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Pimp My Car

Pimp My Car for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Good Job Games located at Akat Mahallesi Besiktas Istanbul Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
For those getting annoyed by ads you should now be aware of programnes like blockada that stops them appearing. Game OK, but repetitive cars early on makes it a bore. Nothing pimping about it. Just cleaning them. Stop paying for subscriptions!!! It's not a mmo
Alright game. However, ever action there is at least 1 ad. They also have a subscription plan of 4.99 a week to remove all ads. I can understand ads help the developers make revenue off a free game. But come on, an ad every action. Or charge us to remove the ads for 4.99 a week for a mindless game. I think not.
I get that the premise of this game is a simple game, but even it's too simple, every car only need two simple steps, and then yo get to the next stage (a new garage) to do just the same thing, there's no increase in the difficulty.
Waaaaaaaaaay too many ads. Either make the game worth all the ads or just get rid of 99% of them. Makes the game not worth it and people won't like it.
Should be changed to wash my car. So much potential to be able to customise the cars for extra gameplay and challenge. Also ad crazy too. Just a quick earner for the developers.
If you want to play this game you will need to put your phone on airport mode. Unless you like watching an advertisement every time you finish a car. Not worth my time.
Don't believe the advertisements. It's a game spoiled by endless ads. Could have been good but they choose to make money with ads. As long as these game developers use ads in between every damn turn, I will not recommended them.
I love the game it is awesome but I don't like how when you get almost to the end they are just the same cars from level 1
Game looks ok controls very basic main problem I have is no music not sound at all makes it very boring and it is ad galore spray car with soap ad wash car off with water ad chose new car ad you watch ads more than you play such ad this is a cheaply made click bait game trying to make you buy the no ads part
A really messed up and laggy game, do not play it. You just clean cars for 10 hours and there will be mooore ads after. The developers need to improve......
They won't let you play even 12 seconds before interrupting you with 45 seconds of ads. Maybe Google needs to start putting stuff like this in a new category called "Not really free games"
Not so great, the game runs good only on preety powerfull phones, I tested on an older Samsung(A3 2016) runs preety bad, tested on a Huawei P9 runs good but when applying foam runs a but heavier: and finally I tested it on an iPhone 11 Pro where it ran smooth, so you need a powerfull phone to play it smoothly, but I don t see myself owning a $1000+ phone to play this silly game, so maybe optimize it for lower specs phone... In other ways the game is not terrible
BBBBBAAAAADDDDD. One of the worst games ever played is this not that realistic. I tried to wash the car and the soap thing kept on reappearing and it auto washed it when I wasn't nearly done. Please don't get game west of ur time and life.
Too many ads. 1 when you finish a car its okay but 1when you finish each little thing that's too much.
It is painfully obvious that the creators of the game are only trying to make a quick buck. You cant even get through a single level before they give you an ad. Literally halfway through the level theres an ad EVERY level.
This game doesn't even deserve 1 star. I do not reccomend it. The game is nothing but ads and their is not even an option to customize the car. The game is too repetitive theirs nothing new in the game you just di the same stuff over and over but in different areas. They might as well just call the game car washing simulator because all you do is WASH CAR'S. The game is boring don't waste your space on it.
Simple, and not entertaining. In my opinion, adding the option to change color of the car, add different rims, and body kits would be ideal.
Game looked interesting but dang the controls are so slow. As well the ads, it happens a lot just go onto YouTube and look up terrible phone ads and that's pretty much the game. As well the ads after they are done open on their own, it's a neat idea but the ads ruin it honestly. As well a huge lie, the ad I saw had you decorating a car, the insides of the car along with stuff like that but nope! You must just wash the car.
There is an ad literally every 30 seconds. Don't waste your time. Also, their "VIP garage" is a 3 DAY free trial followed by 4.99 PER WEEK. For a game where you wash a car and sell to the highest bidder. A scam and a half.
Not sure if I'm missing something here but where is the 'pimping' part? All this app seems to consist of is buying a dirty car, cleaning it and selling it on for a small profit. Not worth paying to remove ads as there is nothing here to keep a player interested. Awful game.
It would be a nice relaxing game if you didnt have to watch an add every time you washed a car (that's is all you do in the game) I get that's how you make money but it's way to much. And if you have to watch an add to get extra rewards I would give them the rewards since its forced. I dont really ever right reviews but I thought this was worth sharing.
It's a bit repetitive. This wouldn't be awful but there are ads between each stage of "pimping"(washing) the cars. Start level? Ad before soaping up the car. Ad before rinsing the car off. Ad before and after getting offers for the car? You bet! It's not something worth wasting the space on your phone for. Download something more worthwhile that's actually fun and not just ads every 10 seconds of gameplay.
complete and utter trash. slow, laggy, repetitive, annoying... almost let's you finish and takes it away from you right as you are about to get that last spot... absolutely infuriating. this game is about as fun as a urinary tract infection.
I downloaded this because it looked good however after completing each stage there is an advert. I couldn't get anywhere or complete anything without one appearing. Maby when you sort it out I will think of downloading it again.
Too many ads. In the middle of a washing a car i dont want to see an ad then again at the end and if you want to get the best offer.. You guessed it another ad.
Alright game, nothing addictive, not worth paying for though and the free version is nothing but game stopping full screen ads, you'll spend more time watching them than playing.
Was so boring. Spraying cars with soap, getting an ad, spraying it with water, getting an ad, choosing someone to buy it, getting an ad... Just terrible
Good premise, but terrible experience. Adds after everything and to get rid of adds I have to pay 4.99 a WEEK. Not one time purchase. No 4.99 a week. That's over 200$ a year. Who do you think you are? That absolutely obscured. Pleas be cautious with apps like this.
The one star i gave is becoz u cant give zero stars.. i would argue that this is probably the worst game i have ever had the displeasure of downloading.. instead of the devs asking for money from the players for "VIP" access.. the devs should pay the players for even viewing this atrocious piece of human waste..
Another very greedy company trying to shove in as many ads as possible. EVERYTIME you change tool there' an ad! Sometimes when you sell the car! You have to wait to select the small "no thanks" under the large "2x cash" video button. They also offer a free trial for a $4.99 per WEEK subscription! Nobody would pay that - they obviously expect us to assume its monthly prescriptions (like everything else) to con you. You're nothing but ad viewers to this company. You're just money. Its not even fun
Far to many ads to make the game deemed actually playable, it's an ad after every car soaped and then an ad after every car is washed down. If it were an ad after every third car then the review would be higher. Not a fan of this game.
Worst game I ever played and there ads every 30 seconds it honestly sad how mobile games are now and days they dont even try to put effort in their game at all and they dont even care if you guys complain about ads cuz people are still gonna play it which just makes this the quick way to make money. games like this should be taken down
The touch is super laggy, and the movement of the car could use a change. Maybe add a button to rotate the car. Seperate it from the overall movement and maybe it will help the touch issue with spraying?
Extremely repetitive game, wash an sell a car, the only real control you have is washing the car an even that is very wonky at best!! Uninstalled!!
Huge disappointment. This isn't a game, this is ad's with a tiny amount of play. Tons of forced ad's in the middle of cleaning cars. You can't have this game open more than 10 seconds before they force an ad on you. Do not play
Terrible game downloaded from an Instagram ad, worst decision I have made on my phone. This app has given me a search redirect virus do NOT download this app, It is connected with spyware. Couldn't be more disappointed. Plus it's really repetitive and boring.
It's a neat little game although there's not much to it, maybe waxing the car or something? Just seems like it could use more or be expanded upon..
Horrible game, no pimping of cars involved. Its basically a car washing game. First you spray on the soap, then you wash that off finally you sell the car. The ads lead me to believe that I would be able to customize the cars in some way. Yet another game that promises one thing and delivers another.
3 actions only: foam, water, sell. And again, and again... And again. Then you think that second garage will be a bit different. Nope. Still 3 actions. A lot of ads (almost after every foaming). Wasted time and energy.
Mindless "gameplay" that's more ads than game. They try to get you to spend money right off the bat. Sorry game, don't want your time.
Gameplay was fun but the ads on this game were outrageous. I only played 5 min and had 10 - 15 min of ads. I deleted the game from my phone.. way too many ads.
Controls too slidy, two ads per single vehicle, and theres really not much gameplay. It's quite literally rinse and repeat. Only redeeming factor is that it soothed my OCD for the two seconds it held my attention
Way too many ads, everytime I sell a car, then get a new one, after I spray the soap, before I can rinse it plays an ad that ive seen multiple times already, either yall are pushing hard for paying for VIP, or yall just make money from ads, not everyone has money to be buying VIP membership all the dadgum time.