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Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by watabou located at 115563, Moscow, Shipilovskaya st. 23, 2, 311. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A great little time sink for those spare few minutes throughout the day. Fun, engaging, and constantly updated with new features.
Would rate 5 stars but on some layouts there is a locked door with no key on the level, I've searched everywhere for hidden doors, picked up every item, and nothing. It happens almost every other game where there is a locked door with no key
I like it pixelated-classic Dungeon Game; And it is lite & handy edition. . .(4.8 MB) ; Badges are enormous; And survival mode all the time; ★★★★★ Potions and Scrolls are collectibles ; yet it differs for every load of game that you got there. It works so well on Samsung S3-mini ... no problems on rendering images; ♥♥♥♥♥ Thanks "Watabou"... ; ★★★★★ *Note: Watabou_Incorporated owns the original version of Pixel Dungeon. Trademarks are important.
Still one of the best game to play while relaxing... I hope watabou will give a suprise update to this wonderful yet challenging game
One single feature ruins this game for me. I like to at least try to play this game at night before I go to sleep to relax because I dont have the opportunity during the day. This game has a feature where if you play it at night time based on your actual timezone, the game will be on jard mode. Problem is, there is no way to turn it off! So you are just forced to play a game on hard mode if u r some like me. Can't recommend it. This game is more frustrating than fun.
A brilliant turn-based dungeon crawler RPG. Both challenging and addictive gameplay, I highly recommend this game
It's a somewhat simplified roguelike, but at the same time still challenging and addictive. If this has your interest, try PD or any of the standalone mods on the Play Store that tickle your fancy. I have PD along with three modified versions installed on my device myself, and they all have differences that make them worth checking out. It's also ad-free, and to my knowledge the only in-app purchase option in the vanilla game is merely a donation button! Give it a shot: there's no reason not to.
I dont know whats been changed since i last played but encountering 50 freaking craps evertime i reach floor 3 is stupid. I have never had this problem this bad or repeatedly before but redownloaded and its constant
Honestly it has a lot of potential, but the game proves really difficult and dishes out too much punishment for it to be enjoyable
One of the best rogue likes I've ever played. I've been a massive since about 2013-14, and just wanted to say thank you for the hours spent on this. The game is easily in my top 6 for best mobile games ever.
This game is challenging, insanely addictive, and pretty fun. Some may find it too challenging, but if you stick with it, you'll eventually be able to easily progress to higher levels. However, you should definitely get rid of the permadeath. You can't save your progress in any way, which is very annoying when you just spent an hour on the game. The only type of reward you can get for your progress is unlocking the huntress by defeating the third boss, which is insanely difficult to get to.
Been playing this on and off since 2013. It's the game that carried me through android's horrible market place to today (better but not much better 2019). There's a level depth to the game similar to that of brogue just not quite as deep. Took me over 5 years to beat the game and that was after learning how to make use of (abuse) various game mechanics and playing seriously to win. It's a bit luck-based (it's a RL) but your skill comes in the form of realizing when to use an item or when to run.
(This is not a complaint just a funny story) So i was given a task by a ghost to slay a rat. The rat enters the room me and the ghost are still in. I tried to maneuver my way to the rat entered through because a gnol entered the room from the other side. When i made 1 move i triggered a poison gas trap. As I ran to the door a white rat entered the exit. I used a wipe out scroll to take everyone out and forgot the ghost was with me. I am now siting in a poison filled room with a rat skull.
Note for the developers: There is a bug when you trigger a summoning trap with a reach wand, the game just crash and then it erase your saved game. Excellent game! Every game is very random.
I finally got to the shopkeeper and bought a holy cross but it didn't work. I tried to respawn but the game said error and I lost my progress. plz fix the issue devs EDIT: this was patched. The cross works as expected. Thanks devs
This game is outstanding in almost every way. Gameplay is fun, graphics are pretty decent and it's hard but not hellishly impossible hard. It's a shame that the project is finished because if it was still updated, I'm sure it would be able to stand at the top with all the other smash hits. Still, great game you should try this one day
I've been playing this challenging roguelike for years. Still haven't managed to get past level 20. Still exciting every time. Also better than the clones of this game.
This is a game which is one in billion, even i have never won this but it awesome and a piece of an art. Hats off to the developer who made this app. I played this game when i was studying for my 10th grade exam and it kept me in good condition. Love it❤️
Hasn't got any tutorial, there isn't an ingame map etc etc. On top of that it isn't updated for 6 years now and therefore there's no reason for installing this game.
Great game with tough difficulty. There are three default classes: warrior, rouge, and mage. The differences between them feel insignificant and that is my number one complaint. The permadeath adds a unique difficulty to the game. Each time you get further into the dungeon, the more hope you get. Beating the dungeon takes patience, luck, and skill. The graphics are very simple which draws me in. A classic game and if you enjoy it I'd check out the modded varients.
It's a solid game. The graphics are nice and the combat is kept simple. It's a fantastic rough-like game and it's enjoyable. However the description is right. Many people consider game luck based, and it is. You need luck to be on your side the entire course of the game. There is some skill involved but the luck factor outweighs it. I hope, even though the game has been out for quite some time, that the game gets more balanced out.
I have played this game for years. I first played it on the galaxy s5 and I fell in love with it for weeks months and years. Getting through the levels is hard and addictive and for someone who likes to challenge myself this is an incredibly awesome game. Truthfully this game needs some updates, and some changes, maybe add an area where you can modify your characters beginning stats with a special item that can only be hard to find. Pr something All in all 10/10
There's a lot of people complaining that this game is too hard, but these people simply need to git güd. This game is essentially 8/16-Bit Dark Souls, it's tough, but rewarding when you progress past bosses, and after you do the earlier section becomes easy. If you don't like challenging games, this won't be for you, and you should go back to your Candy Crush.
Quite literally the most unforgiving game I've ever played in my entire life. So much so that its basically unplayable, due to that and the fact that every single enemy outspeeds you, so its impossible to run away from an enemy. On top of randomized item effects every reset. How are you supposed to play the game if you CANT play the game?
It's good. I've sunk hours into this and I keep comin' back for more. I'm a sucker for classic Roguelikes, and if you want a good dungeon crawler then here it is. Additionally, the community and it's modding is extremely active, so cooler stuff keeps coming out. I'd suggest playing this one.
It's tricky, and frustrating, and more often than not, you'll die long before you get all that far down in the dungeon - but then that's kind of the point. I love how little hand-holding is involved in this challenging rogue-like. It's a real gem.
Hey great game!!! couple problems though. i went through a couple levels searched high and low for a key for a chest but no luck ever room was searched. another was there was a locked door same problem as chest couldn't find the key even used mapping scroll. there was no other way to get in the room by upper levels so if you could fix this bug that would be great!!!!
Fun, challenging, addictive. One of the best mobile games I've ever played. I've probably played this game at least 100 times and only beat the game 10 times however I keep going back to it. I take screenshots of my closing stats whenever I do win. Every one in a while, I redownload and relive the glory.
An actual game like the original dungeon crawling rouge. Great game just look up a guide. Actually free to play and free to mod. If you actually beat this game and want more, try pathos or nethack. Those are much more expansive than this game but 100x harder. A quick tip to win the game, go warrior and try to acquire a mace. Max level the mace, get the best armor and some health potions and rush the final boss. You will most likely beat it. 5/5 would recommend
Nice, best pixel game I've played on mobile, rats. Gnoll scouts, black goo might be really hard, pirhanas, Perry hard, and last, crabs, they can give you food, but there's a chance you get an effect
Really fun game, doesn't require an internet connection so it's great if you have unreliable service. The boss levels seem impossible the first few times you reach them but that just makes beating them all the more gratifying.
This game is incredible. And it's quite hard as well. But the hardness itself is what makes this game so addictive and unique. The hunger system and weapon strength limitations are essential to this game, and those who complain about it clearly don't know what a rogue-like game is about and why it is fun. If you want a game that is easy, than don't play this game.
The game is an amazing example of a roguelike game. I will admit that I can get a small bit frustrated at times when my luck runs out, but that's the nature of the game. Tip for new players: don't get attached to your character until you've beat your first boss.
I respect this game SO much, free game with optional donations, and the code is open source AND people can upload their versions on the play store? There are no games that do this, I personally hate games with countless ads, it makes the game feel like it's made by robots that put money before anything, I applaud the developers for making such a great game and making it free with no drawbacks, i will definitely donate to this game when I can because I genuinely feel like the developers care
I really loved this game! I was hooked up for hours just to play endless games and achieve to defeat the bosses in every class and it's sub-classes. Bug it's been years since i've played and no updates ever since. I've missed new content and i'm looking forward to new things that will be added to this game. Maybe i'll come back when it does. Lots of love ♥️
I know I'm giving my review a bit late.... but I just want to say that your work is amazing! You have given me so much inspiration, and now i want to start game development. Thank you, and best of luck!
For the people that haven't played this yet, go ahead and give it a try and get a feel for it, but once you get fed up with your armor and weapons breaking from repeated use after upgrading them, you're probably better off playing one of the mods. This is a brilliant game that's ruined by that dreadful degradation system. Please, game developers, I'M BEGGING YOU, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS FUN, GET RID OF THAT HORRIBLE TRAVESTY OF AN UPDATE!!! Do that, and I'll give this game 5 stars.
The first boss is near to impossible to defeat and you are bombarded with enemies that always defeat you. I wouldn't recommend downloading.
Still holds up, great game. I advise that you don't play this with rage, try to be more chill and don't make dying a big deal. Dying is not doing everything over again, dying is starting a new completely different game. (There are still some little flaws in this game that can be annoying) Edit: this game is way too addicting... yeah, I should not play this that much
Played this But after beating one of the bosses the 4th dungeon, I noticed that The item from the shop guy that you can buy get another chance at living/2 life whatever, that's its purpose tho. My question is why dose it vanish from you're inventory after a boss? Kinda defeats the hole purpose of buying it if ya ask me, thaught if ya buy something you got it till you die.
Great game with two complaints: 1) The durability of equippable items decreases the more you upgrade them. 2) The Dwarf Warlocks in this game are overpowered! Seriously, those guys end ~90% of the games I have played! I know, I might be told to "get good" and what not, but these guys have a seriously overpowered range attack which makes fighting them a pain when far away. Complaints aside, I really like this game, and I would recommend it for anyone who likes a good turn-based strategy game.
Game goes to black screen after donating. While this is an extremely good game...after playing for over 100 runs I decided to support the game. After the donation the game breaks. I can reinstall and play but If I click the donate button the game can no longer be played. this is easily a 5 star game but punishing those who donate with bugs you don't fix is abhorrent. 1 star.
Winning once is not nearly enough witha game like this. Juat like "once you pop, you cant stop" its so much easier to keep playing rather than to stop! Also the rogue-like design is almost nostalgic with the similarities to the original ♥
This game is honestly fantastic! If you love old school roguelike RPGs, this is a must try! Cons: I will say it can be frustrating, as the levels are procedurally generated causing it to be a bit random. Also after each boss the next area becomes MUCH harder. (Still haven't beaten the game yet...) But this lead into the pros... Pros: Lots of replayability due to the random generation. And because of the difficulty spikes it leaves you coming back for more, always having learned something new. Each class is fun to play and has things that make them each uniquely viable.
the game is really hard and just annoying to play. Sometimes things happen without warning. the combat system is quite flawed. But no doubt, it has one awesome procedural generation system.
It's about time I got to rating this. 4.3 stars is shameful. When I go to look at the critical comments half of them are complaining they don't know how to play the game or it's too luck based.
I bet there are a bunch of idiots who are terrible at the game and don't try to pause and think, and even though this game is the original one, I don't play this version but I want to give it credit because it is extremely difficult and makes you think. This was the first version, and the code was released to the public and free to be modified. Greatly appreciate that fact, thanks
Even though I struggle to get through the first 3 floors most of the time, I still love to play this game. The challenge keeps me coming back, no matter how frustrated I get. Every new game gives me a new dungeon. I can't say that I've ever seen a dungeon design look like a previous one which is really cool. Full marks for this game!!
I've been playing for about 2 years, on and off, and this game is still fun. You'll die a lot, but with the 4 different classes and a randomized dungeon, the experience is hardly ever the same. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master is true to this game. It's fun in the beginning, and each time you get a bit further you'll find more secrets, renewing the some of the fun aspects.
Please add all new levels and pets from (harder) sprouted pixel dungeon version and clean bugs. Best game on phone ever if you do
Love it. Prefer the modded versions but I have to give credit to the original. Play this game. This is not a question, this is a demand. PLAY IT. NOW.
Really fun! I downloaded after seeing people talk about it on Reddit, thinking "oh, this'll be something fun to do" and it definitely is! I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends. Only problem I have with it is that I can't play it with friends, a local or online multiplayer would turn this awesome game into a more awesome one!!!
I like the game, but the fact that it doesn't save the past progress even if you have logged in before is kinda annoying. I would love to see new weapons (specifically in the lower levels) to give variety. Overall it's a good game.
Pretty darned good and addictive. It really could be slightly tweaked from the difficulty, by limiting the level and number of critters that can spawn on a given level. I have the flesh-eating fish on level 1. :-( For those complaining about randomness: Imagine going into an unknown cave and finding strange monsters and potions, scrolls and more, but you cannot identify them. Now do that again somewhere else, where someone else has created the items. Why should they correspond to each other?
Whoever made pixel dungeon...your lucky,millions of people want to make a picel dungeon like you. But besides that,its great! Adventurous,pixelated,and fun!!! Just bewars of goo!
Had this game many years ago and today, because it's open source, amazing template, and developer, this games genetics continues. Had to drop my two cents here because this developer deserves it. And it doesn't require your blood type or stool sample to play the game! It requires 2 simple fair permissions to run a game not requesting nearly everything like some others.
The game I okay. But I can't find food often enough to survive, nor can I get strong enough fast enough to survive. It's either not possible, or just simply too hard.
I can't stop playing. No matter how many times I die, I just keep going! It's just start, die, repeat. Great game, remains a classic in my opinion.
This game is super hard even level 1, so insane. I keep dying while the other players already reached level 20 or 15 but. How did they do that. Can you put 3 categories (easy, medium, difficult ) because I hardly reach the higher levels. Thank you.
this game is amazing! most of the poor reveiws of this game go off of its difficulty, with self proclaimed "game veterans" and literal children that have no idea what they're doing. Complaints about clicking to move being stupid and lazy is just not true and simply is a gameplay aspect. if you're looking for an entertaing rogue like game for mobile this is for you. this game deserves more love than its given.
The game itself is pretty simplistic, with a retro look and a somewhat generic playstyle, however the creator also added ways to buff gameplay so it becomes easier, perfect for people with low end phones and it nearly doesnt require any power! reading some of the other reviews i realize that it's actaully a frustrating game, you gotta think about all you do and all you can end up doing. people don't realize how good the game is because they dont understand the mechanics. the game needs a wiki.
Old folks would appreciate not being told to LTP. Please add an ultra easy mode for us or make food/health easier to find. I used to love hack/rogue like games. But they were a little hard even back then. Some people just need easier game levels to enjoy them. It might even cause a significant upswing in your game's popularity. Anyone could play Doom...
I love it, but it's really hard to get past the second boss, and hunger is always a problem. It's super addictive though! Keep it up!
Abandoned game, plus the difficulty ramp is all over the place. You get a zerg rush of enemies, and you simply cannot survive.
This game is a challenge. It's not for someone looking to waste their time or get a free win. I'm a huge fan of PD, and it seems like the game is both static and dynamic all at once. I see a lot of people complaining about starving to death or the game being all about luck, which really is simply user error. There's a lot of manipulation of your resources in the game, so while it's easy to starve to death early on, its probably just because you're not budgeting your food right. Love the game!
It's best version of offline poker. It's all about playing around the odds and avoiding common pitfalls. Have had this game on my phone atleast 5 years. Depth is endless.
Amazing game. I've played this game plenty in the past. It sucks that it costs money on the apple store, so during the time where I had an apple and not android, this was pretty much the only game I remembered and wanted to play again cause its just such an amazing and fun game.
This is one of the best games here on google play because most games here are trash but this game has cool graphics and its not forgiving if you die. The game gets harder and harder and you need to find food to survive.
Standard mortal human words cannot tell of the love i have for this game. Its pure perfection, really hard to complete. But worth it. Been playing this for years now and it has always been the best game ive ever played on mobile. Plus as a extra bonus. There are 0! Micro payments or adds. Thank you.
Guys, this is important !!! I think I found bug, a way to break your game. I was playing "warrior", reached the boss at level 10, threw a potion of frost, got very close to him and used the scroll of "psionic blast". It frozen the game and when I reload I'm at the previous room. I tried it like 3 times, the same result. it's pretty fun tho :)) I love your game guys!