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Piano Tap - fnaf

Piano Tap - fnaf for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by TheFunAppSg. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This really sucks, i can tell that this game was not made to actually be popular. Most of the time u cant even tap the tile u wana tap, and u lose. Plus the beat is completely off when u tap a tile, and it messes with my OCD BOAH
I LOVE this I can hear the songs and there all my favorite I just wished if you put SL songs because I like those the most like I can't fix you or blood and tears and you can't hide or funtime dance floor.
I like the game so far and its fun, but there are only 6 song and it gets sort of boring playing all the songsnover and over I fell like you could add SL songs like below the surface thats a good song also some fnaf 6 songs such as I cant fix you. (if you didnt know SL stands for sister location) the rest of the game os fun I know all the songs in the game so-
I personally love it it's like the music doesn't match the beats but I still think it's fun it would be even better if the music did tho lol plz give us an update to this plz I love it πŸ’• btw this is not a bot account I just really enjoy the app
Its a great game but why i am only giving you 4 stars is because it bugs your device amd puts constant ads on the thedevice that you cant remove without restarting the device fully. But you did great on the game
I love fnaf songs and played the music over and over again 'online'. Now, i can finally play it offline and the best part it's in piano form! I give this 5 out of 5 it's smooth and easy to play. So yeah five star's it is.
So it's a great game but I would like if you added more songs like run run or follow me. and add lyrics to the existing songs. Overall great game. Ps add sl songs (sl means Sister location) and fnaf 6 songs.
I love this game it is not hard but not easy but playing the same songs put in like fnaf 6 songs or SL songs.
I was screaming "HOW BRB" this game. Is rage RAGE dont do this game it's only for pro piano people that like fnaf I almost got all of them done but see as long I get it gets faster and i yell "brb if I dont beat this I am gonna rage" dont get the game get original game also play some bad games to chill out in roblox if u haven't......
This game sucks, if you want to go insane play this game because it's super bland, the graphics suck, there way to many ads, and it looks like someone took a diffrent piano game and just copied it then played the fnaf songs over it, THE STUPID TILES DONT EVEN MATCH UP WITH THE SONG. never EVER play this game, your better off spending acople bucks on F.N.A.F and that's why this has a one star.
This game I like it but it's just not for me it doesn't even have the song that I want not that it's bad or anything it's just that quality is bad and it's really hard to play it oh so there's only six songs
I love it but the main problem is the tiles, when i touch the tiles my thumb press the white for NO reason fix this bug right now please.
This game is absolute garbage. It doesn't read the tiles right when you tap them even if you do, the songs aren't in sync with the music, tempo is off, you can literally only play 6 songs, and it's full of ads!! Spend your app space somewhere else
Okay I thought it was going to be Great and hearing my Favorite songs but no the keys are off tune and I kept hitting the right key and it's Saying I didn't hit it if it was Better is probably would be a 5 star and there's only some songs that u can play
Can not get it to work, automatically closes on it's own. Would not recommend this app. I can just look up the song instead of playing this game.
Very good game the only problem is that there are only 6 songs and I kind of want more of a selection
I enjoy the game, and in my opinion this is a great game when your bored my best score was 700 something but it kept on lagging on my Samsung and I wish there would be an upgrade!πŸ˜• It's been like 2 years since I've played it.
See those 6 songs in the picture? Those are the only songs you get to play, and they are not even in tune with the tiles. It's not like normal piano tiles where the tiles produce the sound of the song, but instead, the song plays in the background and is not in sync with the tiles. You listen, and hear a part that repeats a note 2 times, but the note that you actually press that would normally be in sync with the song isn't even on the screen yet. Do not get this game. Just get the original.
I find it a really fun game! But sometimes it can cause me to rage quit but that's a problem of mine it happens a lot so don't take it personally!
it honestly a good game. all though that tiles should be in full sinc. i never had any problems with it crashing like other people say they do.
I don't really care about it not syncing with the songs because I never have my volume up, the ads don't bother me either. Other than that It's a good app.
Its actually so much better than any other FnaF Piano Tile games,in this game YOUR actually playing the song with other FnaF piano tile games struggle to let you do its usally just the song put over but you actually get to play it,weldone on making this game,I would honestly pay for it!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜›
This game is pretty good but there's only six songs and it gets boring playing them all after a while. The paino tiles were super off-timed and this often made me miss a piano tile because I'm trying to go along with the beat.
Love the game but if you could add songs that you can unlock and stuff, it would be AMAZING, so if you could do that i would be very happy! 😊
This is a great game buut im getting sick of the same songs though but the game is amazing i got to 1263 points in die in a fire!! But this game only has never ending the song repeats all over again but its great. 5 stars for this and im only 9 YEAR OLD TO BEAT THIS 1263 POINTS
I wish I could rate this game as a 0 star tbh, I was looking through 'piano games' and I saw this, I just uninstalled it because it just isn't fun to play. When you tap a tile, it isn't like other Piano games that the tiles make the sound when you tap them, this instead is the music playing in the background while you're tapping random tiles that don't do anything! I hope this review helped.
I love this game, but my only complaint's are (1) it's really slow and (2) There's only 6 songs and my favorite song's (Join us for a bite and Below the surface) aren't on here other than that it's an awsome game.☺
I love the game. I just wish there were more songs. I'm really glad this app was made, because it introduced me to more Fnaf songs.
Its a good game dome of the fnaf song s are amizing the only thing that is wrong is so many ads and you have to click everything witch ia kinda annoying
I feel that the beat does not match when you hit the tiles and when you beat your best I feel I have not accomplished anything due to the lack of the reward screen and I really wish there where more selections of songs to pick from and I do not like the fact that there is a song called the figgin living tombstone I give you a three for effort😁
Terrible absolutely terrible Me being a FNaF fan the music nice but gameplay terrible I would rather play My Talking Tom than this (I really dislike that game) it takes good music and pairs it with I CLICKED 1 TILE 5 FRIGGIN TIMES AND IT STILL DID NOTHING so yeah as is my policy with had games I keep it on for 1 week and if my issue is not resolved it is deleted however I may skip that formality and just uninstall it If you are a FNaF fan like me you time will be better spent
Its an amazing app where you can listen to the most popular fnaf songs with a great experience. It doesnt run well when your device is cloged up though so if you download make sure there is enough space for the app
I like it but it needs more songs like maybe, five nights only, join us for a bite, I am the purple guy, daddy's little monster and dance to forget.
I remember I had this game like 5 years back, and I loved it. Although the tiles don't match, the songs are limited to only those 6 in the picture and it keeps closing. Yes. It starts. But instantly closes. Please fix this issue, I might change review.
Considering the fact that the game only has six songs for you to play, it's still a very decent game. The Black keys seem to be a little off on the timing, or maybe it just looks like that to me but regardless it doesn't put me off as I still enjoy the music, it's not a game I'd continuously play in the near future but its great to play if you're bored or just need something to do.
Decently interesting, but its obvious that they did not put much work into this game. The piano tiles have nothing to do with the song and I'd rather just look the song up on YouTube.
I love it! I'm pretty good at the game even though it takes practice. Only having 6 songs means you get more practice on one song. I have almost 4000+ on one of them. However, that was after 3 years of practice. My only dislike is how the tiles don't match with music.
Its decent. There are only 6 songs but I'm fine with that, but the music doesn't line up with touching the keyboard notes so that's kinda annoying but I can deal with that.
This game only has the 6 songs, and the piano keys to tap are not synced with the music at all but I find the game really fun to play.
The game immediately stops if you dont have Wi-Fi at the moment. But if you do have Wi-Fi, it doesn't stop and is really fun!
So I had this annoying problem where the app crashes whenever I open it can you please fix this so I can play it for the first time thank you.
Okay here are resons this game sucks 1: only 6 songs 2: if you click the black tile two times it makes you start over 3: to many adds 4: really laggy! Don't waste your storegy with this game 😠
This is a great app but, I would give it a 5 star if it had more songs except for that the app is great
Good game it's simple and fun to play when doard I downloaded this game cause I remember playing as a kid when I was going through that fnaf phase anyways brought back some good memories only complaint I have are about the adds I don't remember this app having adds. They get annoying but the same goes for a lot of apps now. tl;dr good game
It hardly ever registers the fact that I tapped a tile, it's hard to see where one tile ends and the next starts and the song is literally just playing in the background. It also goes at all the wrong speeds. And either something is wrong with my phone or there is only six songs.
I love this app so much and there ain’t anything wrong with it (from what I know) but one thing I don’t like is that it’s only for android not iOS, I used to have a Nokia but now I have an iPhone, overall great game
Its pretty good but the only thing that aggravates me is that there is no holding down on the long piano tiles they made it were u just keep tapping and is mostly why u keep dieing and they need more song selections other than that its pretty good
Ok.. in your defense, I just got the game.. But even though I just got the app, it keeps on closing by itself..the game is not "workable" if it keeps on closing. I hope you'll fix that bug if any other people are have the same trouble, but other than that.. I did see a little of the game before it kept on crashing, it's pretty nice and good quality-looking (because I haven't played it yet) I would want to try to play, so please fix it.. Thanks!
Love this game so much but the tiles don't line up at all with the song and only 6 songs 😒😩 but other then that u should buy it πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜
I am on a chromebook but when i opened app it went straight to a black screen I dont know if the developers mad it so that chrombooks cant play but I am very sad and a bit disapionted
In my opinion this is the best piano tiles game ever the down side is the ads but it doesn't stop me from giving it 5 stars
This is a great app! I just wish there were more songs. If you can,plz add a song about glichtrap! But its a great app.
Ugh such a terrible Game there is only 6 songs and whenever I try to play this game it doesn't work and when I try to tap the tiles it doesn't work. And I have good remembering and I just found this out,the tiles don't even match.When I first saw this game I was like whoa but a few minutes later I'm like very lonely, bored,and disappointed... :(😒😠
The game isnt the best quality and there are few songs but it is really fun to play. I love to play the game a lot and that is what is good. There are many low quality piano games but they arent at all fun to play. So i am happy with what i installed. (Maybe the devs can higher the quality a bit)
Pretty good game but the songs are a little bit outdated at this point and some of the song titles make no sense and the song moves along if you hit the tiles or not but yes you still have to hit the tiles but what I mean is that the song never syncs with the tiles you press
i downloaded it but when I opened it,IT CRASHED! And it's not just a one time thing as I kept trying to open it but it keeps crashing if it starts working again and i try out the game I'll fix my rewiew but please try and fix this
The piano songs were okay, but theres no pattern whatsoever. The beat doesnt go with the songs. Its just tapping a black rectangle at every line. This is bad, i do not reccomend.
This game is fun!! I recomend it! But it needs more songsπŸ‘ but other then that its vert fun for five nights at freddy's fans.
Listen I really liked this game but I'm only giving it 2 stars because firstly they don't actually have the words in the songs it's just the backing track. Secondly, there are no where near enough songs. Pleaseeee add more songs to this game. Also you have to watch an add to play each song which I'm not happy with :/
I like just a little but its awful. You can only play the six games it shows in that picture. And the notes don't even do anything it's just the background doing the music. Don't download this it's just a waste
I honestly just love this game!you may see people saying "i got too much adds" or "the tiles were off key" it might have been so but im typing this in 2020 so im asuming that all the stuff have been fixed.Overall amizing game i defintelly recomend
I swear i yelled at my screen "I CLICKED THAT" also, i dont like how everytime you play the songs, the tiles change places. And please make the tiles, when you click on them, it makes the sounds, not having it play in the background while you click on meaningless tiles. And this is coming from a person who doesn't leave ratings or reviews at all
Okay this app is great! The problem is, you can only choose 6 songs, I would rate it a 5 stars if it had more songs! For example. Join us for a bite, Dance to forget, I got no time, Music box (puppets song) And Funtime dance floor.
Since I had the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has been a year and a half of not loading in to the app, it keeps kicking me out. I downgraded to Alcatel and for some reason it loaded into the app with no problems. I wish it worked for all Samsung Galaxy devices. The app is good but after the song ends, I wish the tiles go a little faster each time the song ends for a bit more of a challenge. P.s. bring back piano tap sisters location, my fave. From: Toxicnater22
I'm a big fan of five nights at Freddy's so I like playing these songs but you should really get the classic clap clap you know it's the most classic five nights at Freddy's song but I don't know if it has like a piano version but if the Creator is reading this right now I hope you can make it:^)
Good game I like fnaf but the tiles just don't line up with the music and when I tap the tiles it doesn't count and then when you press the ling tiles you got tunnel vision and lose
I love this I'm like obsessed with fnaf and I love fnaf songs so when I clicked break my mind (the first song I chose to uhh play on) I loved it so much, it's amazing. DEFINITELY get it if you love fnaf.
It is a nice game but when you play it your not play anything you are just listening to music that you are not supposed to be playing but still a nice game but next time can you fix this and I'll maybe give it a five star
The app kept colosing it was very annoying and I was very mad because I really wanted a game that didn't close right when I close it
This is a really good game so far! It's what it says it is, so that's good. It also has Five Nights at Freddy's song. I like how it changes up where the tiles are, making it more difficult. It's also quite addicting. My only problems are there are only six song, and me and many others will like more, if thats possible, and all of the ads. Other then that, is is a great game!
I know this app and others like it get a lot of hate for not matching up with the music, but I actually really like it for some reason. However, I can't open the app anymore. It just doesn't work. I genuinely enjoy playing this game and it would make me happy if the developers could fix it.
It was nice but like another person said IT NEEDS MORE SONGS! because people are saying we need more songs in this app.
Honestly really bad, there are stupid amount of ads and there aren't even that many songs. Only six songs
All I want is more songs. Otherwise I love it. I always hated the hold tiles because they make the game way too easy. And it goes at a good speed. I just want more songs X3
I wish there were more songs but it is an amazing app you start giting the hang of it after a little play and it is fun.
This app is not worth getting. You tap the tile and guess what? More than half the time it makes it seem like you don't tap the tile even though you did. Also you have to start over every time you double tap. I also was hoping for a lot more songs then just that. This is the worst app in have ever had. Please don't waist your time downloading this. Oh,and Don't even respond to me. I honestly think you guys need to step up your game because damn that's a lot of one stars. That includes me.
This game is eh. The graphics are good and the gameplay feels rushed. Every second you have to tap a note and it doesn't keep the rythem.
Fun game the songs are good but the adds are annoying and there's only 6 songs,great game and hope more songs come