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PicaSim: Free flight simulator

PicaSim: Free flight simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by The Rowlhouse located at 24 William Street, Oxford UK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is incompatible with my phone (it's a Galaxy Note 10+). Also, this app needs RC helis. Plenty of planes & gliders, though. More helis: T-Rex 500, Goblin 700, Gaui X7 etc.
This game is fun I can fly various planes but there is a big glitch every time I go into the node to walk the map just disappears and can you make it that when you go super fast in the fighter jet it breaks tje barrier,so this game is fun,I like it, its now my fav game and cant wait for the future updates
By far my favorite flight sim. Ive been spending the last two days trying different flight sims and wishing I was home flying planes. Im done trying flight sims. This is the best dang sim Ive ever played. Downed 2 hours on accident. the only thing i dont like is how the developer set the buttons for changing views; but its small potatoes.
This game sucks. If you drive around, aimlessly, make this game much better than before, you can make gamepass into free planes ,pls
This is the most ugly flight sim ever. The throttles don't work. The rudder animations are wrong. And the graphics aren't even real graphics. It's just a PHOTO MAP. And the planes look like ugly planes from Minecraft. When the throttles did not work for me I tried restarting the app and before it could even load, the game crashed. If I could I would rate this game 0 stars. It's the worst flight sim ever. Don't download it.
This game is a great but there is a big glitch where if the bottom of a ac plane gets damaged it is able to move on water
I love this game, I don't have the full version yet but it is still really nice. I think it will be cool to add a map of a park and to add some helicopters. But overall very nice work.
This game is cool I love this game you should buy you are smokers like red and you can pick him up it was so cool I love this game like you could pick him up but smokers you could actually fly it you can control it I love this
Decent flight characteristics. A good place to practice if interested in RC planes. Allows you to see how a plane responds with air currents.
Best RC Sim for I have seen so far. Relatively realistic aerodynamics, critical when landing - teaches you the right skills and I love its thermal glider simulation, so much fun. Though it would be nice to have the vario sound not only inside the plane, also on the controls. Brilliant program a great preparation for flying a plane in the real world.
Just do it. Spend the $3. This sumulator is insanely good for the money, you won't regret it. I purchased it to remailiarize myself with the controls after being out of the hobby for many years. I'm sure it saved me at least 20 crashes with the new plane.
Excellent flight simulator and great value for the full version. I have a couple of suggestions which might improve it even more. 1) A small screen with a map to locate the plane in relation to the ground. 2) As there is no physical feedback re the position of the sticks, a sound feedback could be added eg. pitch of sound changing with stick position.
This app is really good, but I would like to see the plains break into pieces instaid of bouncing off.
Nice flight app though controls are a bit twitchy for exp pilot. On the freeflight jet, rudder is unresponsive. Otherwise, v good.
This is the worst flight sim ever. First of all I moved the throttle all the way up and it did not do anything. It has wrong rudder animations and the plane looks like an ugly plane from Minecraft. I tried restarting the app and before it could even load the app crashed even though I have a powerful device and wifi. And the graphics aren't even real graphics. It's just a PHOTO MAP. The graphics make this game look good it's really not. Don't download. 😡
I used to fly twin engine turbo props and enjoy PicaSim very much. Still battling to cope with this kind of flying.
I like the game a lot and controls but there is a glitch. The glitch occurred when I flyed my airplane far from the island and crashed in the water. And more of my airplane appeared and the controls started to clone please fix this glitch.
A great game. Truely a good and fun simulation. I play it on my spare time. Jist flying around is very addictive. Thank you for this game. Edit: Ok, nkw that ive tried some known (and some not so known) pc based rc simulators, where my favorite is now pheonixRC, this small but wonderfull android app is still better... The feel of the plane, the dynamic interaction with the air, i dont know why but it feels way more dynamic and immersive than any other PC based simulators... How can this be?..
Not used this very long, but it seems to me as good as you can expect for a realistic rc plane simulation. If you've never flown anything it might take some getting used to, but so would the real thing. This is cheaper than crashing real models!
Nice RC sim. Very enjoyable. Some may find it tricky to control, but just keep on trying. Camera positions include cockpit view (if you need to get your bearings). Good selection of planes, including powered models.
Great rc aircraft simulator enough options in the free version too get your skills up if your leaning to fly or keeping your thumbs trimmed for the more experienced pilot
OMG! This game is awesome the controls are perfectly fine and the physics are good I am satisfied 😁😀😀😊
It is very fun the airplanes are great and i love the maps and the different ways they where created.
This is a very good game with cool graphics and numerous planes for all occasions. The backround scenery is good, but when you go into the ocean, everything glitches! I have got a screenshot as proof. The other thing is that this app was updated at the start of 2017. I would really like to see a new update soon! I love your game developer(s)!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME GAME!!!!!!
I absolutely love the game but i have reached more than supersonic in F-18 but hypersonic, the game crashed when it reachs very high altitude pls fix this and put some effects in supersonic
Excellent RC simulator. Accurate and realistic flight dynamics. Good variety of rc models, from basic gliders to f-18
Very good game. Wonderful controls and in free flight mode you have so many choices! I highly recommend it.
Anyone that complains about the planes being hard to control should never...ever spend money on an RC plane or try to fly one. These controls are pretty darn good for a free app. I really hope to see more nitro powered planes, some war birds and some WW1 bi planes. I am very impressed with this FREE app. Dont let all the negative comments scare you off. If you fly RC planes in real life, give this a try, this app is on par with the sims you can get for PC.
I love the game. It realty cool and I'm glad I could find something like this. ONLY MESS WITH THE SMOKE
I downloaded the full version of this app years ago, deleted the application because of space issues on my phone, now I re-downloaded it and it's not the full version. Not really like to get my full version back. edit: I found the full version and I still have it! Thank you! Five stars.
Very good so far. Was hoping to find a push prop glider. See so many trainer planes with a push prop set up recently. Ranger 600 and aeroscout come to mind. Lots of planes to choose from. Each with their own flight tendancies.
I LOVE this game. I just wish the planes were all FREE as i dont do in app purchases Mabye add some more powered planes? Graphics are good and not a lot of lag Great game RECOMMENDED FOR R\C PLANE ENTHUSIASTS OR ANYONE WHO LOVES FLIGHT GAMES :)
This is a great intro to rc flying, or for practice; great physics, smooth running, the slope soaring and aircraft response is good and accurate. Great work, thanks to the developer.