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Pig Farm

Pig Farm for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by JOE,Inc located at 〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-18-1 道玄坂TRビル 3B. The game is suitable for Teen (Crude Humor) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its terrible. I thought it would be cute and fun and you just raise friendly pigs. But then it takes you out and you have to start shooting and killing pigs. What an awful awful game!
It's a great game but in hunting the aiming thing gets stuck at the bottom!😡... I did not want the special ticket I got to just get stuck at the bottom!😠! That ticket was a weeks worth of piggy coin saving... all for nothing!😠! Other than that very annoying glitch this game is great... fix it... please?😳
I'm having trouble picking up the pigs and putting them in the truck please fix this problem I really like this game
It is so fun and cute. The only little bad thing about it is you go piggy hunting and I love pigs I wouldn't kill a pig
The game overall is good but I would like a couple of changes: 1.It should tell you from the minute you get the pig what breed they are if you had that breed before as you had already took the details of a former pig of that breed. 2. It should tell you what food the pig needs instead of having to buy each one to see which is right.3. There should be an offline mode. All that needs internet for is the Leader board and personally I don't care about that. 4. Expansion price should be lowered. 5.Should be able to re-calibrate gun for hunting as it's fair wonky.
This game is fun at first, then you get bored because of getting the same pigs multiple times and those pigs are so easy to be hungry and get sick. But overall, it's still a good game to play if you like famery game and be patient enough.
Problem is you go to move a pig info pops up you try to feed info pops up you want info yeah you move the pig poor UI too many bugs make this barely playable the moving of pigs is a joke do not buy in game currency because its not worth spending a penny
I like the concept and the graphics are fine. The problem is when going to sell the pigs, it takes like 5 or 6 times to try and drag the pig to the truck. It keeps bringing the pigs info up
Easy to play, addictive and fun. I have a real pet mini pig, so I'm addicted to all things pigs! Love, love, love this game! Thank you!!
I really liked the game at first but uninstalled it cause my pigs are changing. I was excited how my 5 star pig would look but was frustrated to see a grey hybrid instead.
Amazing. I love this game so much and the pigs are so cute. The only thing that makes me sad is the lines when they leave😢 it's so sad but,I won't take off any point because of it. Great game.
The pigs are so funny and cute! It's also sad when you have to let them go, but the good part is. You get points! I highly recommend this game!
It needs improvement. I think the pigs are cute and all but, it takes them to long to grow up. Also the hunting part is a little.. How you say, hard? I have a pig in the scope and shoot, how does it miss? That annoys me. Anyway about the hunting tickets? What does 10 hunting completed mean? Do I have to kill 3/3 pigs 10 times in a row? Please respond. Thanks. Also I sold a pig and never got those points. 4300 I think? I know for sure it was 4000 at least.
At first it was a wonderful game, then I noticed that the pigs were changing. At first it was a five star pig, then it changed to one star. Now it changes the pig completely like eats premium meal to eats any thing and im missing my RAREST PIG it is now a pink hybrid?!? why
This game crashes constantly, I'll be doing something, like pig hunting, the game will crash in the middle, and I never get a pig, a chance to play, or my ticket. Another issue is the inability to pause the farm.
It's fun and all, and the pigs are cute. But I'm done with this game today. Why? Last night I had four 3 star+ pigs in my farm, fully fed and happy. This morning they had all turned into worthless 1 star pigs. That's total bs and you won't be getting ad money from me any more.
I'm entertained. However, must the common pigs really grow for 3 hours? How about an hour or less? This game is gonna take me forever.
I can't complain about anything but I was a little dissatisfied when the pigs didn't make any pig noises. You should add in some cute little oinks!!
Amazing game, To die for really, but it is really sad to sell your piggies, I cry almost every time. So sad to sell them the piggies are adorable and they all have their own personality.
This game is pretty darn good. The only problems with it are- 1: it needs wifi, I'd like to play on the go without using data. 2: pigs do take a little while to age, maybe some boosts should be added. 3: Hunting mini game should have the option to calibrate for your device. All these issues are minor so I still really enjoy the game.
I was so sad when I sold my pig and I felt bad for it as it got taken away in the little truck even though it's not real.
Gets boring. Takes forever to give me a free ticket and has almost nothing to do. I guess it can make time pass but I would not take up data with this game if I hadn't already downloaded it.
This game is fairly easy and fun to keep track to, just remember to check on your pigs daily, or else your star piggies may turn to regular, old porkchops
In the two hours between playing my ultra rare pig turned into a common pig!! Apparently 2 hours is too long to be away from the game!!!
It is a reallly fjn game, but starting off playing is terrible, it takes forever for them to grow and u can only have 3 at a time to start with but after its been installed for afew dats it becomes fun for peolle with busy schedules, hunting sucks tho the dart thing it stupid
I have a five star pig last night and a four star pig and next morning they both turned to one star pigs and its horrible because i use all of my money to feed them But its a cute fun game
I have a hard time getting hold of the pigs to move to the truck. How can I grab them. Every time I try the info page comes up and I can't move them. Takes several minutes to do. Also the English is poor. And what does the symbol mean above the piggy in the word bubble.
As others have noted, the pigs get sick or lose stars quickly if you're not careful. If you have the straw flooring, I'd recommend moving your pigs to the grazing field overnight so they'll grown more slowly as you sleep. It seems like you may tire of this app quickly, but it's been okay for a few minutes every day over this past month
Luv luv luv this game its so amazing I have one problem but its not huge so i dont worry about download the game forget about the other people that say its lame. I luv pigs!♡★
It keeps wanting to freeze, very frustrating. My 5 star pigs will stay 5 stars up until time to sell them, then they down grade. Other than that, I absolutely love this game, so does my 6 y.o. You need to fix the bugs, so that the game stops freezing up, very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really like the game, but I only have it 2 stars because there's no way to keep anything but a 1 star pig overnight while you sleep. Anything you have will be a1 star by the time you wake up. That's frustrating and now I'm uninstalling.
I absolutely love pigs so getting this game was a must for me and I am so happy I did. It is so fun and cute!!! It is really sad when you have to sell your pigs though! Just keep checking on your piggies often as possible so that your 5 star pig doesn't end up a 1 star. Today when I sold a pig there was a little quote that said"I trusted you." that made me so sad for the piggy to feel that way! I actually cried over selling the piggy!!! This game is wonderful!!!
I really love this app! The pigs are cute and now that I have all the right stuff and care products I have been getting very good pigs! But one thing that I request to be in the game is knowing what kind of breed you are going to get before the pig grows up. But that is all!
An alright game, but I get seriously frustrated with it when I get online to find four awesome pigs ready to sell. Put one in the selling cart, only to have it become sick and worthless in the interval between putting it on the cart and the cart walking off to sell it. And then coming back after that to find my three perfectly fine pigs have suddenly become old and worthless. Otherwise it's an okay game.
In order to raise a 5 star pig you have to forgo sleep and stay up at night to tend it. All my 5 stars turned into one stars overnight. Yes. I appreciate breeding five stars should be more challenging but since I have a life to lead beyond the game I do actually need to sleep. It could be a good game but I'm going to have to delete it. I honestly wouldn't bother installing it people.
I have a Toshiba and the game keeps glitching. Please help! I think that it will be a really good game. I have been mad about it for more than weeks! Please help!
I like it. Would he better if you could keep more pigs at once. It takes too long to grow them, which makes the game kind of boring. Would be nice if there was a bar that shows how much your pig is grown, and how much longer it has until fully grown.