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pink for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bart Bonte located at Bergstraat 17 9880 Aalter Belgium. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When I found Green in Cool Math Games, I was deadly intrigued. So much that I will download any Color series levels. I LOVE the logic thinking within these levels :) For the next Color level, maybe you can make a color White (I have possible ideas for levels)? EDIT: In level 49 (for people who are stuck there) Hint 5 will help. Basically, tap the grapefruit numbered "1". Then go for the fruits labeled "2". And so on...
It was good, but some of the later puzzles had awkward logic that was very confusing. Nonetheless, I have completed yet another color puzzle game. Thank you.
Played through them all! Simple and minimalistic, yet complex and challenging series of puzzles. Perhaps "purple" is next? 💜
Decent sequel but feels less inspired than the prequels. Similar to others some solutions seemed very obtuse or not intuitive. Was annoying to sit through several ads to recurve either a solution that doesn't seem logical, or to so something you had tried before (but progress wasn't clear)
I love this game. The hints are perfect. There needs to be orange. Oh and by the way the music is amazing please put it on YouTube music. Please please make orange or purple. Maybe even brown. You are amazing at making puzzle games so keep it up.
Once again a great game. Although the last level seems not to work smoothly, all the levels were interesting :)
Amazing addition to the series, but I fell as if it's slightly too easy compared to some other games, also I fell like the same level concepts and ideas are being reused for later levels, just with more difficulty added on. But overall, a really fun puzzle game and a great addition to the series, can't wait for the next one.
As always with this series, an excellent puzzle game. Some are very simple, some make you think a lot harder! I had to use hints, but only a few times. The only complaint I have is I solved the last two puzzles on my own but I'm still not sure how they worked - 49 especially was just baffling to me, even though I beat it. The flamingos were very fun!
I've played all your games in the series and this is my favorite one yet. The Music is very nice and I have started listening to it outside of the game.
Excellent game once again! No matter how much I try to follow your instruction, the hints, or even a walk-through of level 49, I still don't understand! I got through it but it definitely was a tough one. Please never stop making games or music!! 💖💖🙂
I really love the series, I started with Yellow and this one is equally interesting. The difficulty increases with every level and helps you think creatively. I enjoyed playing it and highly recommend it.
Bart Bonte's colour games get better and better, the relaxing music paired with the challenging but not frustrating puzzles encapsulates a Zen that's hard to match with other mobile games. I've been a fan of Bonte since Sugar Sugar back in the day, and with quality like this, that won't change anytime soon
Beautifully executed game. Perfect balance of level difficulty. When you get stuck, try to think like Bart. Love that you can play for a minute or two if that's all the time you have. My biggest question is....what's the next color? Love them all. Keep em coming!
The only criticism I could give at all is that the hints for 49 are really obtuse and confusing, and that resulted in an incredible amount of frustrated for me. I almost deleted the game to be honest. But the actual level is very cool. Incredibly good as always.
This game is so amazing! So different from the rest and so unique. I want to thank bart bonte for coming out with a new incredible realease. Defiantly something to download! All of his games are amazing and thanks for coming out with a new colour... I was shocked when I heard there was a new release... 5 stars
As always, just a stellar experience. But what I love about this game, and this is kind of stupid, is the music with this one is actually pretty awesome. I have to kill time a lot in my car so that's when I play the game and the music theme of speakers is actually pretty awesome. Great game. Please keep them coming.
Incredible game as always. Love this series and can't wait for more. Level 45 and 49 didn't seem intuitive. I eventually happened upon the solution for 49, but level 45 didn't make sense (even after using the hints and solution).
I love bart bonte's games sooo much, and this one is awesome. I just need to share what happened to me, I was really distracted playing the game and when I looked up, I was seeing white things as green lol Thanks for the game, it made my week better 👁👄👁💅
As with others in the series, took me less than an hour to get through.... Good game and principals, but could do with more challenging levels and more of them...
Definitely my favorite of the series so far. Love the flamingos and the neon lights. There's a fun atmosphere here that I really enjoyed. Looking forward to more!
Another amazing game from one of my favourite developers. Really enjoyed playing this colour. However, I found this part to be easier than previous parts. Nevertheless, great game and amazing experience.
Once again a awesome game. Everytime I think how could he top this and yet again you did it. You truly put your heart and soul into this game yet again. I loved all the previous games and I will keep loving them. I'll be waiting for the next awesome game you will put out.
Loving it so far. Got to 35 in 10 mins. Will finish others later. Just one issue. Sometimes swiping here and there triggers the gesture controls for navigation on my phone. So I unintentionally press back or go home. Please see if you could figure out a workaround. Love the colour series man! Keep up the good work. Edit: Forgot to mention - Love the flamingos!
Another entry in the now classic colors series. This one felt easier than a few previous ones mostly because there were no phone flip puzzles. There were still a few stumpers and I had to resort to hints. Loved it hope there will be more.
1 word - WOW. In more words, it's is perfect, though some levels I passed by mistake... Finished the game in a single run. The music is perfect, the puzzles are unique and fun, yet another great COLOR game. And yet another great game by Bart! Waiting for more!
I absolutely adore Bart Bonte games, and when I got the email for this one coming out, I literally dropped EVERYTHING to play it. I love puzzle games. Especially these, because they're so easy and fun yet keep that twist of challenge in some levels for a grea contrast, and the style is beautiful to me as well. Thank you for being a Lord and Savior, Bart.
After playing all the released color puzzle games, I can defnitely say these are my favourite games on mobile devices.
Absolutely amazing! The music is good, and the puzzles are so entertaining. Even the ones that had me stumped had a fairly obvious solution, and yet so challenging! Well done on the ending lol. Would love to see another game, however long it takes! This series is the only one that's managed to maintain my interest even after so long. I replay some of these whenever I'm bored.
What a cool game! Fun and relaxing. Some puzzles are not very challenging, but the solutions are usually unexpected and low stress. Even the definitions of solution, success, and achievement are fluid. The music is sensual and the change in music that tells you that you have attained is kind of sexy.
No pressure distraction, great when you don't have much time or might be interrupted as it's easy to pick up where you left off.
I love this game series!!! It's really fun and it really makes you think. Yeah, sometimes it can get frustrating, but for the most part the puzzles are a bit challenging but not impossible. It's one of my favorite puzzle games and I highly recommend!!!
Best puzzle game series on mobile. It's so simple, yet so engaging. I love every single game in the series.
This guy knows his job. I've known him since the Sugar game and every game he made both looks good and is fun/challenging to play. Those puzzle games are his best work I think and musics are pretty cool too. If I had the money I'd support him but sadly economy is not at its best in Turkey and a dollar nearly worths meal to me. So thanks for the game I guess :)
I always enjoy a new Bart Bonte game. Fun puzzles that were a little more challenging this time, and that's alright by me.
MY EYES! In other news, another great Bart Bonte puzzle, and though I never quite figured out what drove the last set of grapefruits, I somehow managed it. Hoping your next favourite colour is a less painful one :D Oh and the music is great!
Another great color game! I felt like the puzzles were easier to figure out compared to the previous game. I think Blue was the latest game that was the hardest for me to figure out. Actually one of my favorite things about this game was the music. It has a nice trance and electronic feel to it. It has the most unique music out of all the games and I'd like to see you make more songs for these games that sound more different rather than slightly altering them for each game. Great work! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pleasant little game, although weaker than the previous entries. Puzzles are either mostly obvious, or gimmick-based in an unclear way, as is common in the series. There isn't really any challenge anywhere, but it's a fine game nonetheless
Game is good but compared to the other colour games I didn't quite like the music and the puzzles. Puzzles seem a bit simplistic and a bit repetitive/similar in this one. One thing I like is how improved the hints are in this game(although sometimes it may give away the entire puzzle). One issue I have noticed is that in the last level, dropping P from a lower height doesn't work.
Your best work so far. I loved the new direction of the music in this one, very reminiscent of some of the electronic artists I listen to. You can see the puzzles improving through his games as themes are developed alongside the colours and this game was no exception.
One more nice game,and every time a little more challenging than the past series games , while maintaining the simplicity and color specific themes behind it. Kudos !!!
This one is my absolute favorite, the music it's amazing, the shade of pink it's just on point! The puzzles aren't so difficult but they're not easy, it's the best one ! This and boo are my top!
I love every single game you create, the sheer creativity of them all is amazing. It's always fun to see how you incorporate the level number into the level itself. You wouldn't happen to have any spoilers for the next one would you? Orange, cyan, lime, white.......? :)
The series is amazing, calming, relaxing, yet engaging. The music is a wonderful soothing mix of soft percussion and sweet vocal "Ah"s. Honestly, I would just love the sound track of the game series in a download haha
Bart, your games have always been awesome, and this one is no exception! They always have me puzzled, and they are very satisfying to finish too.
As usual an amazing game by Bart! This one was a bit challenging for me it took me 2 days since I had a hard time with the last 2 levels, but it was still fun looking forward to the next color!
A great game! I love it! A little easier then the previews games but it was very creative and fun to play with!
I love the game. The puzzles are fun and the music smacks, but level 49 just isn't working. I couldn't figure it out, so I looked up a walkthrough. I've done everything exactly how multiple walkthroughs have told me, and it isn't working. I can't figure out why. I had a few family members try it too, and it hasn't worked for any of us. I love this game series, but the one level doesn't work right.
Yes!!! I've been waiting for another color puzzle game for so long, and it's finally here. As the last color puzzles, I really enjoy this one as well. Really simple. Really fun. Worth the wait.
Loved it, I go through it quite quickly, but I still love it, this one was not too hard not too easy and the music to this one was really the best, went to spotify even to listen to it more. Lovely to see the progress of these games and professionalism. Will be waiting for more of the games!
I haven't even played this yet and I'm already giving it a 5 stars because I know it's gonna be good. Already played the other colour puzzle games, so I'm excited to see what this one brings. Thank you for all the great memories and great games, Bart Bonte! -Beast
The storyline.. The characters we met along the way.. The entire series of colors we've seen so far, each of them different in their own ways, while still having that Bart Bonte feel. I cannot wait for more colors to be released soon!
I love each Barte Bonte color game and this one was awesome just like the rest!! 💗 For level 49 I started clicking randomly and it seemed to work! Loved the game, loved the music 🎶, would definitely recommend to people who like puzzles! 💘💖💗