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Piano Tiles 2™

Piano Tiles 2™ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Cheetah Games located at Unit 1309A, 13/F, Cable TV Tower, No. 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I used to love Piano Tiles 2. But it's nothing but adds... and listen, I understand free games NEED adds, however it's now two adds right after another. I enjoyed playing a game that was simply music and trying not to touch the white tiles, unlocking new songs was really cool too. But now it's just one thing after another, "you can't progress in this game until you, click on this, look at this, bright colors, lights, sounds, now an add!!" like nah brah, just let me play. That's all I want.
I am so DISAPPOINTED with the ADs. ADs come out right after a match WITHOUT MY CONSCENT! This is terribly annoying. I understand the need of ads and I dont mind but please let me decide whether I want o watch them or not. Dont force me into doing things I hate. Fix this or you'll just lose another user.
Amazing quality, good music, little to no ads (unless you want to watch them for the bonuses), and just an overall good experience. Only problem is that its a bit too easy (don't know if its too easy for everyone or just me :-[ ) even the crown versions - the harder versions of levels - of the harder levels is too easy for me. 5/5 Great game especially for a mobile game.
It is a very wonderful game, i love it. I've playing it about 1 year. Now, I've crossed 75 levels. Recently, I have tried to sign up by facebook account for save my progress and share to other devices. But it show error. I'm so disappointed. Please help me to save my progress...
Was an alright time consumer before they decided to shove ads into every possible corner so you can't click more than two buttons without a 30 second ad playing, on top of that the game occasionally forced me to use "boosters" on songs I wanted to play normally. Alright game, horrible management
I really love this game, been playing for years, but since the new update there's been a few things I dont like much, for example, the the notes and the tiles arent in sync anymore.
this is an amazing piano tiles game, the songs are great, leveling up feels rewarding and it's just overall fun to play. my only complaint is, sometimes in the middle of a song, the sound will glitch out and play the same note for a few seconds but then it goes back to normal. I don't know if the problem is my phone or the app, but if it is the app then pls fix this problem as soon as possible.
So sad how this app had evolved from a great game to a great ad platform. The developers don't even bother to reply. What's more interesting here is that the five star quantity is higher than the one star rating well in fact if you read the comments, it is full of one star as their rating... Well the developers could have edited the rating results as well to lure more future Downloaders for their advertisers to gain more appearances on mobile devices. 😂 .. 😂 😂
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!! I used to love playing this game years back but now it is a sea of ads the moment you download it you will install it then realized then immediately uninstall it honest the ad monster lives here
so i use to play the original to kill time and saw this so figured I'd give it a shot. DO NOT PLAY. Ads pop up after every song, every time you back out to the menu or try to switch between menus. 40sec ads with no skip, theyre every where. and they bug you to buy an ad blocker for $5.00. absolutely not worth your time.
I read some of the reviews before downloading the game,the first ones I saw where complaining and explaining about there being tons off ads.I decided to download it,overall it was very good game.There where a few parts bothering me though,the fact that it started me out with the song 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.It was a bit hard to be a starting song,also there where tons of ads as the reviews said.Another thing was that I only have 12 lives,and some of the songs weren't finished.
A lot of other reviews make it out to seem the ads are way to excessive, but imo they're fine. They're spaced out and most of the are very short and OPTIONAL, whereas reviews make it out to be where ads pop up constantly in the middle of songs. I have experienced none of this. I would definitely recommend, because this game is so fun and I prefer it over the Magic Tiles games.
This game has a lot of potential to be fun, but unfortunately company greed has taken over in the form of excessive advertisement. The ads in this game make it practically unplayable and ruins the entire experience for me. A shame.
This game is a waste of time. It yas a good concept and all but there is lots of adds and it is very laggy at times. This game makes me rage more than fortnite did. If i were u i just wouldn't waste my time on it.
Somewhat fun. The original was way better. Way too many premium items. Alot of ads too! At least 1 ad after every song, sometimes more. Even an ad to get to settings to leave this review! =(
It's still great but ever since i installed on a new phone MI Note 7 Pro, whenwver i click on tiles, the game thinks i havent clicked on it and hence i end up loosing a lot of time. ive tried everything to fix it. please fix it ASAP.
well...my sister first had this app and i asked if i could play it, when i was playing it i enjoyed it alot.i also wanted to say that in this game while ur tappung the tiles someone starts singing. (you'll see what i mean)
the game sucks, I used to play this game a long time ago, but after redownloading it, there are too many ads, and it wont let you pass 3 stars anymore, so you cant go into endless mode and earn crowns.
Just download this game and you will fall in love with this game. Piano tiles (according to me)is the best game i have ever played. It has good reviews, graphics, controls and everything. Whenever I play this game,I get free from stress..... it has amazing features and quality
This app is pretty fun but the one thing I hate the most about this app are all the ads I get. Everytime I open the app ads pop up, after I'm finished playing a song more ads pop up and it's frustrating because all I want to do is play the game. I'm ok with some ads because that's how apps make money but the amount of ads I get is ridiculous and I wish it would have less. Overall the game is fun but there are too many ads that I might consider uninstalling it because of how annoying the ads get.
my experience is that it does not waste your time it relaxes you and if anyone does not think this game is bad and gives it one star then you do not have good tastes in games no afens I am not mean I am sorry if that afended you I am sooooooo sorry.
You cannot play the damn game because 30 second unskipable ads play every time I try to click on a different menu. Then after the ad is done playing, it hasn't changed to the different menu. Its actually made unplayable by ads.
OMG i read all these bad and good reviews on this game and said it wont be that bad, right away the game started laging and there are to many adds i have downloadid games before with bad reviews saying too many adds but they were ok games this game has tTO MANY ADSS! trust me just get a game called majic tiles its the same but DOSE NOT DROWND YOU IN ADDS AND LAG ALL AND I MEAN ALL THE TIME (i am yelling at my screan right now)! anyways my point is DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!
This game is a joke. It is outright laughable how many ads and popups constantly barrage you as you navigate through the game. YOU CANT EVEN HIT SETTINGS WITHOUT SEEING 2-3 ADS FIRST! Look I get it, you need to make money so putting ads for non paying users is totally acceptable. But when you have to spend 7-10 minutes trying to start another game because of the ads, you know that's just down right greedy. The game is good when you can play it, but as it stands it is not usable. Uninstalled.
i used to have this app on my old phone and it worked fine but ever since installing it onto my new phone (an oppo Ax5) some of the audio cues dont work. they just cut out at some parts of the song and ruin the song completely please fix this problem
Okay so a few years ago I used to have this game it used to be so awesome , but now this app is trash i dont recommend this app to anyone. Whenever you click a anything it takes you out of the app. And when if you do manage to get in sooooo many adds not even worth downloading or trying to get into it , once again i dont recommend this to anyone dont waste your time on this trashy app!
!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME !! I used to play this game years ago and I loved it. But within minutes of downloading it again, I will be uninstalling. You can't even touch the screen without prompting an ad. Disappointing. It takes ten minutes to play one minute worth of songs. This app is a joke, and has been ruined by greed. I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
I downloaded this for my 6 year old daughter. She loves it, BUT she can't navigate the ads, or you guys trying to sell the full version. Don't hide the damn "x"!
I love this app. its awesomely great it gets me out of funk and helps to calm my nerves when I need it most . I've been playing this app for over 3 years it's the best I just wish they would hurry and put more songs on it I'm on level 122 for almost a year it seems ok enough said
This app was really cool when I was younger especially the original game (unavailable now) so I downloaded it again to relive the fun but I was mistaken. When you open the game it will bombard you with challenges and ads! This game was about gameplay and fun but it's just ads, power-ups, and greed. I finished a musical challenge and after it said I could buy the full version for 10 diamonds I assumed it would show you what the vers included but it didn't, it didn't do anything but waste my diamon
this is freakin horrible... ads its so often.. i push back, i push menu, i back, i push menu, ads come and come... pls put ur all ads in continue if fail or if the song is end, not put ads when touch something and everything... i enjoy old piano tiles without freakin ads...
So many adds, so many of them, too many ads. God i watched 5 ads in just 3 minutes. I'm never going to install this app again, and prefer my friends not to try it even. Worst app ever.
Super annoying pop ups(not ads). These pop ups ruin away the core essence of game. Hell just let me play some tunes that's it! I don't want booster upgrade or tune points and what not. To play just a single tune I have to go through 10 pop ups. Uninstalling.
this game is fun, or at least it would be if it weren't for 2 problems: 1: way too many ads, anything you do, leads to an ad, 2: The game glitches a lot due to ads appearing in the middle of a game, causing the game to randomly restart a lot. The game didn't used to be like this, but I guess the developers didn't want people actually having fun anymore, they even advertise rip-offs of this game.
This game was once the best game on the play store but it has sadly become a pile of hot garbage. I know that sounds harsh but whoever made the decision to add an ad at ever possible point. It is genuinely unbearable, I understand there is a paid option to remove all ads but the creators certainly dont need the money after the games viral success. I'm sad the game I used to play constantly to beat my brothers score is now a advertisement disguised as a game.
I love it Its awsome it has great music and im like master in it, my bro tries to beat my score but he can't i'm a pro i love it so much and it has an album of allen walker too but there are two problems in it 1 there are too many adds and 2 sometimes you click on a tile but it doesnt really touch so you lose but onther than that its amazing dont belive the haters cuz this is awsome
When I was younger the game acually worked and the ads make things so much worst why would I spend money on a game I can't bare to play. its really bad now so just forget about it. These money grabbing companies will do anything to make more money even at the risk of their own reputation.
Haha, for other people's saying too much ads, u need to turn off your WiFi to not see ads, it actually worked for me, I'm enjoying this game. This is not a waste of time, if this is a waste of time to you, don't rate it 1 star or 2 star.
This app is fun and exciting!! The downside is..it has lots of ADS.. It's annoying, well maybe the creator wants to annoy the players so we would pay money to remove the ads. So I decided to uninstall it. You can find a better game same as this without much ads.
Game's probably decent, but i was just bombared wit ads. Got an ad after the first song, after the second, i try to look in settings, had to watch an ad first. I know, I should be joking.. Feel like it never used to be this bad. Either way, im not subscribing to the game to remove them. Who can afford subscriptions to all their apps? It's a BS model, especially for a game, ESPECIALLY one so small and easy to maintain.