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Pick Me Up™

Pick Me Up™ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by tastypill located at 1880 W Oak Pkwy #216 Marietta, GA 30062 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really fun entertaing game I don't understand why pepole are complaining about the ads,speeding,and that it's boring, If you want to play this fun game then you'll have to deal with ads but the speeding!? Almost the whole game is that you can go as fast as you want but not crash The reason I rate this 5 stars is because it's fun,time consuming, and just really amazing
This game is good but could be better. You should definitely add longer and more challenging levels. The levels seem repetitive and too easy. One thing I liked was the highways. You should do more of that. Maybe add a easy, normal and hard mode to the game. Your game has loads of potential!
Hi all I saw the reviews , And got a solution to remove ads... Just disconnect your mobile data or network from mobile and play the game. It worked, tried my self...
I really enjoy this game,However there are way to much ads! Wether I finish a level or get hit,The ads are coming! Although this is a really enjoyable game,I suggest that the ads get removed.The other reason why I gave this a 3 star is because its quiet basic, why don't they add more things?
Its really nice, not the BEST game ive ever played but very good! A little laggy, but that just might be my phone. Overall, its really good! I highly recommend if you like driving but cant since the pandemic and such.
it is bored after 10 levels And game is strucking in the middle And I think in a game we need compitation but in this game it is absent🤷 .and who want enjoyment and thrilling and compitation this game waste 🙏..
Didn't have a problem with this game up until recently. I could tolerate the fullscreen "invitation" to become a member if I paid an exorbitant amount weekly, I mean the game was decent, but, not something I would spend $5.99 on. I didn't even mind the ads at first, because they seemed pretty harmless, until they started opening up, or even playing when the game wasn't open. Sometimes I could even hear the game noises running when the app wasn't open.
Super , Excellent ,good , V. good what I say the game the I love because there is no more ads and no difficulties I did not say that the difficult will not have the difficult do the game is rubbish but did you know what the game has a difficult that comming and going cars excellent game I would say that who want to want simple and small small difficulties please download the game I have love this game so you will also the game like me..... 😀😁😀😁😀
Its a very good game but the problem is when we just bump with trucks or any car so it comes a ad so plwase fix this problem I am very sorry but this is the real problem 😔 so i rate it 4 stars
An awesome game with some brilliant and simple graphics .The gameplay is really good and different location with each passing levels provides a great feel to the game with different cars to unlock.
WAY too many Advertisements. Every time you crash, you can choose to watch an ad to resume where you left off instead of restarting, but even if you dont choose to watch an ad, it makes you sit through one anyway. Deleting the app which is unfortunate considering I actually enjoy the game. Sad that devs only care about money nowadays.
The game is very nice l have to give 5 stars to you, but there are 2 problems . if l slow down it will go and hit another car and after playing few levles it will get struck and it will come to home page 😞😞 . if you fix this problems it will be fantastic!!!!!!😊😊 Thank you😃😃
This game is fun there is police cars there's trains but there is no buses please make this game have buses and the time and some level crossings please thank you and no adds and the date please
This is an amazing game, but ALL THE ADS RUIN IT. There is an ad after every attempt on a level, whether you complete it or fail. Yes, I get that you need ads to stay going. But tone it down a lot, okay? Otherwise, would give 4 stars. Also, could you please make there a way to control how fast you are going? Beacuse that very fast speed when you tap can make it extremely hard to NOT crash.
Goooooood 😘 app😘!!!!!! I loved it💖 a lot💖💖!! But the reason of giving 4 stars is that the ads are a lot , and that's annoying. So pls🙏 do less no. of ads.🙏 Or else, this game is amazing!!!!😘. Hope will work on my concern
I have given 4 stars because everyware map picture is there. 2. And second thing is this the car does not stop when i up my fingure the car moves slowly PLZ DEVLOPERS DO SOMETHING IN THAT PROBLEM🙏🙏🙏😊
I have to give it 4 stars. The game is actully really good. Its just all the frikin ads ugghh. I'm enjoying the game but please just reduce the ads. There is way to many. An ad pops up everytime you die, pass a level/stage, it just gets really annoying. It seems like many others are having the same conplaint and so u might as well just fix it. I love your game tho keep it good guys!! One last thing, sorry for any punkuation errors, spelling errors, or grammer errors! Thanks..!!!!
I love this game and people say that there is a lot of ads but there really isn't and it I'd very fun to drive and pick peopke up.
SO MANY GOSH DARN ADS! I have never seen a game with SO MANY ADS! whenever you complete a level, what do you get? of course. An ad. And I think that because it has soooo many ads, It is really laggy. Like legit after about 15 seconds of gameplay, bam an ad. Trust me, the ads aren't laggey, but the game certainly is. DO NOT download this game. 1/5 ⭐'s would NOT recommend.
Wonderful Game Me and my sis are like Ughhhhhhh we only have TWO GAMES and we were so bored Then we started to look in the play store and we found this we tryed the first round out we went crazy Omg try it out!
The keep on giving ad each minute. I don't like the game now because it is being super duper annoying after each minute. They give a ad ad ad ad ad and AD and the next word you should yes, add the keep on giving it. Yes. Answer correct Add is such a boring word because you keep on watching it it gets super duper boring while watching ad. I can't watch it. I tried to delete it. And I downloaded again so that the ad can go away and a downloaded again so that ads thing go away But no the ads don't
I can't stop playing this game, it is so fun! My sister and I have so much fun getting different cars and passing the different levels. I will say it is a little frustrating because like every 5 Seconds there's another ad. But I definitely recommend this game for everyone.
This game is very fun! The only reason i wouldnt rate it a 5 star is because it would be cool if it had updates such as police officers coming after you, speed limits, alwell as different cars and something to do with the cash you earn. There is also not as many ads as the comments say so it makes the game even better than what is already is! I really hope updates will appear soon. Its also pretty good for all ages!
It is a brilliant game, But the problem is that there are very ads interrupting in between of the game when I'm playing but still I'll give it five stars.
This game overall is great, and really fun. One complaint I have though, is that, there's only a limited amount of things that you can buy. I bought every car that you can buy, and now it's(the money) just piling up. I suggest maybe having different rewards, like things that can make a car immune to being hit or something like that. Other than that, the game is awesome!
This game very wonderful and semma enjoyment... I like this game and my most favorite game... Offline is wonderful trick... So develop the game for my all the very best for game developing company... My wishes for u.. And Thanking you....
Honestly the game is so easy. It has a little bit excitement. But I love the game... There is also one problem with this game. It is after a level I just completed it will have an add. In each of level I complete. Please please please try to fix the problem. That's all. However the game is not so bad. Thanks.🙂
This game is pretty interesting. I love it! I use most of my time whenever I don't have any work to do. This game has lots of cities and cars. But the only problem I recognized is that hitting cars is a mistake done by me. But what about my cab. When I drive my cab slowly on a road and if a car behind me is a little far away. When it comes near me, instead of stopping and giving horn, the car hits me and I become the failure. So I gave 4 starts. Please developers fix it!
Nice game I like it and each level difficulty. But one disadvantage of this game is both cars are too slow
I love this game very much but i gave it 4 stars because it have many ads if you solve this problem so its good
This game is... okay. The only reason why I played this is somehow it popped up in an ad and I installed it by accident without knowing. The reason why I gave it 3 stars is because It drains my battery and you watch more ads than actually playing the game. But when you do, it's kind of boring because all your doing is tapping the screen and picking up people... I would not recommend this. If you already have this game, Uninstall it. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day/night 😋❤️
Total awesome time killer. 🤘 just loved it.💝 Ads didn't bothered me as I turned off the internet whenever I play. So, No ads. 😜 Great work guyzzz 🥂
it is very addictive game in a good manner and me and my mom loved it. this game was awesome and I suggested it to many. I think that this type of games everyone should make. this improves the level of competition in us and just want to star it 100 out of 5...
This game is nice .. And interesting too 😊 but every one says that there are many ads in this game... So I'll suggest u to play this game offline... Then u all won't face any ads... Thank you❤🌹🙏
Game seemed ok. Paid to remove ads. Now the greedy individuals are trying to trick me into paying $6 a week by repeatedly putting a subscription button where the continue button should be. AVOID!
Um how do I put this it's so damn glitchy it has way too many ads it keeps going back to the home screen it's overall terrible yeah it's good to pass time but it's really annoying. Its subscription overly priced and does nothing to the game it's a good overly priced game. If you want that in a game download it if not I highly recommend not to get this game! Thank-you for reading and hope you agree 👍
Pretty good game. You tap to make the car go faster, and basically play crazy Uber driver. Only problem I had is that when you turn a corner, you can't see the cars coming at the intersection right after. This could be fixed by a nonfixed camera, and turn to be at the front of the car. Fun, nonetheless.
Good game but they have a VIP pack which is $6 a week. Like what! $6 a week that's more than a Netflix subscription! Such a scummy way to try and get paid
I love this game soo much because if you dont have data this be ur side but the matter is the add is so long the car is like following the line i mean is if someone in the car and just ask can we go to mall and bla2 thats why just follow the line but i wish if i dont have job like no want need a car i can drive around the place but than no i love this game so much but for me just that and one thing i just dont hate this app but just want to share everyone have a mistake so yaa..😉 And stay safe
I have I have this my iPhone 12 and I really wanted to get in my tablet on my tablet sorry about that and I would love for you to know that I love this game so so so so much and I hope that you enjoy it too
This game is really so nice it has the ad but when the ad is coming it shows the cross button for me it's the best app and the cars are the best that's why did the car are so colourful and nice so I give this game 5 stars
It's an amazing game. I loved it. But I think there is too more ads. Which is not good. So, make sure to reduce ads. Btw, it's a really good game .
My experience in this game very good but some times there many turns that we don't know and many cars come but one thing is very bad in this game and it was that when our car touches other car so we will be out of this game but it was exciting but this game is not a relaxing game because in this game car can move on any turn and on any movement and in this car there is not any break so we have to handle the car on ourself Thank you
It is a good game but you can not put a condition to get a car to follow you on instagram so I would recommend to remove that to follow on instagram 😅😉 but the rest of the game if pretty inocent and good and enjoy playing this game alot 😊😍 and by the way I don't know what is tastypill
This game is fun but after a while it gets boring because it's almost the same thing over and over agein.
Didn't get very far into the game until I realized its another one of those games that shoves ads down your throat every two seconds. You finish a short round and after every single go its an ad to suffer thru. Not to mention the overly priced amount you are meant to pay to get rid of them. The game itself is kind of trash honestly. It can be laggy and just very flat in appeal of design. Boring and left me disappointed.
I found this game very engaging. A mock-up of all the drivers on the road,assisting us in the daily activities. The gameplay-controls-GUI-colors are simple yet good. Nice game to do the time pass. How about adding a railway level crossing?
Brilliant! I'm learning about places and directions without a map or GPS! Pretty Smart! Very Creative Concept! Thanks for this wonderful game!
one of my favorite games for my cousin too. also new haters if you if you want some more detailed you can just go to the 3D it you don't have to criticize this just because you want more detail makes no sense. this game is amazing✨✨👌🏽
This is a good game to play when you have nothing to do. But just 3 problems...1 is that everytime you finish a level there is ALWAYS an add. SO ANNOYING. 2 is that after a few levels the game always shuts down on it's own. And 3..when we do those turnings, the car just goes and dashes my car; and the computer says that I loose points! So unfair, but other than that the game is fun. Please try to fix these problems..Thank you! 😊😊😀😊
Game has a fun and addictive concept. The game also has a nice presentation and art style to it. However, the amount of ads that are placed throughout the entire game are ridiculous. Every time you complete a level, which lasts about 10 seconds, you watch a 30-second ad. every single level. The amount of ads immediately ruined all of the fun that I could have had from this game. I also believe there should have been a time limit on each level. I only made it to level seven before I uninstalled.
Really good other than the fact that theres no brakes, but if you want to kill time heres the game fot you!
Crazy amount of ads, game play of 5-10 seconds, watch a 30 second ad.. rinse and repeat. Another decent game ruined by developer greed. Oh yeah, they are at least kind enough to offer a WEEKLY subscription to remove the ads at the low, low price of $5.99/week. You have to be kidding me! Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. INSTALLED
♡This is goood and also its like relaxing holding the screen and chilling out XD vut also they is some crashes so please fix it and i will rate it 5 stars!♡
This game is awesome and cool 😎.lt teach us how to drive.lt has crossed roads which looks amazing 🥰🥰👍👍and variety of cars .But why should we only follow the rules other also should follow it.so lt becomes very difficult to complete the challenge.l am on 96 level.lt takes one day to complete the level. But by luck. And patience we can complete two levels in one day.STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE😷😷🙏🙏
I think really like playing this game it awesome buy it shows a lot of ads that is what cut off a star from the ratings ...i realy like playing yhe game becase it can pass you time it very funny when you accidently get hit by the cars ....i love the game but if you (the game developer)can pls remove sone ad timings then it will be very helpful...anothor thing came to my mind is i really like the way of different cars it shows and the looks of the car is awesone!! I reccomend this game
The game has so many ads ,the problem is l want to say that what you can do you can move a little bit ads🙄Now lam giving only three-star ok 👌 But this game is good 👍 👌you can play this game it is interesting 👍. Thank you my pleasure 😊.
This Game was very very nice sure you will like this game you also install and you also like this game so much it is very very easy to play in racing car we want to put kheer break and driving so many risk in that game and we can't understand it easily all of you will like this game share this game and enjoy this game and my request is please install this game and please read my comment that's all I finish my comment.😊
This game is awesome and cool 😎. It teach us how to drive. It has crossed roads which looks amazing and variety of cars. But why should we only follow the rules other also should follow it. So it becomes very difficult to complete the challenge. I am on 36th level. It takes one day to complete the level, but by luck and patience we can complete two levels in one day. Stay home Stay safe.😷🙏
Way too many ads. i thought they weren't gonna be too bad but i was wrong. after every level they instantly push an ad at you then ask if you want to watch another to double your earnings. and the ads are so LOW QUALITY. They look terrible! that being said the gameplay is actually good and the graphics of the game are good as well, just so many forced ads..
the game's not even fun and you can get around ads by turning off your wifi on your device. 1) the unlock rate for other cars is at $1000 in game then the average amount you make(while realistic) is $50-$70 in game. 2) the control scheme is hold and release. if you havent timed it right you fail. 3) obvious its a cash grab game if you pay $X amount a week to get rid of ads.after that theres not much more to say. the best way to win this game is not to play.
A good game, but it can get repetitive after awhile. It is a good time killer though! Also, I know it's the only way for these kinds of games to get money but there are too many ads.
From first level I like the game and I thought that. That it will be fun .fun this game is even related with fun🙄🙄🙄🙄 Because of. "ADs" ADs what we don't like but every game gave this for one or 2 times BUT This game gave us many many and many more ads so I get the rating by ads because my question is on ads why should u have put more and more ads than others aap. So,. Than my best solution is to "UNINSTALL" The all😬😬😬🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤯🤯😱😱😨😨🤯
I saw the ad because I need to continue the game where I crash the car but they said me to play from the first
Ohh 😮 this is amazing and the VIP cars 😍 I lov it omg 🤩 this is a very very very very good and entertainment game 😀 my brother like this game so much
this game sucks! I was really happy to play a new game, nah. For at thing was an add they are so long. I don't get VIP bc ita useless it's not a good game its terribly annoying and gives be A REASON to hate on things. Never play this. The ads are really long and you have to go back to play store over and over and over, than get back into the app.
I've been looking for this game like 2 years already becouse this was my childhood game and i always use to play this, thank u so much for making this game its very very fun!!!
Great game guys, this game totally deserves 5 stars from me l guess...& l noticed that this game has less ads than the other games. So, well done for that, this game is very relaxing to play & l'm telling all this by the way l feel during playing this.so, love it..but, sometimes l crash the car but, l wount blame my foolishness on you guys or the game... it's clear that l need to improve my driving skills...okay anyway Good job guys keep up the grate work & we want more awesome games like this.
SO FUN!!!!!!! I can't put it down. It looks boring but it is not boring at all. The levels just keep getting harder and harder. You need stadigy. I really recommend this game. Just so you know when I went to install it I had to delete my favorite game. But it was totally worth it. My 3 year old sister loves this game. I especially liked how Npc's get in the car that you drive and tell you were to drive. Something I thought was interesting was that the NPC's rate your driving.
Running back is the best way to make sure u can get a good night's rest and your best to will get it all have to do
The gameplay itself is great, a quite original concept. However, the reason I gave 3 stars is because of the amount of ads that are after every single attempt. You lose? Ad. You win? Ad. You got a new car? Ad. I understand if there were a couple here and there, but this game is just filled with them! There's even omes at the top of the screen in a little bar, as if one million of them after every fricking round wasn't enough. Please, reduce the amount of ads. No hate at all, just please.
Overall, it's a simple game but okay for killing time. But the ads are crazy. The gameplay is passable, but definitely not worth ads upon ads upon ads. The game is not so compelling. After the tutorial, you've really sampled all the game has to offer. I don't recommend this. At all.
Very challenging and quite addictive you never know what's ahead as the roads vary from bends complete loops 5 ways etc love it completely!
I loved this game before long time ago, even now but something has changed, whenever I tap the car it goes speed, now I tap the car speedly, the clarity moves a lot it hurts my eyes. Before it never use to happen but now, somebody has changed it. I'm not joking it's really ok it's real and by the way bye bye
I love this game! the lags sometimes is crazy. You can get all different types of cars which is great. Overall good game. :)
The game was good nice but it contains off lot of adds after 10 levels when l pressed anything the add is coming
The app itself is fun, but the Ads are atrocious and repetitive. I can't do a single thing without a 30 second Ad popping up. it's also ridiculous to make someone pay 5.99 a month just to get rid of them. I'll delete this app until the Ads are improved or atleast fixed a little bit, it's a shame because this is a fun game.
This game is just AMAZING. So classic and I really love the graphics but I think u should use more speeches other than those that the customers use but otherwise it is a perfect game. Keep up the good work!
Hello ! 👋👋 I am so interested in this game I am happy with everything instead one that is it have a ad on completing one round it have a ad when we lose it have a ad when we leave and in many places this a wrong thing other all is good perfect 👍👌👌and if you want to give a ad give it 1or2 time not every time . I love this game other all is perfect and you should give it some more options to shange looks background and much more you can give . Thanks for this perfectly good experience game
Horrible so bad to many ads and the game is full of glitches could not make past the main screen if you want me back you best fix or that's more money out of your pocket
Very nice game very interesting and very good for concentration and this game is like to testing your patience.
It is very nice game I would like give this game 5 stars Really nice I love it Only 1 problem if we want to continue we have to watch ad When the ad finishes the game gets exit We have to start the level from beginning .
The game is good, The levels get harder. It is an offline game witch is nice Only reason I give it 4 stars is you only can play it for about 15-20 minutes before getting bord. Other then that though It's an entertaining game
Thanks for the best game pick me up i love this game it's amazing this game is for those who like to play car games
A very cute game! Can get very challenging, but I love it! SUPER addictive! I recomend it if you gave a lot of free time. Though it took a little while to get used to the controls... (That's just because I'm an idiot. Don't worry!) Though I won't keep this app, (Because there are ones that I can get that I want more than this but I want plenty of space on my phone ;-;) It's really great! You should give it a try ;P One thing you could change though: LESS ADS.
Best game ever,No ads if you don't on your data connection,i am in level 61 in india each time i try pressing the screen it does'nt move that's why i am giving it 4,but the game still rocks😎😎🤘🤘💪🤛
This game is very good. It has many features. such as cars🚗, new country🗾 , customer reviews , customer boking car and many more things. I think if you don't like games like pubg,free fire and maple story m you will love this game . and it's not at all difficult to use .it only need one phone and one finger .I really like this game . I prefer you will love this great game 👍. So download the game now.
Unbareable. I dont know if the game gets more fun at all, but the first few levels are very boring. I didnt wait it out because the ads are after every single lever, which is about every 30 seconds. Plus banner ads on the bottom? Really? I dont mind ads when they aren't like this, and OH! To get rid of ads, it wont cost you 1-2 bucks like most games, which I do not mind, but rather cost you a subscription fee of 5.99 a week! Give me a break!
I love this game. It is an aracade game. Though I have tried many aracade games. But this game is awesome. This game is best of all
I give this 5 stars! "Pick me up" is a great game! Theres just ONE thing I dont like. The thing is the ads. Ads of course! I know you guys cant control the ads OR any of them. Stop saying that the creator puts the ads. The person who made Ads put them in all games. Over all that, I love this game!
Very interesting game, I loved it but there is one problem the game have too much ads, BTW love the game
Pick me up is a great game and i would highly recommend. The graphics are amazing and its a game everyone will enjoy. If I get bored, I get on this app and I have a good time. Also, it is very easy to control. You just hold to go fast, and release to stop/slow down. The only thing they could fix is the amount of coins (on the app) you have to pay to get a new car, which gets you more money. I still think you should get Pick me up, it truly is a great game.
It's a very good game but the problem when we just bump with trucks or any car so it comes a ad so please fix this problem I am very sorry but this is the...this game is so nice and 👍 it ...please give 5star.. thank you .....it my plesure
It hangs a lot specialy when we are crossing road but it is nice but if u will fix the problem it will be more better
This app is honestly amazing! People who complain about all ads, honey ALMOST ALL APPS DO THAT. Anyway apart from that, this app is so great. Even though i rage sometimes playing it it's still fun and it's a great way to spend some time when you're bored! Thanks for this app😁😁 I think the reason why most people dislike this app is because they rage on it or keep dieing i I rage...BUT LOOK! I LOVE THE GAME!
Unimpressed App doesn't allow to unlock Random And it says to watch video but if once I watch video to unlock new car then After watching video the car is not unlocked. DO SOMETHING FOR THIS..
Installed the game and played 1 level and crashed. No tutorial level, no control explanation, and no instructions. Also ads every time you crash or pass a level. SO. MANY. ADS. Other free games can get by with very few ads. This is nothing more than an ad revenue generator.
This is so interesting game. I love it. But ads😐😑😐😑so boring otherwise it is so good😃😄. So that I giving 4 stars.
This game is really nice . But honest reviews should be there . Like if I go slow and then the customer says 'reached the location quickly ' like that statement pls change but overall it's really good.
If the car hits a LITTLE game should continue but if HARD no continue. aside from that game is really good 🎮
Honestly, it has too many ads, after a single level it makes me have 30 second ads, I'm usually fine with ads when it's just the pop up ones where you have to just close out of it. But, with the 30 second as it makes you wait 5 to 10 seconds before you can continue playing. I actually enjoyed the game until the ads got too out of hand.
It has way too many ads and the controls are not really good I want to go really slow because this is going really fast but it won't let me and I want to get rid of all the ads but I ain't paying $2.99 basically $3 to remove ads I'm not doing that don't download this game don't waste your time on it
This game is so much fun! But I already bought every car, so now my money is just piling up! Please fix!! Other than that great game!
I love the game is very fun and everything but theres a lot of ads and I remember that it used to have less ads when I downloaded it and thats why I only give 4 stars :)
Pick Me Up 3D is better because it has more quality then pick me up. Because Pick Me Up 3D is newer. And has a lot more ads then pick me up tho. That's the only bad part about pick me up 3DS when you die that there has to be a add after.
Such a boring game you just get interest in first 5 levelsand then get bored of it is very very very bad came to not installed this it will spoil your net your time and everything this game should be removed from play store because this is useless boring and time-consuming you will not get interest after five levels because it just repeats every
It's really a a fun game for me as I feel like I'm a taxi driver! The best part of this game is unlocking new cars everytime! SUPER COOL!!!👊
This game is fun but has alot more potential. For instance, your ratings from passengers should count towards 'leveling up', and if you hit a car while driving a passenger you get a zero rating/lose money. Or, when you see a police car you have to slow down or get pulled over resulting in a negative review. There isnt much objective, you dont seem to gain or lose anything. These suggestions would make this a 5 star game for me.
It's not not really good condition controls are kind of good graphics are in the middle but a part from that it is good😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆5th best GAME I RECOMMEND YOU SHOULD PLAY IT 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 love your games guys keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeededeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp0 doing them guys 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 good
It has a gotcha problem. Sometimes is stop touching the phone but my car never stops. It has too many addvertisement. But till the app is very good. But the bug allowed me to delete/uninstall the game. Please fix the bugs.
The only real goal is to not get hit, if you let the car crawl itself to the next stop at minimum speed the passenger doesn't actually notice or care that it took 10 minutes to drive a block, and the tips seems to be random. I think there's only 1 control: hold to accelerate, but I could be wrong because there's no tutorial or help button or anything to tell you what to do, but it has a stupid subscription service for $6/week to remove the ads that play after every mission.
okay. I love this game. I play it a lot, has great graphics, you get the point. However I'm not giving 5 stars because there are too many ads. I know, I could pay to remove them, but if you can't, you might not like it as much. After you fail, you can watch an ad to continue. However, even if you click "No Thanks" or whatever it says, an ad plays anyways. Other than that, great game.
This game is really fun and also kinda lazy because all you have to do is tap and the car turns by itself, but I hope you add more cars in the future updates because I have unlocked all cars except one car because of some bug which I hope gets fixed on the next update
TERRIBLE. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Within 2 minutes my phone began to glitch and the game would just stop working. The jerky movements on the screen have me a headache. TOO MANY ADS! Everytime you start over or finish a level you get a full screen video that takes at least 15 seconds. Wish I could give it no stars.
This game is so cool.my mother did not like phone games.but,she is playing pick me up.i was so surprised. This game is the best,its like crowd city.i have installed many games but uninstalled it.as it was boring.But,this game is the best.i never unistalled it.even my mother tells delete all the phone games,but she told this app should never be uninstalled because she plays this game.And so my mother and me told this was the best game ever.And so I end this message.BEST GAME. THANK YOU.WELCOME
This app is so good! It's super addictive and it works without wifi which means you can have no ads when airplane mode is on. But yeah I highly recommende you download this app. It's fun,addictive, and it kills time
This game is really a nice way of timepass and I really enjoy a lot playing it because it doesn't have ads this is the best thing of the game
i love this game but the problem is some times the game stops in the middle of the game and if we hold it for some time the car will get dashed and we get out and all the hard work of concentrating is wasted for nothing but all the rest of the game is amazing exept one more thing which is we have to watch four videos for one car in the fourth row but if we touch it does not work 😅but actually the game is pretty good🤔 so i would recomend that u too make another game just like this😃
It has potential to be a fun game....but the amount of ads are over the top. I'm normally fine with ads, I get it. With this though there is a 30 second ad after each level, or each attempt at a level. Levels take MAYBE 30 secs. Maybe they get longer later in the game, but I couldnt stand the ads after level 3 or 4. 30 seconds of play with 30 seconds of ads is TOO MUCH. Uninstalled.
This game is amazing. When I pass get this ad I feel that this ad is not so good and the game also but the letter I am wrong when I will download this game I played the game so much that I reach so many levels in 2 minutes I also suggest that please download this game and enjoy your Quarantine time in home, u don't have to do anything in home or somewhere play this game in your home with your family in this quarantine time .
It's great 😍 but a little boring just drive drive nothing else so it ment to a little existing and the have not have only car,bus and whatever even they should have bike scooter and lots more exciting things to drive but if I say any game don't have full ratings means the people who ever have played any game they all have not gave full ratings just1234 only no 5 but I would like to give this game full ratings I think 🤔 everyone will give full ratings I hope and thanks u u all be safe ☺️ thanks
i like this game it is fun but i hate it so much ads come up and there so much cars there shoud only be 12 or11
this is an old childhood game I had , and so I was looking through old apps on the play store and I found this and installed it again! No, it's not a kids game! It's for everyone, even teens and adults! It helps me to unstress! 💗 Love it!
Awesome I love this but 1 complaint once you start playing for a lot it gets a bit boring but other than that it's a great game! I recommend this app install now!
Amazing and extraordinary game but the background is not good.This is my opinion about this pick me up game
It's a great game! Levels get harder and harder until there is a level you are stuck on😁. The reason I gave only 4⭐ is because, even when you go toooo slow or even crash, you get a great review..... I tried it out, I was driving so slowly and took at least 1 whole minute to reach one place, but the review still came as 'Perfect!'. So this is one thing I don't like. I want the real reviews, like if I go to slow, it should tell me that it's too slow. So if you fix this then I can give you all 5st