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Pile It 3D

Pile It 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD located at Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not challenging in the slightest, first 40 levels at least are just pressing one button with no puzzle element to it, game looked promising when I saw an ad showing the gameplay having two buttons in which you had to click them in the correct order, seemed interesting to me and boy was I underwhelmed
Horrible. This so called "game" had ads after almost every level, which would be okay if the game itself was fun, but that was not the case. It's way too easy and the only way you can get a challenge is if you watch another longer ad, and those levels were not difficult at all either. Do not waste your time downloading this. Thank you.
There's nothing to this game. It's very much just a way to stack ad revenue. The game you see in the ads has multiple colors/balls and seems like a puzzle game. That, it is not. There isn't even an option to rate the game inside the app. Glorified counting game. Pass.
Ive had it with these stupid games! The ads are stupid where they make it look "so difficult". You literally have one color for the first 100 levels. The game is so slow and laggy and it crashed my phone. Dont waste your time
First 50 levels are all one color and doesn't require any thought. The following levels add another color but don't overlap so still sucks. Way too many adds.
This game is rubbish it is sooooo easy they need to step it up alot alot alot! This game is boring aswell if this game is reading this make your game up 1000000000000000000000%!!! I have read the reviews they all say 1 star!
NOT WORTH IT!!! Game is so slow. Only one colour and I'm at level 52. There are so many adverts you can't enjoy the game. Don't waste your time.
Ads after every level first couple rounds are just pressing the blue button it is kind of boring just pressing a button so I would say if you don't like ads DONT GET IT and if you don't like pressing buttons DON'T GET IT
This game to me is horrible. There was no challenge at all to the levels and after every one there was an ad. Usually there is an ad after every few levels but no. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!
Uninstalled! The advert for this game suggests a bit of skill, but after 50 levels, there's no choice to make, the balls follow a predetermined route. The different balls are interesting but there's no way to select the ones you like. Unfortunately, I can't wait 30 seconds for an advert to finish so I can play for 5 seconds.
There a lot of levels, but they repeat. The two colour challenges are far too easy. But there's just so many ads. About 40 minutes of ads to get to a good stage
Way to many ads. I know the game developers need to make money but this is ridiculous. This game would be fun if I was 3 or 4. No challenge at all.
Fun game, but there's an ad after every level. If you're willing to deal with that, then get it cause it's a great game!
I think this was made for a 3 year old!! Its very stupid. Full of ads no matter what you click, and they are longer than the game itself
Horrible!! I thought it would be a good game, but I was wrong! An ad after each and every level, so not worth playing!! If I could do 0 stars, I would, cause it's not even worth 1 star!!!
It's so boring, same thing over and over and over. I mean good game I guess but this isn't something I recommend. I turned off my wifi When I played this so I have no idea how many adds there are. Over all I would not suggest getting the game.
Easy game but quickly gets boring. Also game is full of ads after every single level which I extremely annoying and spoils the game, I get you need ads as its a free game but not after every level. Had to uninstall
A lot of ads, and all the game is is hitting s button to release balls. No choices, no skill. Just press a button to get more ads.
it took 50 levels to get to two different colors, and the rest are way too easy. mostly just a time waster.
Good game if you just like pressing one blue button 2 to 7 times per level. Got to level 25 without a different color before giving up.
Too many ads and too long to get to anything resembling a challenge. It was level 50 before you get 2 buttons and 59 before it matters AT ALL how fast or which button you pressed
I saw this ad for this game on Tumblr and it looks interesting. So I tried it. After every level it ask you to watch an ad. Theres a no button that you can click but even though I click no I still am forced to watch the ad (there is no x to get out of the video). I was really happy to try this out but now I'm just irritated. If your not wanting the add so much I wouldn't reccomend.
The game is TRASH, you have to get past level 68 for it to get a bit challenging and when I say challenging I mean for a 5 year old. I was hopeful that the game is gonna get challenging at some point and got to level 108 and the game started recycling levels from the start(not even with 2 colored balls they were with 1). There are too many ADS, one every two games, the cosmetics are trash and there is no way to get to previous levels if you didn't pass them with 3 stars. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT
I've been playing for 19 minutes now and it doesn't get interesting. No thinking, no problem solving, I'm just pressing buttons to release balls. wack in my opinion
Adds make you thing it's a little more challenging but it's literally the easiest game ever, just look at how many dots there are and push the button that many times. Super boring the adds make you think you get more than one color but you don't, you only get one
Would give 1 out of 5 but that'd prob just get deleted. Game has forced ads pretty much after every level and the ads are longer than the levels. Stay away from this game.
Trailer for the game shows levels with 2 colour balls, pic for level 11 shows 2 different colour balls - I've played through 33 levels and it's still 1 colour and super easy.. Select 'no thanks' for the watch a video and get an extra 20% and get a video anyway but no extras.. Good time waster but way to simple..
Worst game ever, it is just build for adds. 30 seconds add after playing time of only 2 seconds. Do not download, it is waste of time and Internet data.
Its a meh game if you turn your wifi off. It took to long for there to be TWO COLOURS I didn't get a level with the yellow ball until level 50!!!
This game is relatively okay at wasting a little time. None of the levels are challenging. Count the number of dots + Press the button that many times = WIN. My biggest complaint with the game besides the lack of challenge, is how long it takes to get TWO colors to use. Guess how many levels you have to pass to use two colors...how about 49 levels. 49! All of the levels before level 49 are simple and they just pile tons of different mechanics before they add a second color. Like come on!!
I like this game but after awhile it becomes horribly repetitive. I am on level 195 and the levels are as easy as they were before level 100. Between levels 150 and 195 I have seen some levels 4 times. Wish there was fresher and harder levels as you progress
Why provide the option to skip an ad when you are going to show an ad anyway? When I say no thank you, that means that I DON'T WANT TO SEE AN AD. 1 Star because of all the damn ads!!!
Past level 20, and there's absolutely no challenge to the game. I'm just mindlessly pushing a button repeatedly.
This isn't a game. Count the dots on the screen, then hit the button that many times. It's boring, repetitive, and the only value it has is showing you ads.
Click on no adds, but still plays anyhow. Good game idea, just spoilt by 1 to 2 adds between each round.
What a woefully bad game. There are way too many ads; there will usually be an ad after each level which means no more than 10 seconds between ads. The first few dozen levels are stupidly easy, and there's no way to go back to previous levels (even if you got less than max stars). I do not recommend trying it out at all.
Boring. You get the same levels over and over and over. It's so uninspired its depressing. Also hiding the continue button, hoping to trick people into watching ads is so desperate and deceitful you should be ashamed of yourself.
Game is nothing like the ad. 50 levels in and all you do is click the button as many times as there are dots. And ads ads ads ads. Awful game
It's horrible how many adds there are. The adds are more interesting than the game. you can't do anything wrong. The game is way to easy. Just a really trashy game.