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Pixel Blacksmith

Pixel Blacksmith for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Jake Lee Ltd located at 105 York Road Woking GU22 7XW. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've played this game every day since release and it has changed my life, but the Pixel Blacksmith fandom is dying!!! we need a sequel Jake Lee!!!
Overall a good game but kinda easy. If there's ever a sequel, I think it should have more depth and planning involved.
Your game is great but if you can add one thing,let us be able to smelt items like a bronze sword, make it be able to smelt into a bronze ore. And sometimes you'll get tin ore out of smelting.Great game👍
If your looking for a real decent app that is well refined then this is your game. Although it can become a little boring at times it's got a nice level progression to keep you interested for the whole game. plus the option to prestige is quite nice if your a completionist and want to try and play again. All in all would have given it more stars if there was a little more item types and a better quest/helper tab, it feels like it's just a menu instead of sending your hero on a journey
I feel like some items are disappearing when i bulk buy from the market, i bought the ENTIRE MARKET and only got 51 iron ore when i came back after everything was finished, for a game that's years old this is still spaghetti coding. I thought it was just my imagination but this is definitely eating my items. Would not recommend for 5+ years until you properly iron out the bugs first before monetizing this vaporware with premiums and ads
Not bad although it seems hard to make cash. A lot of raw mats can only be sold for what you paid for (which retailers rarely do) and ive also found myaelf having to buy a lot of things i willnever use just to get the things i need. Its a good game but could use tweaks.
Donated for the prestige, which makes this game quite fun. A way to up the level cap of assistants , and a wider variety would be nice. (Or does that increase after every 10 prestige levels?) Metals heavily inspired by Runescape it seems. Been playing that for 15 years so far. So that was quite a fun welcome. Hope i can grab those perks soon, cause too many in queue is a battery drainer. (Yes even after the upgrades :p). Glad to hear about the santa thing not being intentionally common. Looking forward to updates and systematically more variety. But 6 prestiges in i cant judge too quick perhaps. Thank you for creating this game !!
i absolutely love this game. But i keep crashing. i cant even start it anymore. It automatically closes :( i have been playing this for so long now...
Edit: so I did buy premium for this game, but now I cant even sign into the game. When I first installed this, i wasn't so sure if this was gonna be a good game. Boy was I wrong. The game has a lot of stuff to do, making equipment for traders or for your hero, making hero's go Loot items for you, etc. It's very complex. definally install it to try!
great game, i extremely rarely purchase games on phones but i did for this one. only thing i dont like is some kind of refresh that moves items under your finger making you sell wrong items if the timing is bad. still recommended
Hey dev I am having an issue with this game. Whenever I boot up the app I get a pop up notification saying that com.orm.SugarApp requires one or more google play services that are currently not available. Please contact developer for assistance. Thanks.
i used to play it in the early stages, but now its show up as unknown state and stuff like that.... now the games no fun and became a headache
Good game but i found a bug i think. The assistant tab is a bit glitchy like the pig drags and is dark. Just wanted to let you know.
I really love the game but it's sometimes froze and I lost my stuff for smithing but got nothing in return... Please help me.
A really fun game that can keep you occupied for hours on end, if so inclined. But weirdly enough the graphics can make it a bit laggy, go figure...
It's amazing and unique there are not many games like this on the store I really enjoy it.keep up the good work ;-) .
Game is absolute must-have for people who like menagement and idle playing. Game needs few tweak though and I'm waiting for them without much patience, haha. I also think Santa is gamebreaking and I'm looking forward for nerf, or complete delete from the game. It's a good game though so if you haven't installed it yet, do it NOW
its an addictive game but needs a serious overhaul. crafting queue mechanic is slowing the game down. i have prestiged 3 times and now its unbearable to wait whenever you make a huge purchase. i mean like spending 60k coins etc is lagging the game like hell. another problem is opening up the game after workers returned. also it should not be that laggy to calculate selling and adding too many items into the crafting/selling queue... good game though
Great game, I like how you have to manege different types of resources. It's easy but there is always something to do. And no pop-up ads that is a big plus. Thanks
Downloaded the app from the good reviews without bot spam no forced ads 5/5 for being a solid dev in that respect Customer orders could do with some work, but overall its readable. mainly clicking lists and waiting so maybe some sort of minigame for hammer forging would be cool. the art is nice and its easy to distinguish between objects. a quick way to get around lists would also be awesome. keen to see more content added!
This game is a lot of fun! It's a resource managing rpg game. The thing that really drove home my love for this game is how easy it is to reach the dev with questions and bug reports! He responds promptly and professionally. All in all, this is a wonderful game and I am very pleased with the time that I have spent playing this game and look forward to trying to get on some of the leader boards!
All in all a decent blacksmith simulator. A bit slow in the beginning due to level and amount of resources. But which game isn't in this genre of gameplay? My annoyances are; Hero Jobs go from 50-0% when my Hero's strength excedes the required strength even by 200 points. This makes it impossible for my heroes to complete jobs. And the game lags and slows constantly and occasionally crashes. Too much for how simple the game is. Audio cuts out if I assign 4 or more smithing ques and comes back.
i like this game it is simple its canda cute and i feel like im helping bad guys in a friendly enviroment as if im a shop keeper in a RPG and dont car wath you done to have money if you have it your welcome.
This game is both addictive and fun. I love playing it whenever i can. I do question why a few things are where they are(chocolate and sweets in raw food and such) but the game is amazing. Although i have noticed that the controls slow down when you start working in 100's
I like the game but when i got further into the to the game i got lost because there is so much thing that i don't understand
An excellent game, ads are optional only to reduce time for reward or trader refresh. Upgrades are available to resuce crafting times, trader refresh etc, not pay to play. Only problem I have had is quests are broken now, saying my account doesnt have the ability.
Great game worth 5 stars but not right now. My reasoning is cuz of the quests. They seem to be a big part of the mid/end game but they aren't working correctly. Anything on the quest menu I click on just says it's not available for my account. Until this is fixed there's no reason im aware of to prestige because as far as I know the quests are a good source for pages and three only easy to get pages atm is through missions that I would have to wait to do again if I was to prestige.
I like this game. Simple in concept, but still fun. The times that things can take get a bit drastic, but it's not as bad as most other games I've played like this. I really enjoy playing in my spare time.
For some reason the quests arent available on my account. I guess its an premium only thing? Noted spelling errors and grammar issues. Sad it hasnt been updated for awhile i quite like it.
There's a bug, whenever I use the furnace, I didn't receive the product but all my materials were gone.
Absolutely adore this game and the depth with maximizing profit but the one thing that cut this game short for me was the presents from the Santa visitor. This completely breaks the economy and leveling system to where you're not playing for progression anymore.