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Piano Tiles: Marshmello Music Dance

Piano Tiles: Marshmello Music Dance for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by DucPVT located at Ha Noi, Viet Nam. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Music lovers unite I love this game but I really dont play it much. Why Because if I do, Im not gonna stop until my batterys dead.
I love this game because you exercise your finger and its very challenging especially when you get to the endless tiles it goes so fast and when I was 9 and I got past1000 and it was hhhhhaaaaarrrrrrd but other wise I love this game theres nothing wrong with it theres not even to much adds. ITS SO FUN
I think it is better than what it used to be, but I wish you can change the color of the tiles and play more music like pop. And I also wish that you can play against a your friends at the same time, but on different screens basically a multilayer game mode.
I am quite pleased with my experience of this app. I would recommend this app to all individuals, especially music enthusiasts. Some likable points of this game include the considerable range of genres of music to play, along with several great challenges to attempt and welldesigned graphics. However, some critical improvements that I would strongly suggest include reduced heart regeneration time, as well as improved music transcription accuracy, and more music variety. Please and thank you.
its ok but every 2sed ads come and won't let you play and when we press the correct key it shows wrong wrong wrong and o dont like it even !
Only set 1 star because i couldn't set negative ones. This is the worst game i have ever played, it not only is poorly optimised and working worse than corpse smells, but the policy you have to agree before entering the game is not readable, seriously. BTW, everyone, flag the fake review as spam!
Totally broken, unplayable, It lag, glitches it goes from normal song speed to double and then come back to slower and keep doing it around every 5 to 10 tiles.
The ads are just too much and the game is too hard for casual like me, and I think the positive reviews are just Bots because just look at thier names, legit random letters
Awesome game. Really gets those cognitive sparks going ay. With the beautiful timeless music you rarely get to hear unless you consciously select and play. Amazing fun. My family and I are having fun with it. But no one can beat my dad....yet. I will let you know when I do. Thanks for being a huge part of the system that is the rason this game is in my life. P.s I hardly rate or comment on much but this time.... lol. Have a nice one.
Used to love the app but after years I played it again. Ads sucks. Not just that, I cant even log in to my facebook.. Come on fix these bugs developer. Were your avid fans here and just because of these stuffs, were starting to unlike the game.. Still, one of the best rhythm games ever
Great Great makes u feel like a pianist sometimes. Great songs that are well coreographed to the taps. a large variety of songs to choose from. You will want to get faster and faster so that you can play more of them. 30 hours of play and i havent needed to pay a cent yet. A very generous in app purchases payment model. Just wish there were more songs to purchase in the earlier stages and not so many christmas carols.
Wow This game is awesome best game Ive ever played although you may need to have some experience I recommend you play this game there also a wide variety of tunes to play but you start off with just one little star my favourites are the entertainer the cancan AND dance of the sugar fairy Im on level 17 at the time but Im increasing rapidly
Very Addictive You can play this game everywhere. Its a good game to listen to music and play at the same time. And its very challenging also and I like that.
not recommended very hard to touch i just download it when i first playing its very hard to touch the tile even i touch its not responding quickly stupid game
Allow me to explain my experience. When I was going to play a song. It was so off beat in some parts! Plus, the ads are not like the actual game. I would give it more stars if it had better quality and on beat songs. And try getting you're ideas from games similar to this. Uninstalling.
I hate this because it is one of 5he bad games in world if i try to type it is not so i hate it really bad
Amazing app Beast app ive played but i think a cool update could be maybe an anime song or 2 me and my friends think so but all in all best game ever in my list i recomend it to anyone who enjoys a little challeng here and there the thought time and effort that was put into this app must have been crazy loads thank you soooooo much for making this fab game and the best thing is its free
Thanks for showing me the trailer of fast and furious as your ad on youtube , definitely gonna be watching the film after you advertised it because you are so desperate for downloads
Theirs a glitch where if you fail a level, you get another chance of course, but if you click the back button on your device, the game gets rid of the choice and your stuck their unless you close the game. The problem is that your score is not saved. Please fix this i keep losing my high scores
the app does nothing you just tap tiles for nothing when there is backround music playing and the actuall tiles dont make sound it is like you are listening to a song and not dancing . what a rip off
the whole game glitches out its like looking at a phone screen you threw a brick on do not download this
When you play this game as shown in image PianoTiles 2. You are forced to fail even thought you havnt made any mistakes for 47taps... This happens at random which can be frustating experience. Please fix this problem.
This game is so fun it made my childhoodthe only bad thing is there are allot of ads and every single time when i make a mistake there is an adi get that they are earning money but its just too much ads that are mostly unskipable. But in every way i would recomend you and all the people that are reading this to download it. Thanks for reading.
Love it Wow what a good achievement this game has made first I did not like it because I was really rubbish at it then couple of days later I tried it again and it actually worked I could not belive my eyes and I was so surprised and that is why I have rated this game five stars woohoo
Love this game This game is awesome Its addictive, fun, and easy. The songs are nice and u get to learn some musical sense too. Itd only be better if u cud get diamonds more easily.
Its addicting Its addicting. I just could not stop playing it. I couldnt even give one of my family members the time of day.
Hello every one play Store I just like to say that this game is amazing I would like to do anything for it to be better
Omg... this is so addictive. I spent all day playing this, just to get to dance of the sugar plum fairy. Its so much fun to play, and its a 5 game to me, hands down. The only thing I hate, is that if I uninstall it, all of my progress will be gone, and I cant get it back. If I can get it back somehow, can someone please tell me how to do it Thats on feature that I hate, but the gameplay is AMAZING
Every time you lose you will have to watch a 30 second long video. You can exit out of it, but it's generally annoying.Also why is there only one background?? The piano sounds aren't even in sync with the game. Bad game! Do not get it!
Such a variety There are so many songs you can play the farther you get into the game. Its so much fun to play. Its so addictive to play. Its defenitly a time killer. Everyone should get this game. Its a lot better then the first one and I thought the first one was amazing.
Ive been playing this game back in 2016. And for now when I looked at it, the updates are very cool and I know that this will be of one of the most best games in 2018. I hope in the future they will release some more cooler updates. Just supporting the developers
I would give it 5 stars and this is truly just my opinion if there werent any boosts, because I feel like Im cheating. And thats probably just because the first version I played didnt have any boosts, so I learned the hard way.
Worst app ever can't even see how the thing works because the minute you try to actually play the thing or do anything with it it's add add add. It makes me think that this thing isn't even a app just one clumped up add for other ads. I hear a plink and then an ad. I would like to know if this is an actual app that actually works but I can't tell because of the add
Subscribe to ItsZealot on youtube if ur watching this if you will subscribe in next 10 mins u will get.everything u want
This is actually really good to do with ur fingers. I just love it, I think we should really type a song we like singing to do n just do a piano version of our song
You Fixed it. I could not log in with my secure WiFi, but love the music, so kept it on my tablet. Your recent update fixed it. Thank you so very much. I am not very good, but still love it.
Only set 1 star because i couldn't set negative ones. This is the worst game i have ever played, it not only is poorly optimised and working worse than a rotting corpse smells, but the policy you have to agree before entering the game is not readable, seriously. BTW, everyone, flag the fake reviews as spam!
This game is really awesome with fantastic music and amazing game play its like ur in a concert and u dunno how to play a piano just play this game and u ll be received with a great applause just loved it no more words to say
Wish it wasnt so hard to be able to get some of the songs and really want more of the 70s, 80s, 90s and todays music. Some country, rap, RandB, rock, metal and jazz songs would be awesome.
this game uses different movie trailers as their youtube ads (unedited) to get peoples attention, too lazy to make an ad, too lazy to make a good game
Their is a BIG problem I do get to play it but it sends me back to home screen. good thing it does not happen when Im playing and it does not work with a WiFi. Its a BIG problem.but its fix now.
I didn't like this game because of its constant adverts in the middle of playing. Also, the advert would pop up as soon as you get to one and honestly if I could I would rate this game a zero.
Amazing Its chalinging and fun at the same time I play piano and I think this is more challenging then the real thing, its easy at first, dont worry, so at least give it a chance and try it , try it, TRY IT
Its simple and fun. Not too easy and not too challenging. Unlike most music games, this has a lot of good, classical songs to choose from. It gets better as it gets updated and not much to complain about. For a musical app game thats free, I give it 1010. The only thing that I have to complain about is occasionally the sound will cut off for a split second or slow down. It fixes itself pretty quickly and only happens for me when you go too fast.
Its better. Its better than number 1 this one is the best I love it but I wanted a song and then I bought it and then my diamonds were gone but the song was locked
everything I wanted I love the original game the only improvement I wanted was for the music to be more on beat with the tapping. you guys nailed it. its perfect I play this game when I need to get hyped for like cleaning or something. it really gets me energized because I get so intense about it
Love it. Look at mine I am a pro I just got it today am already on level 10 everyone should get it have most of the music on there so if you are looking at this am tilling you.you should get this I think it gets your thumbs or fingers what ever you use it gets them all ready to type.so you should get this.
Hmm. I think there was a glitch in my game. Cause it keeps showing me a get a free gem window so I pressed it and it wouldnt go. So I keep pressing it until I got over a 1000 gems.
Super intense Super fast Super fun This game has it all, but at times it can be a bit buggy. For example i was playing star clock and the song switched to a dofferent one but i hsdnt realised to half throigh so i stopped playing one. Its a little bit biggy like that but TOTALLY WORTH IT the song was like fish and something or something like that.
This game is great when you are trying to burn time when you are traveling, i recomend turning off mobile data and wifi if you do not want to get spammed with ads, there are so much bootlegs of this game, i do not know which one is the original anymore.
So I found this game through an ad on YouTube and there was a wierd mistake where it showed another video on YouTube and the ad music at the same time and the animation was really cute so I decided to download the game, I played for a Bit, and I found the song wolves, which is my favorite song, I hadn't heard it in FOREVER, and no other EDM game has it, and playing this game is a great way to escape from life for a bit, it is a really good game.
I just find this game to be super fun. Its also pretty tricky as well. With the music speeding up and the extra tiles, this game knows how to keep u on your toes.
Dont tap the white tile The nest part about this game is that you get on that part were you get to hold one for a second and it just makes me go to sleep early and wake up nice and ready to go to the library and see all my friends. The reason why I,m not sleeping with is because my brother hates the game and so he takes it off and I have to put it back in when my mom goes to sleep because she does not like when I use her phone because I put to much stuff in there and she does not like it trust me. By Alice love you people
Just What is there not to love, hey Theres a range of songs. There are some big challenges. And it gets you competative. It is a calming game and is really nice. Classy game with classic features.
I love this piano app 1010 best app for practice and challenges, and plus it has the best piano songs of all time. I would prefer this game as a way to escape the harsh world and clam yourself with a little bit of relaxing music.
Trash app just to make money. Ads bloated game Gameplay really fast you cant even finish first level.
OMG Im simply loving it This is a really great game. It doesnt only let you play for fun but also lets you now more about music. I really love it it trains your eyes and your speed. So everybody pls try it. Its a really really REALLY GREAT GAME
Love it Game is the bomb I never use that this game until I want to. On purpose so I can play another game when I mean that mean like lose you get it right but anyways this game is very fun and plus you get to get it for free nothing was wrong yeah some time something goes a little crazy but still this is the best game yet and I hope it made a third one cuz this is the bomb is very good I love this game is game whats the make me cry this game so cool you should play this game 100 people did comment
I absolutly love it. There are songs like The Spectre, Alone and Faded By Alan Walker that you can buy or get them by putting in the effort and earning them. I love how there are no ads when ur playing offline. This game is absolutly fantastic. I recommended it to all my friends and all the different styles in the backround for certain songs are fantastic. Another thing about this game is that there are many compititions, for begginers and advanced players like myself. THANKS FOR THE FUN
they didn't put any effort in making this. the music is just a sound track playing on its own and the piano tiles dont do anything
it kept glitching and i couldn't even play don't waste your time getting the game plus the 5 star reviews are fake you can tell by the name's
Cool Game It just so cool to play this game with all the song I really love this game it was a really cool game
Ill admit I was skeptical. But once I tried it, I immediately fell in love with it. Im currently a level 35. I had this since last August and my favorite song is either Elves of Night, or Spirits of the Wetlands. Easily
Trash with not even related advertismemt for the game on youtube just a few examples: 1, A Movie witch idk what is it but it looks like a cartoon and under the whole ad it blasted the Friends from marshmello while this is a piano game 2, It was just the Friends From masrhmello i mean the whole video was just the offical music video witch was stolen from marhmello. This is a trash game with scum devlopers its clear that this app exist for getting money don't download it beacuse its full of ads. In short this is TRASH.
Its Amazing I love this game. If you dont get this game your crazy. Try it out see if you like it. This game gives me entertainment when Im bored and sometimes I play this game while I should do something else.
I absolutely love it. The strategy, the levels, everything. Y currently finished all levels and got a world record. I love that you dont need to spend money on it and how it runs online or offline
This is a wonderful game, that does not require purchases, there are always many, and new songs to use and play, and has a big variety. I wish thwy had some disney music on there, but that would be my only wishcomplaint. Otherwise, I LOVE THIS GAME
Piano tiles 2 Its an amazing game everyone should play it . But you should upgrade your game cause i feel like everyone can play whenever they want and that you dont need those hearts and they should have the control to play whenever you want, but other than that its amazing and the best part is you dont have to pay, also why like why endless tiles really thats dumb like why and dont think Im judging you but seriously u need those tips, also why like why is it so fast and add song people do like like by the ocean
The highest player in piano tiles Its hard to beat the highest score because of those cheater. Hahaha actually theres no problem in this game. I like it for my past times. Its so difficult to get three crowns. Moree challenging.
For all yall complaining about the speed, there are slower songs out there. Or perhaps youre so focused on the hate for the game you jarbor you forget the objective is to get more skilled and move up the levels, thereby unlocking more songs and receiving more rewards. Just a small FYI. On the subject of review, I love this game but hate the ads. The fact that I can easily receive keys and respawn aids is a good thing, however. Recommend this game as a time waster.