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Piggy GO - Clash of Coin

Piggy GO - Clash of Coin for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Forever9 Games located at Suite 1701-02, 17/F,. FWD FINANCIAL CENTRE 308, DES VOEUX ROAD CENTRAL, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is a joke to many problem never fix the problem when you talk to Help center what is the point I have help if you dont help avoid play this game they are just robbing your money
I like the game but wats going on with the ads for prizes here lately every time I try to watch one it says the prize isnt ready thats why I only gave it 1 star
This game is great & fun. I want to talk about the latest changes: Good: * The redesigned board looks great. * The dice rolls look realistic. * There are two spaces that gives shields. * They increased the coin awards. Bad: * They removed going to other player's boards. * The GO space is no longer a jackpot--at least, it looks that way. * I like the VIP, but I think it should add more than one shield, and the cost is too high. * I have to push buttons more than once, except rolling.
I love this game I play it multiple times a day the only drawback is the card system of collecting cards I have been purchasing multiple chests and dice to try to get more cards but it has been weeks since I have gotten any new cards or any gold cards and you can't trade gold cards with friends which is frustrating I'm about to the point that I'm getting bored of playing but I really love the interaction with the other people and trying to get the foods I need and making friends
The game is very addictive HOWEVER the price to build is ridiculously high, gathering cards and foods is next to impossible the higher levels you reach. The new design is really nice and I like the game play since the updates but as usual the building prices are so high that the game forces you to buy dice which is in itself can be extremely high. I spent 4000 dice just trying to finish a village. And payout glitches are still happening. Email support get called a liar or nothings done.
My rolls keep disappearing, I lost rewards that I won from coming in 1st or 2nd place & never got the rewards & the rewards for cooking, FB daily rewards and rewards in general are ridiculously small rewards. You're about to lose a long time loyal player as I'm tired of being screwed out of my hard earned rewards!!!
Love playing this game. Used to be able to get free treasure and spins by watching videos but now keeps telling me it's not ready yet when I click on it even though it shows it is. Also takes forever to complete cards.
The old game was great! I understand that you're trying to make things fun and change things up, I like the caravan and I even understand the cashcow, but you've added almost to much because 1 police station is NOT ENOUGH. I get hit alot. I feel either you add a shield or put up another police station so we have a fair chance to protect our buildings we spend alot of time and money making.
No longer fun. Since the update, I can't seem to land on any important spots. I used to be able to land on shields and cannons with no problems. Now I could use 1000 rolls at 40x and barely land on anything worthwhile.
Do not like the new system, I think the game was just fine except for the fact that the places are very expensive to build up ,then I run out of dice before I can get enough money to build them all. The two shield & cannon spots were better. And about the food I never get the food I need until way late always need the cheese!The old game was Better!!!
Game was great until the new update a month ago.. now my videos to earn free stuff haven't worked at all since the update and the vault thing I hate. It is so hard to be able to get the key. Would much rather the old way atleast you got more coins. And the shields. Go luck landing on the square. I had over 500 dice and never landed on the square to get more shields so I was robbed and lost everything that I had built.
this game really is a lot of fun. I feel like I am stuck currently due to not being able to get any gold cards to the sets of cards I have. this causes a stand still. it would be much more fun to play if occasionally gold cards come into play so we can move on.
This is the most fun and addictive game i have ever played. One moment you are almost ready with a city and the next your building is gone. One of the best games that i have ever played and a great challenge. Thank you DADA for a explosive game.
Love the game but the ads kick me out! No other game does this. I have to restart the app every time I go to jail or try to watch any ad for dice or whatever. I Really like playing this game but I consider uninstalling it everyday.
Fun game. Not much for cards. Disenchant is small takes forever to get enough for card. And it's gone by then. Like going on bus. Like salad and pizza thing. Oh. 8 dice when your on a 20 plus team. That kinda stinks. All in all. It's fun
This game is so awesome and addicting that I can't stop playing! I love how you give options on how to collect more dice! Keep up the great work with this game! I highly recommend it to everyone!!! I also like being able to play with people from all over the world! A+++
Love the game. But its crazy only way get free dice rolls is spin wheel one at time. Otherwise you have to pay for EVERYTHING!!!!!! All the ads on the game you shouldnt have pay for everything. About to delete the game.
Of the three games I play daily this one is the best. It's very easy to get shields. Also, when the are bonuses, you are truly able to receive the bonus. Unlike others games I've played were they make it impossible to receive.
Fun kinda different from all the other match three something or others. Increasing difficulty is ok but it kinda seems that once a certain level is achieved, the cost of buildings goes up dramatically, and the ability to earn is more limited. So that's not cool, and no way to build up more than 3 shields so when you're not on for a while, like when you sleep or are working, your buildings get hit and damaged or destroyed. That is frustrating.
The game was fine before the update. I still have no idea what the little red building is for. I also feel like we should get more than 3 shields the longer we play. If you're only gone a little while you come back to your buildings destroyed and now it's getting harder to get coins.
The game is fun. It is VERY glitchy. I cannot do anything else when I'm playing or my phone freezes up. That's my only real issue! We have our own team. The developer has great ideas. The graphics are great and the play is smooth.
Enjoyable game but now I can't get the deal of the day, it will say collect then nothing. I spend money and hardly get the butter to finish recipe. Please fix.
Horrible. Trying to communicate with the staff and nothing. I have this game in my phone I was playing as a guest to see if I like it, trying to open it with my FB ans guest what? I have to start all over again?? Nice but no thanks. I try to do the same thing with my tablet to see if I was able to keep my progress but NO. I have to start from 0 if I want to use my facebook account.
Trying to load game constantly same issue will not load alot of the times I try love the game but when it's crunch time to move up on the board not possible due these types of issues I spent some money on this game thinking at this point and time I may have made a mistake by doing this as well building a tag on this site is not as easy as one would think possible !
I absolutely love this game! It's an amazing time killer & it's so much fun interacting with people all over the world! If I could change anything I would change how the only way you can get the purple jewels is by purchasing them. I also think it would be awesome if there were weekly competitions for teams, top 10 teams that week get an exclusive reward.
PIGGY GO is very addictive n a good way and fun to play, I enjoy building my city and keeping it safe, I play this game to unwind after work, before bed, while I'm working out...I swear I cant get enough of playing to get as my rewards as possible. I tell everyone about this game and invite as many as possible so they can enjoy this game as well.
it's a good game fun to play, though I think the price of diamonds and chests are high for the games actual economy. I did subscribe at one point however I didnt gather the extras. there are a few bugs but they are quick to fix! they also offer many tournament style challenges to keep you occupied and spinning
Now I understand why players are completing a level and leave nothing for you to attack. And some don't come back to play. The sheilds are wrong in other words (cheated out of sheilds) this game use to be fun. I bet you loose players behind those missing sheilds. Use to love this game.
After installing the most recent update, I landed on attack and my board is now stuck there. it just shows the sky and the person's name at the top. I can't go any further.
Started out fun. Then it went bad. You make friends who help you with cards and dice. Them they can attack and rob you blind. As you continue to play attacks and robbing increase making it not fun..so if you like not having fun the. play this dumb game...would be better if friends helped you and did not attack. Response below shows you do not care about the people that play the game. People will eventually see this overtime. There are better games to play. They have paid people for good reviews.
Fun yet glitchy. I downloaded it to pass the time and it is a fun game when you actually have dice to roll. I was on a winning streak and had lots of dice and suddenly all my dice was gone. It did this on 2 separate days where I had over 100 dice and without rolling, my dude suddenly was gone both times. Not a fan of it randomly taking my dice, I'm not sure how that is happening but it's frustrating and disappointing. Will delete this game soon.
This is the best game I've ever played!!! By far it's the best hands down!!! If you haven't played this game I advise you to go amd play but at your own risk lol because it's very addicting and exciting. You will want to play all the time. HURRY AND GO DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!!! I PROMOSE YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
It is an enjoyable game, you can also chat to people while you play. There are different ways to earn money and dice.
I hate the new update! When you got rid of the teleportation the game was perfect! Why mess with perfection?
Keeps saying network error and can't connect via Facebook. This is bs! Just plain garbage! I loved playing this game! Spent money buying gems and now 9t won't even work!! Im so angry!!! The people Forever Nine will not respond or fix the game! Im promptly going to delete. All my other games connected with Facebook work just fine! This game won't even allow me to continue to play as a guest!!😑🀬😑🀬
I have been playing this game for a couple of months,and this past week has been so frustrating! Every day for a week i cannot go into my friends list to trade cards,food,or dice because its saying the network is bad. Ive uninstalled,reinstalled,logged out and back in. Sent multiple messages to support and keep getting the rocot responder. This game is a joke!
I love this game! It's so addictive!! A great distraction from all the craziness in the world right now. But there are to many issues logging in and getting booted from these game right now. It gets a bit annoying having to keep logging in with board initialization failures.
I am so addicted to this game that I wake up AT LEAST once a night to get in a few turns! The contests are fun, the graphics are fun and you can make a lot of progress without having to buy packages (but you will!). I've made so many friends playing and helping each other out! #1 game I have seen in a very long time!
Piggy GO is a great game one of my favourites but I can't get any of the bonuses like the free wheel & the free chest or the free gifts I've uninstalled the game twice now but still won't work these bonuses really help in the game can you please try to fix this problem thank you πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
I do like this game but when I complete a level and move on to the next level. The next level never loads and I have too close out of the game and reopen it too get too my new level.
I have spent a lot of money getting up the levels with over 3000 stars It lost my information after I bought $9.99 for dice and dropped me back down to level one They finally got me back up but only got half of my dice back . It has happened again two weeks later right after I purchased I had 1500 dice. Have had no response from tech support I am cancelling my VIP membership I would suggest only play for free and do not purchase anything. Update, they fixed a problem. I love the game
Awesome game. Very addicting! Keeps you coming back. Hate it when you can't fix damaged, but awesome time trying. Lots of opportunities for free dice. Worth your spare time! One downfall...hardly ever get gold cards. Buying Epic boxes is very disappointing 80% of the time. Cant finish islands or open new sets....But very entertaining.
Great game! Expensive but sometimes worth spending at times! Now since the changes to the game it's like you have to spend more money to achieve and to get dice. It's not as addictive as it was since changes were made. Too many guys on the game always try to bother women. I don't like that at all!
I really like this game. Super fun, interactive, easy to move up, so far people are really nice and you can join groups and interact with others in the game. My ONLY complaint and the ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars is because you NEED to have Facebook to be able to do a couple of things like, exchanging cards and other. If you're like me (i don't have social media) then that can be a problem. Other than that, it is still a good game!.
fun game but can only play on wifi it wont play on samsung s9+ on cell service only on wifi , when i turn off wifi on my cell when i am away from wifi the game will just say no connection available for your servers
With the bugs fixed I enjoy the game so much more I find my self playing when ever I have free time. Totally addictive game. It use to be a great game to pass time and met some really cool people on the game. Prices are way to high to build and now the game barley gives out food. So disappointed thought i had finally found a game worth keeping the updates have helped a lot still room for improvement
This WAS a fun game until for some reason it keeps telling me to install messenger or update and I have done all of it. Causing me to miss out on dice, rewards etc
I'm rating this from 5 to 3 stars because this is the 2nd time that I have participated in an event and now that I open the app after few hours, I see that my rewards are not given to me ! Please do something about it.
I like the game. The real problem is the further you progress, it becomes impossible to finish a world without spending a ton of money. You can't save up before your stuff gets destroyed or your money gets stolen. Everything just gets super expensive in the higher worlds.
I love this game so much only thing i wish was it didnt take an hour to get dice other than that i love it *Update 9/6/19...My game keep glitching and freezing and no matter how many times i exit out and go back to the game it does the same thing.I have to cut my phone off and cut it back on to get it back playing again.Please please please fix because this is my favorite game to play daily.Thanks in advance.
I enjoy the game but the places get out of control to buy ridiculous and thers no way im paying for coins thats the only thing annoys me about this and trying to get gold cards that you csrnt send you buy chest and it gives you cards you already got loads off.
I absolutely love this game its Epic. After i wake up its the first game I play and the last game I play before bed. I highly reccomend this fantastic game. Piggy Go trumps all the other games. Thank you to the creaters and the people that ensure the game runs smoothly. You Guys Rock. Thank you so much for the entertainment....
Normally I would choose all 5 stars but since the update I have been robbed of extra coins and rolls after watching the excruciating ad videos. Now in the regular game play it's not giving me my rewards. (I.e. It takes me to the reward screen that says cards carnival 50% more cards and nothing else no rewards.) I took a pic however I dont know how to attached it here. Piggy go is one of the two games I play religiously. If these issues cannot be fixed I will have to uninstall. Please help
I'm still learning on how to play this. I'm a little bad at it but I'm learning this is the old piggy go.....now I'm playing Piggy go-Clash of Coins. .It seems like my dice are not loading like they should.....since the update I'm not getting food like I use to...it takes all day to get 1 cook done and when we land on the cannon and blast ur neighbors ur supose to get food then to but u don't...I'm not happy about this update neither is a lot of people just heads up. Well the new update seems to
I am so in love with this game it's family oriented and the events are off the hook. Making many friends and I would recommend it to anyone else who looking to be focused on winning and transporting to other players place. Thanks again for all of your love and support is extra special. Love you πŸ– go. Oink oink oink oink oink!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game was.good when I first played it, then I got to watching when I rolled my dice and instead of only counting as 1 roll like it should have it started taking away 3 of my dice at a time. They do this only to get you to purchase something, also one time I was pose to get like 5 million coins but never got them. Wouldn't advise you install this game. Also want my money spent on in-app purchases plz. Total $50!! DON'T INSTALL THIS GAME RIP OFF. SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF URSELVES RIPPING PPL OFF!!
This was a fun game before the new Cash Cow update. Now the dice rolls are fixed so that with each single circuit of your board, you land on the square to take you to another players board. You cannot complete ONE circuit without this happening and it's made the game totally boring. I cannot concentrate on my own board and buildings now because this has been forced on us. Needs fixing fast or I suspect many players, me included will be uninstalling this.
Very fun game. Love to play. But since this new update I have had the hardest time getting food for my cooks.
I love this game but there r so many things I have issues with. I've lost so many dice and chest just from the game glitching it's ridiculous!!! I emailed and sent in game message and still nothing. Would give 5 stars if I would have received a non computerized response!! It could definitely be a better game but I'm sure over time someone will fix all the glitches. Thank u From ur "used to be" favorite games gamer
I can't log into the Facebook link when I first open the game. It tells me that it failed to log in. Any ideas??? Anybody else having these issues? Do I gave to uninstall the game and download the game. This has been going on for the last 3 days
Love this game. Addicted is not the word....OBSESSED! just cant seem to get enough spins or coins to move on and it keeps locking me out for up to 7 days at a time. I've done everything suggested and still nothing. I cant play now, been 3 days. If it wasn't for that I would of given 5 stars. Thank you Dada.
Love this game!!! Recently started playing and have been hooked since! My only issue is I hate that the times by decreases when you go below a certain number of rolls. Especially if I haven't gone below the times by amount. Other than that I love this game!!! Keep up the good work! TA Phillips.
Fun game. But I don't like how expensive it is to build the cities. Once your shields are destroyed, your city is vulnerable to major damage and you have to spend the same amount to rebuild!
You waist to many dice and barely lands on key spaces. Collecting food is bad and gold card need to have a way so we can trade or be more available. Building is a challenge but that is the game.
I love this game. Only this is when I complete a map it will show me the next map and then freeze and won't collect for the map until I restart the game.... Very annoying. Please fix bug.
Love it. Different than any other game. A lot of games are almost identical to one another. Piggy Go is unique & more addicting than any game ive played. Payouts are awesome. It definitely can be played without spending money where as most games say so but it's not the truth. 10 ********(
This game started out out as quite fun. However it is fast becoming pointless to play at all. Every time you return to the game, FAR TOO MANY random people have attacked and demolished what you have built and it gets to a point where you cannot progress, because you are going around in circles. Play...build...other players destroy. Rinse and repeat. One individual has attacked me over 50 times constantly, just because I got revenge for him attacking first. It's a problem that needs fixing..FAST!!
Love the game. The only problem I'm having with it is that when I click on something ie; to build, especially, I have to click on it 2-4 times before anything will happen and it's not just that area, it happens with anything that I click on. Other than that issue the controls run smoothly.
The game is fun but getting food and cards is the worst thrn you can"t even trade gold card and i have more than plenty. I use to spend money on this game not anymore
Awesome game board style play. Wish dice generated faster, but otherwise it's a great time killer! 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟
Not happy at all. The game itself is a lot of fun. Plan on spending some time and money to truly advance in the game. Lots of sexual harassment towards women from men in chat. Chat is a necessity in the game play. I was asked for my phone number the first day I played by some female from Asia. Be careful. Lots of chances to get free dice by watching vids. 50% of vids watched don't redeem for collection. At least 150 times for me at 30 secs ea time. 1.25 hrs wasted without any apology
I love playing Piggy Go as it's not only addictive but it's a great game to play if you need to get lost for a little while! Not to mention the incredible friends I have made since I started playing, and the teammates that are more than just friends, they have become extended family in my heart!! And of course you can't forget Dada and crew who actually listen not only when you have an issue, but when you have an idea to help make the game an even better adventure!! Get the App quick!!
Started out slow, thought you had to buy good stuff...as you get experience they give you good stuff, still a little slow when you don't buy anything. Cards are kinda stingy... food, etc. etc..... very fair game when it comes to spins, , gems don't get you much unless you have a ton of them and finally the coupon/ tickets take forever to collect for skins,mayaswell get rid of them.
I use to like this game until there was an update now I cant even get on unless I'm on wifi and by the time I find wifi my cities are destroyed also when I land on certain things I don't get the reward sometimes if the connection is bad I buy to many gems with my money to not be able to play so I think I'm just going to delete this game and look for a new game to play
Piggy Go is a fun game. Like the colors and graphics are amazinng. highly recommend to everyone. I have now been playing for over a year. Piggy Go never gets boring and especially inportant to me is that in all that time that I haven't spent any money.
Was a decent game to just play and relax.. then they updated with "my rv".. wouldn't be so annoying but they added going to jail.. redundant and idiotic.. so much so I will be deleting game and reducing rating to 1β˜† only because a negative β˜† value is unavailable..
The game was pretty good at first, it gives you plenty os changes to gain extra dices. But as you move forward the price to build cities increase therefore they are needed. What made me change my review is because of the cards, all the money I had to build up a city I used to buy cards, but the cards I need are so hard to come by and I spend billions of coins buying it, that made me slowly lose interest in the game.
It is a fun game but, I really hate all the pop up messages after every roll of the dice. Sometimes there are multiple pop up messages.
My review went down since this update. I love this game it's simple and easy to play. But I can't even log on as a guest now. It's completely broken. EDITED:Officially uninstalled the game since the last update. It's taken about a week of no game connecting for me to decide to do this. Loved the game and even spent money on it. Sorry it isn't getting any responses to anyone having connection issues like myself. Just not wasting more time.
updated review.... hate the new update as we can no longer get dice from friend in the game ... put it back the way it was please or alot of people are going to stop playing as they dont want to add random people to Facebook. go check out the groups and see what players are saying!!! you went from 5 ⭐ to 1 ⭐
This game is for a casual gamer. Something at night to relax to before sleep. When u have to potty when u first wake up! This isn't a play for "5 hours straight" game. I was so very happy when they made auto roll default to using 3 dice. I like the slight challenge of trying to keep up ur place before others attack. Mini games are great. Challenges are phenomenal. Rewards are perfect to keep it interesting. It's great
I've been playing this game for a few months now & I still have the same 10 Rubie's why do you only have to buy them out the store ? Why you never when any in the game ? I'm on level 64 & still nothing I'm taking my 5 * & giving 3, since I've posted this I've still have not been able to receive any jems I still have the same 10 . But now the update won't let me open to fb why ?
I actually have no idea what these other reviews are about. I seriously have been playing since the beginning (like a year now I think) I absolutely love this game! I pay for the VIP every week and this is the only game I haven't deleted ever! I love all the rewards, have no issues with the dice as some people are saying. Keep up the good work Dada!! Update: 8/14/20 there is a new update with a new game board. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new board!!
Game takes too long to replenish(should only be 1/2hr if you ask me.)! Not enough food variety! Can add Fb friends & get(30 dice a day, even if you have more than 30 friends) After those 30 have been collected all dice after that are wasted! Card trading should be (unlimited) just like food! Need more chances to get food, dice, & gems. Should be able to trade Gold cards too. If Piggy Go is like Monopoly it needs a free parking space with varying prizes. Make other dishes available like lemonade.
Experience is great. I love Piggy Go. Only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because last update when I land on cashcow, nothing happens.
This new download is terrible!!! Please give us the option to go back to the previous one!!!! Terrible!!! Terrible!!! Terrible!!!!
The boards fixed its always a number before or after attacks or steals.... Why would I have a question in game its fixed that's a statement not a problem piggy go
Been playing for about a year now and enjoy the game a lot. I like the fact that the upgrade means you don't have the transport and like two shields update. Two negatives are that the cost of extras has increased (Β£2 to Β£7 for standard ones) and others have an upgrade to use blue crystals for more dice but all I can do still is buy cards... and I already have all the ones that come up to purchase.
As the level gets higher, the price of each element gets higher too but the amount of money you get is the same. It takes me couple of days just to finish one level because of this, plus the fact that you get attacked every single time. And you wont get any shield in times that you needed them most. Spent a couple of bucks for this game. Very frustrating!
Your game is good but needs more spins that are easier to get. I have gotten very frustrated trying to play a game with no spins. Also there are things that say you can get spins if you do what they want you to do. Then after you do these things they give you nothing for it. You need to make it easier to get spins within the game.
loved it when first started playing it but now when glitches and faults are yours you make the players suffer we always get rewarded 20 dice what about the.rest we lose its not fair anymore.its becoming impossible to play....I just want what I've collected not 20 dice maybe then I'll change my rating it would be no star but as usuall being forced to do at least 1 2 years later and nothing has changed you still don't take responsibility for faults at your end it's always the players fault...
This game is ace! I've been playing this for a few years and it's amazing, and it's relaxing and let's you unwind. When you find a game you love. Stick to it!!!!
Thank you for not sending me continuous 'rate this game' messages. But now I have a complaint. Why have you taken away all my food collection for Chef? I had loads. I couldn't use them at the time because I reached my limit yesterday but this evening when I wanted to claim them,..... all gone! Such an enjoyable game but you guys..... I'm getting soooooo frustrated with all these mess ups. 'connection lost' is the most annoying at the moment because it happens every day. What the hells going on?
I love this game but it can be a lil unfair when someone attacks you and you can't attack them back because they don't have any buildings. I've been hit twice by the same player and can't return a hit back because they haven't added any buildings for weeks now.
So far so good..I just joined last week, I wish it had a button to explain what everything is...like the toilet paper..LoL Etc.
The game could get so many more stars but consistently I am not able to login. Whether I'm using Wifi or my cellular data. Then when I am finally able to start over it's back to square one. They sent out mail saying it was fixed but alas mine is still not working properly. The cash and dice they give you for being inconvenienced is not nearly enough.
After the last update, this game has become home of so much flaws. Tournament rewards getting disappeared after tournaments are finished. New tournaments are not starting until next day though you still get notifications that tournament is online but when you open the app, there is nothing.
❀how u can do ad at times instead of spending coins2fix your building. Love how u can give&trade food but wish u didnt have2have Facebook2trade cards. Dont like how the characters have voices now. ❀how there is a number at each key spot so u know what u need 2 land on it. 😍the colorful board&realistic dice rolls. At times reward chests are ready but says they arent. U get ripped off when people unfriend u2 quick after trade&u dont get a chance2 claim it! Wish u could goπŸ”™with your phoneπŸ”™button
I've been a loyal fan. I play several times a day. A survey came out that took about 5 minutes to fill out. It promised 50 dice for completing the survey. Never happened. The survey wanted me to be honest about myself as a game- player, but the creators of the game were not honest. I'll miss the game if I delete it, but it appears they don't care about their players...
Love it. I would give it 5 stars however, you run out of dice so fast by the time you get back to it your buildings are destroyed! You spend all your coin rebuilding! πŸ˜₯ please fix i love this game...also have to practically kill the buttons to make them work sometimes. 😬
It's a fun game to play. Get to watch your levels go up, possibly meet new friends, and blow up a few too!
Went from 5 stars to 3 stars. Taking my money, but not giving me my golden stars to complete property. Been going on for awhile now. Getting frustrated! Please fix the problem. Thank you.
Overall the game is fun...My only complaint is when buying chest sometimes I can get up to four of the same card...also they haven't had one gold card trade since I've been playing and lastly when I finish a city I have to wait a week or so for the next city meanwhile the one I completed gets torn down while waiting.
Keeps freezing. Half the time I can't get it to load the other half i get a message saying the game isn't responding. I've lost all my buildings bc I can't load the game
I absolutley love this game but way to glitchy!!! I've played this game on and off for a few years. Different phones and such. But no matter it's still glitchy. Please fix it, please.
Ive been playing this game for quite awhile now and its been so much. I've got some of my friends and family to download it so we can have a friendly competition and they love it also. Addicting! To say the least. There's always different challenges and things to either do or collect which keeps the game interesring. Only downside is some people think it's a dating app in chat rooms and the game will occasionally close and not open but thats not that often. Thanks for making the game enjoyable:)
Played for an hour, got really bored. Basically you click a button to progress and watch a couple pigs jump around the board, and dice roll, and some things get built as a result.
when I was logging into the game I received a pop up that was called City go and it stated if I completed a city I would receive Rewards. Below that statement it usually shows you what the rewards would be that was not there. my friend plays the game she told me on hers it said I should receive 180 dice and 3.5 million. After I completed the city I did not receive the 180 dice or the 3.5 million. would you be able to help me with that? Thank you very much
I love the game so much I havev 2 accounts, and I buy the piggy pass on both and Vip on 1, but you don't have to buy the VIP every week if you can't afford it for couple weeks then I find they are good that way, especially through goggle play, yes it gets expensive when building city's, but the higher up go the better the rewards in sets, its additive but and if u want to moan don't play it ,as you don't have to spend a penny that's totally your choice love it PIGGY GO GO GO LOL
I love this game that don't force to spend money to progress and this is definitely that of a game! You can play and build your villages at your own place, play with friends, take on tournaments all without having to spend actual money. When and if you decide to use money its totally worth it!! The graphics are great, gameplay is addictive, BOTTOM LINE THE GAME IS FUN!!
Just when I thought I couldn't be more addicted to a game such as coinmaster or Island in Peggy go is fantabulous I am instantly hooked entertained by this amazing game I love all the different ways and that you are in dice and points and the cute little outfits for Lily is awesome and Pipi they are my favorite characters thank you so much especially during this time of crisis we have a way to set our minds a little more at ease find a way to pass the time thank you God bless you!!!πŸ₯°πŸ˜‡πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ’•
While I ultimately love this game- dice regeneration takes way too long. Diamonds/gold coins/treasure chests with cards/dice, they are overpriced. It appears that they want money, Money, MONEY. They also dont compensate enough for issues with bugs in-game, because your whole village can get destroyed from delay of rewards. (Edit: support no longer responds to me, and they steal ideas from gamers without any compensation)
Well i have been playing with board kings for a while and actually getting tired of it. Would finish up board only to find out i had completed it before new boards were developed. I stumbled upon piggy go and i quite enjoy this game. Just the fact that when you have probably a few rolls left the game gives you plenty of ways to get a few move rolls. Just awesome. I know i will be playing for a while. Keep up the great work
Fun game to pass the time! I've been playing for a little over a month now and I love the new daily rewards! Helps progress faster and you get way more dice than before. I can easily get 500+ dice multiple times a week and not spend any money! Watch out for the players who like to try and swindle you during trade! I don't come across many but there's been a couple.
Well started great. Cashout at $100. Got up to around $93 in no time. Payouts for levels was wonderful, i thought i had found a neat little money maker. Then it came to a screeching halt. Payouts went to utter garbage furthermore it started stretching it more and more levels to get less and less of a payout. At level 146 i had 94.47 took maybe 3 days of on and off playing. Now at level 200 and a week or so playing i have $95,20, not even .75 more!! and looking at 10 more levels to get what .07? And whos to say if i did get it to $100 they’d actually pay i?! Im done!!
I remember playing a game similar to this. This game is so addicting. I started sending dice. I like the fact that mostly everyone shares food and dice! I enjoy chatting with people on here! Thanks for all the different challenges like the lottery the ducks, the basketballs.. Thanks for keeping me busy.. Much loveπŸ’™πŸ’™ Lydia Koolaye Silva....
It is a cute game that is very addicting, and time flys while your playing. very good game, but have been having a lot of problems with not getting extra food items due to the video will not play. same happens when you push on the wheel to spin it. video does not play and we lose that turn of getting dice or coins. This is still continuing after you gave us dice for the problems the first time. just thought you should know.
Been playing this for some time now. It's had it's problems,bug fixes etc. But just when you think it's all going well......along comes the big CON. With alarming regularity, you can roll dice as many times as you like and NOT ONCE land on the shield tile, leaving you wide open to attack. This forces you to buy gems, which you use to buy shields. It's so blatantly obvious what the developers are doing, it's not even funny. Come on developers. Stop your greed. It's ruining a half decent game.
I use to love this game. Now it's not as fun with the new updates. Really upset we are not able to click on the person in chat and send a private message. Now we have to exit chat, go to playmates and find them to send a message or food or anything. That really sucks. Also alot of blue now. Don't like blue like that.
Love this game but in order to keep you interested long term they need to add more card sets so you can be able to complete them with the ability to periodically swap gold cards. Levels should give you more shield oppertunities since the higher you go the more expensive it is to complete the level and it sometimes takes 3 or more days to fully build thus causing boredome. I really enjoy food trading but again sometimes the spins do not generate enough for even 1 cook.
I like this game. Its quick. Its easy. occupies my free time when waiting for school pick ups. Easy enough for my kids to play. Downfalls not being able to get rid of extra cards without adding friends or trading gold cards.
This little game is the best, especially since the last update. It is so much fun and has so many little extra games within the game plus it gives free dice everyday now (awesome!). While I am playing I have to share and take turns with my grandchildren, they love this game too. Thanks for Piggy GO!!!
Everything kinda predictable why not make it more unpredictable like for instance the little drive away part with the 1 dice it almost always going to send u to jail. Why the dice cant roll 7 a lot of times in a row if u doing the automatic roll. Another thing with the wheel why can't we get more 25 dice wins. I only won 25 dice 1 time
Having fun. Didn't think an adult could get into this, but I'm having a ball!! Loads of laughing while playing Try it and you'll see.
Do I like this game? No I love this game. Helps me keep happy and de-stress. Love the different features this game has. Hopefully there can be an Offline version so I can play whilst out and about and have daily codes but other than that I have managed to get a few friends to download and play and we are all addicted. I have met and made new friends/family. Keep going with the updates I love it.
The have was fun until I got to level 47 and could go further. I would contact them because I could move forward. Then I couldn't get more than 16 dice.. I hate that I can't go any further in the game. I wish they would keep up with the programs. I play daily because it relaxing. I may have to go play porter games and leave this one alone for a while
Good fun so far. Now been playing for 6-months and it is a really good game. Although so you can pay for dice the game is set up that you do not need to you can play for free really really good game
I love this game so much that last week when a friend made me angry i got on the game and spent the next wee raiding and bombing only him. Perfect frustration tool. LIVE IT LOVE IT
The games fun to play. I played a few times and now it won't let me play at all cause it keeps saying I have no internet connection at all or log me in using my fb account. Please fix so I could play again. Then I'll give it five stars cause it's a really good game to play
Love it very addictive n challenging to complete each level without being destroyed loads often new gimmicks software improves regularly not always best to load n play with 4g but still great game for passing time n smashing piggy go xxx
This game is fun, for the first hour-hour & a half of play per day. During that time of play, the game gives you plenty of food each time you land on the spots when it usually gives food. However, once you reach a certain point in your daily game play, the pattern of getting food changes against you, and it becomes a wast of time to continue to use your rolls, because the food distribution stops. Also, I've had to stop paying for VIP, as $5 a week is just too spendy!
Great game!! A fun way to fill a spare few minutes. Wish they gifted more daily dice though, especially for loyal players! The in-app purchases are expensive for what you actually get, but it's fairly easy to be able to progress without spending a fortune, albeit it'll take you a lot longer!! SO why not give this little piggy a go?!! πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–β–ΆοΈπŸŒŸ
Such an excellent game but too many repetitive cards that are no longer needed or used. We all are always missing golden cards while others have more than three extra golden cards and we can't trade or gift them to help out. Everything else is fun, exciting & great for play. Perhaps fix this problem, please.
Awesome Game Overall....only issue I have is when I move to a new level I have to reload my game it just shows the level name and the background and that's it nothing else comes up. Seems like Everytime there's a new update something else messes up within the game....but overall very good game and addicting. :)
I have played other BINGO games but this one is by far the best. This game is so amazing and I love how you actually interact with other people from all over the world. The rewards are also the BEST...I highly recommend this game to any BINGO player (especially BINGO addicts like me).
The game is ok. However, deleting the game, because it started not loading bases when attacking, as if the internet went down, but that is not the case, because I can shut the game down and bring up other games, which work just fine. So, it is something that is wrong in the game itself and I will not play again unless the issue is fixed.
I am pissed off about the new update on this game!! Ever since my phone has been crashing and i literally have to take my battery out for my phone to work again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it does the same thing!! Plzzzz fix this bc i really like this game!!
Not at all happy with the amount of dices you can win with the wheel .I really can't rate this game til I am able to play for more than a few minutes. like to see more rewards for free dices and there maybe great rewards for dice . I don't have a clue cause I don't never see any big rewards on dice. Thank u .
This update is horrible. Im a group leader and ingot so many complaints about the color and the difficulties with teleport. Biggest complaint, not being able to tap the person picture then go directly to message. Now we have to leave group chat, find the person in our friends list and tap the white cloud to message them.
Since the new update, my screen freezes up every time it goes to the attack your friends. I have to restart my tablet to get it to work. I will not be playing until you get this fixed.
I just downloaded the game last night. It would be nice if there were instructions on the various things about the app like how you move / progress from city to city. I'm in Havanas, the second city, and I've completed the build but I'm still there. I don't know how to get to the next city and it has gotten boring real quick just moving around the same game board. Wherr are the instructions? I tried going to help but that told me nothing. Well, today is 8.6.20 UNINSTALLING APP
I'm still learning on how to play this. I'm a little bad at it but I'm learning this is the old piggy go.....now I'm playing Piggy go-Clash of Coins. .It seems like my dice are not loading like they should.....since the update I'm not getting food like I use to...it takes all day to get 1 cook done and when we land on the cannon and blast ur neighbors ur supose to get food then to but u don't...I'm not happy about this update neither is a lot of people just heads up
The game is getting to be to expensive to build up and plus with the food you never get what you need. You always get the same exact thing until the very end. I also feel like we don't get enough shields for protection.
Really enjoy this game. Lots of action and ways to get dice. Side quests are good. It's a lot of fun.
It was very loving game before now not like before Devlopers are doing extremely good job by improving features but that's not benifiting players like before rewards has been reduce city cost is pretty expensive so difficult to move on despite spending real money not fun like before
This was a fun game, at first. But the mechanics of having to build and rebuild the same properties over and over got old. It needs to either remove the ability of other players to destroy your things or make protecting them more available.
This is one of my favorite games to play,I just wish they would give us more dice to play as I'm getting up there in the game. Also the game doesn't give us enough food to cook 3 meals a day. Fix these problems and it would be much better! Oh and the price of building is far too high,give us more Dice!
To many issues not being resolved, as well as bots being added into the tournaments to make it unfair to players to try and win !!!