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Piano Tiles BTS 2020 - MAP OF THE SOUL

Piano Tiles BTS 2020 - MAP OF THE SOUL for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Wing Dragon located at Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8430, Japan. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When i first played 'I Need U', it went well; I had a few lags while playing, but managed to succed and got 1 metal from that. When i began to play 'Best Of Me', my phone started lagging like crazy.
I love the game, it's very challenging though you get tired of it but determination helps the more. Never give up till you get what you want.
GARBAGE horrible graphics, looks like it was made in 1 hour and the gameplay is glitchy, the menus are hard to see but with the glitchy flickering you eventually find them, and the whole thing is littered with crudely cropped images and icons ALL STOLEN from Superstar BTS! I see they have added good songs but that's not enough to make up for this ad revenue sucking, graphics stealing sad excuse for a "game", stealing from BTS/BH by monetizing free and licensed produced music. ARMY, stay away!
This app is nice and all but...when you first go in the app and you look at the top of the screen, it has all of these different stuff in it. Including, when you first start the game. You first play "I Need You" The sound quality is terriable! You becomes death due to the terriable noise, it screeches in your ear.
It was horrible! I love BTS and I love their music but when I play this game you couldn't even tell what you was playing. There was some parts you could BARELY recognize. When I first started playing this it wasn't even playing the music. I recommend NOT downloading it, unless u think it will work for you. It might work for you, but it didn't work for me. Unless u fix this I am not downloading it again.
not at all good.. it's not evn loading. it started at 0% and am waiting to play .. but it ended up at 0% ...it was good until i updated it.. it got stopped working after i updated it ... it jist stops at "downloading". it just FREEZES..I can't evn backspace it..πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
I have just removed this from my phone after the update all the songs have jumped in difficulty for some reason like crazy. I used to enjoy playing it as a stress breaker not maker lol
amazing game. It is a little slow on some of the more faster songs but that's ok. there was one glitch where it games me a ton of diamonds and I don't know what do do about it. I was able to get all the songs though.
I thought it would really be a fun game to play since I like BTS , when I opened the app it was completly fine but when I clicked the "start" button it would be stuck on the loading page and even worse sometimes it would be on the loading screen and just crash , and I would have to restart my device , I kept on trying again and again to see if it would work , I would even go to different places and see if it would work there , extremely dissapointed , I really thought it would be a fun game :(
The app is cute and all but the gameplay it self is not that great. The song it self had a second delay and also was laggy. Also alot of times I would click the tiles that pop up but the game registers it as a miss.
This game is sooo addicting!I just got It five minutes ago....and can't stop playing I'm that addicted!What's really cool is that you can unlock different notes and the notes are completely different because they use each member as a note Bias or not you can unlock them by just watching an add!And really cool how you can play as your bias and every other member.It's not like you can play one member you can play as all of them.Bias or not you can play as them.Would recommend.
it is a great app since I love the piano and bts! this is my favorite app so far and the best the songs match perfectly with the melody's thank you for making this awesome app. I would defiantly recommend it for bts A. R. M.Yβ£οΈπŸ’•
So i had alot of trouble playing this not only that it has this uncontroable sound that i just cant stand ...! Im sorry but its only worth 1star
i relly like this game, it also have some kine of block puzze l and other but when i play and got a lot of point, it said that "you unlock a new song" then 3 song appear then it froze. i have to go to the menu and need to start again. can you pleas do something about this?
It's great, I love it. All the ARMY's out there should get it!!! ❀❀ One thing that gets on my nerves though, is the adds. So many... But everything is great apart from that πŸ‘πŸ‘
the game is very useful for my opinion for me...it's just that some of the songs have a low quality that screeches my ears everytime...but all in all it's goodπŸ’œπŸ’œ.
its okay and not laggy for me but there are some bugs like when you unlock songs it says "unlocked songs" amd then has little star from the original game and i have to close the app to go back to the normal screen. some of the timing is out aswell but its an alright app
My gosh, I've just read the reviews. All armies that are thinking of downloading this rip off game, there is a better BTS music game. SuperStar BTS. It's much better. It has good quality. Undownload this crappy low quality game and go get SuperStar BTS. I am an ARMY myself and I love BTS. But this... This is the worst BTS game that I've ever seen or downloaded. Sorry to spoil the crappy quality of this game, but it's true.
i love to play BTS songs on this .... it is really good .. easy to handle... and it doesn't buffer or anything. .. absolutely love it. ... if you are an ARMY and also love to play piano then you must try it ones. ...
when you hit the keys, you can clearly hear that it missing some notes. once it gets faster, your pretty much listeing to bits and peices of a piano cover.
I like the idea for this app, but I have noticed a few issues. The first issue is when I choose my tile style, the change only lasts during that session. When I next open the game, it changes back to the default. Also, in the tile selection screen, Jungkook is called Jimin. Another issue is some of the songs are very fast. There isn't a way to know beforehand if the song is easy or difficult. The score-to-star system doesn't make sense either. I do enjoy this game and plan to keep playing!
Uhh this game really annoys me because when I unlock new songs it's the same song and the game just all of the sudden froze or the titles are just to fast and the song then doesn't sound like BTS songs the idea was pretty much impressive but you need to work on it a little bit more so people can actually enjoy the game I'm sorry if this comment is really awkwardly long and sorry for giving you low review.
Unlike some others, I don't even have the game to judge this all with. The interface itself looks good, but then comes the downloading of a song's data. Not all people have the patience to wait in order to play a game, especially when it's just data for a song. I would love to know why it took over twenty minutes just to stick to being at 0% of it all. Hate to leave a negative review but if I can't even get past the downloading screen, then is it even a game anymore?
I would give it 5 stars but I can't access all the songs because for some reason the video ads don't pop up for me. I really want to play all the songs that are locked by ads, so it really sucks :(
horrible. timing is way off, no way to calibrate or adjust. sounds vaguely like the songs but tempo is strange making it hard to predict. don't waste your time.
This app is amazing but please make it easy, it's too hard to play. But when it comes to tunes or sounds this app is perfect ,because here you can find their all songs with perfect music.
The tiles moved to fast and when I touched the tile at the right time it failed me. This game sucks. I love bts a lot and love their music but this game needs to be fixed. Slow down the music and the tiles so that the tiles fit with the right notes of the songs.
It's ok. I think it definitely needs work on the transition with the speed and the lag. It gets fast and laggy really fast. Also, sometimes when you click it's delayed or other. Audio is good and set up is good though!
The screen freezes every time I unlock new songs and I have to restart the game every time which is very annoying. Also the ads don't show up when I try to unlock a song, the ad button doesn't work .Please fix.
As much as I absolutely adore BTS, this app needs a lot of changes. the music is laggy and inaccurate. The songs are almost unrecognizable when playing them, and when unlocking new music the app essentially renders itself useless and you have to exit and reopen it to do anything. I can identify very few parts of the actual melody and lyrics, as it all seems to be overwhelmed by the background music. at points it even seems that the keys dont make any noise and you just hear the blaring low notes
The first thing this app assaults you with is the visuals. Which I will admit are really nice, but it simply hides the fact that the game itself isn't as nice. The song I played had unnecessary notes and felt a little off beat. I am by no means a game developer, but if you develop a piano ties game that is supposed to fit music you should make the game-play as close to the actual song as possible. Also, really annoying, you had to watch an ad every time you messed up. Heck, even to listen to the song itself you had to watch an ad. The ads made me really frustrated and I had to uninstall immediately. If you want something similar to this without the needless ads, just download Magic Tiles - BTS Edition (K-Pop) made by Ryan Alencar here on Google Play. It takes a while to load but the quality of the songs is much better. It feels like it was made with love from a true ARMY. (Plz don't come to fight me. This is just my opinion which could be totally wrong. I love BTS too. Keep working on this so it can be great, it has potential. Love Yourself. Love BTS. Love (most) ARMY. Have a good life.)
I like the concept but it need a lot of changes. first of all, when you start to play a sing it hies by very fast from the very beginning and is very laggy. anither issue is that the score board is very confusing and un fair. another issue is that jungkook is called jimin when you want to change the music keys. It is also bey diggicult to get a new sing because you are going to habe to play the same songs over and ober again. I love BTS but i don't really recommend this app
Downloaded the game in hopes to have just that; Piano Tiles with BTS Songs - app starts just fine, however once I click on the 'play' button the game gets stuck on the 'Downloading Song Data' Screen for Boy with Luv. I can't backspace, it doesn't load, the app just freezes.
I really like the game it suits me and I like how the tiles are moving fast its really challenging but I was hoping for some new songs
The music in the beginning doesn't really match to the original. Even when I press the tile, it said that I missed it. Please fix the problems for the sake of the players who loves bts and thank you. Have a good day! I purple you!!!
Piano tiles game is my forever favorite game and I like very much to play this game .it is very easy game as my opinion and when am playing this game I feel very good ..........and I luv bts so much and I like bts games tooπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
umm i gave it 4 stars because when new track lock or open the game block and I have to exit then open it again.. I hope that u understood me hhhh but generally I like it cause it's BTS's song...I hope that they add more songs cause u know BTS have aot of beautiful songs!!! u should try it...it's beautiful for the ones who like bts! also I want to ask if we could do a challenge with our friends and beet their scores.. I mean u wrote that in the details (about the App) but I didn't see that!
I love the songs but it a little too fast paced right out of the gate, also when I finnish a new song and it says I have unlocked a new one I have to shut down the app because it gets frozen and I can't get out of the reward screen which is frustrating. but other than that I love it!
just don't download it as none of the songs sound like the actual songs. they've added in a bunch of extra notes to the point where it sounds nothing like the songs. also when you unlock a bew song it completely freezes the whole app. uninstalled
Well to be honest, the game was good but the thing is, the tones and tiles are not that accurate. The graphics is simple but it doesn't flow smooth. Please fix up the tones and tiles thanks!
The game is nice for when you're bored. I'm rating 3 stars because some of the noises aren't in line with keys too well. Also it isn't registering all my taps. ^_^
it's a good game but it's off beat and it kinda lags (on my phone at least) i was really hoping it would be better but sadly was not. if you read this then you should try a different game and have a good day.