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Pixel Craft: Retro Shooter

Pixel Craft: Retro Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SHMUP Games located at 228, Chungsa-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 35209, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game SO much, until i got to the boss "Mother-Ship". Game keeps lagging and some how, i hit a bullet, one of Mother-Ship's bots or bullets. But this game to me is really good! And one more thing. Tetris Bot may be hard if you don't know how to play tetris. But, it give you instructions!
Good game, but can die too easily. Ships could be a bit stronger. Alltogether a v. Good game 🌟👍.
Yeah! The good game! With play, you sing with heart! Make a promise to you for the game! For shoot, this mother haf ten babies! One finger to kill it! Be please to buy? Haf it!
Good game. But when I finish a boss like 1st and 2nd boss of a stage and than die. It starts from the beginning of that stage but not from the last progress that I made killing boss. Can someone help with this issue? Thank you
Very fun and most importantly challenging schmups. Very entertaining and a great companion either at the doctors office or just sitting on the bus or the toilet.
GOOD APPPPPPPPPP Wish you make this app more gooder in the future!! And also some jets are overpriced😂 Pls make them lower on your next update!
The number of projectiles doesn't really work on touch screen when your thumb is blocking a huge part of it.
Amazing game with solid controls. It also has one of the best f2p models I've ever played. I did two playthroughs, the first I didn't spend a dime, the latter I bought double coins. They were both a blast. No secondary currency, and coins are given out like candy. My only real problem is that, as someone with a seizure disorder, this game is terrifying sometimes. Bosses cause the entire screen to flash red when they spawn, and racking up a combo causes the border to rapidly flash.
While not as polished as Shmup Holic's other game, "Retro Shooting," "Space War - Pixel Craft" is a nice piece of programming in its own right. The action is furious, akin to Japanese "Bullet Hell" shooters, the power up system is just satisfying enough to keep you coming back for more, and the 8-bit graphics have style to spare. Give it a try before "Retro Shooting," and you won't be disappointed. Both games occupy a coveted spot on my home screen, along with "Bullet Hell Monday," a favorite.
Downloaded the game, but it fails to open. Uninstalled, reinstalled, same issue. Running a Galaxy s10, so I know my hardware is good. No issues with any other apps, just this one.
This is a fun,old-school shoot 'em up. This game will beat you and make you like it. I wish the ads were not so prevalent,it really throws off gameplay. The graphics could have been a bit cleaner. I know they were going for an old-school feel,but I think they could have been done better.
Quite challenging, took 8 tries to clear first stage. You only get one life to start, and it takes an hour of grinding just to unlock level 1 skip or 2 lives. To get a less tedious experience, you need to spend real money on upgrades.
Good fun, but frustrating for first level to be so hard, took me at least 12 tries and 3 upgrades and I still had to spend coins to buy an extra life when the boss one shot me just as he was nearly dead. Everything one shots you unless you find a rare time limited sheild. Bullet hell serms unfair at times.
Great game but I hate the iron hull chance upgrade too expensive and not gurenteed chance to get health
Really good art, and a good game in general, but movement can be annoying some times. That's really it, good job
I love it!!! cool graphics, i can recognize retro games put into it like centipede, fun gameplay, smooth controls. But the menu screen is constantly flickering- to a level that could almost trigger epilepsy in my opinion. Is this intentional...?
I didn't expect much but was I wrong levels are random and the music good with a plus side of no ads, it's a really fun and simple game.
Pixel graphics, solid gameplay easy to play hard to beat the bosses. The learning curvature in this games is quite pleasant. It's a masterpiece, I love it. Thanks dev. ;)
It's Great way to burn some time, it's really fun and challenging too but I wish it had an update.....
You need to make it where you can replay past levels and make it where the plane is where your finger is. Please make these adjustments.
Still one of my all time favorite mobile games. One of the big things that made this game so great and different than others is that the bosses have personality. That's rare it seems like now especially in mobile games. They behave differently and look different and attack different. This is such a great game.
Excellent game. Looks great, controls well, and it's HARD (that's a compliment). Plenty of variety in the ships and special weapons too. An endless mode would be nice, but the random enemy patterns add some replay value. Kudos to the developer for doing it without ads. I'm happy to spend a few dollars to show my support.
Great pixel art game,but can you pls add a d-pad button,so that my finger will gonna be stable on one side on my phone.and won't be able to move on the whole screen of my phone.
A pretty fun shooter ruined by an inexplicable mid-game Tetris boss. The controls are impossible, and I came to play a shooter, not Tetris!
I love this game but there is 1 thing thats not good for you the developer. The title needs to have one good title for both the appstore and playstore and especially the actual game. In the playstore its called Pixel Craft: Retro Shooter and when you actually open the game the title screen says space war retro shooter. On the appstore its called Pixel Craft: Space Shooter and when you open the game on an iphone it says the same thing. But the title should only have 1 name for all and thats bad
this is a smhup iteration that is hard on the eyes. given the example of the tutorial, I'm convinced that it's an inferior version of the dev's later iteration named 'Retro Shooter'.
A very fun and addictive game. The progression in this game is quite fast; it only took me 2 days to max level all upgrades. The difficulty of this game is not thoroughly spread out, but that's fine. The regular stages don't have that much bulletstorming, then the bosses are where they put most of the difficulty the game offers. I have played Sky Wings and Burning Sky from this app developer and they both seemed like pay2win or moneygrabbing games but this one satisfyingly is not. Very good job!
its the best pixelated game i have ever played its so fun the music is great but i just wish there wasn't a ad everytime i die
Great, fun little phone shmup. However the Tetris boss is a fun idea that is badly implemented and poorly balanced. Look at the leaderboards, less than 10 people have managed to beat it in under 80 seconds to unlock the gameboy ship.
One of the best space shooters out there. Smooth controls, really good retro game music, cool unlockable ships, and surprisingly pretty light effects for an 8 bit game (flying over a sun and blinding laser blasts are beautiful in my opinion). However it's really hard (or I'm just bad at challenging games), but that doesn't bother me! I can unlock levels with in-game coins! So I can't ever be stuck.