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Pixel.ly 3D

Pixel.ly 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Color Apps For Free located at TONK IN ST CHEUNG SHA WAN KLN HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There is some bad feedbacks on this app and l don't think it's the app problems because those problems that they post didn't happen to me means that the problems that they was there phone problem not the app problem so the ones who post the bad feedbacks please fix your feedbacks
I really like this app, especially the fact that you can customize how you colour a picture. The only thing I do not like is the fact that, on a specific picture of a treasure chest, some of the cubes are hard to find. I am especially having a hard time with finding all of the cubes with a 6 on them. I have tried spinning all of the cubes, especially since many marked with a 5 were hidden underneath others, but I cannot find the remaining 6-marked cubes. Rawr.
The game was fun at first but the farther you got it bored me out. Also pretty much every pixel 3d art was either included with Diamond member ship or you had to watch an ad. If this game included better gameplay and less advertisement I would of given it a higher rating. This game is No Bueno.
It's very, very cool and full with activity. 3D looks cooler than 2D. It has very beautiful colors on different coloring activities. I rate it as an awesome game! All five stars controls good graphics good and gameplay... (Also I've seen this game not as much but, I've been interested with it when I didn't have the game) It looked very fun.
I love this app so much because of colour by number and you can also change the colour of each number that is my favourite part
I rate this app 5 stars ⭐ its so cool and relaxing I can't get off the app on how much fun it is and I love all the pictures.
Colouring! This is a fun app to colour if you really like to colour! Plus, if you mess up a lot when you colour in real life, this is perfect for you!! Personally I like to colour and i only mess up a few times when im not careful. But other than that its an amazing app!
It is fun. I like how when you colour on the wrong number,the colour does not go on that number that you coloured on. The only thing that I do not like is that when a I want a certain angle it does not do the angle I want Other than that it's a good game.Keep it up.
I really love this game and it is really relaxing and kills time when you at home and are stuck in the house when it's raining outside.
I gave this game a 3 because it is everything that I was looking for, but all the adds you have to watch. And you have to sign up for a trial to unlock sertant ones. If your a person that can't spend any money on games then I recommend you shouldn't donwload this. If you can't spend any money on games and you download this game then you will be watching a lot of adds.
Its a great game! But sadly...I wanted to get a different game so I prefer you to get this game! (There are no anoying ads) Very calming and enjoyable πŸ˜€
Hi I think this game is fun but the problem is almost all the coloring pages either have a add symbol or a symbol to get premium i understand you guys having things to watch adds for but it's almost all of them and when I really want to color the ones with adds I can't because I don't have wifi and I don't have service to watch the adds either if you guys were to make so more free ones I would proably give this game 5 stars but I'm going to give it 3 stars until you guys do that I also agree with Noah as well he explanes some really good points. I don't mean to put pressure on the makers of this game I'm just sharing my opinion. Other then that I think this game is great and I recommend it to others THANK YOU
I LOVE!! this game it's alot of fun when you're bored you can just easily drag you're finger/thumb and colour it and the ads there is no problem with that they hardly show and thus game it's going to help you when you're bored so have fun!!
It is really good but on some of them there were colours hidden under the other ones and i couldnt tap on them and you couldnt even see them at the end but other then that it is amazing and i think people should get it and it doesnt take up alot of space... Thank you
Dis is such a good app Theres nothing wrong no ads not laggy it super cute it reminds me of once i look a picture of m'y cat when You do the 3d pic of the Apple head cat! It la absoulotly Perfect ofc 5 STARS. I am very impressed by how cute and fun This app is! 😊. Hope u agree with me i Always play This fun app i Will Never delete This app This makes me get cute dreams. This brings joy To me and m'y sister and relative 😼
I thought you could color each block a different color, it's good to have a "paint these numbers this color" mode but they're needs go be a free color mode. I wanted to customize some of these pictures and couldn't (maybe a Mario scene in the Gameboy screen). It turns out that if you paint a block a cookie, then all blocks with that number can only be that color also. If you add a free paint mode I'll give it more Stars but as it is, it's not fun.
Not the best game but okay πŸ™„.I don't like coloring in this game because when you color the blocks spin and the graphics are okay I guessπŸ™„.
It's a good game when ur bored I love coloring in and paint by number stuff but 3D paint by number seems a little better and it makes it pop out of the screen
I love this game because it is the bottom of this page. There are in the amazing work with a lot of money to get to the bottom. So the amazing thing about it is that the team has been working on this site.
every time I press a picture it shows a ad. then it will not let me color a picture .not fun not fun at all. please fix it. I gave this game a 1 because it is stupid. sorry for being mean but it is for real. I agree with people that hate this game. y'all are like the lol doll pixel game. that game is just like you. I like pixel art but not this one.
This is the best app ever 1.it has paint bucket 2.there arent any ads im the middle of your drawing 3.there are cute stuff 4.you can change the colors It is such a good app!
I like that you can change the background color but I hate that the block's spin when you color them. But overall I really like this game it's really fun
This game is really really fun I love all the art and I like that the game is pixel and 3D this game is awesome good work
I really enjoy playing this game and I think that more people should play it I also love how they are categorised into different themes I would definitely recommend this game to all ages as it is calm, relaxing and enjoyable.
Hello! Noah here. I have a few recommendations. You guys are fine with the ads and membership. I understand the reasoning for that. The only thing I would really appreciate is a tab that seperates "free" from "ads" and "memberships." You have the halloween and animals, ect covered up but I would live for an update to make it so we can easily find the free coloring pages. Thank you!
great game and all, i understand the ads, there for your money so i personaly dont mind it, all im goning to say is you work on shanding and if you can put a sensitivity setting in, that would be great. when thay say its to hard to draw, its not hard at all for me! but there probably 5 years old compared to a 14 year old. anyway great game to play where your bored and you love pixel art! πŸ˜€
Quite Inspiring and officent. Really enjoyed it and felt the moment. I think it's relaxing and that everybody looking at this should probably install this app. You won't regret it once you start playing it. I hope that this has helped you feel more confident against Pixel.ly 3D. It's really a great game. So please, make sure to install this wonderful app and to enjoy it.
It is cute but I think it could use more things to color but the problem is that there are a bunch of ads, yeah it's cool that you can use them to unlock pictures but still wayyy too many , and a lot of them are pretty long commercials.
This game is Incredible! There are so much fun things to color, and it is super calming and relaxing. I really recommend downloading this game!
One of thee best edit apps I'm so glad I ran into you this is awesome. There is one other on ei know of just as good as this one. I will re-download this and I'll be happy as a calm, thank you guys for the wonderful app to help organize and save pics from my media
SO EXCITED: You have something very awesome here. This game is fabulous, I love, really love the 3D movement. I am wondering if this will transfer to my other device, as I just played a game on my other device simular to this, and turned on my tablet just now, and my works were on here as well. I use one device at work and the other at home. keep up the good work. I will see if this transfered over to my other device. if not, plz add if you can. im so impressed. shhhh. im 59 yrs old. lol
this game is good and has very cute 3D art, but it also moves the blocks around when i paint them, so it confuses me, and they put blocks in places where i cant see or reach, so its not the best game ever, i'd rather play 3D colour number... ( 3D colour number is another 3D art game)
This is an absolutely amazing game that has features other color by number apps don't offer. So far I haven't been interrupted by ads while peacefully coloring. I like how easy is to rotate and maneuver the 3d art. The pixels spin which I think is cool looking. And....you have the option to CHANGE the color of the numbers which is a feature I have been looking for and haven't found anywhere else. Thanks to you I was able to create a purple and black pig by changing the original # color. Cool!
This is the best andf most unique pixel art game I've ever played! And i have played lots of pixel arts games. This app has features that no other pixel art app has. It's relaxing, fun, you can change colors, there's variety, it's easy to control, and best of all... It's 3D!! #GamerGirl
The game is great apart from that you cant do some pictures unless you pay for them or subscribe. It diddnt say that when you were going to install it. I would rate this game a 3 out of 5 star. If you diddnt have to pay for colourings I would rate it a 5 out of 5. Good regards Haylee phillips
This game is good for the coloring, but the colors do not look good next to some other colors. The platform is hard to turn, and I just feel like there are WAY TOO MANY ADS! Please let the ads go down by at least a smidgen bit. And yes, I DO have my WiFi on and connected. And what makes the ads worse, is we are paying you at least $1.00 from ads Before we even start coloring. The figures are boring to color, unlike the ads for the game. I will keep installed all though, from these problems.
meh. the controls are easy enough but coloring is just too easy when all you do is drag your finger across everything. if there was a setting that allowed you to miss color spot so that you had to be at least a little careful instead of just touch everything it would be more fun.
I love this game but I have one suggestion, I would appreciate if you add a section that says complex please and thank you 😁😁😁
It's an amazing games and no adds I tecomend also the 3D aspect really make it ... POP 1000% recomend download!
It is amazing! Also really relaxing. The graphics are great, it helps me calm down, and the thing I dont really like about it, is that when you're about to be done, you miss this one spot and you can't find where the missing piese is. Its hidden! Then you spent most of your time finding it. (well, at least thats what happens to me)
If are bored and have nothing to do download this game. It has helped me when I am bored mostly because I like coloring and drawing but the point is it is a good game. It is offline, I have not seen any ads so far either. If like art and enjoy coloring download this game. It is really awsome and I think you'll enjoy it, thank you for your time. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘β™₯🎨
A lot of the pictures are avalible. But (this might be for me only) I watch an ad, and the next thing I know, the screen is black, and i can't color that picture. Even if I exit out and try to rechoose that picture the same thing happens. But it's only with 98% of pictures. Just to warn.
I DON'T LIKE The spinning block's but overall I think it is the best game I ever installed β™‘β™‘β™‘n_n
I think this game is great for children like me! I also think that it is not complex and is very easy to color everything. You have to click on every little cube on a computer because I can't figure it out on a computer, but that's my fault. So to me, this game gets rated a 5 because of the quality and the formation. Good job!
Reccomend! This game has SUPER CUTE ARTWORKSπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ» It gives you themes such as, cars, cat in a fruit, corgi (dog breed if you dont know), women's day, and circus troop. They are REALLY REALLY FUN AND RECCOMEND TO OTHERS!!! Love this game! There are SOME ads but not too much for me, So many new artworks each week!!!! Believe me you will love it! Nice job guys!!!!
OK this app is awsome its so relaxing when your done and it shows you a vid of you making it i know this weird but I love that when you color it makes the blocks spin but there's one thing that bothers me when you go to the categories every 2 categories it gives you a cross stitch add its soo annoying