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Is a Puzzle game developed by KONAMI located at 東京都中央区銀座一丁目11番1号. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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User Reviews
One of the best games of its type. Like most reviews state, a huge flaw is the wait time for 'boss' levels. I wish the wait time was removed once the normal levels are completed. Nice surprise after you complete all levels 😀
This game has been a fun time killer. Most of the music is great, the puzzles get pretty challenging, and the theme is fun. But it's been crashing a lot since the last update. If I don't jump into a puzzle immediately it will crash while the soccer game ad is loading. Then it keeps jittering and causing errors during the puzzle. It doesn't stop the game, but you can see the pop-ups for the errors flash quickly and go away. Kind of sucks and I hope there's a fix soon. I'm trying to clear expert!
I do enjoy this game. It is a great way to pass the time. It's also nice to see all the references to games I recognize. However, the app is not perfect. Aside from intrusive ads, the wait time in between "bosses" is frustrating. I did the math. With 160 bosses, waiting 3 hours each, equals to 20 days total. That's only if someone was awake 24/7 and played the moment a new one is available. With no way to optionally skip the wait by watching an ad, I now can't play the game for several days.
It's good (love that it's properly free and puzzles based on existing games are fun) but hurt by a few things; the boss system - you'll probably run out of normal puzzles quite a while earlier then have to wait for ages to get through all the boss puzzles. And the expert mode, which isn't really a reward or a good challenge but just taking away a feature
This game introduced me to the world of Nonagrams! One of the best puzzles out there! The nonagrams seen here are all Classic Konami related! Prepare for nostalgia to hit you right inside the feels! Great Remastered musics of the classics! This also has a lot of content! Can we transfer data to another Android Device using Cloud Save?
Great, but I already know how to do nonograms. I don't really like that I have to do 5x5's before doing larger ones, which I am used to, but it makes progression fun.
Game is fine enough, but having a multiple-hour timer on boss puzzles (and there are so many boss puzzles) is just stupid. I've finished all the regular ones and now I have to wait arbitrarily. The timer isnt even there to get you to watch ads or to pay. it just exists to dick you over unnecessarily. Shouldn't have expected anything less from something that touched Konami.
Great and free. My only complaint would be the ads. They're not super annoying, you can close them as soon as the appear and they only advertise other Konami games but there is no way to remove them. I'd pay a couple bucks to get rid of the occasional pop-ups if I had the option.
I am in love with this game. recommended it to a lot of my friends. Although the difficulty isn't exactly right on some of the puzzles. some 5 starts were easier than some of the three and vise versa. can't wait to see am update and hopefully get more puzzles to do.
If you like picross, look no further. If you like old school Konami, or heck, just old school gaming, you'll love this. Completely free and with no ads (at least if you play offline, I haven't checked online). The puzzles are pretty easy, I haven't seen one bigger than 15x15, but they're numerous. I've played about two hours so far and have only beat 20% of them. I can't recommend this enough if you like picross games.
I like this a lot. I think it's a little tedious waiting for boss puzzles to refresh, and I think there should be more ways to obtain hints, but overall its a great picross game
Has far too many very simple puzzles, then runs out of non "boss" puzzles quickly. Once you do, you are stuck waiting 4 hours after you solve a puzzle before you are allowed to attempt another. This feels like it was designed by someone who hates nonograms and the people who enjoy them
This is honestly the most enjoyment I've ever got out of any game on my phone. The fact that there is no ads on a its own makes it worth the download.
Lots of nods to classic Konami with great music. Challenging but not impossible. The waits for boss puzzles is kind of long. Very few ads on the menu that can be closed immediately and no microtransactions! Shocking for
Was a great little game with tons of puzzles; was updated in 2021 to include ads. If you're running a version from before 2021, keep that one, it won't bother you with endless ads.
Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is fantastic. There's plenty of levels and puzzles. The graphics are everything they promise to be. The controls are simple and intuitive. My only problem is that whenever I try to share a completed puzzle with a friend, all it makes for the picture is the bell from Twin Bee. Please fix. I really want to show off this pixel art!
Actually a fantastic picross/nonogram app. Has no micro transactions or in app purchases (which for some people, coming from Konami, might be surprising). My only issue I have with it is that it doesn't push a notification when a boss puzzle is ready. (Also there's no Metal Gear themed puzzles) I've completed all of the regular puzzles and only have boss ones left, so it'd be nice to have a notification telling me when I can do one. I will 100 percent this. Thank you Konami
It's fun if you know how to do Nonograms, Gridlers or Picross puzzles, even if you don't know or care about Konami or video games.
Fun, but is repetitive. As expected from a puzzle game. Take very long to complete all puzzles so replayability is not a problem.
Honestly a really good pic to cross I have done almost all 500 puzzles and this is the first time that I have been time gated like actually time gated. there are these boss puzzles that are part of like a bigger pictocross and you're doing like a part of the picture and that's limited to once every 3 hours. And I just ran out of the other 500 puzzles that aren't part of these boss puzzles. And I have like less than 10% of the puzzles left. Kept me entertained for weeks.
The game is good and plays well. I was hyped for the "nostaligc music" part and pleased I was :). My only problem with the game (my review would be five otherwise) is that there is too much ads. You can put banners on the top/bottom part of the screen but there is roughly one popup after three games. The popups ads stop the experience from the game and it's unpleasing. But the game is good apart from that 👌🏻. P.S: Please add a counter for the number of puzzles solved :D
Simply put, this is one of the best picross/nonogram collections available on Android. The puzzles are clever, ranging from simple 5x5s to a 4x4 matrix of 15x15s. No in game purchases, the only ads seem to be for other Konami products, and it's completely free.
Spilling over with great puzzles. I've spent so many hours working through them, and not even remotely near the end. And for an ad supported game, the ads are extremely benign, and do not impinge on gameplay at any point.
Although waiting for the boss puzzles is inconvenient, I appreciate that it keeps me from playing for hours on end. Also very happy that 100% doesn't mean the game is over and that it's time to delete the app.
Was good until the ads showed this update... EDIT: Ads are gone. Konami listened Edit 2: Ads are back....
I love this app but there is no way to remove ads. If they just added a way to get rid of them for a few bucks then this would be the best picross app.
Another game ruined by ads. It was ad free for so long. Then bugs started showing up with random updates and now ads. Knocked my 5 rating to a 1.
loved the game up until i only had boss puzzles left. they have a 2.5 hour timer that you can't make go away, even if boss puzzles are the only thing left meaning that you solve a puzzle and then just cannot play until several hours later. really tedious and no option to pay money to remove timers or anything. otherwise, i had a really fun time unlocking Konami graphics and learning about old games through the puzzles!
3hr boss battle wait time is a joke. Here is a bug as of July 16, pause the game and the timer for the hint option keeps going. I've noticed this on all boss battles.
I promised myself I would whrigth a review until I finish the game to 100% and here I am, normal mode finished to 100% and it was really fun, really enjoyed the game, I was conflicted about finishing the game since I didn't really want to end it but to my surprise, after you finish to 100% there are more puzzle awaiting for you :D, so that was really great suprise, great game with no dumb and invasive add, the only adds that are in the game arent event videos so big plus there
500 puzzles, all 15x15 pixel puzzles. 160 are "boss" puzzles which are the same thing but you can only do then every 3 hours and it takes 16 of them will make a full picture The puzzles are given at least seemingly randomly, slowly getting slightly harder If each puzzle takes 8 minutes (my average) then this is over 66 hours of playing If you like this game try nonograms katana
This app has been a blast so far, but now I only have "Boss" puzzles left, and you have to wait ~2.5 hours after completing one to gain access to the next. There's no way around this. Seems poorly planned, especially in the end. Do you want people to play the game or not? There should be an option to view an ad to get into the next puzzle sooner, or the other puzzle slots should change to "Boss" slots if they're all you have left. Just something so I can keep playing. Come on, Konami.
One of the best puzzle games out there. You can beat every stages without using hints if you are willing to put that effort. The game is worth 5 stars if it could solve the two major issues that I came across. 1. On reinstalling the game, all my progress was lost despite connecting it with my google account and had to start over again. 2. The cooldown on boss puzzles is pretty huge. It should atleast be removed when all the remaining puzzles are completed and only the boss puzzles remains.
I'm here to say the same thing as everyone else about the 3hr cooldown. Especially after finishing all the normal puzzles. I can't see myself logging in to play 1 puzzle at a time over week's just to finish 100%.
All quarantine i have been playing this game and honestly help me through just wish boss would spawn every half hour or so because when you run out of regular puzzles your stuck waiting for boss ones
Awesome game. Loved playing through to see all the images. Only complaint I have is that I'm now finished all the regular puzzles and can only play a midboss/boss puzzle every 3 hours now and I have 61 of those left to do so it will be time consuming to clear the game.
Great example of a picross game. Unobtrusive ads, free, and enough hints to get you through the game. Minus one star, though, because of the boss timer that other people mentioned. It's fine up to a certain point, but now I have 87 more puzzles to do, but I have to wait 3 hours between each one, since I've beaten all the normal puzzles. Please remove the 3 hour timer after you've beaten all the other puzzles! I'm probably going to uninstall the game and never finish it since I don't want to wait.
litterally the only game I play on my phone. the only problem I have with the app is the 3 hour wait for boss puzzles, because most likely you'll run out of regular puzzles before you do boss puzzles. so that's a bit annoying, but overall great game and worth your time if you're a konami or picross fan.
Why do i have to keep going back to "Home" icon for next puzzle? Should have arrow for us to continue to next puzzle. Not very user-friendly! Waste my time to keep going back to start screen to select next puzzle.
Great picross app, if it weren't for the arbitrary cooldown timer on doing puzzles. Pointless mechanic,and annoying.
Great game! My only feedback is that after finishing a puzzle, I would like a "next puzzle" button so I don't have to go back to the home screen as often.
The biggest problem with this game is the controls. Filling in the squares can feel sticky most of the time. I feel like it can be very difficult to fill in multiple squares at once especially when near other already filled in or crossed off squares. When dragging a line across already crossed off squares the fill should not undo the cross.
Fantastic game, I have to give it five stars. Four and a half stars if possible due to not being able to back up my save. I don't mind starting again but it would be nice to transfer my save to a new phone.
Outstanding experience! The music and factoids brings back memories! Perfect pacing, zero stress, brain exercises, love it!
loooove this game, BUT I'm almost finished and only missing the last Bosses, so now I have to wait 3 h to play! The other 3 "squares" to start playing the other puzzles (normal/mini-boss) say: "Stop". I want to finish the game, but now it just became waiting and waiting.
The best picross game I have found. The progression system is perfect by connecting the individual puzzles into larger pixel art shop that when you see the completed piece you hand an appreciation for how difficult it was to get there. It also adds difficulty because individual puzzles are less likely to be an image that you recognize which would allows you to shortcut clues. I have played this game to the point of having orthopedic problems in my hand but that is why we have two, right?
Lots of well-designed interesting puzzles, once you get beyond the many basic tutorial levels. Let down slightly by the interface, which can be fiddly, particularly when you're at the edge of the screen. It also feels a little unresponsive at times, for example switching between ticks and crosses. Lots of nostalgia though and the cool old school music means it's worth playing with the sound on.
The game is alright. Not perfect, but decent. But I agree with the many reviews pointing out the long wait for one relatively simple "boss" puzzle. Ridiculous. I'll probably uninstall at 80% completion.
Good game. Bit on the easy side. A suggestion to make it more playable would be to make the X marks priority. What I mean is that it shouldn't be able to be removed using the pencil. so if you preplaced the X's, swiping across with the pencil would just place them on empty and not on the X's. Only the eraser can erase X. Obviously make it toggle in the options.
Good, but why is there a 3 hour timer on boss puzzles? You don't stand to gain anything and there are no purchases to cut the time, so the game has an arbitrary length of time before it can be completed.
I love these kind of puzzles, so when I was approaching 100% completion I was filled with mixed feelings. BOOM! There's an Expert Mode and the playtime of this game was just doubled. Add to that the nostalgia of games I grew up with and you've got a major recipe for success.
Cute so far. I really dig the retro feel. I hope hints aren't ridiculously hard to acquire. That's usually a game-killer for me. Will update when I get that far.
When it comes to how picross games should be on a phone, they've perfected it. Simple, but packed with what feels like endless gameplay. Please please please add an achievement for 200%ing the game.
Great game with tons of puzzles. Had to reduce one star because the most recent update added some super intrusive ads to the main screen. So bad that on my Surface Duo the ad opens a fullscreen pop-up on my other screen. I would have given it 1 star for that, but this game is really good still.
Fun and free. Ads aren't intrusive. Kinda wish I could pick which music that plays sometimes or could find out the name of the tracks and the games they're associated with. Been listening to the stuff that unlocks when you get expert mode, but I've got no idea what games they're from.
Probably the best version of these pixel/picto puzzles because it let's you screw up and continue on, and limited ads. Only thing keeping me from 5* is the Boss mechanic. I finished all the normal puzzles and am now on a hard timer, unable to continue. This only comes into play when you're around 90% done, but still.
Amazing game. Some of the puzzles can REALLY make you scratch your head sometimes which for me is good. Would love an option to pick what background music plays or to only play certain tracks
Very fun! it's neat rebuilding the artwork from some of my favorite games. One reccomendation I have is that you truly randomize the artwork when you tap one if the 4 sections. Playing the game on different devices, I find the order of the puzzles to be identical.
This game was almost my perfect picross style mobile game, it eases you in well, and slowly ramps up the difficulties so that by the time youre taking on the most difficult levels you feel ready for them. My only issue is that now ive completed all the regular levels, I have to wait three hours just to play a new puzzle. I understand why the system is in place to begin with, as the boss puzzles are generally more difficult, but its a shame the timer stays after finishing the regular levels
No advertisements. 200% with 120hours of playtime, I enjoyed this more than any other mobile game out there... Would love more puzzles after the expert section or a new game mode where you can only place down the exact amount of pieces with no 'x' to use, put one in the wrong place and you start again or 3 lives.
I love picross pixel puzzles. There's a few QOL changes that could be made, but it's still a great game!
I really was enjoying this until I got to the point where I have only boss puzzles left and I can only do one every 3 hours now. It might be nice to open up the other areas where all the puzzles are done for a boss slot with the same 3 hour timer.
Don't have an ad that pops up after playing a level so that you click it when trying to start another level
Probably one of my favorite mobile picross games. My only complaint is that sometimes when I fill boxes then the X boxes also get filled, and vice versa. Should be made where x boxes cant be filled and filled boxes cant be exed, unless you unfill or un x that box.
The game is great except for two major issues: 1) I noticed burn in on my Pixel 3 screen from the static background and puzzle box location. Maybe change that grid pattern a little each puzzle and shift the location of the puzzle box slightly to solve this. 2) The cool down for bosses is really bad. I'm at 84 percent and only have boss puzzles left, which means I have 40+ boss puzzles left but have to wait 3 hours to play each one. Just unlock the boss puzzles when the standard ones are cleared.
Very high quality Picross collection. All can be solved through logic without blind guesses. The challenge mode after 100% was surprisingly fun and difficult. This has the best UI and controls of any free picross app I've tried from the play store. I would love to see a sequel, or at least more updates.
Still fun and free, but now a fun little minigame where you have to x out of the same advertisement after every game.
I do ratheer enjoy this game mechanically as qell as conceptually, though I wish they did not make the end portion such a horrid slog with boss puzzles being doled out so slowly.
This is the best game of its type I've ever come across! I just reached 100% completion. And, wow, am I enjoying the rewards! Get to 100% and you get more puzzles, more music, and unlock expert mode! What's expert mode? Well, you lose the ability to X-out blank squares. But the auto-fill feature still works. That pesky boss puzzle wait time disappears, too! If you love this kind of puzzle, play this game!! (Pro tip: Play a boss puzzle, then regulars instead of saving the boss puzzles for last.)
Very fun. Yes there's ads, but the amount of content more than makes up for it. I love the set up, it's simple to play, delivers exactly what I expected, plenty of puzzles, and a nice completion goal to work towards . Thank you KONAMI.
The game is good, puzzles are only hard on occassions. But the timer on boss puzzles are unnecessary, and if you finish the normal puzzles, you've got to wait hours between plays. Cheap move Konami.
Best nonogram game I've found on iOS or Android. Ads aren't a big distraction and they are all for other Konami stuff. I like that the game automatically places an 'x' when you have made all your selections. Marking those off just isn't fun in other games. It's all well done. And there are many many puzzles.
This could easily be a 4/5 star game. However, that 4 hour time limit...it's just too long. I didn't mind at first, but eventually you get to the point where there's only (4 hour wait time between playing) boss screens. That means I have a game that I WANT to play, but can only play 1/2x a day because life. Sorry, I want to love this game, but there's better nonogram/picross games out there.
This game would've been a 5 star, because it's a solid picross puzzle game, the tunes tugs quite hard on the nostalgia, and themeing it on old konami IP is just great. Given there's only few ads and not the kind that waste several minutes of you watching them. BUT... This gets knock down hard because you play new puzzles randomly, and the "boss" puzzles' timer of 3 hrs makes absolutely no sense. I still like the game but these 2 points are so obnoxious and has no point to it.
If you like picross, look no further. If you like old school Konami, or heck, just old school gaming, you'll love this. Completely free and with no ads (at least if you play offline, I haven't checked online). The puzzles are pretty easy, I haven't seen one bigger than 15x15, but they're numerous. I've played about two hours so far and have only beat 20% of them. I can't recommend this enough if you like picross games. Edit: It's two years later and I'm still playing. I play maybe 10 minutes at a time while on break. I ran through my records and saw the time for most puzzles is around 1-5 minutes, and I had beaten over 800 puzzles. On the generous side, that's over 60 hours. This game is more than worth it for a free nonogram game. Like I said a year ago, the ads are non-existent if you play offline. Also, now that I'm reaching the last puzzles, I can guarantee there are no puzzles over 15x15.
Wonderful game here ! But don't forget that I'm the very highest rank at 7-Stars marking at GRIDDLERS game online. Well, to my mind that this game is very easy to play and gained very early achievements.
Best version of Pico or pixel puzzle out there, most start you by treating you like your too dumb to figure out how to use your fingers, but here they give you a pretty nice intro puzzle, just wished that there was a better way or better image they would have picked for most of their puzzle, this isn't their fault though as it seems to be a common issue with all of the picross. Still this is the best version out there.
Really good difficulty curve, well made unpredictable puzzles, great music and sound effects. But unfortunately most games they reference are obscure or Japan only so it's a bit uninteresting in terms of topic. Also, once you get to 5 star puzzles the game becomes literally impossible to progress without hints and you can't unlock hints without waiting 10 minutes every time.. Can't even hurry it up by watching ads or paying, it's straight torture. Either have to guess blindly or waste your time.
Best Piccross game but wish it had Google Play cloud save as I lost all my progress when I had to have my phone warranty repaired. Still five star game though!
I've been trying various Picross games (maybe 10-12 in total), and I keep coming back to this one. it lacks certain features of other apps, but the gameplay is perfect. The retro music means I actually turn the volume up! Best of all, it's entirely free!
Really fun, easy and intuitive to navigate. The UI can be a bit ugly. But other than that, a wonderful little puzzle collection! Hope to see more of Konamis games represented on this app!
The game is excellent and exactly what is expected of a pic-cross game. The reason it get 4 stars over 5 stars is because of the boss puzzles. Boss puzzles require you to wait 3 hours before you can play another one, I believe this is to help placing of the game but once all the non-boss puzzles are complete you then need to wait to play the game at all. There should be a simple solution to this, once all non-boss puzzles are solved remove the time constrant, that way the user can keep playing.
Great puzzles, and a lot of them. Fantastic soundtrack that makes me nostalgic. Minimal ads and the ones that are there are not intrusive (think banner ads not videos)
Pretty stupid to have that timer on the "boss" puzzles, especially after you finish all the puzzles except the boss ones. At the very least you should replace all the regular slots with boss slots at that point.
Excellent game. Easy to learn. It's my first nonogram game. Very addective. It's especially good on my Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone because the stylus ensures I don't make as many mistakes.
Fun but challenging puzzle game and I haven't run into any ads yet in my 20 minutes of playing. I'll come back to this often.
One of the most generous free Picross games on the Play store. Plenty of puzzles, and minimal intrusive advertising. Good for any Picross fan, and some deep dives into Konami history for retro gamers!
Been playing for over a year now, and overall it's a pretty fun game. Challenging enough, with some easier aspects. Definitely not without improvements though. Just had to restart due to swapping phones and it not integrating with Google Play, it means I can go back over levels I guess, but still irritating. It needs updates too I'd say. It's had the same levels and themes with no changes. There are so many pixel games that could be included I'm sure! Otherwise, a fun game, thanks!
Your typical picross style game. Very fun. Turned off the sound effects though as I found them annoying.
It's a good game. I wish there was a way to save your progress so that you wouldn't lose it if you get a new phone. Also, it would be nice if you could easily switch between the black and white completed nonogram and the colorful video game pixel art when viewing your collection. Finally, I think it would be perfect if we could play the music tracks whenever we wanted, or at least choose the one for each game.
A fun game of picross/nonograms with a retro-video-game theme. Kinda wish that filled spaces and X spaces were kept separate, so that you could fill in the X spaces of a line and then just draw one straight line of filled spaces through, but it's still fun.
It's a good nanogram app, however, once you've completed all the regular puzzles you have to wait 3 hours between each Boss puzzle. There's no ads, which is great. But I'll never understand a game that makes you wait in order to play it. It would be great if the timer was removed once you clear all the regular puzzles. I'm 78% completed and uninstalling.
Used to be the best picross game but a recent update has brought a single a annoying AD that can't be dismissed. Annoying!
Much fun!! I'm at 199.2% I can say that this game in its genre is perfect! I read about the problem on the bosses cooldown. In expert mode there is no cooldown. If you only play bosses you will get frustrated. You need to learn a lot to beat every puzzle at expert mode. So less than 100% is just a training. 👌
Great game, shame about the wait time for boss puzzles. I've completed all the other puzzles but now have to wait hours between puzzles.
Great Picross game. Plenty of puzzles, decent controls, some nice anti-frustration features, no in-app purchases, and very mild advertising. The only mild frustration is that boss puzzles only become available on a 3 hour timer, and there are so many that by the time you've finished everything else, you'll have weeks ahead of the game drip-feeding you these. Frankly, by the time that's an issue, you'll already have had plenty of fun out of this!
There is a lot to like about this game. The majority of it, honestly. Instead of focusing on that, I'll jist point out my main gripe: There is a 3 hour cooldown on "Boss" puzzles. I didn't mind the cooldown at first, because there were always other puzzles to do. Once I cleared the normal puzzles, I really have no other reason to even launch the app. When I do nonograms, I want to binge. As a trade-off, I think that once you've run out of normal puzzles, eliminate tye cooldown on Boss pizzles
I loooove these type of games and love just bingeing through a bunch at once. But now that I'm done with all the normal ones I'm stuck with the 3 hour cool down on the single boss tile. It really isnt even worth playing now cause I only ever check the app once or twice a day and that wont make any headway on the amount of boss tiles I have left.
I actually like this app. It doesn't have a gross amount of ads, it has nice music, a decent interface, and a level of difficulty on most puzzles to make it fun, while still being challenging. I don't generally like Konami because of what went down with Kojima, but they made a decent picross game.
Was great fun, but I've now completed all the non-boss challenges and only have the voss ones to do. I'm only at 87.6% which means I still have 62 puzzles left have have to wait 3 hours between each one. This means it'll probably take me about 2 weeks to finish which I'll probably end up giving up on. If there wasn't a timer on the boss puzzles after the non-boss puzzles I'd probably give 5 stars.
I play this game over and over to keep my small number math skills polished up. It's also a lot of fun, but doesn't require too much effort.
Was great when I first downloaded it, then an update brought intrusive ad. Not ads, but one single ad for a soccer game. Big pop up right in the middle of the screen. Then I get down to only boss puzzles left, and I have to wait hours in between them. I could have finished the game in an hour, but instead I have to wait about 3 days to finish up the remaining boss puzzzles. Bad design. Should be no wait between boss puzzles when they are the only ones left.
They recently did an update to shove ads in. Normally not an issue with ads, but they have one that pops up right over the main screen every time you finish a puzzle, timed just right so you'll accidentally click it instead of the next puzzle
this is the best pic-cross style game on the Play Store. All puzzles are solvable through logic and not through in app purchases which should just be a given when designing a puzzle game. I'm about 50% through the puzzles and that's about 3 weeks of consistently playing. No Metal Gear though :(
Game was really fun, but I ran out of normal puzzles and now that I'm so close to finishing I have to wait 3 hours for a new boss puzzle each time I finish one (which takes 5-20 min each depending on difficulty). I was going to give 2 stars since the most obvious solution to this frustration is to uninstall and get a different app all together. However, any app that doesn't shove ads down my throat is an auto 3 star. So thank you for that.
Finally, a free mobile game that doesn't string you along forever. Straight-forward gameplay and fun BGM.
I'd love it even more if you could add a cloud save option, I finished all of the puzzles back when you launched and just wanted to know if there were any new ones, other than that, the controls are great, few ads
It's good, and Konami always had the best music back in the day (which plays while doing these puzzles). Satisfying sound effects too; I'd usually play games on my phone muted, but not this one.
I love this game, but I really wish that there was a way you carry over data between devices. I've had to restart from scratch twice now, and the second time I had 200% completion,
I fairly enjoy playing these puzzles and honestly these are some of the best picross puzzles on the Android market. However, I wish the random puzzle gimmick wasn't required. Same with the timer for boss puzzles. It was a pain to complete all of the normal puzzles and when those got completed there's been nothing to do besides wait 3 hrs for boss puzzles. I hope that knowing of this could bring a feature to unlock instant boss puzzles for a fee or something.