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Pinball Pro

Pinball Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by TerranDroid located at Suite 603,6th Floor,Laws Commercial Plaza 788 Cheung Sha Wan Road Kowloon,Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pinball arcade. Perhaps too arcady. Ball physics are wonky. Has only five tables that I am aware of and only two are really worth mentioning. Almost everything seems off from how the ball controls to the flippers themselves. Yet it is still a fun distraction.
Pretty fun game. My New High Score was 4,521,300. Just keep bouncing the 20k and 10k to get even more points. 1 Million is the highest in one gold. Is this the World Record? Because I recently broke the pinball score.
Get to a certain point then it stops tallying up points and need to reset the gameplay. Now uninstalled
good .But you can do some 3d experince and buy skin colour of pin ball buy coin and mission competion, for good experience.
Pretty fun pinball game. Works ok and is designed well. Needs more pinball tables as there are only a few and after a while it gets boring. Its a good pinball game app.
Game is great but it needs more work in it. It would be great if there are level editors, daily or weekly challenges. And online leaderboard. That's why I'm giving it a 4 stars 😉
Really quick to get started playing. Controls are entire half screen for each flipper, which is way better than other pinball games I've tried. Longer flippers mean more time playing each ball. Boards are streamlined design, which is probably for the best on a mobile screen.
Just open the app and play. As easy as that. The ads are very decent, not disturbing, only showing up before and after playing. Graphics are perfect, gameplay and controls are perfect, noises are authentic. Several nice tables. I recommend that app.
It's a good game but it doesn't have many maps ....and it's a little bit hard but it's funny and its frames are so high thanks for this game .. Thank you RED ROSE
I've played pin ball for a long time. Reminds me of a old one I restored. it's a lot of fun, and works well on android. What else can you ask for.
it's fun like old school pinball. it's easy not complicated. nice for an older crowd. Thank God you all are thoughtful of old school. you kno it's still people like out here lije old school games. thanks for thinking of others especially us older generation.
the play is responsive but the board's are rather simplistic. a fun waiting room time killer but not very challenging or graphically exciting. it's not bad though.
Looks like a good implementation of pinball, but in play i find the response of the flippers to be sluggish which makes playing very annoying. I cannot say if this due to the app or the box its running on, either way i cannot continue trying to play as the flippers dont move in sync with when i click them. ATB.
very nice pinball SIM. kind of a throwback to the free pinball games that came with Windows in the 90's. not too complex and easy to play
I love pinball and this satisfies my immediate needs without having to go someplace and find a video game. I actually don't care for the video games I love the old fashioned pinball with the big stainless steel ball in it hands on and hands down!
Free games work well. I used to be a pinball wizard on stand up machines. And there's a lot of things missing about it add a lot of things I like. My preferences on these kind of games is on my tablet.
As far as Android type pin ball games go, not bad. I only just started playing this game but was hooked immediately. The are old school style pin ball machines, 70:s and retro 1980;s. The biggest problem playing on. Phone is you can loose the ball in all the glitter of the machine. I'm not even sure if they still make use pin ball machines anymore. They were the first electronic gaming machine to make money. Good job to the developers.
I just loved it all " it brought back so many very happy TIMES!! i spent with my Dad just playing Pinball for hours on end"! Thank you, it realy took me back "! Like if we just left the arcade"!!
Fun pinball game. Tables are simple but fun and look great on my tablet. Needs an option to purchase ad free. I'd gladly pay a few bucks to the developer to get rid of ads. Controls are responsive and physics feel good.
Very bad,a 6-month old baby could play that game,you can literally play with one finger. After 30 seconds you know the patent of the ball and then spend an entire day with the same ball. It is that bad. Should be zero stars.
Fun but i think your app is being copied by Pinball Flipper. That or the app is a copy of Pinball Flipper. I don't know which it is.
This Is The Best Pinball Game Ever!😁👍 The Animation In This Game Is So Realistic, And Also We Play This Game Will Start With 5 Lives Not Likely Other Pinball Game Where We're Only Given 3 Lives At Start.😁👍
Have really enjoyed this game, but had to reinstall to reset high scores. Now... despite being 'uninstalled' high scores still remain. What are you leaving on my phone that they remain?
It says realistic ball physics, that's... Not true. The ball will stick to things, doesn't seem to bounce at all, and seems to slide along the surfaces it's on... Graphics are kind of blah, sounds are few and rather repetitive. It's an okay pinball game. It does give you five balls which is a huge plus if you're enjoying the game.
Unrealistic physics. No option for enabling or disabling targeted ads. Good for very poor mobile phones
Upon starting the game up it looks like it'll be a lot of fun, the graphics are cool and the music a little lame. Then I started. There's a slight hesitation when I touch the screen to activate the flippers. Therefore I cannot control the ball. If you get this fixed I might play it but until then it will be uninstalled.
Back in my day, this was (probably) the best Pinball game I've played. Now, it hasn't aged well, considering it's free. And if an app is free, there's a chance that you will get an ad after EVERY, SINGLE, SECOND. I'm rating this 3 stars. In the future, I would rate it 5 stars if this gets a rehaul.
better than other pinball games! different enjoyable maps! we want more new maps in update! thanks for this game
learning by more goes ' easy to play n set up'' u press rhombus flicker ball pushers on screen 2 move ball on table' really eye catching in colours '
It's ok excerpt for the roulette wheel game. I can't believe how the developer can get away with the fact that the pinball is always drawn to the slots that make you lose points.
I like the game it's very good and going. i like to see that you update the game a little bit more. It would be better if you add some more stuff like holiday themed pinball games. But other wise the game is an excellent experience to me!
Cool retro pinball machines. All of them work great on my tablet. Wish there were more though. Very good job making this app.
the 1st game out of the selection was the best of em all, but its gotten SO slow on the upper section where you really make the points.Since ive been playing again its like the ball weighs 10 lbs. & the swatters are too slow to make it fun anymore. id NEVER get the scores the way its running. ill try a couple of more times, if it dont go back to the way it use to be, ill have to delete it.Speed it back up. like tryin to knock the bottles over in a carnival.
Please slow it down ( the one with the skeleton heads ) It's no fun when it starts slow then speeds up. I can't control it, so I will not play it anymore till you fix it. If not, I will delete. It used to be fun, but not anymore. It's been haywire for a while now but I thought you would have fixed it by now. It's too bad cuz I really like this pinball.
Best. Looks best, feels best, is best. I've tried several pinball games for Android, but that one, until now, beats them all.
Right hand flipper sticks on all the games. BORING too! Unfortunately, tried it again and same problem. Disappointing!!
It takes getting use to the flippers being so touchy. Last one i played they were so hard to get to move. But these are way better. Makes things more fun.
it's an amazing app you can do all sorts of things and it's really easy to control it has many backgrounds and you can have a Halloween one,a Christmas an arcade game a really neon one, my favourite one is the Halloween one!
I like this game a lot but it needs more tables with new themes with a new on add every so often the same five tables get old. But other then that it is a GREAT GAME . If you add more tables I would give it 5 stars FOR SURE!!!
I played this all the time as a kid and it's still great! I'm glad that the different themes have stayed the same:D
Really like the game but hate that, on my Samsung Galaxy A50 phone, I have to turn off "gestures" and turn on the navigation bar, which I hate, because if I don't the game's ("resume" "restart" "high scores" "menu") menu comes up 20 or 30 times a game at random triggered by the operation of the flippers. Otherwise I would have rated it 5 stars.
You are the best games development company. I install this game today . It is best game in this size . But there is one problem that some mobile phone has small screen.So, add option in setting that we can rotate the screen.
This is my favorite game ever. Pin ball game I was played in computer 2008 to follow recently I played in after long time in mobile.thanks pin ball.
App has good table options, and I like the christmas one best. All easy to play. Wouldn't mind having a few more tables thrown in just for good measure, or change existing ones up a wee bit!
The tables are all fun and different and the christmas one is cool to. If you are bored, this game would cure that boredom
Like the game it does like to sink the ball on you , can't bump the machine like real life, and sucks up battery seems like to me, like for keeping my reflexes sharp