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Pico Islands

Pico Islands for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by BitSpree GmbH located at BitSpree GmbH Chausseestr. 1 03051 Cottbus DE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
No clue what the tutorials wants me to do. It points to an unlabed button with a footprint label, which apparently means build a path, and then once clicked shows nothing else. I can't start building paths but if I click anything else it goes away and goes back to square one.
No good. I don't mind if the bring the resources back to the Main Building, but the yellow things stop moving even if there's still under construction building on their route..I purposely put a route connect directly to the main building so it can be done faster. Why they still waiting for their turn to get the item?if there is 10 building construction, they divide the things 1 by 1 the it take hours. You have to wait until they finish.do u expect people to stay on the app for whole day?
First and foremost, the tutorial was a bit hard to follow. It was short and to the point, but I think something a little more indepth would help many players in the beginning. That being said, it's a cute little game and has tons of potential. It took me a while to figure everything out by flipping through menus and such, but once I figured it out, it was a breeze to play through. But as aforementioned, I think if you put more into the tutorial, it will be a better experience for all.
Ok so far, the tutorial wasn't so great as I couldn't make sense of what to do. There is a mini wiki in the game which made things clearer. Only played for about an hour, so don't think I've experienced all the game has to offer yet. Also, I've noticed it oddly has the same in game music as Park of Monster game!
Wow.... At 1st glance,I thought it looks super generic!!! I haven't stopped playing this game for 3 days,and I thumb thru 5 to 10 games a week!!! This game has more depth than MOST of the sim games that out there!!!
Good app once get idea what to do. Could do with a little more direction and maybe quests to complete to progress to ths different islands/maps :)
Ur game is quite alright. The tutorial definitely needs work but it can still be figured out. I like the chain of production but it gets boring over time with no action. Getting rid of bandits isn't fun enough. It still a developing game tho. Hope u add more content.
I really like this game but theres some things I cant figure out. once understood, i'd give 5 stars. 1. What do the the power ups do? One seems to make my men faster, but I cant figure out what the map and ship do. 2. What do the harbours do? I know travel & trade, but I dont know what to do in the ships menu ex: It looks as if I have to give logs, if I want to trade to get logs. Is that right? Can you explain how to use the 4 commands in the harbours menu properly?
Very difficult to determine what anything does from the digitized caveman drawings that serve as a 'tutorial.' Maybe the wiki gives more information, but I don't like doing homework to play a game.
Horrible game. Tutorial may as well not even exist... just shows some arrows pointing to things they want you to tap on, with no explanations, no descriptions of buttons, no nothing. How do you really expect anyone to even grasp the concept of what to do... let alone how to do it?
Although this game has its flaws, that shouldn't block the fact that this is one of the mobile games out there. To the creator of this game. Keep up the good work. The tech tree is also great!
Settlers resource management meets factorio's research mechanics. Pretty cool! One thing that caught me out was rope. you don't weave it in its own building you just grow hemp and farmers weave it.
Much better than most conventional apps. It allows you to restart and diamonds are easy to get. No paywall, minimal ads. Experiment in a sandbox.
So far so good. I like the concept of figuring it out on your own. I just wish I could start over, now that I know a little bit about it. Edit: Nevermind! I just figured that out too. 🤤
Give a limitation to cut woods and priority to build,cut or work my opinion but i like this game keep working in this app
I've been looking ages for a game like this! It's just like Settlers 2 gold edition, my favourite game of all time. Brilliant job by the developers, thanks for making this game
Game is fine. Just need to work out on the tutorial and control. Should have clear instruction instead of based on guessing earlier.
Settlers +1, UI -1, spending premium currency without confirmation -1, no menu -1, no explanation for things -1.
Good game idea but with no hints to tell you what buildings do you're kind of left to try and find a big enough island to build a good town on
Great game still in development. But don't let that stop you. Try this game you will enjoy it. Must have sense of wonder and willingness to experiment.
great game, bring back the settlers gameplay.. will be great if there is some description about the building name, function etc..
This game is a great game for me it reminds me of a game I loved and that it's why I gave you five stars
Please make stones unlimited..! Some times buildings can automatically get required items from nearby, but most of items goes to the store and being delivered to buildings that's taking much longer time please fix that..! Awesome game play... I'm downloading this game 2nd time..!
The AI is terrible, they will transfer needed resources from across the map when there's a whole bunch of that resource already right next to where it's needed! I even once seen them carry a resource from the building where it was produced all the way up to storage, then immediately take it out of storage and carry it all the way back to the building next door where it was needed. It takes hours to progress because of this--then a bandit steals the resource and you've lost 3 hours of work!
Give a bit more instructions and add more stuffs. Really liked the game just giving 4★s coz ik there are more room for advancement
Yeah I don't like tutorial walls of text either BUT this game is too confusing, I have no idea what's going on. That being said, my suggestion: add one button to the game at a time, not all at once. Create a "tutorial level" where there is only one button on the screen (the build button for example), then add buttons incrementally as the player discovers what each one button does
uhh looks like a decent game but there is really no clue on how to play the game. no descriptions or anything of the sort. very VERY unhelpful set up. Other than that,id be interested in trying to play this but not going to even try.
Quite a good game, however I believe when you sail to a new island you should have the option to keep your research. Due to the people traveling to said island come from the same place that you sent them from. Hense the reason they should know how to do certain things. I believe you should also be able to travel back and fourth between your islands
There are some minor bugs and roads system must be improved and needs a better tutorial otherwise great game definitely worth the time
A bit too laggy on my tablet, so im gonna uninstall until the problem is fixed. It looks like a really good game so I look forward to playing it afterwards.
For a 2 man studio you guys are great i hope you make more games and your studio grows i hope this message brings you Happiness