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Pinball Arcade for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Farsight Studios located at 611 Spruce Rd Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-2895. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At one point this was a 5 star app and as far as the game itself it still is. The pricing, however, is ridiculous. Over $10 for one table? I understand the work involved but every other company seems to make high quality games for more value. If you purchase a console game for $70 you are getting way more for your money. The value to price ratio for this game is not worth it.$5 a table pack of 1 or 2 is pricey but justifiable. Such a shame this company cannot figure this out.
Top notch pinball arcade app. Buying each table is such a pleasure and the random play option is inspired. Trial plays of unpurchased tables are so generous. Automatically cross credits table purchases from the Stern tables app. The IAP extras such as glow balls and Dr Who balls are wonderful. The tables are meticulously rendered and are state of the art. There are challenges that are free to play, and they sometimes give you a free table to keep for no apparent reason! If you are playing multiplayer over several games, it remembers from one table to the next what each player's preferred camera setting is (with the exception of the very entertaining and forgivable Big Buck). I have never seen this function on any other app. A class act!
Love this game but all of the tables are playing too fast. You can't keep up with the ball as its bouncing around like crazy. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue?
In my last review I suggested that the game, while good, is in need of a revamp. But beyond that, it needs fixes for basic, long-standing issues on Android. Right now "Phantom of the Opera" is on as a free table. But if you actually play the game to a high score it will softlock at the high score entry. Likewise "Bone Busters" has a top flipper and the button for it is placed...at the top of the screen, where nobody will reach it. Likewise "Whoa Nellie" tends to softlock at game start. Etc.
tables are almost exact replicas of originals....!!....update...after keeping original version of game for years without updating.....i finally updated but unfortunately some of my favorite games like "scared stiff" and a few others are not featured but most regretfully the "tilt" is so sensitive that just activating a single flipper in normal operation triggers it.....not only does this ruin practically every available game but is about as far from being realistic as you can get. truly sad
The pinball games are great when they work (which isn't often) I purchased a few packs through the app and the app now just hangs and crashes. Most times it requires me to force reboot. Zen Pinball apps are the better apps for playing pinball. Edit: I have emailed the developer. I attempted clearing cache per the suggestion and the app worked and then locked up again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I typically have to force quit it at least once each time.
Been playing this for years, it's still the best pinball app out there for total number of tables, quality of reproduction of tables from multiple decades and manufacturers, and customization. I own all 100 tables and all of the customizable balls as well. A pinball junkie's must own app. I used to play this on two different Kindle Fires. Now I have it on my Galaxy Note 9. No issues, just fun.
For some reason, I cant get goals completed on my tables. I do what is requested but the goals do not register. Very frustrating.
I Literally waited almost 2 years to get this app because I had 3 tables that I liked. Now there's only 1. I didn't have enough space on my other phone so I never downloaded it but I just got me a new Galaxy 9 so I have plenty of Room. But now there's only 1 game I like. Well I'm not keeping this app. I was all ready to pay for whatever bundles that I needed to, just to get 3 games. But not doing it for 1 game
for me pinball games are all about the flipper control. can i catch & shoot? can i pass ball from one flipper to the other? can i hold flipper in a forward guard position, without locking? Yes indeed! closest to the real thing I've found, so i really don't care how many free boards, although more is always better. ***Can't afford a real pinball machine, so this old fart really appreciates you cats putting this one together!
the worst game in the world blind bruh really only one pinball machine and bruh why does shake So ya the worst game in the world.
Graphics excellent, play sucks. The ball often drains so quickly that it is humanly impossible to use the features to nudge the table. They claim performance is important to them, but that's not true. No updates in several months. I obviously love playing pinball thus the many ratings. I would purchase tables upon improvement. Uninstalling for the last time.
So when will we see any new tables? haven't seen any new ones or even an update lately, and I play this almost everyday. This is by far THE best pinball app out there! Such a shame it had to be ruined by greed. (and I know it's a licensing issue at no fault of Farsight)
this pinball let you play the real old pinball you can find in your local shop. it's a joy! great graphics, great phisics, challenging and huge variety. Each table have a single cost, which it may seem high, but considering the work behind, it's reasonable and they deserve to be paid for their good work. By the way, you can always try a new table every month and save some money with pack purchase.
Too fast something has happened to this game it is running at a speed far to fast to hardly play. I love playing this could you please tell me what i need to do. Dont let me down. I have paid for many games. I am about to try restting my whole phone system. That is all i can do if somebody dont help me resolve this. I have already been waiting a long time please respond.
last update (6/27/19) broke my challenge mode. 4 weeks and no help from support. tried reinstalling. "we forwarded your issue to our QA department." was all the support I got. Very dissatisfied.
The graphics are great - replication of the tables is true to its form of the original pinball tables back in the day. However, unlike the pinball games back in the 70s and 80s when played in real life, these pinball tables use too much strength in its pop bumpers and sligshots where it sends balls down the drain or to the sides much too quickly compared to original game play. Also, the pinball tables of the 1970s and 1980s gave us 5 balls to play instead of 3 balls to play on these recreated
I remember certain aspects of specific pinball games and This amazing app. has ALL the "cause and effect" laws of physics that the real game has! I only played physical games like pinball and never played any of the PONG electronic games that seemed as if to only have 20 variables. I love that I can play real pinball on my phone..AMAZING
IT. A. Very GooD. Pinball. App. To Have. on Your. Phone. And. It. You Love. Your. Pinball. From. Chris
I think i have now tried all the pinball games out there and for me in terms of looks, playability, realism, and pricing structure, this is streets ahead of the others. 'Z' pinball to me isnt as realistic, and way over the top with unnecessary animated figures, wheras Pinball Arcade is like, well going to the arcades and playing pinball! I am addicted, and it has become my new obsession. would like to see some new replica tables in the future, and how about a 'Tommy' Pinball Wizard table? ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Abandonware. It is broken on newer devices such as Galaxy S20, runs 10x fast so you can't actually play.
Terrible game play. Unrealistic movement and ball physics. A rather poor collection of tables could be forgiven if the game play was there but it's not unfortunately. One star seems a little bit too mean so I'm being generous with the two stars. Sorry Farsight, your ship has finally sank.
Excellent Pinball sim! (even without the Williams tables) I hope this continues to receive updates. Sad to see the Williams tables go, but you can't get the classic EM machines anywhere else! Also, this app feels more authentic than other simulations that I've played. I hope they will continue to improve this awesome app and add more EM machines in the future!
i used to play this a few years back. what happened to bally and williams pinballs? a lot of my favourites are missing such as; judge dredd, black rose, black knight 2000, the arabian nights. i just want judge dredd and black knight 2000.
I wouldn't have purchased this had i known what I do now. After purchasing this game I purchased the original Dr Who Pinball game. Then my tablet broke and I had to get a new one, she I restored pinball arcade, the game that I'd paid for did not come with it, and is not even available to buy now
What Happened? I payed for quite a number of games and lost them all when Zen took the rights. Pinball Arcade gave them back to me, then for some reason they all disappeared. Now I'm out the money I payed and the games. Wow.
Really can't recommend this nowadays. I adore Farsight and am looking forward to what they do next, but the physics system in this is over a decade old and it shows. Also, all Williams/Bally tables are gone since the license got yoinked, which is sad.
Great, great game but too bad they lost the Bally and Williams licenses. Physics are the best you will see in a simulation, and these are REAL WORLD machines, not some imaginary things with astronomical scoring for little effort. Read several reviews complaining of short ball times, straight down the middles, and too many quick outlanes. Welcome to real world pinball bucko, where games can be VERY short. Real machines were designed to make money, not let you play all day. Real machines = harder.
Let's see if other's get to see this comment? I have purchased ALL the tables. Been playing since 2014. Was a very cool pinball game, being on a phone and all. Then a bunch of my purchased tables disappeared. I think it had something to do with Licensing? I'm not sure because no one let me know why, about 9 or 10 tables just vanished. No compensation, nothing. I sent an email but crickets. A few 'updates' later and the tables now SUCK!!!! What happened? Same tables but the game play??!!??!!??
I bought the Ghostbusters table on the old version of this app. Funny how this app works but the old version "isn't compatible with my phone". Guess what your purchases don't get an upgrade and I can't play the Ghostbusters table on this version!
As u already know, in really love this app, and I ordered every pinball machine, and I also bought all William's and Ballys by the deadline last year, and I'm glad I did. This app is the best in playstore, favorite. Sorry to keep redditing my reply, but I'm pretty much asking same question again. Will their be more pins added soon. it's been a long time since any updates. Please add some Data East , Gottliev and Sega if possible. Also consider some of the cool cocktail table pins from the 1970s
Unplayable, I can't lunch the ball, allways turns in Tilt when trying to lunch.... Good graphics, but couldn't play... Useless... uninstalled
Good burn very old game which is not maintained by the author. You'll have to turn off high FPS screen mode to play. It stopped working on my Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tonight for no reason. Because it's not maintained in this digital world, there's no excuse and it gets one star.
I love this app. The tables are amazing and very realistic. I have played real machines for over 40 years and counting, highly recommend! Recently one of my tables is crashing the app but I will contact support now to remedy. Hook up a xbox controller to your tablet on this one, major improvement! Enjoy!
Tilts some games would tilt when just shooting ball up i8nto play ...screen would go dark...๐Ÿค” .When changing games, every action is repeated...hit the "go back" the screen go black then return to same page repeat this time it to list games...that's annoying
This used to be a great app, but I've had playability issues since the last update. The right flipper is inoperable on any table, weather free or purchased. Did correct the problem buy uninstalling, but once I stopped playing and started again it was back to a dead flipper. Very disappointing, being I've purchased tables. Hopefully there's a patch to resolve this matter.
Good games but WAY overpriced. Seriously each table should be a dollar each. Period. I know it takes time model and develop each one in the image of their original counterparts but this app has been out for years. Make the older machines cheaper than the new ones. The prices have even gone up since I remember this app coming out.
My favorite and most realistic pinball experience thus far, but I do remember more Willims tables such as Party Zone, Getaway, and Funhouse--these were my favorite--in previous versions. I love camera angles too, a lot of simulators cannot get the right angle. Keep up the great work and please include more tables!
Too easy to tilt. In 5 attempts just to launch the ball, I tilted four times, way too sensitive and needs another way to launch balls.
This app is awesome But when I purchase The Stern pinball table pack it didn't come with the pro version ):
Looks amazing but fir dome reason, tapping on any part of the screen bumps the table then zooms in, by the time it zooms out, the ball already went throw the bumpers causing a loss.
I bought gotlieb pack yesterday and out of 6 tables 2 do not work, they just do not download...gladiator and lights action camera...I feel cheated as paid for 6 and only got 4 tables.
I own a few of the games and its hard for me to believe how good they mimic the real thing. They play very well.. phenomenal job of recreating these titles
The game had already gone downhill after losing the Williams/Bally license, but what is left now is a joke. On some 120hz high-end devices (like Samsung Galaxy Tab S7s), the speed in game is tied to the phone's screen refresh rate. So instead of playing at normal speed, a high end tablet or phone with a 120hz screen refresh rate (again, like the Galaxy S21 Ultra) will run the game at double speed. Unplayable.
Love the game. It took forever for my free games to change last time. Also I purchased some tables a few years ago and when I got a new phone and logged back into my account the games were gone. I paid over 30 dollars for the games. I didn't know they had a time limit.
I am not sure what is going on but i have a samsung s21 ultra and when i play this game it is superfast. So fast i cannot keep track of tbe ball and the table runs beyod the border of the screen... i love the game though and i hope someone can help me out.
I think it's still a great app and all (even without the Williams tables) but, for the price I paid for various packs I'd not expect noticeable flipper lag on a Samsung S10e with the graphics turned down low... specifically on the Ghostbusters table. The "old school" tables are great and work well. How the mighty have fallen!
I have two tablets, one 3G, one 4G, everything that doesn't work on this one works fine on the other one. Newer tech, better gameplay. This tab I use for the older style games that demand less for ok function, the other tab is for the more demanding digital pinballs. The website doesn't have earlier builds and the its the free pinballs you send with the upgrade that is too much for some lower tech. I need the previous build to upload without the demanding graphics. Maybe sandbox new upgrades?
I've had this game for years and added tables to my collection over time. If you are an old-school pinball fan, this is a must have. There are tables from the 60's and 70's when pinball was just gaining real popularity. There's a lot from the 80's and 90's when pinball had a huge up surge. I'm hoping they get license to get more tables soon.
Flipper lag is so bad as to make the Ghost Busters table nearly unplayable. It's roughly a half second from pressing the flipper to seeing any action.
Edit #3: "A licencing issue? No problem. Just display the trial versions (I'm not planning on purchasing anything anyway). I'm really hoping that your William's Tables come back in the future (I also noticed lots of crashes on this app). Besides, it really shouldn't be that hard to renew a license. I want to be helpful to your company; thank you for reading my review." ~Lucas
you keep changing things...not for the better..dont want to sign in to Google play in order to play game i OWN.. bought long ago..not interested in sharing info.. posting high scores.. earning achievements etc...im an adult who likes pinball and very few other game apps..NO FORCED GOOGLE PLAY SIGN IN..thanks for messing up a great app...
I absolutely love your app mostly due to my obsession with pinball as of late. here is my only complaint. I have not been able to try the challenge mode because every time I try to start it the game freezes and then crashes could you please help!
Was pretty great. Now with Samsung S21 Ultra, it is unusable. The game is on hyper lapse now. My son said that they tied their algorithm to frames per second and that since the S21 Ultra has high fps, it speeds up the game to an unusable fast state. This is as good of an explanation as I have heard yet... not just a speed problem. The drain works more like a blackhole in that it sucks the ball in at an exponential rate. Again makes a case for the seed for the pinball algorithm is tied to fps.
Last time I reviewed this was in 2012. They lost the Williams license so those tables are gone. I recently bought the new Star trek table by Stern. It looks and runs great. There are some issues when I use my 8bitdo game controller and leave the table I cannot select any other table. Also if your device powers down it will kick you out of the table your playing. So annoying otherwise a nice pinball app.
I really enjoy the tables until the game starts making it impossible to enjoy the tables. I've downloaded this game quite a few times hoping it would be fixed but got disappointed a few times. Let me know when y'all get it right...I will say my device has got another mind so I will apologize if that's the cause .....damn good game though..
For the people that dont know. This are pinball games that are the same to the real pinball games. You cant get any better then this !! I just found out myself. You can youtube the game names and you will see the same real game same sounds and everything.they even have a game for playstation thats similar .. This is the best thing ever...just wish i can afford the buy them. But you will have 3 for free and they change every month. .anyways thanks to the makers keep it up..
Ok back to 5 stars. Original review, "This deserves 5 stars minimum, through and through. I debate quite a while whether to spend $1.99 on an app. This collection of tables is so spectacular, I've bought all the packs, totalling over $100.00. I have no regrets whatsoever. If anyone had told me years ago that I'd be spending that money on an app/ in-app, I'd have thought them nuts. Ignore any poor reviews. This app and it's tables are gold. "
I got this for me iPad a couple years ago and even though it was expensive I paid something like $30 or $40 to play all the tables I wanted to. I got to play them for maybe 2 months before one day they were simply GONE - every one. They had split or not renewed their contract with several companies. This was strange since a few games I had purchased only a week or so before. Why would you be selling things still that would be gone in a week? No excuse for stealing my money.
Have to downgrade my review with my new phone, too fast to play on my pixel 4. The animations run to quick. The ball played like the tables are at 9 degrees or more. It's not a lot of phone too play on my newer phone. But the tables are accurate recreations. It's just too fast.
Pinball Arcade is legit! I've played pinball since the 90's & this is the closest it gets. I know it's not the exact same but it's better than ALL other apps. It sucks that Williams games were taken off, they had a lot of great games. But before that I was able to purchase my fav. TERMINATOR! I recently changed phones & was glad to see I still had Terminator, but now the table & wizard goals won't change when completed. One question? If I install the new update, will I lose the Terminator game?
The game just looks horribly lit even on max settings. Flat textures and 4000 wats of florescent lighting. It's hard to see the ball when everything is a giant cut and paste collage lit exactly the same way right out of photoshop. Zaccaria pinball absolutely smokes this pathetic attempt at pretty looking tables.
Incredible recreations of classic pinball tables. Everything feels right with the physics. Thank you for letting me carry around in my pocket what I don't have room for in real life.
This game has a mixture of some of the most popular pinball machines back in the day. My favorite was however Mideaval madness and they use to have it on here but now it is not on here anymore.
Everything I get a new phone all my tables are gone. I usually get so frustrated that I just buy them again. I'm tired of being charged over and over for the same item.
Superb recreation. Probably the closest you will ever get to the real thing. Certain mods have obviously been made in the interests of political correctness but I really can't fault the app. Its a shame they lost the license for some of my favourite tables but it's still badass. Those criticising certain aspects of gameplay would do well to remember that the physical arcade tables didn't play perfect either and that's part of the fun. The tables here even have known snags from the real things...
Fun games, but if you reach or exceed the high score, when you put in your initials, someone elses get put in front of your score. Its amazing how hackers high jack the games to steal you coins if you earn them, or points etc.
This pinball game sucks big time no good as I have a PlayStation PS 4 gaming system that I have five different pinball machine on that. Where the grafits are way better on my PlayStation PS 4 gaming system than this one was not even warth down loading at all that is why it gets only one star. I spect to have better graficts as well to be able play more pinball machines for free as the flippers are sluggish at times so if you could do thoughs 3 things that will be great then
Wow!! This is the real deal. The best pinball arcade game. Use to play this tables in arcade centers and casinos. Now Ive got it on my phone. Excellent!! Its like playing on the real table exactly the same. Good job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปit's a must have if you love pinball you won't regret it.
Thank you for the great app that allows me to play recreations of some of my real life favorite pinball tables, and several tables i can play here but unable to find in real life. I've loved this app since it first came to be and was hooked from day one. I couldn't believe the attention to detail on theater of magic as i was playing it irl a couple times a week and everyday on this. Now years later, this is still a collection that is still worth anyone's time, especially any IRL pinball fans.
It said it needed access to my storage to download additional data. But as soon as I allowed access it started right up. No additional download. So i went in and denied access, and now it says it must download more data. I dont trust this! Uninstalling!
*updated* Farsight was very responsive and helped sort out the issue I had even though they no longer support the Vita. I've got some tables on Android, and they are great! Controls are better on PS Vita but still functional here.
I first had williams "Tales of Arabian Nights" and played that for almost 2 yrs then after i bought a Lumina ph . I couldnt find any pinball apps that even came close until i found "pinball Arcade" and it had" Arabian Nights" now i see this new dnload i guess doesnt have it . And thats Really sad . I really liked the new staryTrek and Franknstin so far but removing Arban Nites why .guess ill only give it 3 stars now ....
I am having an issue with Doctor Who. I used to be able to generate dozens of loops by sending the ball into the loop with the top left flipper. After the loop it would drop the ball above the top left flipper to loop again. It is now dropping the ball to the bottom right flipper as if I was always completing W-H-O even when I am just looping. Was this game updated because its significantly lowering my scores with the bug?
In the most recent game ruining flaw the flippers sometimes release despite holding them up, mostly when it will cause the ball to drain or when it's passing a 3rd flipper, and then they will not work for an instant. If it's not one thing it's another like game not pausing when google play interrupts. It have so much potential but so many problems. Shortly after I bought my second table pack on desktop an update made the game stop working altogether on my machine which, despite the wasted money, it actually works out better because saves the frustration that the taunting of this...
I think the devs have done as good of a job as they can with what they've got left to work with. Pretty solid pinball, may frustrate you at times but that's pinball for ya. Old school realism without all the extra eye candy. Nice job.
Just a downright terrible pinball experience. There is a delay on the flippers and the tables conveniently like to throw the ball down the outlanes, ESPECIALLY when you are very close to obtaining a goal. To the developers: Just admit that you cheat and make the tables more difficult than they really are. I just played Black Rose and lost the 1st ball within 1 minute 5 STRAIGHT TIMES! For the love of all things holy, grow up and stop cheating.
Awesome but it needed more! First, why only two of the machines are free? I know to license old machina e trademarks cost a lot of damage, but you guys could bring us freeables based on machine, without trademark idk. Second, some machines have a decay of fps while others don't.
I really like all the games on pinball arcade! What i don't like is the fact that i have bought and paid for all of their table packs but they keep saying i don't own some of the tables. And some of them are my favorite ones to play!
Lovely looking game thanks guys. Just tried it out and been given a wonderful free table Many Shelleys Frankenstein to play on! Sadly I have a problem with the table in portrait mode when I try to use the plunger to fire the ball up the table I am unable to do so as it is just too far over to the right on my phones display for it to register me pressing on it. Not sure what to do about that. The demo tables play fine though. I am using an Honor View 20 if it helps the troubleshoot
Can u guys please put back tales of arabian nights that was my favorite pinball game of all times I used to play evryday now.i cant play nomore :(((
I LOVE THIS APP? It has the EXACT experiences as the real machines, however there were tables that I bought that were removed so therefore I removed the app as well
Three free tables is incorrect-- there's only one, Frankenstein. Phantom & World Tour prompt me to buy them. Also tables are very expensive in-app purchases. Can't just buy a single table you like, have to buy a whole package. EDIT: From reading the history of Farsight Studios, they apparently have to pay large licensing fees to create & sell these tables. So I can't really blame them for the high DLC costs.
I used to love this game. I still *want* to love this game, but I'm sorry I just can't. What the actual fffffff with the constant "tilt" when all I'm doing is tapping the screen to use the paddles??? What's with the crazy sensitivity increase? It's made it unplayable :(
This game's awesome the graphics everything so it's been a lot of time in detailing it surprising that they didn't catch how fast the ball is moving on the table it's not realistic speed otherwise I would have given it five star way too fast show me a ball that moves that fast on a pinball tableif the ball was moving that faster the glass you would have a lot of broken glass and a lot of messed up bumpers
Still okay (Also tip for some with game sped up) Game still is flawed but works fine for what it is. If Pinball Arcade FX3 was on here I'd be in heaven. SPEED TIP: I have noticed this on my phone as well once I realized that this game has an unlocked frame rate or something. If you go into your settings and then display, set your phone from 120hz or anything higher than the regular 60hz you're going to get the game processing incorrectly and making it go super quick. Good luck!
When I had this game 2 or 3 years ago, it started you out with 5 or 6 tables plus a couple other ones whuch switched every month. Came with 2, but one will not download. You should rename it "frankensteins pinball".
best pinball app available still to this day, even if they lost their best/ most classic tables due to a licencing deal fumble. zen pinball company is now the place you have to play the same games farsite studios had. just a fraction of the titles and no where near the quality and realism and overall fun, oh but they do charge much higher and confusing prices at that. hopefully the Pinball Arcade can keep releasing tables from stern gotlieb and maybe even a new company๐Ÿค” and return to Glory!!!
Used to really like this. Haven't played it in a long time and just recently fired it up again. What happened!?!? I'm on a Note 9 and can't see the sides of the tables anymore! Camera angles don't help... and don't get me started on the unrealistic ball speeds! Balls travel at a reasonable speed until you hit them with a flipper.. most of the time the ball takes off at light speed making it near impossible to react if you need to use a flipper again. Such a shame.
It is a great pinball arcade app 2 download, but the level of difficulty for the 3rd and 4th pinball gained is a little unjustified by 35%.
If the pass works on this ones, that's what I saw Trying to know where to tap, but very best this one funtioning. Thank you.
The bad news is that you can just feel that FarSight has given up on The Pinball Arcade in general after losing about half of the content. There's been no new tables for two years now and no actual updates for almost a year.
Awful terrible sound it's always been bad but it's just gotten worse time to do a major overhaul of this game to keep people love the song but it's hard to understand
This used to be a dynamite app. It had so many great tables, and they were recreated perfectly. This new version barely has a fraction of the tables from before. I had a different version of this app from Amazon Underground. Amazon appstore stopped working with android phones so I lost it. I wouldn't pay for any of the tables this thing has, now. Where's The Addams Family? Medieval Madness? Theater of Magic? Scared Stiff? No Good Gofers? Don't waste your time.