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Picture Perfect Crossword

Picture Perfect Crossword for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by AppyNation Ltd. located at 23 Adelaide Road Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV31 3PD United Kingdom. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome game! Cant wait to play every morning! 😍 really is a challenge, but I love it! Highly recommend this game.
I like the game but you have to wait a day or 2 to earn more tokens to advance unless you want to spend money.
I absolutely love this app. what I dont like is I have to wait so long for new pictures perfect puzzles and the tickets don't come at plentiful as the coins. all and all THIS is one of my FAVORITE apps. thanks
Response nicely photos and crosswords are hard enough to make it interesting but easy enough to keep it from being frustrating. They try to prompt you with commercials and ads just and I am. There doesn't seem to be too many of them like some apps. Other than having have the tickets to play and rate something or watch commercial every once in awhile the function is pretty well and it's fun.
I really enjoy playing Picture Perfect Crossword. It actually is one of my favorite games to play. I get excited waiting for new levels. Sometimes it seems as though it can take a little too long for new levels. Or maybe i just miss playing while i wait.
this game is super fun. I love challenging my mind and learning new words. of course you have to watch short videos (30 seconds), but that is what you get for a free game. Even my kids are learning new words from this game.
love this game at school my English was not the best but since playing this game it has improved no end not bad for a 57year old πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I would like this game more if I was able to obtain more tokens by watching ads. But it seems that I'm only allowed to do that once a day. And they take all available tokens to play the puzzles. I'm not Uncle Money Bags. I don't have money coming out of every hole. I can't buy tokens. Looks like until you make it easier to obtain coins I'll be uninstalling this game. Too bad, too. I was really starting to enjoy this game.
I enjoy the game very much. I just wish that when you tapped the picture, you were able to expand or zoom in.
i like the game and the puzzle only thing i would change would be the puzzle you have to do after you finish the original puzzle
I like this game its different from the other word games, thank you so much for making my mind work without having to draw lines from one letter to another SO tired of ALL those!!!
For the last several weeks when i click on the free tokens or free coins it doesn't go through. Overall I do like the puzzles. But I don't think the point system isn't fair. Update 6-15-20 i finished all of the levels know what? I thought more puzzles would be downloaded but only one was then nothing. If the game is over then i should get a message letting me know. I also think my points that i have saved should be transferred to the next game.
Excellent game love word of the day super pictures excellent graphics all round a good game keeps your brain active and brilliant puzzles always something new.
It is a challenging Word Game, you actually really need to have good knowledge to solve this Game, it gets harder and harder everytime you go higher up on the levels.
Every time I want to watch a video, nothing comes up . Cannot play the game or get the double tokens or coins. Game needs to be be fixed. Ready to be deleted.😑😑😑 It's happening again today!! No videos and cannot double my tokens or get free tokens. this is really lame!!
Very much enjoy playing this game! It is fun and challenging. Also, I often find myself learning new words.
really good app. nice thing to do when you have a moment. there's a good mixture of easy and difficult clues
It is an excellent game for your brain to think. Always good for when you are going on road trips or even when you have spare time when you do not have anything else to do instead of being bored all the time.
I love this game so much! And some of the pictures are very challenging !! Thought you knew all the tools well think again!!!
I loved this app. Now it keeps crashing I can't even type in a whole word before it crashes again!! Please fix.
I really like the game i play everyday threwout the day. Only complaint i have is i get more coins then i do tickets. Other than that great game :)
Great Great to play with pics and words for kids it works grandaughter loves it she is 5 and getting better everyday Love this and I am not Bored by it like with Childrens Games Brilliant learning tool !
Great game with a few flaws. While I found this game a relaxing way to spend time I felt that the qustions are far to easy. That explains why I have given it four stars and not five. Rectify this and I will amend my review and rating.
Installed and uninstalled within 5 minutes. Ridiculous you have to use tokens to progress from one crossword to another. Reading the reviews I'm not the only one who feels that. It would be great otherwise
I have been playing picture perfect for a couple of years now. Great way to test your brain. Love it! Since I switched over to Samsung tablet the app closes on me while playing on occasion. Kinks are out now and I'm still enjoying the game!
I enjoy this modern version of crossword puzzles. The paperback books with no pictures was very stressful for me. Now I enjoy the game instead of dreading it. Thank you
Its pretty good for when you have a few minutes to fill. Sometimes easy, sometimes harder, but always interesting.
Excellent game love word of the day super pictures excellent graphics all round a good game keeps your brain active and brilliant puzzles always something new. Good game pick it up when you want to Not to many adverts sometimes really hard clues makes you think great when you work it out
I learn something new everytime I play. One thing that I don't like is that I sometimes don't get my rewards for watching the videos.
Good quality pictures, some clues are definitely hard, but the right word is in there somewhere. Good brain game. Love this!
One of my top 3 favorite games!! Just disappointed there are no new levels coming soon. I actually uninstalled & reinstalled cuz I couldn't wait any longer :-)
Its a good game,but getting tokens or waiting for tokens is downfall to game..unless you have money to buy more.
Highly recommend it. Lots of fun to play. Keeps you busy with learning and learning a different way to play crossword game. Just love the prizes
I like this game as it really makes you think, however, some of the pictures they give you can be interpreted differently. This makes it even more difficult to try and beat each puzzle.
fun game. a bit annoying sometimes, but only because some of the pictures are totally vague. but i play it daily for my memory problems and it helps.
I would have given this game a higher score if it didn't keep pestering me to either save my score and tell all my friends on either Facebook and Twitter. I don't intend having another Facebook account again nor do I want to setup an account with Twitter either. And since it keeps popping that rubbish up after almost every game played I'm removing it from my phone.
very good game but sometimes answers are based in America so have to think of American words rather than English adverts are a pain!!!
The best puzzle game by far. Great pic hints and tons of fun to play. No advert interuptions during game play. One if my faves to playβ€ΌοΈπŸ€ β€οΈπŸ’‹
still a fun game, keeps me intrested. only things would change, are be able to skip letters in a word, and not cost so much for help.
I like to play perfect picture crossword puzzle is so fun to play and it make your brain really think hard.
Good game but extremely American and also quite antiquated slang Aussie words, some that are NEVER used. I also noted that some of the questions are very ambiguous. In saying all that, I am really enjoying it. Thanks 😊
A Challenge. Improves your unscrambling skills. Themed for adults. You can get in or out quickly, no waiting for other players or letters.
Love doing the crosswords. Sometime the picture are hard to see what they are. It has frozen up on me twice. This last time I can not even uninstall it. Love the puzzles.
Great way to kill time while engaging brain activity! Love it! wishing there were additional ways to get tokens without purchasing them as the puzzles become higher entry fees as the chapters ch o up. kinda big time bummer but still love the game!
It's an OK game you can wait upto 24 hours before you can get any further on with the level getting really bored of it
love this game keeps me occupied and keeps my brain alert. would recommend especially if you are in older age bracket. keeps that brain busy.
Great game but ramdonly crashes on both my chrome os & Samsung phone. If it was just once or twice in awhile I would have dealt with it but it is once or twice a level now. Hopefully yall will fix that & I will remember to revisit in the future.
Cost for a one letter clue costs more than if you complete the whole puzzle. Clues should cost way less since many of the pictures aren't all the obvious. Otherwise I like the game, but not going to spend money to play each puzzle.
Nice little time waisted that gets you thinking. Some of the clues need quite some thought to work out what it is, because even though you are given a picture as the clue, it's not always obvious what the answer is.
Excellent game love word of the day super pictures excellent graphics all round a good game keeps your brain active and brilliant puzzles always something new. Good game pick it up when you want to Not to many adverts.
one of my all time favs. and now cannot play.....what happened? after yrs of playing? developer does not bother to answer.
i have been playing on my iPad for about ten months. Glad to see i am now able to play on my android phone. When i linked the two my picture of the week did not link(transfer) and my point accumulation also did not link(transfer). Other than that i really enjoy this game. My family enjoys playing it also. April 13, 2019. I inquired as to if any new games will be released in the future on March 31,2019. I was told someone would get back to me shortly. I still have not heard from anyone.
Interesting and fun game, I don't love the token system, I'd rather just pay money for the game and not have the token system or ads. A few of the words are very British in spelling or meaning so that's when the hints are really useful for me.
Keeps me sharp! helps your memory,great way to pass your time, makes you use your brain πŸ€” by challenging you πŸ˜€
I love this game it makes you think has good graphics easy controls. some categories are tough but on the easier ones or the ones you know you get coins to help you with the hard levels.
Really enjoy the challenge of playing the pp crossword, sometimes the pics are a little tricky but it makes you think.
i absolutely love this game. i will finish it & delete it & reinstall if i can & play it over & over again. Im addicted. Finished and reloaded again. More tokens & coins please. Downloaded this game again!!! Maybe 8th time playing it
Great game! Really enjoyable! Some of the puzzles are quite challenging which keeps my interest. Now completed all 38 chapters.... Are more coming soon ?? Really hope so! 😁
Fantastic Game. SUPER GLITCHY. It crashes every 30 seconds or every 6 taps, which ever comes first 😑😠😭
I've played many different crossword games and this one as far is my favorite,the pictures make it easier as well as more challenging,I love it.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Really like this game, the pictures are easy to see and you can blow it up to see it better if you need to.
Good game, but don't like it when you hit double your coins and tokens and it won't let you watch the add..and also crashes a lot on my Samsung phone and tablet.
I like this game a lot. My biggest issue is the amount of tokens it costs to play a round versus the amount of tokens you can earn. Its way off.
Although I enjoy this game it is not undated enough i have been waiting months for update so disappointing.
By far my favorite game. Can be challenging at times which is nice. I'm sad to be almost finished with all the levels though. I wish there were more. I beat it now I'm restarting it...
Brilliant game. Gets the brain going. Some puzzles are easy but quite a few are really tricky especially if you have never heard of some of the words before
Love doing the crosswords. Sometime the picture are hard to see what they are. It has frozen up on me twice. This last time I can not even uninstall it. Love the puzzles. Keeps my brain thinking and working.
i really enjoyed playing this game! I would have given it 5 stars except I reached the last chapter months ago and they still haven't added any. I'll give it a couple more weeka but then i'm just going to delete it
Love the game, but I've found some of the words for the picture are incorrect. For example, a picture of pinto beans was called chia seeds.
very good game, very stimulating. shame it has so many ads. hence only 4 stars. but otherwise really enjoyable and different! definitely worth trying if you have the patience of a saint to put up with the ads
Wish the hints were less money! Perhaps 20 coins instead of 50! Too much money. And add another hint to choose from
I have been playing picture perfect for a couple of years now. Great way to test your brain. Love it! Since I switched over to Samsung tablet the app closes on me while playing on occasion.
It's cool. Not as easy as you would think it would be, even though you literally get to see a picture of the clue, sometimes it's still hard to figure out what the answer actually is. Definitely fun though.
I really enjoy this game, in the beginning it starts off easy then it starts getting a bit harder but I like the challenge
really like it very interesting, but i don't do Facebook, and every time I finish a puzzle it asks me to share, and that's really annoying so it makes me play something else after a short tim.
This game is going to take forever to play. I am only on level 3 and it is already at a standstill. Not enough free tokens awarded every day to move the game along
Brilliant game... I love crosswords and to be honest this is the best I've found alongside one clue crossword Well done guys .. you have one happy player
a different type of crossword. Very enjoyable. One criticism have to wait a bit to receive tokens so you can move to the next level.
Fun and easy. Took a minute for the pictures to load up, but it's fun and easy to play. Wish there was more and it didn't go up to 38 only. 50 at the most and with some extra things like stickers or something.
I really like this game! I was sceptical at first because of the photos as I thought it may be too easy. But, as I quickly found out that the puzzles were challenging and really made me think. I LOVE word games and this is one of the most fun I've found!
I really love to do crossword puzzles but this one let's you get to see the word you need and is quite surprising when you still don't get it right! loads of fun and learning!! thanks, guys! Nettie
It helps with my english vocabulary and keep my adrenaline pumping in order to complete each puzzle..very addictive.
Fun testers.do it everyday for highest returns. Still finding these puzzles fun to work on after six months of daily play. Still going with daily play
Very challenging game. Many of the pictures can test your mind, as the pictures don't always give you an obvious clue. Really makes you use your brain. Very addictive.