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Pixel Dungeon Hero

Pixel Dungeon Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by R.O.App. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun and different from other games. You actually get to play the game and have some progress. Ads aren't as invasive, just the little banner on bottom and rare 5 second ads.
First of all, who did you guys hire to type the words in the game??? I'm pretty sure "Heel" is spelt Heal. Also why does the blacksmith take so long to unlock? Blacksmith should take 30 dungeons and special dungeon should take 60 dungeons. Add a multiplayer Versus, and team mode using wifi. Not enough weapons at the start of the game. Add a guild/faction system where we can compete in events versus other guilds/factions. Change the red "Unique" items to Mythical. it makes more sense since legendary is befor
Too many ads! banner ads and fully screen ads that sometimes even start playing a video. VERY freaking annoying!!! Unacceptable!!! Get rid of one and i will come back.
Original mecanics, fun and light gameplay, no energy to limit you, minimal ads, this is a fine mobile game
There's no clear line between the wooden box and gold box, I could get either common or legendary item from both. The Prize from Special Dungeon aren't so special, you should at least erase common and uncommon. Money, the only currency in game, yet I can do nothing with it after I hit the cap level. maybe you can add some goods in the shop, or upgrade and randomize item effect in the blacksmith to waste some money.
This game is addicting, but after 10 hours or so of playtime my save was wiped. That's a bad bug if I've ever seen one.
Not very far in, it's really fun in the first 20 minutes or so. Unlike most dungeon crawl games you don't have a limited amount of times you can play in a day. So that is a big plus. I will revisit the star rating in a few more play throughs.
Game is amusing, but having switched to a newer phone last all my progress and the persistent ad then fullscreen ad kills momentum.
This game is great ive only got about q5 mins in so far, but it remindes me of archero but more refined and retro. Amazing controlls and endless gear by the sounds of it. A must for any arpg fan
Overall, great game! Love the character items and interface but trying to mounuver the avatar in the dungeons is difficult. Your finger covers the hit box at times and suddenly you are dodging bullet hell blind. I would suggest a thumb joystick to the side.
Game is fun to play, simple concept. Its interesting at first.. but after a while it becomes a repetition.. Pixel do have things like blacksmith n random dungeon to keep it interesting.. but then it quickly loses its spark.. if u like repetitive and simple game.. then this is for u..
This game is excellent! Love the weapon/armor/magic customization system. However, it could use a few tweaks. First, please expand the max inventory cap beyond 50. It's annoying that I have to keep selling off weapons and armor because I run out of space frequently. Second, please consider adding an option of having a message pop up when you sell weapons and armor (you could turn it on and off in the menu section). I accidentally sold off a weapon I meant to keep. Other than that great game! :)
Game is pretty awesome. I found out through some inner programming details that this game is originally called "Treasure Soul" and is from Japan. I wish however that there was a way to copy or move your progress to another device.
Yep, tighten the controls please, and let use some Materials on our Shields/Armor/Accessory slots for further customization. Plus, when we'll be able to combine Materials? (i have like 5 Additional Attack/Bullet materials as of this review)
No im not a bit that wrote this review, i play a lot of random app games and honestly this is really solid, no micro transations, fluid game and it goes on for a long time from what i see, you will like it just to kill time, progression is far its never to hard or to easy. Its pretty good
Very Fun at the start, but becomes boring too fast. Almost no options on end game, and waaaay too easy also. Needs more end game options, i'm at floor 550 and theres no reason to keep going. Just kill everything with 1hit and ultimate Dungeons needs keys and are Very easy too. No reason to keep going, stoped at ultimate dungeon 40
Really like this game and it has no permissions. Old add help info for materials and magic. Not all the increased powers earned in dungeon seem to work egg increased attack. Please add material indicators to shield. And allow option to have another player. Some materials added to weapons and shield, are not always working e.g. attack speed added to shield. Piercing material cancels object breaking material and reduces attack speed. All materials added to both should be visible in equip summary. Please fix
Great concept! But the controls are terrible. I've had the game a couple months and gave it time for updates to go through but it's problems remain. If they fix their game then I'd gladly recommend it to everyone! Until then, keep looking guys.
Absolutely amazing game. No energy systems, no ridiculous IAP, nothing to make you want to uninstall the game. Super simple game play, but so addictive! All this devs games are amazing. Get them all!
Not a terrible game. Ads aren't too bad - the forced ads are around 5 seconds. Town/main screen has an ad on the bottom that is annoying. No option to remove ads with IAP, so it's an uninstall for me.
It plays more like a top-scrolling shooter, but it's pretty entertaining. I don't have any issues with game play or controls lagging, but it would be nice if we could buy equipment from the store and not just sell.
The controls are kind of off and there are multiple very obvious spelling errors, such as, HEEL (the health restoration spell). However, it is pretty fun and, if they patched the controls to be a bit better, I might keep the game downloaded way longer and continue to casually play it for months.
Great so far i have only made it to level 25 but i did only download this game a few hours ago so in terms of what to expect its a simple shooter rpg there are 4 different weapons to choose from spear (long range and piercing)axe ( big damage but short range)sword(balanced) and dagger which has a faster firing rate compared to the other weapons i think. i say 'think' cause i have not used it yet. You can also equip 3 out of 25 spells to help you out. But First you hve to find them on each run.
Simply the best. They said no ending level. I reached 123rd levels and unlock everything. Great job devs :)
like the games its enjoyable to play in youre cell thanks. but some folder coming out in the game when i look at it in my folder file android data when i delete it it never affect my game save what those folder are that i see in my android data folder luzon ph
I love it. It's simple yet fun. The only thing for me is that I can't buy items in shop nd I would also like to have equipment slots for each body part like one for gloves, boots,chest,pants and helmet. And one more skill slot wouldn't hurt but that's just me :P
Absolute terrible controls. I want to keep playing, but it is beyond frustrating not being able to control your character. Randomly jerks you in directions and then slows down for no reason.
Im on floor 389 of the game... there really isnt any type of fun progression its the same dungeons over and over and easily beatable requires no skill to play this game... there isnt a whole lot to do but keep progressing through the dungeons or arenas... it seems like the game has run out of pixel designs for armor and weapons it seems that after a long extent you will be seeing the same gear but with more hp depending on where your at in the dungeon floors... I wouldnt recommend yet it could be a good gam
This is such an addictive game! I'm totally in love with it! This is the third phone I've downloaded it to and I just keeps sucking me in 😅🥲
I didn't like the vertical scroller concept art first but it's well done and you can pause at anytime between levels. You can even replay levels. Lots of easy to obtain loot let's you build your character the way you want.
This game would be great if the controls were anything resembling responsive. You're already limited by your thumb being in the way so you can't see your character, so the fact that the character doesn't move when or at the rate your finger does just makes it impossible to dodge at all.
Needed a new game to play and I found this amazing game. I am at level 177 already. So much fun. The further you get the more fun it gets also. Keep updates coming!! EDIT: Ya I'm addicted now level 602 haha. Bosses should have a visible life bar especially in the ultimate dungeon. Still would love a Bestiary and being able to add materials to armor. EDIT: up to level 727
Great game, rails shooter like the old 1942 style but in an RPG setting. Loads of loot and just the right amount of grind, so far anyway. Really enjoying the game, cant believe its free!
Only real problem is arena chest drop limit (45) makes continuing after around 200 KO's pointless. This limit should be removed.
The game design is great and the amount of replayability is way worth the price of ads. The only possible gripe is with the controls, which takes some getting used to and could definitely be tighter. It would be great if the devs could implement moving the character to the point on the screen that you're touching.
I had thought to play this game for a bit to get a feel for it, but ended up playing for hours before I realized. It combines RPG elements of level up, magic, and equipment with arcade shooting game style play mechanics, and more options are unlocked as you level up.
So far it's a blast to play, the ads aren't annoying but I wish I could pay to remove the ads. Other than that, it is fun to play!