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Pick The Gold

Pick The Gold for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you're going to put banner ads in the game don't run video ads after every third time drilling. Terrible for the amount of ads.
Well it's not as good as I thought it would be I mean like try to make it so that the diamonds are closer unless that's just me but the uprades all look the same on my screen is that how it's supposed to be?
Roughly every two-three digs, you get an unskippable 10 second ad. Very annoying, definitely would not recommend this unless you've got the extreme patience of a saint.
Way too many ads. I just turned off my internet so I didn't get ads. Also I cheated by changing my clock to get offline earnings fast. Could of been a good game.
Constant ads with the option to watch more ads frequently for upgrades except half the time I can't click it and when I can I don't even think I get the upgrade. Besides that very boring gameplay. Basically just pick whichever of the 3 choices you think could have better stuff in it and that's it. No challenge, no excitement, no fun, just a cash grab and as long as people download and try it they win because they get paid through the ads they force on you.
Could be a really good time killer if they didnt have so many forced ads. You take about two turns and have to sit through and ad and it really just breaks up from and consistent gameplay.
Lovely game for killing time.make sure U watch the adds to progress a smidge quicker. So down to earth and fun. Hopefully soon have some more features like new drills or drills that do diff things ie drill harder or faster or collect more and better but fun none the less. 5 of 5
Way to many ads. Cant get in to the game if every 10 seconds you have to watch a 30 second advert. Such a shame could be a very good game and I would not be uninstalling it
Starts off ok but becomes very samey and there dont appear to be more than 4 levels. Once you hit that level it just goes on and on and on all the same with no real incentive to keep playing
Would be a great addicting game if it wasn't for the amount of ads. I may even be able to get past the ads if I didn't have so many freeze on me and then lose coins because of it. This game was a complete waste of time and a waste of space on my phone.
Ads. Nothing but ads. I don't mind ads that are used with respect to letting the game be fun, but this is fun homicide. Do like me, delete this game, and hunt for one that understands that ads can ruin a fun game.
Downloaded but havent played yet. Ive noticed that everything by voodoo games is loaded with more ads than actual game time. I hope its good enough to enjoy regardless but really...i feel like i know what to expect...
The game has no story to it, it's not very interesting, it's alright and to some people it could be addicting, but to me it's not. But well done for making the game easy to understand. Plus very easy to control
Fun game, literally at max depth. when game glitched i reached 9,000 meters. I know there's plenty of fuel and pipe depth. Why stop at 4,243 meters and limit it to where you cannot go back up and mine out the rest of the ore above that level? Please make at least more depth or allow the drill to return to the top and mine the rest of the playable area
Advert within 5 seconds of opening the game, not a good start. Asking to rate within 5 seconds of opening up the game, give people a chance to get a feel for it... the game is as followes... dig a hole-advert-upgrade-advert-advert-dig a hole-Advert -upgrade-advert.. I think you get the idea...
Downloaded the game, uninstalled it 3 minutes later due to too many ads. I know developers have to make money, but seeing an ad after 4 or 5 is too much. The game had potential but the ads just killed it for me
I don't understand. The drill stops during a run and starts digging another column... when I don't touch it... Why? I would enjoy the game if this didn't happen.
Excellent game. When the ads start after every 3 mines I just restart the game.take about 5 - 8 secs to restart. Much faster than watching them ads. Enjoy. Razer phone.
You watch adds more than you play the game. I drilled 3 times in 10 seconds than watched a 30 second add, repeat. It's not even a game at this point.
At the weary beginning of the game they want you to give them permission to access your Facebook data, mobile data, to record your habits and so on... That is invasion of privacy and no I don't want to sign on that. As far as i figure it out, this game is just app to show you adds and to sell your personal data to other marketing companies.
Absolutely pointless and boring game. No explanation on how to play, no settings that can be changed. Every action seems to result in watching another advert, which all seem unnecessarily long. Don't download it!
Great game until I reached 10000 feet down and it started to glich when you press the boost button and also the swiping is very irritating so pretty please get rid of it or add an off button. Thanks. Other than that I enjoy it
There's no sound for the game which comes off as incredibly lazy especially for such a simplistic game even just some stock mining sounds would have done well enough. Would of considered rating higher if sound was implemented, a game isn't a game with no sound
Just too many adds. It's absolutely insane, talk about a money grab. A banner at the bottom all game and videos after every few drills. Its ugly as hell.
The amount of ads is insane, every 2 to 3 rounds you are greeted by a 30 second ad. Ive spent more times on the ads then the game. Poor ad management
Too many ads, i understand how ads work, but let the user chose to see ads, or at least let it play for at least 10 - 15 minutes. An ad every 2 taps is annoying. It could have been fun :(
Forced ads and "options" you can't change. Seriously? Garbage. Played for five minutes and got four ads all 30-45 seconds long. DELETED
I find the game enjoyable and relatively addictive. However, the ads almost ruin the game! After every 2 'turns' you have no choice but to watch an ad, that's absurd! There are plenty of other opportunities to watch ads in order to keep the app free or whatever reason the developers cite. The game is constantly popping up with free upgrades if you watch an ad or you can watch an ad after every turn in order to double your earnings. However, there are more times than not that the watch an ad to upgrade pops up but yet won't respond when tapped, and that will stay that way pretty much until you close the game completely and then reopen, but that is only a temporary fix. I feel if the developers fix the watch to upgrade/double earnings issue and get rid of or even increase the amount of time before a mandatory ad after a turn this game would be much more enjoyable. Only time will tell I guess on if they change the ad issues or improve the game over all or not.
Way to many ads!! Every couple of minutes the ads will pop up plus every time you play you can double your money with an ad. Also beat the game in like 2 hours of gameplay. Waste of time!
Fun idle game, but WAY TOO MANY ADS. No option to buy out of the ads. Game is simple and enjoyable, but the amount of ads is so irritating it will probably just be another app buried in the back pages and forgotten or uninstalled. Bummer because I think it would be great to keep playing.
Great game, very addictive, but too many ads especially if you click to say you don't want to watch one you still have to but without the benefit, also the new "feature" where you can move the drill head from one line together is annoying and it moves without tapping it, would be good to be able to turn this off in setting, but there are no setting options for anything. Sort it out voodoo or you're going to lose a lot of followers
Honestly I like the game but you guys put way too many ads in it makes me want to unstall it I understand you have to have advertisements to pay for certain things but y'all have way too many ads every time I get done Drilling and add pops up which really gets old
Whilst this might have the potential to be a fun time-waster game, it is spoiled, as all Voodoo games are, by the ridiculous Ad saturation. SO MANY!? I dont know how so many people have given this 5 stars, clearly most of them were written by Voodoo. Don't download.
Overall, it's a decent game. For those of you who are reading this review and are seeing everybody complaining about ads, I have a solution. Turn off your internet and data. Or install Blokadav3. Helps a lot.
F your effing pop up ads. There are enough ads to watch to gain bonuses you don't need forced ads. The most annoying one is when collecting, it gives the option to double the reward by watching an ad, but most time when I choose to just collect I am forced to watch an ad. Screw you. Deleted.
I modded it to get rid of the annoying ads, even so the game is not worth it. Uninstalled it after 1 minute of playtime. If you are into mining, there is another clicker, much better.
You ask if I want to double my income after a dig by watching an ad and if I click no, I still have to watch an ad but I don't get double the revenue. Sometimes I click yes, watch the ad, get double the revenue, but I'm forced to watch a second ad as soon as I click collect. Voodoo is just in the business of forcing ads on its users and I will no longer be downloading their apps because of the deceit where they are trying to truck me in to thinking I have a choice. All their games are this way.
The amount of ads in this app is just ridiculous. There is nothing that justifies ads between plays, unless the ones you choose to watch to get increased earnings. Couldn't play for a minute straight without being interrupted by a pesky ad.
Never download a VOODOO app way to many ads and ridiculous to charge to remove ads. I understand they have to make money but make it else where. I enjoy every game they put out but I usually delete the app within an hour or so because of the ads.
Be a fun game if you aren't being rapped every few minutes by a forced ad. A recommendation make it possible to mute the ads. I listen to music while playing games and being forced to manually restart my music because this game is forcing an ad onto me, is why I am deleting this game. It isn't worth playing when you are doing nothing but ad this and ad that.
The game is fun, and I don't mind the ads. My only problem is that sometimes it will pop up for a free upgrade after watching an ad but when I go to tap it, the button will not react even after multiple taps or holding my finger down on the button.
When you first start gold is abundent. You make around $800 per dig. Then you start getting deeper and deeper . And still only getting $800 per dig. Stuff spawns less so you play more and they get more ad revenue. It's literally the click bait of apps.
If you are thinking that this game looks fun, and you want to download it ....I'll save you some time ...it only LOOKS fun.. You click on the game a couple of times and then boom AD... 2 more game clicks later AD again ...then again ...and again....get the point ? Not worth precious life moments ...not worth even precious boredom moments. Youre better off taking a nap or petting your dog 😋
Not sure about the point... didn't take much time to reach diamonds, earned all the challenge drills (which only effect appearance) and now I'm wondering what is the point of digging deeper..? Oh, and the ads! I don't mind watching ads to double my earnings but I don't like watching an ad to then being forced to watch another straight after... 😕
Blatant cash grab... Forces you to watch ads to progress through the game, offers a system to double rewards of action by watching an add, forces you to watch an add when you decide not to double. This company is a sham, don't download any of their games. Spend more time watching ads than playing.