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Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure

Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They offer ads. But when you try to watch one. It's never available. Pretty bad when I have to exit the game to move on. Time to delete.
Fun, too many adds, starting to get a little repetitive, not really any good mini games or challenges
I like playing this game it is very fun would like to know how to find out what number chip you are on it stops at 10 please let me know something
Simplistic slot machine game with a ship you can upgrade. There are no arcade style battles or anything cool other than tiny graphic upgrades to a ship that serve no function at all. If you spend $0.99 it says you'll get an add free game but that's not really true at all. Even after paying you're constantly prompted to watch ads to progress. Sadly, the ads show games better than this one.
I played this a while back, say over a year or so ago. I deleted it because I couldn't move on when I got to the last ship. well I recently reinstalled it thinking a bunch of new ships finally arrived, but now that I made to the last ship, still no new ones. This game is absolutely bogus. If takes over a year and a half and still nothing, when it takes other games like this over half the time to come up with new themes. So Long for good.
Can you start playing and they run out of advertising you cannot get rewards without advertisements stupid game!!! This game sucks big time!! Just wanted to let everybody know befor I uninstall it. I wish I had seen a review like this, I never would have installed this pile of camel dung!!!!
A creative way to make you spam the ads because it makes the game a HELLA LOT easier. A "spam ads to win" game. Ho ho ho. The only problem is that you need a stable internet connection.
A lot of fun. Would give it 5 stars if the glitches weren't there. Unlike other games of the sort, this one allows you to watch a video for 10 spins over and over again!
I've been waiting for months for the update. Game stuck , no progress for months. About to give up on it. Keep saying moving on without a hitch. Boy is it ever Hitched ??? 🤣🤣
Fun game, but....you can only go so far. Twice, I've gotten to the end, everything complete, and get a sign saying...coming soon....uninstalling!!!
Niw It freezes when I'm gonna bombs away a revenge the I lose my attack then I have to close out and restart game, also would like to get a spin choice of amount to spin. please fix issue. Thank you 🙂
When you get to a certain island and it keeps saying coming soon and you can't go no further you just play it so someone else can steal your money.thats not fun.how long does it take to get to the next island?
Decent game if it would quit freezing up. can't collect from expeditions. can not collect on expeditions even though the timer is at zero still shows ship out on voyage. also can not watch adds to get free stuff
Tired of the shameless and outrageously expensive money grabbing by the likes of Coin Master and Pirate Kings? Then look no further. This game is very enjoyable because they don't charge you an arm and leg to actually complete tasks and build your ship...at least not yet they don't. Lets hope it stays that way. As long as it does? By far the best spinner game out there. 👍👍👍
was a great game .. but it never gets updated. it still says coming soon and has things to unlock. its beentoo long over 6 weeks. this sucks, im really dissappointed .. bout ready to delete game .... awesome addictive game!! Love the ad watching incentives! what a great idea! i have completed all ships... nothing left to do... please update soon i miss playing
Horrible game. It gives you like 10 spins to do the tutorial and then after that nothing. So you have to wait hours for spins to fill up to actually play the game. The graphics look like something from windows 98. If I could rate it no stars I would but you have to give stars to do a rating.
i like the game other then the fact that i have had all the card set finished up to the ones that say coming soon and i have all my ships done that i can right now so there is nothing else for me to do untell they update it again so now i just waiting to play it more
Pirate Kings have been around for years...then what is the point of Pirate Master ?? And also..spinning a wheel of fortune is more fun and varied than Pirate Masters shallow slot mashing spins.
good game but too often you have to exit the game because buying up grades does not work. watching ads does not work. when you are gone someone hits your ship.
I love this game but will be deleting it soon if it keeps my spins and doesnt quit freezing up on me so i end up loosing my coins to someone else. It a fun game otherwise.
I like this one!! Adorable graphics and it doesn't drain your wallet to enjoy it. You can level up by watching 30 sec ads. Annoying, yes, but worth the free play, definitely! Update: I'm still enjoying the game, but now there seems to be a glitch when I click the watch video for obtaining double prize on attack wins, it closes the whole game, have to restart and I lose the credits. Is so aggravating! I'm missing out on double-tripple bets!! Not every time, but many and everyday day, please fix.
Loving the exploration addition to this games definitely helps when your running low on spins!! :) and building ships instead of islands is a pretty neat feature as well definitely gives you a proper pirate experience lol :D
Way too many glitches!! Coins disappear, tapping on the lobster, the bottle in the water for coins, even on a raid to watch a video for double coins is a big fat NOT!! I must say, of all the games like this, yours was the absolute best. I d/l it about 1:30am and been playing ever since and it's 4:30am. The graphics, animation is fantastic. But sad to say I must uninstall. Too many issues. Maybe another time.
I've completed 10 levels months ago and still can't any further in the game. when is other levels going to be available? I'm fed up of waiting
Pirate Kings meets Coin Master, if you are a fan of these two games, this game is for you, took 2 games that I play regularly and combined them together.... genius! I have no issues what so ever. build your ship up by spinning the wheel to earn money, attack real players, real fun game, highly recommended
It was great untill all of I was frozen and I couldn't build any more. I don't know if it is just my phone.
I do really enjoy playing this game it's difficult in that your building a pirate ship n not an island! Thouugh I have to admit, this game is nowhere as enjoyable as coin master. Since i started playing that game, nothing seems to compare with how good coin master is. Sorry6!!!
No ads unless you want to watch them for spins/cash. No pressure to buy anything. Great time filler game. Love it.
really fun to play but I don't like to have and steal other people's money. I like it for putting together the different islands. all together it's a great game to play especially waiting at the doctor's office.
This is honestly not worth your time downloading. Unfixed glitches means you lose spins. When you reopen the app after letting ths spins add up it doesnt go back to where you were it takes you back to a random position. Have emailed these issues to support with no response!! DON'T BOTHER
I'm stuck. Please help. My ship is fully upgraded but it's not letting me advance to the next one?? I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I can't play anymore till this is fixed. I'm just wasting spins for money to be taken since I don't have a ship to spend it on. 🙄 Otherwise, this Was one of my favorite games of those I play. Please let me know what to do.
this game is okay i play it sometimes to pass the time while i an waiting on something and I run out of spins on Coin Master...
eye love thee double your rewards option, ( ads" are 'welcomed here buddy" ) i 'should due" a full 'purchase into the game" thouGH. 🐘_____
A warning for any new players, especially those disposed to dumping their hard earned money into ad-driven casual apps! The explorations and collections that display coming soon have said the same thing for at least six months now. An email to the developer regarding this went unanswered. Try something else from someone else. This was actually quite good until you run out of things to do.
Fun game but it gets annoying when your fleets come back and your exploration is complete but it won't open and allow you to see your rewards and if you received any or what you may have received. I have to open and close the app 4-5 + x's every single time an exploration has been completed! I send 'Odysseia' out all time and ONLY ONE time I got a gold key or ANY reward at all since I downloaded the game! Very frustrating 👎 cause it takes 24 hrs every time! Also, the pop ups are annoying!
Since I made that review, which, was a very good one. I haven't been able to make progress past a certain island. A message pops up and says there will be new islands coming soon! And that it. It's been months now. I miss the game and would like a explanation. Thx
It's a great game until it decides not to let you watch adverts for extra coins or spins, or when you can't attack someone when there is nothing to attack but won't let you change to another pirate. Apart from those few things, its fun!!!
In the game either after robbing players, or just adds, when i click the video nothing happens. Similar to other games except for the fact that i cant see adds for extra rewards, possible game bug here :)
love the game doesn't have enough levels though I have played out three times now bout to uninstall again
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I play slot of games, this one is made by real people that know what's up! Most games cut you off at a certain point, the makers of this game know the longer the player plays the more opportunity for the players to inapp purchase... They dont push it! Very different from all those other games that stop you and demand! KUDOS!
This is very amazing in we watching the ad and we can get free coins and free spins a lot . To build our village we can watch ad and build its very amazing it's very interesting one plus point is we can get more coins and spins in AD I like it in the very super you also tired friends but it graphic are not well.
please work on the bonuses and double amt awards. They have malfunctioned and will not allow persons to use. This is disappointing to say the least.
I am not able to do anything in this game. Try making games you can actually play problem free. I am able to finish my island but when everything is completed, I cant move to the next island.
The game was fun to start with the when I got to higher levels would not let me advance any further even though I completed the level. Then made me lose over half my coins because I could not advance.
Yes more better than other spinnings - raid and attack game ! This is really fun . No burden about our village ..the game help is a lot with short video ads. So we can complete our village easly. Thank you 🙏❤️
love the game, but can't get questions answered and can't move on to the next level!!! is this how it ends? Just stuck on same level?!
Don't download!!! Game needs serious update!!! Nothing for almost 2 years!!! Game keeps cheating me out of spins!!! Don't download it!!!
i have to keep restarting the game after every ship I build and it keeps taking my spins. I.E i had 64 spins and when I pressed the button to spin once it took 34 spins which I think is very unfair. fix this issue and i will gladly give you five stars. now uninstalled the game as i have to keep restarting the game after each ship is completed and still losing spins for no reason. don't download this app it's rubbish and a total con!!.
I'm enjoying the game so far. Let's see how I feel in a week from now. If I'm still enjoying it I will change my stars to 5 but for now its 4 because I've only been playing for a few days. Im really enjoying it though so its worth 5.
I think this game is super cute fun and very addicting but in a positive way. Way to go makers!! Thanks for all of your hard work time and patients ijn making this not only "FREE" but also fun game.
i have issue with the stop loading at times and would have to reinstall the game to get it work again. Also when i try to do the free video for the building of ship nothing happens
Game is fun. Getting annoyed that they wont add levels or update the cards. Have all sets complete. I noticed the game hasnt been updated in almost a year. Would like the cards unlocked.
first off the game says no ads. You have to watch ads to earn extras. They also pop-up whenever.dont bother. Just got back on this game and lost millions of dollars! Game froze I didn't get my reward. Really the first time I'm on here?
this game was fun and addicting. Now I am at the end with nothing to do. I tried building my gold up, but as soon as I get to 100 million it gets wiped. That's not a complaint, just part of the game. So no point in doing that. thought about completing card sets for more spins. no point there, because if I use the spins all I really get is gold. As pointed out before that's a waste. It really turned into a boring game when there is nothing I can really do. please update the game.
This is one of the better spin games for sure, but I hope as I advance that the opportunity to get more spins stays. At the moment I can get an extra 15 spins when my dolphins are full by watching an ad, now that's Cool.
Was so much better before the glitches started I'm on island 65 and I can't check my cards because of screen freezes I've had to start up the game over twice losing all my progress I spend real money on this game and it just keeps getting worse and worse very enjoyable game need to fix the glitches
This is just like parite kings,,I would have stade with pirate kings but I got up to level 114 and had to delete the game because they wouldn't give me the tokens that I needed to keep playing,,so I hope this game doesn't end up being the same as the other one!
almost like coin master. but you have no way to just buy chests for the cards. that sux but other than that... its ok.
So far so good. Y'all don't give us enough time to experience the game before you have us rate the games now. Chill out we will let y'all know. Just us. Especially players like me. I have 8 games downloaded on my phone I play everyday.