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Pirates Outlaws for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Fabled Game located at Room 02, 21/F, Hip Kwan Commercial Building, 38 Pitt Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not a bad game to pass time with. The money grab is a light touch and the gameplay is smooth. On the surface it seems simple but delving in deeper i found a rich vein of possibilities in card combos. This is not your simple tap game. It requires time(grinding it out) which is decently rewarded with more options. There are so many seemingly small things you can do that greatly improve your chances. One example, upgrading your ammo as soon as possible and whenever you can afterward.
The game is forcefully built for you to fail Even when you have the biggest chance to win, the game sorts the cards for you to fail. If it happens once it's my fault, but if it happens 5, 6 times (or always) something smells fishy...
Disappointing - it's cheap to buy, but it plays like a free app. You have two options - spend a lot of cash in micro-transactions or grind the same levels endlessly to get enough coins to unlock the next level, or other characters or enough shop cards or buffs to make progress. I wouldn't complain if it was explicit (free to download and micro-transactions or charge more upfront but make it properly playable without micro-transactions). Otherwise it's a fun enough deck-building game (though you don't get to keep your deck between games and often you are forced to take a card when none of the options are ones you would want). Quite a lot of cards to discover, and sometimes you are lucky enough to develop synergy between cards but this is heavily luck reliant. I would not recommend this game.
This is an attractive, creative and well made game where the fun can be compromised by the level of difficulty. However, the updates are a step in the right direction: new mini-games, characters, upgrades and quests improve the experience.
This is my first review and my first payed app. I cant state with words how amazing and inovative this game is. Ive played hours and dont see me stooping in a near future.
Never happen before i got this addicted to a card based game. And, it's funny people say this is a luck based game. Well, it's true, but your skill is actually much needed than luck. Like, which card you use first will decide the outcome of the battle(typical Rogue Like game). Great game! I haven't yet to see all the feature of the game. But, I want to see more variation of Hero(this is what it's called in this game right?). Maybe a Hero you got after clearing a certain quest, or stage.
Updating to 5 stars from 1. Fair play, the developer has updated the progression system and added new game modes, all of which speeds up currency acquisition to a very fair level.
Fun gameplay at first but hampered by excessive RNG-based difficulty (mainly the boss fights) and extremely slow progression. After several hours of play—probably a couple dozen runs—including paying for the booster in-app purchase (yes, this is a paid game that also has IAPs) I still don't have enough points to unlock any of the characters I'm interested in. A bit of a letdown really.
Love the idea of this game but I hate the fact you can't tell what's permanent and what's temporary. I spent all my gold buying a relic but the next run it's not there?! Coupled with the fact that gold is so hard to get it's stupid. I get the RNG part, but not knowing what I should spend my gold on is stupid.
The game is fun, however you can't modify you deck before launching a mission, you just always have the same deck going into each mission. The cards you get to modify your deck throughout the mission are very RNG. Otherwise very enjoyable to play and plenty of heroes to play with.
It's a fun deck building game. I actually really enjoy it. The downside is that if you don't pay then it will take countless hours to save enough gold through gameplay to get new character and new playing areas. It's pretty much game breaking. I'd have to play for dozens of hours to just get a new character and a new zone.
Very entertaining and challenging card-based game! The smooth and simple graphics disguise a complex and engaging battle system; I've been having fun for hours just trying to beat the first level! Thanks devs for this wondrous game :)
Shockingly good. Very like guild of dungeoneering, slay the spire or monster train. Tight controls, and oh boy are there a ton of classes. No mobile game BS so far. Just buy and play.
I don't take the time to review much, but when something feels special I want to get the word out. This is quite a treat. No bombardment with ads. So refreshing. The campaign and character have just enough uniqueness that each round (in campaign) feel familiar but diffrent. I value my video games at $1/hr of enjoyment and we'll I'm already on hour 5... The developers have something good here.
3 issues. 1. The game talks about how too many cards make your deck bad, but it forces you to take a card after every battle. Most of these games let you pick none if you want. Heck if even pay coins to pick none. 2. The monetisation of this game is awful. Game would be great if you could just buy it. I get they want a way to make money off free players, but just let me buy the damn game. 3. The game doesn't let your or enemies have more than one condition at a time. This might be a bug?
Paid game loaded with micro transactions. The pacing of progression is very slow, seemingly to entice you to spend money on in game currency. I recommend against getting this game if you're not willing to spend quite a bit.
I love it, and want to keep playing it constantly. But the number of times a boss just out-damages me to the point where it's just "Restart, get to hard boss, gg" is stupid. Nothing like 25 minutes of Arena just to get to a boss that bleeds you for 8 a turn and has a permanent 50% dodge lol
Feels like I'm paying money for a freemium game because the RNG is incredibly thin and conveniently, the game is difficult enough to require a grindfest. Waste of money and time.
This is a Slay the Spire clone for mobile, with pirate skins. Most mechanics were copied over, but I still prefer the original, way more options to customize your deck, this game is fairly unbalanced, too.
This game is 99% luck and 1% skill which is very bad. Since the cards and the map is randomised, you could die in the first few battles or at the last battle. When you win you have to get lucky on the rewards. Sometimes you find a healing item, most times you don't. Also, I died so early this one time because the next tavern was 5000 kilometers away. During battle, sometimes you never have enough ammo, other times you have too much. There are a few enemies that cheat (1x5, commander boss, etc).
This game is paid but also has micro transactions. It is grindy in an attempt to get you to buy micro transactions. Also not being able to save partway is quite ba deal-breaker in mobile game. Overall great potential but disappointing execution.
This game is TOO LONG to be fully roguelike. You NEED some kind of checkpoint function that players can fall back to or a restart battle func. The quests are ridiculous without or should all b in progress at once. All quest criteria should be available everygame til complete. Games 90% luck, 10% frustration. Devs, the balance is garbage. Need 2 be able 2 disable useless cards. Majorly frustrating time waster. And not time well spent since the game doesn't get easier by playing. Dont pay a dime.
Full of content for a cheap price. Art is nice too. Combat is exactly what I would want from a rougelike card-based adventure game.
Onestly this is one of the best offline tactical games there is on playstore. Everything for me is 10/10. A big reminder of my childhood games. I really hope for more heroes more maps, just MORE.
Gameplay is good but for a "premium" game there are iap's that seem necessary to progress. Too grind to get stuff without paying. Up the basic price a bit and lessen the focus on iap for progression. Edit: Okay, thanks for responding. I think I understand now. Makes sense that since this is the mobile version, it's a pick up and play thing and you wouldn't feel the grind. I changed the score to reflect just the gameplay and polish.
This game is really fun and has good gameplay. What forced me the 4 star is the sheer amount of paying to get the characters. Yes sure, you can grind but my god good luck grinding your way to get all the chars because it will take forever
There is still many bugs in game like musician damage boost of +3 won't work most of the time...( It is taking +1 damage instead +3) And chicken also ( very few times) won't take increase in damage per few physical hits. Please fix this than o will give you 5 ⭐
A great card game, it's really fun and keeps the pirate theme. I do think being able to buy money can feel like pay to win games, but the the pay to win aspect is pretty small so I can ignore it overall.
Massive replay value, a year later I find myself opening it once and again to relax after Lunch at Job or on my commute to and from work. A very good game indeed! Absolutely love it
Fun game. Easy to get into but complex enough to keep my interests. Progressions is very slow however, unless you shell more $ for the booster.
Don't let the stylized, low-poly art fool you -- this game has a lot of complexity. It succeeds in the, "just one more time!" addictiveness of roguelikes. There's tons of variability in cards, with status upgrades/degrades, melee and ranged attacks, and the ability to upgrade attack cards. You'll never play the same game twice! It's a fantastic value, given the price, especially considering the amount of playable characters and levels. Interesting, fun, and a great deckbuilder!
Its a fun game but it really gets hard at some points , you need to manage your health and money as well as your cards in order to progress far into the campain . If you like deck bulding then go get it
I wasn't going to write a review, but everyone seems to suck at this game and decide to give it 1 star. They get stuck using the Gunner and die at the first boss and complain that they cant use cards because they don't get a reload card. The Gunner by by far is one of the easiest characters because he literally gets a free reload per turn. Play the game right y'all
Good graphics and gameplay but progression is a complete grind. After playing for over a two weeks, I'm still on the first map with two heroes available, and no quests finished. So if you like grinding, this game is great. Otherwise, I might steer clear.
I come back 2 update my 1 star review evry time this game cheats me. Needs checkpoint func that players can fall back to or a restart battle func. The quests, the bosses, the AP, the costs to remove/upgrade are *ridiculous*. Devs will say "ItS aBoUt dEcK MaNaGeMeNt" its not. Its 90% luck, 10% frustration. Devs, the balance is *garbage*. We need 2 be able 2 disable useless cards. Majorly frustrating time waster and not time well spent since the game doesn't get easier by playing. Dont pay a dime.
Almost a fantastic game, but the amount of grinding you have to do to unlock everything is just insane. Dozens and dozens of hours of repeating the same levels still won't give you enough repute to unlock it all. I would happily pay $10-$15 to unlock it all, but you get tired of the same area for so long.
Very nice card rouge like but I can't understand why I can't skip loot when I don't need the cards. Even one of the tooltips mention that keeping the number of cards low is beneficial. Yet I am forced to bloat my deck with useless trash. Also you can't really build 'broken' decks like in Slay the Spire or in Monster train. There are one strong build for every character (I unlocked yet) but nothing too funky. The most op run I had when I had a hella lot of armour cards and 2 'throw armor' cards.
Fun time consumer, good to play and get into when you need to burn time. Rogue type of game with cards as attacks that change every run
seemingly simple enough but exceptionally deep gameplay. difficulty is solid enough to ensure rewarding play. alternate characters are not rushed to you, ensuring you get a chance to dig in and enjoy the characters which might have more nuanced stratagies. highly reccomended if you enjoy magic the gathering or other card games. Great updates!
Not that bad of a game (got it on the free sale) but some of the bosses are definitely very difficult and pretty much impossible to beat and I kinda just feel like it lacks a lot. Probably it's behind a pay wall that I won't touch. So definitely for people like me (that got it on the free sale and won't spend money) it definitely seems like a "constantly pay to get further a tiny bit" kinda thing. Edit: Also don't like that it forces you to pick a card. There should be an option to deny.
A super grindy game unless you want to spend real money. The issue is that unless you want to spend months grinding away your not gonna get very far. It can be fun but i just got annoyed with the bosses and random chance encounters that are unwinnable.
It's not roguelike if you can't skip taking card, the game forcing you to overload your deck. The result, you will not achieve far enough with the best hand you had. And it is suck..
Curently having fun however, I'm encountering bug when receiving items like hammer and toolbook where after upgrading random cards, I cannot go back to exploring and the only option is to abandon. Please fix this game breaking bug. Thank you!
I already paid for the game. Why do i need to grind so much? I have played so much games. this game make u grind so much. You keep playing the same map and fight same bosses over again and again untill u get the right cards to beat bosses. I have played this game for like 2 weeks and i only have 3 chracters in game and like 4 upgrade. In the game u have to buy everything and they make u to grind so hard.just lower character price or give us more golds per game. Conclusion , Game is too Grindy!
The game is pretty good, it can be fun, however the RNG is so stacked against you its insane. I guess you could consider that "challenging", but I find it frustrating. For example if you have dodge it will work less than 30% of the time, but if enemies have dodge it will work above 80% of the time. Mechanics should apply equally.
Yet another excellent game ruined by GREED. There is no way to defeat the second stage boss unless you pay to upgrade your character and your cards (you basically lose ~15 HP per turn and you're Max HP is at best 60 and the boss has ~200 HP). Don't buy unless you want to spend A LOT of money or keep playing the same first stage only. E: It's P2WIN not P2PLAY. Of course you can continue to play the game but you can't win unless you PAY to upgrade (of get extremely lucky in 1 run).
After playing this game for a bit, I can easily say it's one of my favorite pick em up and play kinda game. The cards are fun, the art style is fantastic, and the difficulty to strategize is well placed.
Don't listen to the crybabies in the reviews. For context, I have experience with StS (a20 on all characters). The game is by no means easy and you have to grind for initial upgrades if you have no experience. The game has ALOT of content and interesting tools for you. I had countless hours of fun. The only criticism I have is the high difficulty ramp at the start (which explains the crybabies). It's almost like starting at a10 in StS instead of a0, but eventually you will get the hang of it.
I've been eyeing this game for a while. I was looking for a pirate sailing game but decided to try it anyways. It's a cute card roguelike rpg kind of? Seems like it is going to be grindy the levels have stages after each stage you progress to the next boss. Each playthrough you can unlock new cards through events on the map.
So far so good. Fantastic gameplay, some pay to win features like it's unreasonable high-cost features and character prices. Should be more genenous since you already charged an upfront fee, but overall, a very well-designed game like the PC clone Slay The Spire.
Very very good game. Hard as f***, but worth the time. My only issue is that I find the game drains the battery way too much for the time of game it is. Maybe better optimization could help.
I'm not one to complain usually, but when you pay for a game, you expect quality control. 3rd round in barfight, boss never missed me while being "drunk." Further securing this lapse is the fact that my character almost always has "dodge." This means 50% chance to hit/miss on her end, and 50% to avoid dmg by me. I have fought her 3 times, going over 50+ rounds and she never missed once. There is no indication of a boss special ability in text or otherwise. At 500hp = impossible. Lame.
A fantastic game and very much worth the money. Don't listen to the people complaining about the game being too hard or unfair. It's just not a cakewalk like most mobile games and actually requires some thinking and strategy. Would very much recommend this game to people who like roguelike deckbuilders, and even to people who don't!
3 start because I played it for a long time, but there are no new to the game, Update it and have some event maybe or a new quests and heroes, or new items and world, Its a fun game but its dull when there are no new within the game. thats all thank you.
The initial cost is essentially a demo. The game is far too difficult to get through if you don't spend the double rewards boost in the in app store. You can grind everything out but it would probably take months to do so.
Really fun game. Please ignore the reviews that seem to have no idea what a rogue-like is, if you've played Slay the Spire then you will feel right at home. Purchases are entirely optional and unobtrusive and the game is really good time burner and seems to be easy on the battery as well. You will die a lot but as you learn the game it becomes fairly easy to beat all 3 starting bosses. I've only scratched the surface but there's a load more content.
Absolutely fantastic card game. A bit of a grind, but it also has immense replay value so it balances out. Highly recommend getting the booster pack if you plan on spending any large amount of time playing the game. Come join us on the subreddit to learn tips and tricks for combos and characters, as well as information about upcoming updates!
Its all fun and all, but this boss really annoys me. There is this boss that inflicts you with injure status effect whenever you attack. I mean I get it that you get hurt when you hit it since it is wearing spiky armor. However, I just don't understand why you are still getting injured when you used ranged attack. I mean it doesn't make sense, and it is raising the difficulty for the gunner character.
Sigh, this game is great in gameplay and design. This is one of those that will make you feel bad. You will repeat again and again, die at the same boss and stage again and again. You might think you suck, but no, this game is just luck based. You can't increase your hand and you can't regen ammo every round which us stupid. Ammo is very essential and not regening them is loss, to me, this problem right here is the biggest problem that exists in this game rn.
Usual deckbuilding game with lots of unlockable characters, cards and maps but with some flaws. There can only one status effect on each character so when one is applied, the previous one is removed. There's no explanation of the effect of the status before playing a card only when it is already in effect or for some effects (for example one enemy increases its attack every time you hit him) you don't know until it happens.
I didn't expect this game to be this fun. Collecting cards to improve your character, explore various islands with no certainty on the outcome of your actions, various characters to play as, more locations to explore when you purchase them using in-game currency. This is just my initial impression , let's see if it remains the same later on.
It's a great game however there is massive card imbalances. There are surprisingly good cards and there are others that are just pure rubbish (most of em are) we as players can only have so many choices choosing our cards but these cards like rotten banana, frozen banana are just complete rubbish. Characters are imbalanced too I have tried sword master, ranger, and adventurer but only sword master can truly achieved much. I do feel the ranged cards deserve more damage since they consume Mana.
Genuinely fun. Very intimidating at first so I recommend watching a video on youtube or reading a guide. Once you learn what everything does you will be hooked.
Worth every penny. All 99 of them. This game is reminiscent of Slay the Spire and includes enough content to keep high replay value. Deck building with multiple characters, scenarios and challenges. I highly recommend it
The unique characteristics of game that a hate a little: it's too hard to get new characters and complete missions (to get more gold) need characters...
Oh god, its so fun to play a game with no micro transactions. This game is tip top. I play card games all my life, I know what im saying. Very good game 5*
Ok so this game is really good with a really great artstyle,a real challenge,and exploration while going to other parts of the map like the combat is really simple yet challenging and the game really ain't looking to hold your hand most of the time,so you just have to hope you get a good chance to survive and win in combat by luck and strategy.
Great game just like slay the spire. I was playing arena with the musician, had a great build full with melee cards, then at stage 53 a random 40hp explode guy apears and is invulnarable to melee attacks??? super fun ofcourse almost dying luckily I had alot of hp so I survived, but imediatly at stage 54 another one appears, very fun way to end a arena run. Could I get an answer if that guy is supposed to be invulnarable to melee? Or if its a bugg?
Almost, but not quite. I was super excited about the game, since The Spire is not available on Android. Here I thought that I found myself a game I could sink hours on end. Alas, that was not quite it.. While the core game is amazing and I love some things that are very different, the grind is very real and feels forced. Unlike other games when you die, you feel that it was your fault that you can justify. Here it definitely feels that is because I didn't buy that gold pack to improve my chances
This game is so frustrating. Don't get me wrong the game is nice in terms of game play, graphics, creativity. but u just need to do so much to get soo little. My total play time is 22 hrs and I still can't a 3rd hero after buying the cheapest hero as my second one. U play for almost an entire hour just to get 360 gold. And guess what it can't do u shiit. Reduce the prices or increase the rewards plz so we feel like we are progressing a little bit instead of going a trip after trip pointlessly.
Awesome game, ignore the negative comments regarding p2w pay to win, you can progress at an excellent pace. If you're impatient and new to this genre then I don't recommend it. Otherwise it is gold. Edit#1: after playing for one week now, I purchased the $3.50 upgrade which doubles all gains in the game. I used Google store credit leftover from doing reviews. I think if I didn't purchase the boost it would not be thrilling, just to slow on the gains. 1 week later: This game is awesome
*just to start you can play slay the spire on Xbox cloud gaming* That being said... This game gets worse the more money you spend. At 1st I wanted to support the devs because I genuinely enjoyed their game. But it seems the more money you spend the harder and less enjoyable the game gets. I mean its good the game is modeled this way. I'm just super disappointed I had to spend the money to figure it out. Still remains 1star till I either get a refund (not likely to happen) or something changes.
The game is fun, no doubts there. Art style is great too, very unique and nice to look at. But this game really screws you, simple as that. You buy the app you get 1 character unlocked. Only a few characters are able to be reasonabley grineded out. But there are many more you will simply not want to bother with and there is 1 character you HAVE to buy with money in the game you bought with money. It's honestly a shame. Go play slay the spire.
Micro-transactions in a game I payed money for... The worst. I had to take off another star, pretty much everything is locked behind one of the two currencies in the game. You can either play for month to afford something or you are forced to buy currency for real money. AVOID
I love this game. I might not play it for a little bit while some shiny new game takes an interest for a week or so but I always come back to it and wonder why I stopped.
It's fun, but the unbalance as you get further in the adventures is so unfair. Its frustrating to play over and over with bad RNG and bosses that are way over powered. Even when I won, it didn't feel earned and just lucked into it. It's a paid app, but forces you to spend more money to make it any fun.
As a fan of rouge like card game myself, i really enjoy this game and be able to take it everywhere with me is just amazing. I hope you improve this game even more in the future!
Great game, feels like a mix of the game FTL and Gwent from the Witcher. I've already sunk a few hours in and am enjoying it. There are some game mechanic issues though. The fact that you MUST select a card or relic after winning does not seem right. In some cases it's like a punishment for winning! While you can remove cards in taverns the price is too high! I would suggest a flat rate of like 10-25 coins to remove cards and 50-100 to remove curses
This game is an example of a great design and a poor execution, more precisely, a greedy execution. The game is good, the graphics are colorful and nice, and the gameplay is also funny. But the difficulty is incredible hight after the first round. It becomes a pay for win almost instantly. Too bad, i really would like to complete it.
On the surface this is a great game. Great game play and premise. But once you play for awhile, that changes. Way too much grinding to get any coins. Few ways to thin out your deck when cards are forced on you. And honestly, how you do is based way too much on what cards you get to choose from and what cards you get in your actual turn. If there was a way to deck build beforehand. Or it was based less on luck, I would increase the stars.
Very good game. Turn based, card based. No ads. The micropayments are not necessary to play long and have a lot of fun. However to thank the developers I bought some boosters. Great work !
Great game, especially if you like deck building games. Main game is interesting, and the Arena is nice too. The second boss of the Arena is a little cheaty I feel, but only because it relies on RNG and it never seems to go my way.
As far as mobile games go, it's not bad. Unfortunately it falls into the trap of imitating without innovating, and the ammo mechanic is far too shallow to really shore that up. Pirates Outlaws just makes me want to play Slay the Spire instead.
The game is really good with a lot of content in theory. However, as many reviewers have already stated, you have to grind insane amounts of coins to get new maps or any new content really and it sucks for a game which already costs money. They should definitely lower the threshold to unlock new stuff, otherwise you quickly lose your motivation to go on.
Amazing game, really similar to Slay The Spire, if not better in many aspects like number of characters, skins, upgrades etc. Bravo! Only thing that bothers me is that maybe the proces at the menu shop are a bit high, considering I have double gold and after hours of game Im far from getting a single thing, among the 100 things you can get.
This game has potential but has a ways to go in providing balanced game play. Update: Lowering to one star. Game is getting more unbalanced with each update.
Amazing game where you sneak up on enemies with insane combos out of nowhere. I do have two big gripes though, firstly please add a multiplayer duel feature. Second, the game is just too easy, especially as the swordsman (nerf?).
Very nice and entertaining game. Truly enjoyed playing it. Cant recall in last few years spending so much time on a game :)
This game has extremely slow (even with 2x boost) almost non-progression and is at best frustrating to play with the absurd amount of randomness. There is zero skill involved and your run ends as soon as you draw garbage and go on a bad luck spree which happens consistently right before you could possibly progress. Bosses are pretty much the same and since even with a small deck you can't really plan anything you will inevitably die to no fault of your own. I really wanted to like this game
Awesome game, seriously worth the price, I've played it for many many hours. It's quite difficult, but it's really good. I love the art, the music, and the replayability of it. If you're looking to pass hours of your time playing a mobile game, this is it.
Like a lite version of Slay the Spire, huge fan and nothing I dislike beyond maybe staying up until 3am a few times losing track of time. Also LOVE the way IAPs are done, you don't have buy any at all, after a bit of time I spent I think $5 just to support them, hope to see more games from this developer in the near future.
The only card based game I played. It had me repeating many times over. When you lose a game, you restart from scratch. But its fun regardless of the endless repetitions
It's like "Slay the Spire" except with everything stacked against you and a pirate theme slapped on. It's challenging but not in the way that feels like you're improving and learning with each run. It just feels like the game occasionally decides to rob you when you're doing well. It also seems like the optional power-ups that cost real life cash are required to stand a chance which gives it that pay-to-win vibe. The controls run fine and the artwork isn't terrible, but the game play is just too grueling to be bothered with. I wanted to like it but ultimately uninstalled out of frustration.
Game is fun, but there's multiple cards that don't work. A lot of cards like heal or give Armour don't give you the buff. And the debuffs are useless. When you apply weakness it only lowers by one or 2. But the minion is hitting you for 20 still. Some bosses are just insane and there's no way of killing them because debuffs are weak and their debufss are strong. The game needs a lot of balance changes.
The game is pretty good. Has some really bad bosses that can only be killed if you have one specific card. But other than that I'd give the game it try. It's really fun.
Addicting until you realize the gold only unlocks areas and characters after massive time playing and you can't permanently upgrade any of the cards or characters after the 3 little items in the dmn shop. Very dissatisfied. Also there's an arena boss who's impossible to beat with the sword master. 😡
This is a fantastic game in the deck builder genre, and it add some unique twists that make the game very refreshing, as you have to manage a little more than just your deck, and have to add cards whenever you do combat. However, if you read the critical reviews there's a clear problem: a lot of people aren't practiced with these games, so they severely struggle to play this one. If you have never played a game like slay the spire, don't play this. It's very hard, even for veterans.
Great deck building game. But the game doesn't let you skip card rewards after battle which makes deck building kind of frustrating.
Great game. Only gripe is the inane amount of grinding necessary to unlock anything. When you are winning around 100-300 gold per game, things costing 8000 is downright ridiculous, especially considering WE BOUGHT THIS GAME.
Updated review: I enjoy a good challenge, and I like the strategy involved in the game, but it is annoyingly difficult. It requires playing levels over and over again, and the character upgrade process is very slow, so it feels futile after a while. It needs more options to retain interest, like more upgrades.
I was looking for a game similar to slay the spire and I'm very happy with this one, even finding many ways in which i like this better! Worth every penny and the number of heroes to unlock makes me think that i will be able to enjoy this game for a long time.
The have you pay for the game then grind a few hundred runs to either unlock a character or a new set of enemies. Not worth the money.
Pirates Outlaws is a a great card adventure game by Fabled Game Studios. The art design is fantastic and so is the gameplay. It does suffer from balancing issues e.g. some of the characters are noticeably inferior to others, and adding cards per match isn't exactly an upgrade - which makes the game more luck reliant than it needs to be. Other than that it is still a game I would recommend playing.
Overall very solid card roguelite game. Ton of content and definitely not pay to win. There is a learning curve but once you get the hang of it you can win quite consistently. Rng is a factor but it's balanced out by the ability to reroll battle rewards. More difficulty variation could be welcome (mby an easy mode and a very hard in place of two advanced and two hard?) The hardest could have more bad starting cards as "shoot" or more expensive card removal apart from stronger enemies(suggestion)
This is amazing! Seriously, I might sound like an idiot reviewer, but no. I'm normal. The game is strategic and well developed. The art-style of it is endearing, it doesn't have too much detail so you can basically choose what the look like, with the already added detail. I think the people who think it's bad, either, can't play the game. Or believe it lacks effort. I think the game is perfect.
This game is what paying for a free to play feels like. I was pretty excited by this game at the beginning. And tbh the game is pretty solid, but the progress is highly attach to a economy that pushes to the limits to force you to expend money on the game. There is a great gameplay here with a a lot of potential wasted on greedy practices. Play this on your own risk.
Surprisingly inventive ideas for a mobile card game. Doesn't quite match the balance or depth of Slay the Spire or Monster Train but it scratches the same itch without feeling like a knockoff. Consider the booster a required purchase.
Abit too grindy imo hard to earn gold. Another problem is that adding more cards to your collection is usually a downgrade also since its harder to get what you need. This game depends alot on RNG. . Ok the more i play the more i realise how ridiculously much you have to grind to get enough coins to buy anything. Some bosses require very specific builds to best like the sentinal, so good luck if you build another deck even if it's super op before. Shd add skip card option
I love this game but when I upgraded my phone the app no longer fits on my screen I would love if there was a way to make the app smaller as the top of my screen is cut off and I can't see any of the info up there. If possible could you add a setting to resize the screen
Not bad but there are a few issues I have. The biggest thing is that it gets really grindy, getting gold takes a very long time without paying for it. The other problem I have isn't that big but it's annoying without it nonetheless. I wish there was a way to skip the end of battle cards, there doesn't even have to be extra money for skipping it'd just be nice to be able to prevent deck bloat without removing cards at the tavern
One of the best games I've ever played. It's a very good reminder that a person only really needs one video game to play forever if you get it right. I wish they would add a few more soundtracks so that when I set the phone down to fall asleep I don't get bored of 1 track on loop. Hopefully the game has a *new game plus* or reset button at the end. I haven't gotten that far to know yet. AMAZING 10/10.
Fun game but takes a long, long time to accumulate enough gold to upgrade anything. I'll probably get bored and stop playing before I upgrade anything.
Anything less than 5 stars is unjustified. Some of the best content for a criminally low price and phenomenal mobile experience.
Very interesting and exciting game. For the low price it give a lot of content, which includes 14 heroes, 6 campaign and 3 different mods(at the moment of post). All this you can achieve free with in-game currency, except 1 hero but it's like donation to developers so totally worth it. Game don't force you to pay - only if you to lazy for farming gold coins)) Highly recommend who like card games and rouge like. I only wish some set of cards for new run in campaign - very needs it.
Really beautiful art style and User Interface, too bad that the game is almost imposibble to finish because of bosses almost 5x stronger than you. You would either pay to win or free to lose. I hope they make the bosses weaker that free players could still enjoy the game and will not feel stuck.. Would change to 5 if we (free players) will feel like we are progressing onto something.
I love the art style, and the gameplay feels really good. However, it'd be better if I can have the option of skipping fight rewards, even though this might be intentionally put into the game.
You can't skip taking a card after a fight, and there aren't very many defense or ammo cards compared to the number of attacks. All too often you'll find yourself unable to block anything, and using almost exclusively melee cards because you can't keep the ammunition to use anything else. Some bosses are practically impossible. Redbeard will kill you in four turns after you break his tankard at 100 health left, and in the second area the hedgehog guy inflicts a wound every time you damage him.
Recently I feel like this game has been downright unfair. In lots of scenarios, the game punishes me because I wasnt lucky enough, or just because it doesn't want me to play anymore. I keep finding it harder and harder to come back to this game because of this.
Super fun and affordable, $1 for the base game is a steal for how good this game is. I bought the $4 booster to double repute and gold gains, because this game is great and it's worth it. If you like deck builder roguelikes like Slay the Spire this will be right up your alley, I daresay I might like this better than Slay the Spire, there's a lot of character options and tons of builds you could pull off. Plus who doesn't like pirates 😁 Content/dollar ratio is through the roof!
Game itself is great for short bursts of playing and replayability. However I have to remove one star for its heavy reliance on RNG along with some ridiculously OP enemies. Can get very frustrating without purchasing the double bonus and Admiral IAPs, which I did.
Can you guys add some permanent cards separate from hero's deck, like card collection or something and let us pick one or two cards to start with everytime we embark on an adventure, that would be neat, such a great game.
Very enjoyable game; easy to play, tricky to master. Characters and levels unlockable as you play through the game, opening up different playstyles and challenges. Finding and following questlines encourages replayability of levels. Fun artwork and aesthetic, good prices for IAP. Excellent company with a great work ethic.
I have every right to change my review. At first i had issues playimg this game. Then updated. The issues i had went poof and i found more things that actually made this game hella good. Do have suggestions to make it better i.e. getting rid of or adding more ap cuz i seem to run out WAY to fast. I mean at the start it cost 6 to move anywhere... To much ap.
Really liked the mechanics and the various abilities of the different characters. The new 'Hard' mode seems broken, having one ammo spot for some characters means you get swamped by three enemies in fights :(
This game is well made and challenging. It keeps me coming back for voyage after voyage yet doesn't get stale even with repeat bosses. Thier is a lot to love in this game and I really enjoy that the dev's made each voyage feel different due to card variety and a host of hero's with their own unique powers. The only problem I find is that some cards dont work as described. This is a minor problem however as it hasnt affected me much during play. No ads is a huge bonus. Thank you dev team!
The game is fun, addictive and pretty great, getting the right combination of cards is very satisfying. The vairety of cards and possible strategies is well thought through. However, certian aspects could use more description, and led to frustrating situations, like having the quest active (ticked) otherwise it wont count or how different conditions dont stack. It is also quite grindy and many things must be learnt on your own, like the old games. A log for all enemies faced would be great.
Not a particularly bad game, but a very clear and brazen "Slay the Spire" rip-off. Unfortunately a lot of the mechanics also suffered as a result of the developers simplifying the mechanics and making it a f2p game.
Quite a dishonest game. You buy it. And pay for the extra gold. And still do the same maps with the same bosses. Probably they have too little material to let the players advance. So you grind and you grind, till you had enough of the same cards and you uninstall the game. They have already taken your money.
Good, but the Information about enemies is nonexistent. Sometimes you have a great run and die because an enemy reflects damage without you even having a chance of knowing.
Bro the games fun but to play games you drag them up. However heal cards when you drag them up, auto play onto the first thing they touch, I've constantly healed my enemies back to full, I even full healed a boss because of this janky card playing mechanic. Can't say I'd recommend a game you have to meticulously drag cards on when its a phone game and our screens aren't that big.
Its a very interesting game. One downside is that in the beginning, its quite hard to complete the story because the lack of card. Overall satisfy with the game though.
Really good! I like how many ways you can play the game. The different campaigns have different card that can be found. Mix this with all the different character you can play, with their different starter decks and abilities. The first mobile game that I'm happy I spent my money on. It's almost a 5 out of 5 game. But I don't think I've ever played a 5 out of 5 game on mobile.
Everything is great in this game, the gameplay, style, and even how the cards work! Never seen anything like it, the only problem is the prices of the stuff, like seriously grind alot but you still have 1/3 of the coins you need to unlock the item you want, please can you lower the price, its a pain and makes me lose motivation to still play
Bought it and since then I'm having a blast, this game does not push you to pay anything more to actually have fun . . . only thing I noticed and condemn is that the AI is mostly unaffected by debuffs (ex. AI with a "Blind" debuff [50% chance to miss] will still hit MOST of their attacks) while a player gets affected much more often (just my opinion, perhaps I've been just unlucky) . . . . . Very much worth this low, low price
NOT PAY-TO-WIN: There are in app purchases, but you can play this and advance without buying anything. CHARACTER CHOICE: There's several characters to choose from, each with multiple skins, unique starting abilities, and cards. Every character is a different experience to play. MULTIPLE LEVELS AND QUESTS: this cuts down on the repetitiveness. ADDICTIVE: As a player you can set short and long term goals, really drawing out that sweet dopamine rush that keeps you coming back.
I played for ~200h and I can say with no doubt that this is my favourite card game for Android so far. Yes, you have to pay for a gold multiplier bonus, but that is a one time fee. With so many unique classes, cards, game modes, achievements and quests it surely worths its price!
Well, At first I was disagree with people who rated this game 1 star. Because I found this game challenging and addicting to try again and again. UNTIL I AM on 50th arena boss. I got great cards which I think the best card I can get - I almost invisible with many healing, life steal and great damager. but the boss still overwhelmed me!! - They just too strong. That makes me realize Those people with 1 star were Right!! the balance of them game need to fix especially the boss fight.
Top notch. Incredible replay magnitude. Lots of different builds and strategies to try. Edit: I'm subtracting 2 stars for to much rng in late game. You cannot skip cards, and the amount of ranged-ammo-costing cards I get on melee characters is way to much. At some point, your build is bloated and riddled with cards that got forced on you. Other card collect games have better ways to handle this.
When I first started playing this game, it felt like Slay The Spire. After a few days of playing it, however, I have discovered many flaws. 1. Ammo sustainability: only the gunner can consistently use ammo as a resource, nobody else can. 2. Debuffs and buffs: Forget trying to use the injury mechanic to kill 75% or the enemies past the first boss (including the boss). Enemies can purge any debuff with a buff of their own with no effort. 3. RNG: Basically no skill is needed, only good card draws
So the game costs money to buy and then you need to pay for in app purchases???? Lol why not throw some adds in there by the way?? Would have given the game 5 stars, it is a really fun one, but taking your money before and during the game is too thirsty
Honestly? It's too grindy. You have to win quite a few games to get enough gold to unlock new classes, and sometimes when you do, you find out the class doesn't suit your play style. If there was an idle option, to earn gold while not playing this game would be much better. Besides that the game lacks some QoL features, e.g when you look at your deck during a match there's no option to sort your cards by type. It's an ok game, but it's too demanding.
It's a nice game, with a good game play mechanic, but it's pay to win. I know the game is cheap, but it's not free. And with a paid for game I kind of expected a full game. Going to try and get a refund.
Would be nice if you could actually use the cards you gain after missions, instead of always starting with the original 10. If there's a way to swap them, I can't find it.
An excellent game with plenty of content and variety and in some respects even better than StS. Not 5 stars because of terrible monetisation model - I understand the need to grind to get the currencies but they could have significantly reduced how much new maps and new heroes cost to unlock. I've seen the devs argue elsewhere it's to help support cost but like I said they could've just significantly reduced unlock costs. It doesn't make me want to support the devs at all with this model.
[edited to reflect more current opinions based on devs constantly adding to and improving their game] I liked this game when I first bought it. Since then they have added three new runs, two new game modes, several new characters, and quests for nearly every one of those characters. I bought the doubler(because I was enjoying myself), I bought the Admiral (because I wanted to support the devs), and now I really want to know when they'll be making a new game so I can give them more of my money.
Great game , almost everything can be unlocked via gaming paying is optional. And the RNG is good enough that you face a challenge every run
Great game! Got it for free, but definitely worth the price! In app purchases are also a reasonable price. It has entertained me for hours.
If I can use all hero i have in fight it will be awesome or I can play multiplayer with my friend. I can't imagine that!
The game is quite addictive. But, the app drains my battery much more than the other game does. Battle royale games like PUBG or Internet surfing don't even come close. In the Settings Panel the battery option is showing that this app alone used up 51% battery. After playing for 30 minutes my charge reduces to half. Please fix it! Otherwise I'll uninstall it. Can't play it this way until it's fixed.
1 star until you implement the ability to skip taking a card at the end of combat. You can't honestly create a game that tells you to be very careful how you build your deck and then force someone to take a card at the end of every battle destroying everything you worked hard to build with a card that doesn't synergize. Also you really need to get rid of reload cards. It's OK to have special reloads, but the basic 1 reload card should be replaced with *discard any card for 1 ammo* system
Love the game, hate the business model. It'll be great fun to play but it won't last 'cause I ain't paying 5e for a single hero. Charge me 10-20€ for full game and I'll pay gladly, or something similar.
The best roguelike card game! I have tried almost all roguelike card games and this is the best one yet! the art style is simple yet top notch, game mechanics are not complicated, I love the idea of chapters and diversity of opponents, cards and relics, they don't shove in-game purchases in your face, the upfront price is worth it, the size is light weight, and does not make my phone hot. I happily bought some in game items to further support the devs for their great job! definitely recommend!
It's essentially pay to win. The difficulty is scaled such that you won't be able to complete a quest with the free cards and characters. Personally I'm not motivated to invest in this game because of the complete lack of checkpoints. Quests take a loooong time to complete, and your path is totally random--meaning you will inevitably have bad luck and get wiped out at some point. When that happens, you have to start over from scratch--at the beginning of the quest, with no cards! Arrrrrgh!
Awesome game. It has a lot of content and variety between the characters. Lot of different deck builds you can create too. However it definitely is quite grindy to unlock stuff, it's definitely worth purchasing the doubler add on that doubles gold and repute if you really enjoy the game but I feel there should be another one to make the progression even faster.