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Pirates Of Galaxy: Epic hunter

Pirates Of Galaxy: Epic hunter for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by OneSoft Global PTE. LTD. located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game. Keeps me interested so far. I don't like that you have to use coins to use a ship after you already paid for it!
It is useless to gain coins and gems ...it cannot be use to upgrade the battle plane to the highest level. They aim to satisfy GREED taste and disregard the enjoyment of thier player. Why gave highest rating...!???
I like the game a lot its bery challenging but its not letting me change to the next level which is 41 are 40 thats not good.
Could be a 4-star only if conditions like deduction of a star for being hit by the myriad enemies were removed.Keep it real guys.These games are supposed to be fun/stress-busters not stress-builders!!And you're asking the players to be flawless/perfect when such thing does not exist!!
I absolutely love this game.. Every chance I get I play!! There are barely any ads, which let's face it, seems like every game out there has ads packed in every situation. Levels get progressively harder as the game play continues and you don't have to spend actual money to upgrade your ships. . Overall, it's a wonderful game!
Great game, however upgrades are unnecessarily expensive, and too many ads need to be watched in order to collect enough golds, cause golds are also too expensive.
You are ruining a good game !!!! Lock ups, crashes, videos not working. When it locks up, you cant move your ship and just sit there and die. When it crashes, you lose any levels you passed and any uogrades and rewards. Videos dont work half the time. I thought this was a great game, but the bugs and gliches are getting worse. Can hardly play now. FIX IT !!!! Very frustrating.
If a gamer purchases anything in the app, it should be the gamers permanetly, yet, any ship you buy won't set as your default ship as you don't even get to keep it, so you'd have to continuously rebuy it to use it. NOT worth it. Work on this, ONESOFT. Thank you.
Good game but it makes it to hard to grind so you almost have to pay for upgrades. If you don't pay you'll never be able to move up.
When running levels if you get hurt they take health and gun power away from you, that's so stupid. If you just got hurt you need more powerful weapons. I like if you take your finger off it slows everything down.
Why ranking for my country was only with one name? Before we have the ranking in order, according to level. Now its only one person.
It's a good game but i played and i reached level 10 , the next time i wanted to continue playing, i had to start from level 3!!! What could be the reason behind this? Does it mean it doesn't save players progress?
Totally endless bit of fun although time wasting it's very addictive . Go for it it's a blast from the past
Gameplay is decent but the VIP needs to be easily understood...meaning explain how to earn VIP points without the user having to figure out that they need to purchase an item to obtain them. Also, the hit box needs to shrink slightly.
Great game but very aggressive monetization. I would love to pay for the game. But not for every single feature..
Cool game, not alot of ads..i dont mind a few ads especially if I cant afford to pay. The graphics are great as well as the gameplay. Good job developer.
Badass game great graphics the speed alone was fast and right on point. Great upgrades you can't beat them the ships alone are fantastic. Great job. I recomend this APP. To any one who likes to fly and to kill with some heavy firepower.
You don't offer anything but a little bit money for endless mode, no incentive, not worth playing and i still can't exit your game but you said that bug was fixed, it don't appear to be a bug, it seems to be an intentionally bad design of your game
Brilliant game until it gets impossibly hard and by doing so ruins the game play when the screen is literally full of lasers/bullets/bombs coming at u with no way of getting through. Brilliant until the developer's got lazy
Okay I guess just too many ADS so much that it makes the game not Challenging when the advertising sometimes gets stuck in a loop
This game is almost perfect!!! But one thing they should improve on is the shooting!!! It doesn't make any sence that the ship shoot aromaticly!!! You should be able to choose when you need to fire!!!
positive: - good graphics and general design - plenty of game modes and a fairly good difficulty curve - Advertising only on "demand" for extra rewards negative: - VERY large player-ship with vague collision detection - somewhat sluggish reaction to movement (intended?) - "must pay" to fly a ship you already unlocked .. no fan of that - somewhat boring upgrade and equipment variety - upgrading locked behind a VIP wall
Its ok but have to buy things to advance if you didn't have 2 pay money 2 advance i would have given it 5stars but nope not know
The game is fun. I made one purchase of the unlimted pack and my checking account have been charged 3 times. Unacceptable!😡 Because of that I will be taking further action and will uninstall this game. The greed for money is what messed everything up.🤑😡
A great arcade style shootem' up where the ads do not intefere with your gameplay and plenty of options to upgrade by collecting gold and green gems . This game is total fun with good game and level design. Some levels may appear a little samey at times but the attack waves are definitely challenging on higher levels with good rewards. Highly recommended. :D
If anyone knows a better shooter PLEASE MSG ME! THIS GAME IS RAD. PERIOD. Good graphics..nice upgrades. Cheap weapons. Bossass replay value. Hard to beat the value. One of my top shooters on android. Lookin fwd to a sequel.
The main problem about this game is that ship's hitbox is way too big which makes some of the stuff flying at you unavoidable later on (especially rocks coming from sides) and 1 of 3 requirements to get 3 stars on every level is to finish the level undamaged. If that would be fixed 1 way or another I would give it 4 stars since the graphics are pretty nice and gameplay ain't bad. Game is pretty new so can't demand co-op or any kind of events at least until the major problem above is solved.
I don't know if it was intentional or not. But these guys really did manage to create a bad game. They are trying to mimic HAWK, but they heroically failed at it! Game has nothing to offer to freshen up the genre or at least make some good time for gamer.
Its actually very fun does not cost a fortune to get power ups and can be very addicting. From my view this game was designed with the player in mind well done!! It deserves to have 5 stars.
Pls pls pls fix the bugs in this game....if it ain't one thing it's the next,I really like it but I had to uninstall and reinstall like three times because of problems. The last time I could not get no boxs to open nor could i power up my avitar but the game still took my money do something please.
No Thank You! I lost all my progress twice in a row. You play, then quit, then come back just to see it's wiped your data. Sorry to say sir, but your game got a BIG problem.
Like any other: up-2-date video game that's becomes necessary to up grade, due just how challengingly difficult, skillfull.& cunning: one have amazing: hand-2- eye coordination but, this game;- just many more like it, is more than intense... It's insane ! Love the graphics & special affects !
Good graphics, nice game play, good craft and upgrade system. Cracking little game apart from (as usual) the adverts
Nice and wonderful game ever played love this game so much. Never get bored I want to play again and again. Excitement level is great . This game is made for all groups of ages whether it's children Young age or older age .All ages group love to play this game.I have talked to children 5 to 12 years young groups from ages 13 to 40 years or older ages they all had given a nice response and a 5 star rating to this game. Apart from excitement level The sound and music of this game is sowonderfull
Onesoft do make addictive, sh'mups. There's no denying that, but sadly they're RIP-OFF merchants. Every game is essentially a fruit machine. The game's littered with ads to increase gold (which you badly need to have so no choice but to watch them), loot boxes, memberships, all to take your money. You're better of wasting money in a casino or an online fruit machine/roulette wheel/poker site. At least you'll have a chance of winning money instead of paying to proceed in a game. Geez.....
Well good shmup, graphics top notch and nice learning curve keeps you going. Spend wisely, ads good for goodies especially opening goodie boxes. Don't bother about top scores just survive long enough to upgrade your ship of choice. When you start to grind then it's decision time for you, spend or time on the game. Hey ho off you go.
I go through a lot of shmups. I pass on the ones that pause when I take my finger off the screen. Looked okay otherwise, if you like that.
Great game some levels kinda get you by the balls but there is a stratigy to all games other than that its a great game
A few days in: I laughed out loud when I opened the game and saw how much it looked like H***. Has a ton of the same features and systems, graphics are very cartoony. Heavy on the VIP, like H***. No detail to characters or story I've seen yet, though game is a few months old. Has an endless mode at least. Needs some kind of pvp/multiplayer.
This game is horrible, you have to play so much just to earn coins, and upgrading costs too many coins. Very very poorly designed just so you can purchase coins. Im deleting it. And it drains your battery.
This game is pretty good, so why the4 stars, cause of the way it is made,when after a powerful,u can't get to it cause it's surrounded by enemies,and if u try and kamakazee in,ur dead! Powerups shouldn't be covered like that.
It's an impressive work pulled off by only three people, very qualitative in terms of art and programming! But the monetisation is terribly aggressive, and the incredible cost of selecting default equipment does not even encourage to buy ships, subships or cores, as we cannot switch them freely neither often.
this game is way too sensitive with its controls. I even downloaded the update because I wanted to enjoy this game. as you can see from the one-star rating oh, I did not enjoy it at all. This game needs a lot of Maintenance before it will keep the attention of us gamers. You guys stink.
Super chilled arcade space shooter, easy to farm coins for upgrades, stages are pretty much a breeze until u hit like lets say level 55ish. Its also pretty easy to get ship parts and subship(drones) parts for upgrades even tho the way the odds are rolled are kinda annoying but still, real nice game to pass time with. In the future u should add more ships. More drones, or even ability to obtain duplicate drones n then fuse the duplicates to make even more powerful drones. Add weekend tournaments