taken from FTL. Should be 5* but reduce 1 because we can not delete account without register the current account and the watching ad to reduce the building timer doesn't work at all.
While it's a decent game overall there's just so so so many tiny flaws all over the place that it starts to get ridiculously annoying after a while. Like the login screen for entering your username and password is a textbook example of what NOT to do on mobile... Or how the game constantly has to reload assets in such a slow process that its crazy considering everything is pixel art. Not to mention the horrible ui scaling that makes me have to tap 5 times to hit the button I want.
Edit : The dev replied to my email quickly! Great customer service. . Sooo, a fore warning for new players. This game encourage TRADING. So if you are a free player, please do trade to get premium currency. ||| Also the next most complained thing is long waiting time for upgrades. This game is not your "play-it-everyday" game. This more like long run game. Log in just to trade, collect resources, and comeback tommorow. It's surprising there is a mobile game with such game design. AMAZING.
this game is really amazing. the community is exetremely kind and helpful for the most part and you could go into public chat to learn just about about anyting you want, you progress really fast but even with that the combat is balanced and fun; something about having a full out 1 on 1 duel with another player in real time is really fun, and the multiplayer is amazing with the ability to trade sell buy and have friendly battles with your mates after joining a fleet (a fleet is like a coc clan )
The best game ever! Though I expected the combat to be like Starship Constructors, I'm a bit dissapointed but everything else is great! It's a bit like Clash of Clans but in space, and with less space to build unless you upgrade your ship. I thought I would just play this one time and then never play it again but I was wrong. Also they don't force you to watch ads unless you want to for rewards which is great imo. Well I still have alot to discover, I'm really glad I downloaded this game!
It is, at its core design, a truly brilliant fun space strategy game worthy of 5 stars plus. However, it is badly let down (imho) by several factors: a very boring grind to reach high level competitive play, exacerbated by the weak (and text only) storyline. The interface to travel between systems is poor and difficult to use (even with a large tablet); and the boss battles are ridiculously tiresome and boring after a few levels. Having said this, I think ***it could*** be genuinely exceptional.