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Pivot Light Saber

Pivot Light Saber for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Yamuir located at Respaldo 9-W Lucerna, Santo Domingo Este 11516 Santo Domingo. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is terrible. The idea, graphics, controls, and gameplay sucks. if you install this game, you're wasting alot of your time
OMG so good but the first time i got it a few days later it broke and would not load but i downloaded it agian and beat all the levels. It is challenging and the 5th is the most. But plz add more levels and harder ones cuz i found a cheat.
Great app for my toddler, except that it's installed on his tablet and it keeps shutting down his entire tablet
I think that first of all it is a great game but second i think that it needs more levels maybe an online mode like so you can battle your friends, and an endless mode and an offline duel mode and make different difficulties and make in game money that you can earn so you can buy the double lightsaber with in game money. I think that if you add these things I will rate it 5 stars for sure.😊
This game is no good it took me 5 trys to deflet a laser jumping is the only way And it took 5 minutes to crouch
I love how challenging it is it took me a while to beat it also the machine gun guy is not that bad like the other reviews say. Awsome game.
It's ok but when you use your lightsaber it doesn't always hit the enemy's even though your infant of them
There ain't no health packs, there's nothing, how are you supposed to like this stupid game, this game is so stupid, I almost threw my freaking phone, doing it, they no freaking help, that's how you supposed to like this God damn game.
It's a great game and love the controls but I do think the blaster and double saber should be free and i cant pass level 3 I would beat it and get to the crystal but it wont say that I've won and show the next button. But good game overall
Do NOT Download. This is terrible. The controls are awkward. And the lightsaber attack it slow. It is impossible to block blaster shots with this lightsaber. The sound could improve alot. The visuals are bad. This looks like something made in a free animator app. If you are a real fan of star wars do not download this.
Horrible game. First of all, the levels are unfair to play. Second the controls suck! Third the machine gun guys are impossible to kill. Don't download this game. It sucks
what is this game laptop computer pc are the mouse control so you have to fix it oner yes any game of the owner need to fix to make players happy to rate 5 stars.
it don't want us like I hate and says it's a creepy scorpions well that's the only thing I hate about this game what I like about this game is the controls are okay the gameplay is awesome and this is all the levels are wicked plus I just want to download this game so I could get to the last and final level but despite that this is why I like about the game. ps.yummmmmmmmmmmmy pps. this game reminds me of Star Wars
it is fun and cool I love how the bulletts go back when U hit them with the light saber It a great game Go on, try it guys!
The first level is a bit overly hard and you can barely deflect and it feels like if you wait you still loose health
The game is awesome! I hope you get the chance to make a sequel 😍 I *LOVE* the game! I really do, don't listen to the people who say its bad, It's actually really good! hope you can make a sequel!
I need you to do this and I mean I NEED you to do this! Plz add a bit more health to the character because I am stuck on level 3 and don't take too long because I'm not waiting a year for you to just add some more health because I keep dying and I'm raging and the more I rage the more I hate the game...
Awful. Controls are janky, enemies have awful AI, and the only way to actually lose is if you fall asleep during play, which is guaranteed to happen, given how boring this game is. If I could give it 0 stars, I would most definitely do it. This is one of the first games I genuinely hate.
It's good, but If I was the devs I would remove the invisible controls and replace them with buttons and a joystick, and also buff the attack rate and remove those weird pop out of the ground termite thingies
Pretty good althought it's easy when you find a cheat like you can spam jump fornt or backflips and spam your lightsaber and every thing thats in your way will die.
I love this game it's so fun to jump around and deflect shots and strike down enemies with your customizable lightsaber
Love the game but sometimes it has glitches like it freezes and all but a really good and challenging game!
its weird its hard you cant deflect the shots in time and everytime you do its a horray and i belive that it constintly crashing is something they need to fix
I like it because it is fun and it's fun to battle with the and I like Star wars so the lightsaber is fun for me as well but why I live 1 star gone is because time to time that our ads
it pretty good but try and increase the graohics gameplay speed and add abillities then this game will be perfect. and pls create s mutiplayer
This game sucks when im going forwards it goes backwards and doesn't jump i keep taking damage even when I'm not getting hit the blaster doesn't work when I equip it and my lightsaber doesn't delfect and when I hit the enemies they don't even get hit and when it gives me the controls I'm getting hit and killed and i can't do anything and I get an ad every 5 seconds i can barely play the game and when you go to costuming your lightsaber color you have to exit the app an go back in to play thegame
I mean I have seen a lot of star wars games even from the past! Well, they most likely are just Battlefront II (The newest/2017) or Star Wars: Battlefront ( The oldest/1987) but this game is like what I said in the last review so, check it out! Also check my bad reviews at 2 stars.
The last level is unfair its were you take down the two beginning enemies at the start and there is a firing squad wating there and make your health go hafe present so I am deleting the game and the boss 1 hits you
sucks it's the worst game of all. this game's person has a lightsaber and can't even deflect the shots. if I was the person who made this game I would have added a lot more stuff. I would not recommend this to Star Wars fans I would recommend this to people who love games that suck
I really like this game because of all the diffrent lightsaber types and how every crystal you get makes your lightsaber more powerful I just wish there were more levels.
This game Sucks! It never respawns to the controls, and most of all, the enemys are way over powered!
level 7 is impossible at least make an update to make it 1 jedi or give us another...please I beg you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...ok other than that the game is great
Just meh overall, the saber needs to move much faster, the controls need some tuning, and instead of paying real moeny to unlock more crystals or saber+blaster or Darth Maul saber, use a point system or something similar.
I loved this game it was easy and fun the only thing that was hard was level 6 I had to cover my head I beat it in 1 day. I'm going to play it again and see if it's easer.😊
made an in game purchase and game didn't allow me to use what I bought. now I'll have to have my bank fight the charge. my 6 yr old likes the game other than that.
it's fun to have a cat helping you and you can deflect the bullets I like how you can get different types of crystals sith and kill big scorpions and all sorts of stuff
This game is so hard I'm serious it's not fun. How do you make it easier and you should put a deflect button it'll be way easier
I absolutely love it, I showed this to a friend and they also love the game. One thing to improve is the shooting of the machine gun guy, I think it should be 4 or 5 shots, then 1 second break, and then 4 or 5 shots, then 1 second break, you get the idea. OR you could reduce the damage dealt by the machine gun, please do SOMETHING with the machine gun, so that it won't be too overpowered.