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Pixel Knights Online 2D MMORPG

Pixel Knights Online 2D MMORPG for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Cowbeans located at 7025 Markham Road Suite #143 Markham, On L3S 0C3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is very great.Nothing seem's out of touch,and it's good to play on laptop.One problem it seems that on laptop,Pc,ece is not working to attack.For you to attack on pc you have to click a button.Please make it so Pc users can play easier.
A better tutorial needed for explaining how things work, other wise it's a good game can't wait to see what will the development of this game will lead too.
The character movement is awful and the attacking is terrible opened it moved around and instantly left one deleted it it was so bad.
When iam playing this in my tablet it took too long to load and theres no server that i can join and after a few minutes of waiting it says this game wasnt optimized in your device :< Plss help me cowbeans!! Thanks<3
Reply to me now. I just wanted to say that this game is good very good but the problem is the traing island isnt free at all. Its a waste of my money even tho i spent hours of collecting money. So please make it free
Woooh this game is really good too.I always fight with enemies multiplayer on others buy some stuff get gold I rated this 5 star Still my name is NeoHonesty22
thank you for making the game cuz when i press connect it start loading to 100 then it go bakck then i connect again then again 8 cant then now they didnt make me plsy the game foolish game 1.5 idiot game
Ok so far, move way to slow, and teleport on the map costs to much, no shops to buy skill books . Just found out that random mobs drop assassin books oh boy, a guessing game
The games cool and all but the reason I'm rating 3 instead of five is the grinding session and the mobs never spawn also and a daily login reward giving rewards to the players it started when I had to kill 10 dwarf warriors but none spawned another thing is when it started it never stopped and I couldn't complete the quest also add survival mode allowing players to survive for rounds it,lle help with The progresses. Also add the ability to craft things but tho the games great I love it 👍👍
I loved it but I think so many stuff like bows , arrows , magic etc and a map is misssing from the group , need to add more classes and graphical improvements!!!
I rate 1 star. This game is great ... The reason i rate this cause of the update its the game is not working
Unbeliavable i cant even log into the game it keeps saying loading ive been waiting for 2 hours now pls fix this error
Great game. Each class has it's own pros and cons. But overall great game but needs a few things since polymorph for archers is total of 4 in a list of about 60.
So far there is many different things compared to the other game. Its been very well created by adding many apsects such as weigh statistics. The classes were something new coming from Cowbeans (GENDERS TOO) and level along with ranking.
Very bad controls..toon walks towards things on its own..no story,no tutorial.put some polish on those controls at least,we know there's not any in the graphics.
Fun smooth game and addictive, But after few week playing... dev decide to update a stupid event and adding worst lag n delay. I cant take it anymore, DC + LAG + 10% dead penalty is too much for me. its good for me to quit early so I can stop praying n cursing the developers daily.
There is nothing to do, there is not even some tutorials on how to do stuff. They hadn't even let us get some quests, c'mon where is the adventure and fun.
It's great but it's a bit laggy if you guys could somehow fix it I would give 5 star and pls add multiplayer Thx for making this game
Really FUN and addictive game to play with friends.... although DEVELOPERS should bring more new content to the game, high level players are quiting cuz they are tired and bored of the same. It seems that after you reach a decent level and equipment, there is not much to do. Some new maps, bosses and else will bring old and new players. Please DEVELOPERS don't let this game die, It is really worth it.
Some of the reviews told alot of issue like it takes so much time to load, cannot select the server , not compatible controls and alot more. That made me think twice before downloading but when i did non of the issues were true ,it works perfecly fine i insist you to play it , its pretty awesome .👍
I'm stuck at main menu for like 10 minutes now.I've already cleared cache, reinstalled and my internet's not the issue.I hope that upcoming updates will fix it.
WTH with this auto battle thing?? or should i say short range auto attack its so damn useless. like damn u cnt leave your character for about a minute because it wont autobattle monster with this kind of range And also i discovered this stupid bug and always stuck in a trunk because of this buggy auto battle. Fix this or lots of player trying this game will uninstall your game.
Soooooo sloooooooow, Ugghhh....I tried, made it about 10 minutes, no character customization, boys and girls look exactly the same, just really really slow. Attacking is slow, walking is slow, dueling is ridiculously slow, plus it downloaded the update like 3xs before I could even get in the game, that's how slow the game is.
It looks very good overall, nice graphics, movement, question, whats the max level? Is there level cap or stat cap? I love hard limits :V please answer :) idn if it has lvl cap but if you guys remove lvl cap, this game will make lot of $$$ think about it :)
It's ok, but you move way too slow, and pvp is not fun at all, it's always a one sided match. Also, getting a viable weapon takes way too long.
Starting off its great but i think enemy design could be a little more unique an less humanoid, and being able to trade items with other players would be a nice addition.
Ads everywhere, no point in playing if that's the first issue everyone notices upon starting the game within minutes
you already give incentives to watch ads. making me sit through one everytime i start the game is not appreciated.
It's a good game it just not the quality is pixel is not my kind of thing at least just a good game but I still can give you five stars so don't be just to worry about that
The genre of the game is well made it is interesting although th travelling mechanics is kinda hard and it is expensive to teleport from one place to another and also the items are ok but I wish that there are more details on them not just its weight and material composition like how it can be used that also applies to skills, I wish the skills have some details of how it works...
This game is pretty good but it needs tutorial, story line, etc and lower the gems it's overpriced. Also make more details about the use of items like the skull or mana stone even spells. Put more guide on how to get certain skills and put more classes like paladin(tank) etc.. overall this has alot of potential keep it up
Stable wifi even with the latest phone, the game freezes for no reason time to time leading to dumb deaths wasting hours of grinding. Thank you cowbeans
To be honest the game was enjoyable until you found out that most players abusing it using emulator. Too many alts like on ruby server where you can't farm properly.
I wanna say to all players that about to play this game make sure u are not triggered by any dramas in the game also if u playing this game u must be patient and Can Know how to make money and not wasting it make sure everything that u buy are worth it and Dont make problems that will make you hunted by all players in game.. Keep Finishing quest cuz u can make like 350k only by doing quest.. On level 40 U can now Sell items in Trade post and remember sell items that everyone need only
No story, clunky controls, bad user interface, constant disconnects on Kindle Fire 8 HD Kids Edition, and the English is bad. Only upside is it's free to play. I spent 3 hours playing over two days.
I have an issues here,it tooks to long to load the game,its always said "connecting".And when i click on the server,theres no server available...Hope u can tell me whats the problem n i will give 5 star for this game
Been playing the game for almost a year, can't be more disappointed by the lack of support, updates and interest toward the community.
Is is pretty good but after some time you really can just do nothing once your op. But it is very grindy and addictive to play with friends.
i'll give it 5 star as a supporter of the game there's one thing i just want to ask is that please improve your costumer support and enhance your current state of the game so far the game is nice tho the activity of the mods such us event, and boosts isn't consistent as the reason that it lost most of the players and also it would be nice if you cowbeans make a discordserver for all players to discuss about the game hope yall have a great time see ya
The game is pretty fun and enjoyable, there is only one problem, a HUGE lack of information about skills, items, etc ..
I like the game the quest,The leveling.the monster and the Mechanism of the game. However as i play i found something that u should improve 1. The description item is not clear some item didnt have the description on wht purpose of the item such as magic crystal and scroll of dissolved 2. The skill description it didnt tell u what is the duration of the skill unless u use it. 3. The tutorial at help section is too simple but there is a lot of thing that u didnt explain like range ht modifier
First of all player complaints getting ignored by the mods. Botters and cheaters and those who violate the terms and conditions arent getting banned. The level gap penalty is awful since a lvl 70 who just botted in the game could kill a lvl 55 with ease while the level 55 one couldnt even land a single hit on him. It takes 1 year for the game to get something new. Game is currently stucked in a nutshell. Qol too few and the maps are too small that having 10 players in it could fill the area
i like this game but,when i want to find some monster i not find way to go back knight campaign.....ugggghhhh