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Pixel Match 3D

Pixel Match 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Translimit, Inc located at 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-60-5 オー・アール・ディ原宿ビル2階. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just like the ad shows. I like the aspect that you have think a bit, the physics involved is good and makes the game enjoyable
Game is a fun time waster. But wow the ads. There are even ad banners at the bottom of the screen. I understand that this is how the devs make money on this if you play it for free. But come on, an ad after every single round is a put off and a shame because I do like this game. Devs, maybe an ad every 3 to 5 rounds would have been a better option?
The game is pretty easy for me. Most of the first levels are 6 tiles wide, so after folding, its just 3. All you have to do is look at the first half of the image and copy that half, no matter which level it is. And since I have to watch an ad for any of the advanced ones, I dont feel like its challenging enough.
It's a great game but... The ads are one of the problems, when you want to restart it just sends an ad at you. When I have no internet I cannot play unless I get internet. I feel like It wants me to watch ads for pennies. That's just wrong...
Id say this is a 4 star its good it could be better well everything could be better in life but this game is not at its full potential
It's a very hard but addicting game 😅 In my opinion I love it you just have to be smart and know what your doing! I love this app and totally recommend it! Not for little kids but definitely for teenagers and 🆙. There is way too many ads though, after every other game. If you don't like ads then I wouldn't recommend but everything else is awesome!
It's fun but at first I thought it was lame because it had to teach me how to play it 4 times, but overall it's a pretty good game.
Good game. Decent challenge when it comes to some of the levels. Bonus levels are fun, slightly difficult. Overall, good game if you love puzzles and challenges
Best app ive ever played. Little to no ads and its distracting to me, I can play for hours on this game. I personally say this is my favorite game ever.
Its a good game but the problem is you need to watch an ad to restart your paper! I mean what is the point in that? I understand for a hint but not to restart. Plus when u make one tiny mistake u gotta do it again and when u make 1 mistake out of all and you don't care it takes you away one star. And you get 3 stars per level. if you do one mistake 2/3 stars even if there is 50 other right pixels.
Forces you to have an Internet connection after lvl 4, probably to force ads after every one. Deleted as I hate to be forced to do something.
Each level is a ad. Annoying because its pretty obvious that they are doing if for the money. More people play if you lower the ads. And cant play offline because they know it turns off ads. And more annoying you have to watch 30 SECOND ADS. And some of them have a broken audio which plays it until game crash. One last thing, they ask you to review every two levels. Fix before i uninstall.
Really bad. People weren't kidding when they said there's an ad after every short game. Doesn't even work offline but can still be closed and reopened for next round, showing that it doesn't need online to load the next round and instead the developers are scumbags who want to force you into watching ads. Developer should stick to pretending to be a Nigerian prince.
I was playing with ads every 1 or 2 minutes, I thought "this is bad but about what i can expect from most bad instagram ad games" . But then they gave me an option to watch an extra ad in order to play an actual semi complex level that had more than the bare minimum amount of effort put in. Bad, unfun, and clearly made entirely to run as many ads as possible before the user finally comes to their senses and uninstalls it
I like the game but to much adds, and I can't move the button that says check and that button is in the middle,so I can't cut the paper and the other way it doesn't apear the block that are dawn. I HATE IT
Hardly used it and already reading it? The walk through for the first few puzzles was insulting. App did everything, I just poked the screen. How awesome am I? Dumb. Need more time to decide I like it.
This game is fun and all but there are so many adds it's not even fun to play anymore, and you can't skip them either, I would love the game if there weren't adds after every single game, and the adds are always about other games like you don't want people to play your games, like I said it's fun and all but very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very veryannoying adds that always pop up....
Game is fun, but littered with ads. Not only are there a lot of ads, but they are unskippable. Additionally, this is the first game I've seen which should be playable online, but not because ads are not able to load without internet. Bonus, it is not even 3d. Fun game design clouded by a greedy company.
Your game would be fun but you force people to watch an add after every level and if the player is offline you give say no signal and don't allow us to progress to the next level despite not actually needing the internet to actually play you only did that to prevent us from playing without the ad's. Now like i said if we could access the game normally without internet access which we DO NOT NEED INTERNET TO PLAY. You only do it so we have to watch your stupid ad's.
the game is kind Hard But I was able to get the hang of it I like it because it does weird shapes And sometimes it does Special ones and I like to do the special ones.
Great game and not that much ads. Only between a few rounds there would be ads. Most games I play have it where you play, and then ad, play, ad. And this game is really fun so please download :) (have a great day and God bless you)
Too easy, you end up doing the... let's call them puzzles, in less than 5 seconds and them watch an unskippable 30 seconds ad every 2 levels.
Fun concept, ads are a bit obnoxious. They play after every level, even though you're probably only going to be spending maybe 30 seconds at most on any given level. I understand needing ad revenue to support oneself, but it's a bit much. The app needs an online connection to run too, so you cant just avoid it by playing offline. If the ads dont bother you though, it could be a fun time waster
Its really hard but, i can still do it and usually i feel uncomfortable when i play it since i play A LOT of scary games, so it makes me have wifi and if i dont have wifi, it says i cant play like bc i like the game but, i thought it didnt need me to use wifi so yeah
Very fun game challenging and I like challenging and never glitches. I only give it 4 stars because there are a lot of adds after every level there is a add. But manley it is really fun.
This is not a game... it's all ads. Don't bother downloading, you'll be spending more time looking at ads -- and watch each in its entirety as the game will not allow you to skip
Fun, but needs new levels. Paid for the ad free version and worth every penny. Would be a five star rating if new levels appeared regularly.
So far on level 76 and is pretty addicting. There's ads after every level though, can that be put to an ad after 3 levels or after 5 minutes in game, my quickest level was under 10 seconds and the ads last longer.
It's a nice concept for a game. It's a clever idea. I would give it a better rating if it weren't for one major issue... it crashes ever 30 seconds. I can only get through a single level if I'm fast enough before it closes down. As well as it will have glitched pixels that stay there after I tap them with the animation of the pixel flying off being very glitchy just before the game crashes.
I am HORRIBLE at this game. Still, I can't fault a challenge. I had to knock two stars off due to the sheer amount of ads. There are adverts between almost every level. Plus, if you get it wrong and have to restart (like I do, a LOT), then you've got another 5 - 30 seconds of ads coming your way. I spend longer watching ads than playing. There's also a pointless starring system. You either get it right (3 stars) or 0 stars and you need to start again.
I was looking for a game that took some thought, so I'm not bored and my mind is busy, what with Covid these days. I really like the challenge of having to match the model by folding the "page " in half before you start. I thought this would be easy for me, I'm an artist and crafter and I do facepainting as well. These cutouts will be really helpful when people want a minecraft, robot, or digital facepainting. Good work!
I need the option to be able to start at a hard level, because this is too easy from the beginning and I get bored of it. I can't get entertainment or challenge from this.
Very challenging and quite addictive need to think but also it's a great game if you want something out of the ordinary but enjoyable to do.
Love the game. Don't like how when I retry a level, it gives me help. Would like it to have fewer ads of course but I understand the need.
I enjoy working my conceptual brain to figure these out Haven't noticed any glitches. Seems to be a well built app !
Can't play in airplane mode to avoid ads but lose rewards. Game requires an internet connection for no other reason than to show you ads. Find a substitute. not worth the time to try and play it. I hope it reaches one star aand the company realizes they're trash for selling a cash grab. Have a nice day everyone. Edit: cool concept, terrible developer.
This game isn't like most games, which are extremely easy and boring. This game actually gets your mind working, and it keeps you interested! Definetly one of the best games I've played.
An offline style game that requires you to be connected to the internet to watch adds each time you progress a level? Come on guys, if you made it something similar to the add (three tries before a fail) and you needed to watch an add to continue instead of restarting that would be fair enough, but I only played the tutorial level and it still asked me to connect to the internet, just to start the game? Instantly uninstalled. Misleading nonsense.
On everyother level you get an ad, each level is brainless to the point where even tipsy it's unenjoyable in its ease. If you mess up the 'game' shows you exactly how you messed up and shows you the solution, you don't need to think at all. Every 5th or so level you get a 'special' or 'challenging' level that just has more colour and nothing else. Waste your time on another game - the ads have harder games than this one.
Not exceptionally challenging and the ads take up more more time than the game does. Interesting concept but sell out ad generator at the end of the day.
It is a very easy game that doesn't increase in difficulty. What you see in the add is pretty much what it is like every level. The gameplay is easy enough and the graphics are okay. The amount of ads is pretty high, but unfortunately expected on a free game like this. I'm getting rid of it primarily due to the lack in challenging levels.
Can't even get it to work all, it'll fold than I can't do anything else, my 6 year old was really upset it didn't do anything.
The game is fun overall but it has Too many ads it won't even let you play the game without internet if your game requires internet to run it shouldn't give you so many ads
I'll give this a five star rating because i don't mind ads. Also this game is MIND BLOWING!!!! because of the graphics on the game.
So there were ads after like every level and the game wasn't even worth it. The controls weren't the best and the response time after clicking say the "next" or "settings" button we're very slow and even the settings didn't run smoothly. Other than those pretty big things the actual game concept and graphics aren't super bad but again, there's a decent amount of work that could be done to improve the overall condition of the game.
Ads are so abundant that it's faster to start a new level by just closing and reopening the app. The overall game is simple but runs and controls well. It took me less than 3 hours to go through all 250 some levels. If there was a $0.99 option to get rid of ads, or have less in general for free, and more levels added, it would easily be 5 stars
It's a fun timekiller but after 10 levels the game started crashing every time I try to open it. Really disappointed that this happens, and I plan to uninstall.
Game itself is entertaining and challenging, but the ads... finish a level, watch an ad, need to redo a level, watch an ad. Everytime you turn around its more ads being thrown at you.
Its an interesting game, and its a good time spender, but I dont like how many ads there are. I also don't like how sometimes you have to watch an ad to restart. Other then that, great app. If you take out some ads or at least let me turn off my internet, I would change to 5 star.
It helps relax and helps use your brain to do the picture but there's also alot of ads and it's hard to play the actual game without watching ads constantly
Had to buy the add free, since then the app has been nothin but great. You got an add after every level.
This game is more about ads and not the actual game. You can't even turn off your internet to play, it's good time waster though.
There is roughly an add every round. And when you spend more time watching adds than actually playing, it's not worth it.
Too many ads, almost every round there is a ad that is usually 30 seconds long. The ads are usually longer than the round, I got to level 36 and so far there is no difficulty curve. There isn't even that much interesting stuff. And you can't even turn off ads by turning off the internet because it can't be played without internet.
Great concept for sure but still a crappy game. You'll be bombarded with ads every time you finish or restart a level, second thing is it requires internet FOR A SINGLE PLAYER GAME?!?! What? So you can show ads and make money out of it?
Its all about ads and they dont even try and hide it. This is a simple non multiplayer game so you shouldnt need wifi, but when you arent connected to wifi or turn on airplane mode to remove ads, it says "no wifi" and wont let you play. So you can only play the game whennit has ads.
This game is good but I'm giving 1 star because the ADS they keep appearing and it's offline and not online but it STILL needs network but the ads the ads
Not bad , but i see why the rate is that bad , i don't say ads must be removed but at least reduced ,that the reason behin his low rating, and another advice make the game more complicated because it's seem rly boring for me ,if the puzzles still that simple. good luck
Game sucks. Took forever to start up. Then has to have an internet connection to play. Waste of data to keep downloading your ads. Deleted.
It is not fun. I hate that if you get it wrong, it gives you 0 stars and you have to do it all over again. Also I hate the amount of ads. Don't download this! And it makes a stupid noise if you get it wrong too. Uninstalling. Edit: And I'm not downloading it ever again... Edit 2: Do you love ads? Download this game!
I'd rate it higher if the game didn't show me how to fold and unfold every single time, though that's fairly minor. The real reason for the low rating is that the ads take longer than the levels. These levels are pretty easy so they are fast... Probably less than ten seconds. And then it tried to show a thirty second ad between almost every level. I get that a free app does need to advertise but that's far too much. Will be deleting. Not going to support that by paying for ad free.
This is fun because it takes me back to my elementary school age, when I had to figure out the shape properly. Reminds me of cutting out snowflake designs lol.
The game itself is a great time waster. I've spent hours on it. I'm really good at the game. But there are ads after EVERY level. It also takes an ad to simply restart. You can't even buy ad free. It's just "watch ads every 2 minutes" If you spend 1 hour on this game, you spend 2 hours watching ads Edit: You can't play on airplane mode either. I've given up on this game
The game it's simple and fun, but the quantity of ads is excessive, you have a banner always running and everytime that you finish a puzzle it pops and ads.
FAR too many ads! The games itself is enjoyable. I understand the need for advertisements, but expecting people to spend more time watching ads than playing the game is just ridiculous. There is an ad-free option, which I am usually quite happy to pay for. However, I like to pay for the ad free version of games as a way to thank the creators. I don't want to pay simply because that is the only way to make the game bearable. Feels like a money grab and nothing more.
I like the flow of this game the music is good, its soothing, fun, and something I would like to play more but the Ads are overwhelming! After the first 3 levels you get your first non banner ad and then there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL! This really deters me from playing the game. I know that developers need money to continue making games but this is just over the top.
Fun game that is a lot more challenging than it first seems. Ad free version is reasonably priced as well. Definitely a good download if you're looking for a puzzle game that gives more of a challenge than others.
its challenging me on my memory and how much i know on symmetry. And it is also very fun to explore how many shapes can be made up of pixels. its really fun. i love it.
Basic graphics, great for making you think, just a crying shame about the amount of ads, spoils the flow of the game, especially when the ads are up to a minute long, you have to close the game to skip the ads, gets a bit boring when you have to do it after every 1 to 2 levels, otherwise it's ok. I would have given more stars if not for the ads. Update.. Way too many ads, you close one, then another one opens, uninstalled.
Game has a well-designed and intuitive ai, and nice puzzle design. It's really a shame that the ads are so disgustingly obtrusive. It has both annoying banner ads and unskippable video ads like every other level, and the levels only take about 30 seconds. You can't play offline because the game wants to force you to watch the ads. Yet another example of good game design being ruined by greed. Sad.
The game is extremely easy and for playing harder lvls you have to watch ads. Not to mention all other unwanted ads. The worst business plan ever.
So far on level 158 and it's pretty addicting. There's ads after every level though, can that be put to an ad after 3 levels or after 3 minutes in game, my quickest level was under 10 seconds and the ads last longer.
Can't move from level to level without wifi. You can play the level, but to proceed you have to close and open each time.
This game is easy at first. Keep playing it gets challenging. There are adds after ever 2 or 3 games. Which is better than some games. There are harder games after the first 5 if you want to watch an add. Please note: they are a lot harder then the original games given. What I like most is it tells you what percentage of people got it correct the first time.
It doesn't let me play. I'm on level 1, I fold the paper in half, and that's it. I'm not allowed to do anything else and it won't let me tap out the middle to make the face.
This game displays rewarded ads between levels which means I have to watch 30sec ad after each two levels.
it's actually pretty great! i really enjoy playing. but the amount of ads is insane. i can't in good faith give it a higher rating because of how intrusive those ads are! could you reduce how often they appear!?
I love this game. Very addictive. My only complaint is that there are too many ads (after each level), but was remedied by paying $2.99 for no ads. I don't normally pay for games.
ya know what imma say this to all of ya! How to avoid ads is by getting out of the game, then going back in and poof, the ads gone try this mkay!🙄😤
I like the game but there's always an ad after each level. Makes it almost aggravating to wait for the ad to get done.
I only rated four because this game needs to be way harder than it is i still like the game so I do reccomend this game.
Gameplay wise it's not bad. It requires multidimensional thinking. The problem I have with this game, and every simple time waster game like it is the injection of ads every other level. The game isn't complex enough for me to waste any extra effort or money into it so I refuse to buy the no ads upgrade, but the ads make the game almost unplayable. So I guess my problem isn't with this game, but with the market in general that requires developers to add these ads just to make money.
The game itself is fun. It's challenging for the brain. But the number of ads is unbearable! I was only a few rounds in and there were ads popping up in the middle of a game and right after the game, and when you press next there are more ads!!!
This game is sooo good. I like puzzle games and this game is the best puzzle i have played. Soo you should really really try it.
This is a really good game every one should play it it will make you more intellegent and you can learn about folding for art and other foldings
It's really laggy and the ads make the lag worse. It's not an ad every level, so apparently the developer listened to the reviews saying that was too many, but it seems like there are 4 ads for every 5 levels and the game lags out to unplayable after each one. It's actually an interesting puzzle and when you can play a level it's challenging and fun, but the ads and lag makes it too frustrating to play. I'll see how it goes but it's on the "delete if they don't fix it" list.
So. Many. Ads. After every single puzzle there is an ad. I understand that these kind of games need ads to be profitable, but its way to many.
Its really fun and low brainpower! Its fine to play by itself but its best to play while focusing on something else. I've mostly been playing while listening to podcasts. The ads are a bit annoying but if you doing something else at the same time its really not that bad.
The concept is novel and interesting, but like everyone else says, there's too many ads. It's the kinda game you play a lot for a few days and then abandon. The gameplay itself is fun but overall pretty basic and you have to watch a full-length ad to retry a level, which is a bit infuriating. However, if you've played Deltarune and like the song that plays in Rouxls Kaard's shop, you should give this game a go, considering its music is strangely similar to that.
So many ads after every 2 levels theres 1 ad but it's a great game I love it but if there were 1 ad after every 5 or 10 levels I would appreciate it
The game has a very good gameplay idea, but you can't play offline, every time I press the "next" button after finishing a level it shows a warning that tells there is no internet connection, why in heaven a game like that needs internet connection? The only way to play every level with no internet connection is to close and open the game between every level. Outrageous that we can't play the game without seeing ads, which is cleary the reason to this, if you want money, put a price on the game.