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Piano Music Tiles 2 - Free Music Games for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Colorful Piano located at No.4 Chinh Kinh, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I hate this update. So much ads. Also, I cannot sync to my Facebook account to get my progress. All my saved Songs, favourites are gone. I cannot see my friends I am playing with anymore. No more endless tiles. The game has become very boring. Please bring back the endless tiles
its ok i woyldnt play it 24/7 but i mean come on some songs are axtually pretty good oh and also u have to have quick hands to play this game
1, I lost many levels because I'm now unable to log into face book. 2, the game is extremely boring now. 3, taking away the "endless" part was the worst thing you could do to this game. 4, I am very disappointed with the updates and I hope you see this and know I am not the only one. These updates were unnecessary and made the game a whole lot worse.
This doesn't have enough amazing reviews! Although the rating is a 2.9, this game deserves a better rating. I'm addicted to these games, and there's no error. Not too many ads, but if you prefer less, it's understandable.. but that's how they make money soo.. definitely worth the time!
this app is so glichy and when ever you start to tap the tiles its way to fast in the beginning I dont recommend this game for anyone
Not a standard Piano Tiles clone has emerged! Anyways aside from that joke, this offers much more of a diverse gameplay styles than the original game. Not only is it a piano tiles game its has 40 instruments or more in the future. I like this much better than the original. There were some menu bugs that wouldnt allow me to go back to the main menu after listening to a track.
I dont like the update its very annoying. I loved the original soo much😍 you shouldn't have upgraded this. Some games should be improved but this was not to be upgraded it was perfectly fine the way it was. The upgrade was just too much😐😐. If you can maybe degrade it or something 😦 that would be perfect. But other than that i hate the update😟
Good game overall. My phone overheats when using this to an extreme degree. Constant lag spikes for over 3 seconds causing me to randomly loose. And the ad volume when I unjustly die and try to revive maxes out my speakers even if the app is quite. Edit after playing for a bit: no endless mode, gets progressiy laggy, and froze my phone up on an ad. Whoever decided to remake this I hope your happy basically dooming this game.
What the hell happened to this game? I played it a few years back and this is what you give me? One of the worst games i've played so far. While I was playing, the tune changed into a creepy lullaby tune. You have to fix that one. No more endless mode too. Endless was the best part of it. Then you just had to remove it.
Aside from everything the other users are commenting, i found this version to be a lot more choppy, with the audio greatly reduced qualitywise, untill the point where it doesnt sound like a piano at all anymore
Hate it, I used to love the old one especially with it letting me log into Facebook. Hate this new one loved the old one way better used to play that for years. I wouldn't recommend, I now play Magic Tiles 3 which is mostly cover songs or pitch changed but I think it's way more fun and you can play with friends, there's endless mode, etc. Basically the old version just a little different and more fun. You can even log into Fb to play with or against friends! :)
Sorry but whoever chose to remove the log in feature and literally trash this game, you ruined everything. The rating is 2.9 stars? I remember it being at almost 5 stars. This game had such a huge impact on me, I'd play it every day, I'd actually feel like I achieved something in life by being at such a high level in this game. I hope you're happy with this disaster of a game you have here. Will never play it again. Thank you.
This game used to be so much better. Don't know what you've done with the songs. There's no challenge and playing a lot of the songs to a rhythm isn't impossible but the layouts need to be fixed. Definitely used to be more of a challenge. I miss how it would keep speeding up and keep going even after you got three crowns. Sorry but I'm uninstalling. Can't help falling in love with you is one of my favourite songs and there definitely needs to be a better job done on that. Good songs though
This game used to be my favorite game ever. But it's just terrible now...And there is this thing where if you watch an ad to keep playing a few seconds into your playing it glitches making you mess up again...complete down grade...uninstalling.
I started playing this game without high hopes but unlike some of the other piano tiles games that I tried this game is not pay to win (or pay to play a bunch of songs). I like how you can get gems at the end of a song so its optinal for you to buy them or not. Im fine with how they disighned it aslong as im having fun!
the audio is trash and eventually after a while it just turns inro retarded static. Wayyy too many ads. only reason its getting 2 stars is because ir has a good(ish) selection of songs.
I LOVED this game so so much. But the new update RUINED it. I hate the fact that it's only for people who has internet connection now. I used to turn off the WiFi, so that I don't get the ads. This game CHANGED A LOT and I don't like it. If possible, please change the game back to it's original self. Thank you.
I love this app! My little girl loves it to. The only issue is that some of the faster songs are glitchy and mess me up before I can complete them. I still have to say it is my favorite. The rewards are great and sound is supperior!
Last time I rated this game, it was 5 stars. Now it's a 1 star because of many reasons. First, after I collect the coins when I finish a piece or song, it glitches and gives me a blank screen and I have to exit the game and enter it again! Second, the old version of this game was much better. I don't know about the others but I am a fan of classical music. So please put more of those and stop putting rock or pop songs. I really miss the endless mode too. Please let it come back!
they should bring back the endless tiles. and remove popsongs/modern songs in this version. I love playing the classic songs. you simply need to bring it back to its old version.
Piano Tiles 2 – Free Music & Games, is a great app in general. However, there are more than a few bugs. One of these glitches is with Ads. Everytime I get an Ad, ( Which is usually after 1 or 2 songs, ) the Ad will begin to glitch out. I'd prefer to not go into to much detail about it, and just leave it as that unless more information is needed. The Piano Tiles have been glitching for me aswell. I'm at 409 characters out of 500, so I can't say much about that either. Overall, 2 stars. Sorry.
Just awful. 5 minutes into the game and I'm uninstalling it. There's no consistently to the sound, an annoying buzz after each tap and last but not the least the tempo is awfully fast. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can't play fast music. Just think November Rain with the tempo of an Eminem song right from the start.
I don't usually review games but I used to play this game back when it was more popular and I just came back to it today to see that I've lost all of my progress, challenge mode requires watching an ad now, I get ads every few seconds now that I can't even skip, and the best songs are gone or you have to watch an ad just to play them. Uninstalling immediately. This game used to be so fun.
Yet another game I used to love, now ruined. You can't get crowns anymore, no more challenges and the quality just got cheaper or something, i may suggest get back the old one its better and the game might come back at the the best game for some people, cuz they really missed the old version so em I.
I used to love this game. But bow it has glitches in the game where it makes you fail and they got rid of endless mode. I wouldn't know why they would remove that and honestly I'm giving it a 1 star untill you fix this. Please do.
I really love this app, the music is really soothing too me. But, a suggestion is to allow the player to add their own songs to play from other platforms like YouTube. Other than that, its an amazing app and I recommend 10/10. There are a lot of ads, but, I can get past it with the music and how fun it is.
Like practically every other person. I used to really enjoy the old version. It feels a bit like going from Windows 10 back to XP. Me and friends would compete scores with endless mode. Removed Bluestone alley which I liked to play. Just overall bad game now, wouldn't bother downloading anymore.
i only give 3stars bcoz most of this is online evry time i want to play a song it says cant download data but its cool :)
Like all the other 1 star reviews, I also played this game all the time years ago. Redownloaded now because I remembered how much fun it was and everything good about the original app is gone. The best part of the old app was endless mode, and that is gone. The best songs are gone. They added more modern songs that no one wanted. Ads everywhere, most you can't skip. This game is now horrible. Whoever butchered this app should be ashamed of themselves.
I loved this game when I was younger and I still love it, but the new updates are bad. The old ones were great and the songs were better, wish You could bring it back to how it was.
Seriously, this game makes me feel disappointed to its original version as there aren't any endless modes in this game. For the old one, you can reach as many points as you can. But for this, you can only reach the limited points that have been created before. Like I said, if you can bring us the endless mode, you will have lots of 5-star reviews. But for now, 1 star only
You ruined a perfectly good game. It's more laggy, the design is horrible, and there is no endless mode. I loved this game as a kid and still did, until now.
This game is not how I remember it when it first came out you cannot connect to your Facebook or Google account you can't restore your purchases there's ads all over the place and there's not really any good way to get ahold of support I'm incredibly disappointed cuz I used to really enjoy this game so for all those in the future that read reviews take it from a veteran of this game don't download it it used to be good not anymore highly disappointed they got rid of endless mode
A like all the other reviews I redownloaded piano tiles after a couple of years to come and remember the joy of playing only to come and find that endless mode is gone,Most of the good classical songs they had are now replaced with modern songs.I really hope you guys can bring back the old piano tiles that was actually enjoyable and fun.
Sorry about my other review I just felt mad that one of my favorite games changed so much but now I believe that you guys deserve more credit I hope others feel the same way this has awesome controls and lots of my favorite songs btw can you make the songs free after we watch an ad for one? It would make a lot of people happyπŸ€˜πŸ‘
I really loved the game. They made it offline and no login. I miss doing contests in this game and compete against others. If i could rate this zero stars i would. The older version was VERY much better. One issue im having is that when i get done with a song and collect the yellow thingies, it just freezes so i have to clear the tab and when i open the app, i looked to see if it gave me the stars, and there was nothing. I do NOT recommend playing this game. Horrible!!!
Its so great but one feedback its a little glichy so i cant play it at all anymore i used to play it all the time time but now if I press it won't let me play on it. It will just say wait or close the app thanks for letting me tell you about the game.
Very fun game yet frustrating. Do not download if you're somebody who throws controllers when gaming. But it's really fun to start up a fight between husband and wife on the best score. Enjoy!
Honestly pretty good, not too many ads, the notes could be a little better sounding and the songs could also definitely have more variety. Other than that, it's really good!
OMG! Ads are everywhere and everytime. Whatever I do, I have to watch ads and most of them are not able to skip. This is not the orginal version at all. I mean it's like another app. I used to enjoy the game before until I reinstall the app with this new version. And I agree with other users that most of players don't expect for modern songs; if yes, no need that many. We do love and prefer classical ones. I appreciate your hard work but Please bring it back to the old simple version.
This game used to be so fun, I would play against my sister to see who could last the longest and it was so fun. What happened to endless mode? That was one of the great features they removed. And why are most of the songs modern, I liked when it was just classic music. I truly miss the old version of this game, its heartbreaking I used to love this game so much. I'm honestly disappointed. And why is my brightness lowering for some odd reason. Just take this game out of its misery.
The thing is this game isnt the original its just a ripoff of pino tiles 2 the creators doesn't match the thumbnail doesn't match the original was removed. And we have this terrible rip off. The original creator was cheetah games now its colorful piano. This Is messed up.
This is a completly different game than the one by Cheetah Mobile. It may have gone out of busiess, but nothing will compare to the original piano tiles 2. No endless tiles, no online features and way too many ads. I want the original back.
Great game people kinda don't like it now because the game is kinda revamped in a way but either way this stills lives up to its name in my opinion also sometimes when it plays a ad it kicks me out of the game so you may want to fix that if you good
Never thought a game could have such a downgrade. This game has gone soft and there is no more endless or competition. Way too many ads and useless instruments. Ever since they added Alan Walker, this game has just gone downhill and it's terrible now. I used to be with the top 100 best players in the world but ever since the update, it means nothing because they took it out. Terrible game now made for weak people where everyone wants to win. Uninstalling
The New Version is Boring i want the original version its much better and playable piano mostly i like the endless song , but in this New Version Its Very sad that the endless is gone i bored in 2 mins playing this game please fix it and make this piano in "old Version / Original Version"
this is really disappointing and important this game nearly broke my iPad mic so that's sad because I loved it but fix it now nowadays I hate it sooooo much or else I will πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΉπŸ€¬πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Žso much that you'll cry
It was horrible I've been through the comments and I totally agree with the angry ones I always loved this game that's why I redownloaded it was my favourite piano game!!! How could change all that beauty to something like that I used to enjoyed it but now I just hate it please turn it back to how it was this version is the worst
Terrible. You have to WATCH ADS to play certain songs, which I have never seen in any other game I've installed. They've added a bunch of songs I can't play the original ones I loved when I first installed this. Riddled with ads and the entire game's system in general is garbage. Wanted some nostalgic fun but was utterly disappointed instead.
It used to be perfect, but once Alan Walker was added, my audio used to glitch. Now it doesnt but the games not even worth playing, there no endless mode, they removed a lot of my favorite songs, you have to pay for a lot of the songs, you have a few new instruments, and a lot of the good classical ones were replaced by new songs I dont even like. They made a kingdom into a landfill. Do not install.
It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got this app again to play the classical songs, even though the rating was so poor, but now I understand why it was like that. A lot of the original songs aren't there anymore, and the app has changed so much. The classical songs, for me, were the best part. I will be deleting again.
You press normal to start the song...it doesn't give you enough time to press the first tile Another thing you level up and you have to use wifi to download the song I also hate the fact that you press watch ad for some songs e.g. fur elise beethoven when you have 3* the song you have to watch an ad again even though you 3* it.....DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
Its got great songs, It has easy,medium and hard songs, Its time consuming, And when your bored its fun to just sit and play. πŸ‘
there us no endless mode and u wish the developers could create a similiar game in guitar somthing like guitar tiles with endless mode which would be wonderful
Hate to say this because I really liked the old one but I just played this for the first time in years and was disappointed to see that I lost multiple times because of lag and then they ask for you to watch ads, like I am honestly just so sad to see this game done so poorly. Don't like it go back to how it used to be because its obvious that not much people like this version.
I'm going to say around the same as a lot of the other reviews, I had this app on an old device a few years ago and I redownloaded it now as I remembered how good it was, although a lot of features have changed, in the original, there was a mode where you can just keep on playing the same song endlessly but that is now removed, as well as a lot of the help icons that you could get through ads ect. Still a good app, found that mine could get a bit laggy but it may just be the device.
I used to play this back in my high school days, and used to love the graphics and sound quality that it gave me, all the rage, the joy and the friendship I made playing and competing against my friends. But now they killed it, I am somewhat disappointed in what they did to this game.
It's amazing!, but sometimes when I click the tiles it does kind of like I didn't touch the tile? But it is amazing as an app, I have played this game for 3 years straight and I love it so much! Great app ever
Uhm since when does Bluestone Alley cost 350 DIAMONDS?! What happened to this game? It used to be so simple. Now all the song that I personally like cost diamonds, there are all different kinds of crazy style stuff? Overall its just changed to be more like the other apps-... the game is still good tho :>
I loved this game as a child. I just remembered about it and downlaoded it but i was reading the reviews and i thought so what.Then i started playing and i see that... THEY REMOVED ENDLESS MODE. The best part about the game.GONE.I remember reaching 6k but now i can only get 200. Plz fix this. Plz fix it like how it was six years ago.PLZ.
Just a big no. I used to play this game a long time ago and it changed a lot. The old version was much much better. It had the endless mode which was the best part of it. Also the graphics and everything was better. I just installed it again and I can not even play anymore it is just soo bad. I hope you change it back soon. Until then 1 star from me.
SO DISAPPOINTING I used to play the older verison for YEARS like I started when I was 11 and collected so much data over the past few years. I had no idea this piece of garbage came out until a few months ago... all. the. good. feature. are. gone. Endless mode was one of my favorite things and this game just feels so watered down. The challenge mode was my FAVORITE. I want to play super fast not be babied. Do not download. I still have the old verison from like their last March on my phone.
I used to love playing Piano Tiles 2,usually the updates were done but..What happened to endless mode?It doesn't really give you the feeling that you dont want to stop because you got so far!(It also really helped with hand eye coordination)
i used to play this all the time but the recent updates just absolutely suck. we cant log in, endless mode is gone, and just the layout of the app is so foreign and different to how it used to be. id much rather the old version :////
Unlocking actual decent music takes ages. The game floods you with adds and the system is dumb. In normal piano games you watch an add and unlock a song. However in this game, you watch an add and get to play the song 1 time. You then have to watch an add every time you want to play it again. The game is not good at all and I could point out tons of downsides but the worst but is the soundtracks. They are so wierd and half of them sound nothing like the song. This game is bad dont download
It's an okay game, lots of options but the songs are too easy, I wish there was a endless mode where the music kept getting faster because I feel very unchallenged. Also when I get a piano game I want to play classical music and piano songs, not pop songs turned into piano songs.
I just as everyone else do really miss the original Piano Tiles 2 with all if the classics especially Beethoven and Mozart, we all miss it and I just hope you can make it as a separate app if needed and call it (Piano Tiles 2, Back From Retirement) or something lol, please, for the sake of the people and hell even the popularity and money making, it would be good for everyone. A win win. So please, bring it back
Rubbish now Don't mind the new interface, could live with ads or pay to remove them, but this new version doesnt let you get anywhere I know I play better. but the app doesn't let you get further or (I don't miss that much) does it so you have watch a ad.. Can't even get past the easy levels because the game won't let you, never missed half of the tiles it says I do..
I'm very disappointed with this update. Last time when I played this game years ago, it was so great. But now the game does not continue after 3 stars. The game used to continue after 3 stars and even an endless mode was there but now it's all gone.
I have been reading the one star reviews and their right. I reinstalled this game because I got a new phone but its not what it used to be. The game is more complicated, its harder to navigate, its not as fun as it used to be. Im sorry but this game isn't worth the time and praise I used to give it.
Doesn't have the songs it used to have, but that's not the problem. The problem is that it runs soooooo slow that I'll press one of the tiles and it will just keep going and then it'll say i messed up and make me do it all over again. I CAN'T EVEN MAKE IT PAST A SINGLE STAR! oh, and I like how little star is perfectly fine but after that everything goes down hill.
dang, my favorite game just went great to bad, its not the way i used to play it and no more infinite level? why, thats the fun part. i dont know what to say about this new update, all i can say is i miss the old one.
I wanted to install piano tile 2 again and I think this is the one but it has changed too much and its just not the same. It was always one of my favorite games but the new one now is just not nice, its not a very simple game anymore πŸ˜•.
Personally 2.9 is far to good to what this game has become, but there's nothing inherently wrong with it, it stills plays as well as it used to, but since this terrible update many of us want it changed back, if you want a more in depth view I'd recommend reading the other 1 star reviews.
I loved some of the new updates and the songs and styles, but a lot of the songs have glitches and skip forwards (ultimately to my doom). It is also annoying how endless mode was removed -as well as making this game more based on adverts. Then there were the songs you had to watch an advert to play, rather like the original, but now you had to watch an advert every time you wanted to play. It's pretty furstrating.
I miss the old piano tiles 2, it was so perfect before it hot removed. I don't no why they did it but they did. This game is good but not great.
since this game has been updated it is all about the adds. The same add plays over and over which is very annoying also you cant use your gems to continue. This game was one of my favourites now i wouldn't even put it in my top 5.
Absolute garbage. After the last update they changed literally everything. They took out endless mode along with some of my all time favorite songs on this game and i lost all of my progress that i spent more than a year on i dont know why you changed the good game that everyone once knew into something else that now people hate. Unless you wanna be disappointed dont download this game.
I played this game several years ago and it was so fun but now it sucks, there are ads everywhere, the songs stuck now, and you can't play the same song endlessly while out gets faster. The new layout is complicated and hard to understand and the original charm of this game has been ruined
I seriously recommend not downloading this game. This is my first review ever and if I could I would have given this app 0 stars. I used to love this game and could play for hours I got nostalgic and decided to download it again to total disappoint, and will now delete it as I have finished all max level of 99 in two days and as you can't go past 3 stars and continue with crowns and worst no endless mode. The original version was fun, challenging and great!!! This is a horrible downgrade.
I love piano tiles, but this one kinda sucks. I can't even play the songs that require adds to play because they're so laggy like it freezes for just a second and then it continues three tiles along and I lose because I "missed" a tile. Will give higher rating if this is fixed or you remove the watch adds to play.
I was level 82 with a wide collection of all the songs and three crowns on most of my unlocked songs, but after the update, I lost it all. I can't get my saved progress from logging into my facebook account, and this new layout is annoying to navigate. Many of my favorite features are no longer there, and all of my hard work is gone. It was better before. I hope it gets changed back soon and that I'll be able to start where I left off and not on level one.
This game is really good! It's not a pay to play game, it has a wide selection of songs to play, and its lots of fun! However, it's really annoying when I accidentally mess up, and then after the ad, when I start playing again, a few seconds after I start playing, the game will quickly glitch making me mess up again and so I'm rarely able to get through a harder song. I'd love for this to be fixed because I like this game and I play it often. Thank you!
Less classical music & more pop that doesnt belong on a piano game. No option to pay for no ads. Actual play graphics make it hard to concentrate on the tiles. All in all pretty aweful compared to the original Piano Tiles 2.
I used to have this app last year. It was awesome. I loved it. But things changed. I redownload this app an hour ago. THIS APP HAS BEEN SLAUGHTERED! Like, everything is different. ALL of my favorite songs from this app have disappeared! I hate it! But I rate it two stars because even though it's trash, I still like having something to do every once in a while. But I will say, if you fix this app and give back the old songs, I will give a better rating. (Totally begging right now)
I liked it very much because of the chocolate and l like Fly me to the moon better than the others.(I LIKE LIAMO MUSIC TILES 2!)😁😊
Good game but it's not the best the old version was much better if it was the old version I would rate it 5 stars but sadly it's not the old version If I were u i would go back to the old version. I would love it. Plzzzzzzzzzzz I'm begging u.
Tbh. I missed the old one. The old design. Not trying to be rude, you did well with all the updates its just that i really prefer the old one. I still love this game though ever since i was still a kid playing this game. Btw funny question. Why is the Scored number is on the middle of the star bars?? Please bring back a few old songs that once was here. The endless mode. old coin sounds. I really miss the old one. A lot actually. For real this game used to be amazing and now its all gone.
It just became as generic as any other low quality rythm games that exists today. I used to play this for so long and now it's basically a different game now. it's disappointing.
It has WAY to many adds and the app gets laggy then it shuts OFF where i cant play it for 3 days or less >:(
To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed. I used to play this game years ago and I loved it and was pretty decent at it and I redownload cuz I missed it. But they took everything that was good out of it. No more endless mode, to many ads, and some of my favorite songs are gone as well. Very disappointed pls change it back to the original
πŸ˜ͺ😫😫😫 I did like this game but they ruined it. :( You can go endless now, they made no end. Im so sad. I liked it when it got faster and faster until it got too hard to play. They destroyed it like every game except minecraft!!!!! Change it back! I beg!!
Love listening to the music. Don't like the fact that once you complete a song it takes you back to the top of the list. Otherwise the game is awesome πŸ˜†πŸŽΌπŸŽΉπŸŽΆπŸŽ΅
So i redownloaded the game because i used to love playing it a lot when i was younger, it had been one of my favorite games! However i was so disappointed when i got on! I had lost... A LOT of levels woth of progress- 3 years to be exact- and they took away endless mode! I dont like the new look so much, and every time i tap theres a buzz from my phone. Its really laggy, and not that enjoyable anymore. Which sucks, it was a really good game. I might check back in a few months, but im not so sure
Game itself works fine. But the menu is a different story. Like the gameplay itself is fine and responsive and works how it should. But with the menu, it is problematic. One issue i have is that every time you do a song, it takes you back up to the top of the list instead of leaving you where you were. Another issue I have is that when trying to watch an ad to unlock a song, it tells me there is a network error. Despite the act that I am connected and have tried on both Wifi and data.
Much like others, I used to play this game years ago and the old version was much better. My favourite song, Bluestone Alley, in the old version had double tiles and was more faster than what it is now. They also took out endless mode which was one of the best parts. I enjoyed trying to beat my highscores. Something my friends and I would do was try to go as far as we could in endless mode and whoever survived the longest wins. Theres also a lot more ads and more items to unlock with ads.
I hate this game because I would play a song I would mess up and when I watch an add it's like 3 minutes long and also when your done with that ad you resume playing and then the app freezes and the you click a tile then it unfreezes then you mess up and then you get kicked out of the app...it can't be my phone because this thing was bought 2 days ago
This game is disgusting... It keeps freezing... I prefer the old Piano Tiles 2... Y'all just update it and now it's just... Stupid... I want the old Piano Tiles 2 back... Where we have Endless... And that previous one was way better than this one... This one is foolish... Ugh... Ruined my night...
This is just a scam. Everytime i try to click a tile, it lags. Then it asks me to watch an ad. When i was young, this is the game that i loved to play. It had the endless mode. Now it doesnt. I thought i downloaded a knockoff of the og game, but then i say the comments. Im really disappointed. The og version is so good please bring it back. I will pay yall money just to put it back in, because this is disappointing
Last time I rated this game, it was 5 stars. Now it's 2 stars because of many reasons. First, after I collect the coins when I finish a piece or song, it glitches and gives me a blank screen and I have to exit the game and enter it again! Second, the old version of this game was much better. I don't know about the others but I am a fan of classical music. So please put more of those stop putting rock or pop songs. I really miss the old version of this game. Please let it come back!
It was good, my favorite rythme game actually. Now I absolutely hate it. Ever since that Alan Walker song was added it has all gone downhill. They removed infinite mode, honestly my favorite part. That actually testes your skill. I had a world record on Bluestone Valley a while back. But I can't claim that record back anymore. The only thing I like that they added was the new instruments. That is all. There is 3x the ads as before. Before hand it was playable. Now what ever I do it is an ad. :(
I love it so amazing i love this game i was so amazed at it i love how this game work but not all is perfect the fastest one were ohh 0MG i love this game it make me play this in 3:56before 4:39 after so great also i rate it 5 stars cause the maker of it deserve's this do you know cause if you rate it 1 stars that hurts a feeling of an maker and if you make a game they will unlike you either
Meh. It's a generic rhythm game. The only thing I will say is there is an insane difficulty gap, where you go from about 300 notes per song to around 2000.
I am unable to link all my progess using my FB account. The updated version is not good. I used to love this game and now that all my progress is gone I am no longer playing it. Thus, giving it 1 star. Hope the developers will work on it so that we all who once loved this game can play it again with same happiness. Really disappointed by the updated version.
Terrible. The reason why i loved piano tiles so much was the classical music. The classical music is not even available anymore. The challenge, the speed, the number of crowns... Now it sucks and i am sorry i redownloaded it again. Will not recommend.
Game is fun but sometimes the game can't keep up with me when the keys go by faster. Like l click on them but the game doesn't register my finger sometimes but only when the keys go by faster. Which is a big problem l have to deal with. Also l can't even tell if there is even an end to the music. I remember this one song l did and it kept on going n going and it never ends, like when do l stop.
I used to play this game as a kid maybe when I was 3 it was fantastic the reason I gave it 3 stars was because although it was still great as the old version it got rid of the endless mode and some songs that I really like but overall it's a great game
It's sooo bad I downloaded it and when I tried to open the app it said it had stopped working so I tried 100 more times yet it still didn't work. I then uninstalled it and re installed it yet it didn't work. All I wanted was to play happy birthday for my sister's birthday but it didn't work you failed my piano tiles. wjen I was little I love the game but now it isn't working😠😑😀
Awesome game. What I don't like is that 1: when there's no WiFi you can't play, 2: when I played Fur Elise, it would glitch/lag but only when I play that song and 3: it would be a little better to add some anime songs
this game is so wonderful but it starts getting laggy when you download it but i rate it a three star
I loved this game before it was updated, cause when you played a song you could hear every instrument and they mixed well together, but now it's just jumbled up and you can't hear the songs tune, all you can hear is the instruments playing all over the place. Besides that the game is very nice.
You have to see over 300 ads to play earn gems and unlock music which in the past was free and song that we know are with ads and you cant unlock forever this game was really nice at the past but now it's so annoying and of course I am going to delete
They need to change this back to the original. If I wanted more modern songs, I'd go to piano tiles 3. There's no endless mode, and that was honestly the best part of this game. It was my favorite game to play, but they've ruined it completely. Please add endless mode again, and bring back some of the classical music, because this is not worth my time. I really wish they wouldn't have changed it, because I used to be really good, but now, little star can't even go fast. I mean, come on
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I redownloaded the game to look at my previous scores and play any new songs that got released, but to my suprise you removed the login feature and I can no longer play with all of the songs I unlocked. You also removed endless mode. A truly disappointing and disgraceful ending to a once entertaining app.
The game is an OK replica of the old piano tiles 2. It is lacking a lot of features but it's currently the closest thing to the original game. Those complaining about how they added bad updates to the game don't realise the original piano tiles 2 contained a virus and got banned from the play store, and this is not from the original creators
This is the best piano tile game you will experience! It is really cool how you can have different instruments too, other than piano. I dont mind the ads though. There are a variety of songs you can play. If you are confused that if you should download the app or not, than YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT. Some people might say that it is not a good game, but they have updated it. Download this game if you wanna have fun. ββžββžΚ•ΰ₯β€’Μ«Ν‘β€’Κ”ΰ₯β˜‚ββžββοΌˆγƒ»ΞΈγƒ»οΌ‰(=^ο½₯^=)
The one game I felt like they couldn't possibly ruin in the future with new updates and they somehow didn't it... this game was a large part of my childhood and now I have no fun playing it you can't even get crowns anymore which was a big part for me that made the game challenging and fun... can't believe another great game got ruined
I used to love this game. Now it's a total mess. The keys barely work, the menu is infested with ads and no one asked for these 'modern' songs. 90% of people prefer the classical songs. And songbook?? Songbook?? And not piano tiles?
It's good but 1st of all what happened to endless mode I mean its on the newest versions of this game and it was also on this one as well so did the developer just thought you know what bye bye endless mode in and update or something. And 2nd it would help if the tiles were in line with the music like for example 7 years the tiles are just a bit to fast paced like it kinda gets confusing when you're playing the song in your head but you end up failing because the tiles are faster than the song
Nothing like the old game. It's exponentially worse. Less songs. Worse gameplay. No endless mode. Everything about the original game has more or less changed. :(
I used to love this game app as I learned appreciating piano classics through this. This was educational for me as much as it was entertaining. The updated version was just... I don't know. I hated it and stopped playing when all of my progress in the game disappeared. Those who rated this with 5 stars definitely didn't tried playing it before the updated version. Such a waste.
The update... Is a lot. I played this game to relax and the first thing that I see when I open the app is a casino board-esque random gem selection and the fact that there isn't an endless mode means there is only a limited amount of time i get to enjoy some of my favorite songs. I'm sure there's more, or maybe there's not, but I just couldn't bring myself to stick around on the app.
I'm use to play this game so much then I put it down and now I lost all the progress I made over the years, i'm disappointed that I have had to restart and it makes me no longer wish to play because of the loss of progress. Please fix this issue.
You ruined the game before we could log in with Facebook all our progress was saved it was fun you could see other people's scores and now it's just this before the further you get the songs are harder and this "update" isnt fun at all bring back the old game, also you could play as much as you want not a short version of a song
WARNING! this is not the "ORIGINAL" Piano tiles 2. This is an ENTIRELY different developer who RECREATED the game and used the songs. The original was made by Cheetah Mobile and maintains the endless mode as well as other features that we knew and loved which is unfortunately no longer available to us. THIS IS NOT THAT GAME.
This isn't the game I remember. All the updates, and changes. I still love the game, and always will. But please, go back to the old design. Don't copy off the knockoffs that get better ratings, be new again. I love this game, so much work put into it, amazing but not the one I remember. Please go back to old design. Thank you for reading, have a good day.
A lot of other users who put reviews have the same opinion that I have. I had this game years ago, and I mean years. It was amazing, and I would play it every single day. Whenever I was bored, I chose to play Piano Tiles 2. Whenever I wanted to play a game, Piano Tiles 2 was my go-to! I loved the endless mode! I got a new phone recently, and downloaded the app, but it's been updated. It's not the same. It's still a good app, but not as great as it once was. I know others agree with me...
Pretty bad, I used to play this game as a kid and I come back and its much worse. Alot more ads, and for some reason my screens brightness randomly went down when it introduced these instruments to me, and I still have no idea how to get it to brighten.(it's only on this app btw)
I love this game and its new features are great; different instruments, new songs, etc.. however I used to love challenging my friends and the fact that I can't login to my previous account thus the disappearance of my progress is pretty frustrating as well as removing the endless tiles.. and it doesn't even look the same as before.. neither does it work as it used to and there are way too many ads.. regardless, I felt nostalgia for the game and I'm not expecting to uninstall it anytime soonπŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Is this really the game i had like 2 years ago, it was so great but it doesnt look ANYTHING like i remember it. I had so many songs unlocked and had super high scores on difficult song, and had a crazy amount of points but now theres no login and its totally different, they shouldve kept it the same, not even worth trying on this game anymore or any point in downloading
Irritation! I kept trying to play the game and it glitches horribly when you are in the middle of a song! Then it jumps ahead and says that you missed one because the stupid game glitched! And I have tried it on several different devices and it still does the same exact thing...very very irritating!!
Love the new up dates.its been fun earning all these new instruments,some I never heard of. They sound great. I've been meaning to share sooner...my favorite Beauty and the Beast (long-long version)&Sound of silence, these are the best ever...ever ever. This app is a lot of fun.
Terrible. New version sucks so much. Why did you remove and lock almost every song. I don't want to play mainstream music i want to play classics. That's why i loved this so much.
I prefer the music on PianoTiles ( First one ) The music is more modern. Also very easy to access the song list without having to open each song by completing the first one before. Piano Tiles 2 is more difficult and the genre of songs is lame I think. There is a limited amount of songs that you can access on this so my rating is rated accordingly. Uninstalling.
I played the original version of this game and it was so much better lemme tell ya. I installed this hoping it was the original because I couldn't even tell anymore, it just looks like a knock-off. It's kind of awkward now compared to before. I liked the original a LOT better tbh. It looks like endless mode was taken off which sucks because I loved to show off to my friends with this game and now it won't have the same effect. :/
This game is not like it was before. Now it's sucks most importantly I lost all my progress and I'm so disappointed to the guy or team who came up with this idea of updating the game like this. I wish it would return to way it was before.
I used to play this game alot. Cons: They got rid of some of my favorite songs, like Entertainer, and Can Can. What happened to endless mode? Way more ads Removed challenge mode Pros: New instruments New songs New backrounds No more 'lives' ---------------------------------------- Thats about it, and thats why i rate this game 2 stars. I think alot of other ppl agree with me, please change it back to the original.
The older version was way better. I used to stay on one song for ever, just trying to get 3 crowns on every one on endless. I think that endless mode was the funnest part trying to go as fast as you can, now the songs dont even feel right as they are all too slow for their original pace. Please bring back endless mode!
In 2015 when I started playing it it was so fun to play but now its just boring I had to cheak if this was even the right game because of how bad it is from how it used to be. One of the most fun parts (endless mode) got taken away and when you restart it dosent look anything like how it used to also why did you take away some of the best songs. I still cant even tell if this is the same game to what I used to play.
They ruined a perfect game there was no need to change the entire game into something competely different. One of my most favorite features of this was endless mode and it was completely removed. They have just tried to make it more like piano tiles 3 and they have made this game worthless. A massive shame as it used to be one of the best games on the app store. Please just revert back to what it used to be.
I miss the old version this one sucks, and I can no longer connect it to my FB where all my progress was saved. Also I was very disappointed with the Korean album. No BTS. Blackpink, or hardly anything but 4 songs. No, won't be getting this again.
WHERE IS MOMENTS MUSICAS?!?!?!?!?!? I had this game last year and it was THE BEST, but now my fave song to play on the app is gone, along with so many other songs, replaced by what people think will make the game 'better' . I loved this app because it was different from the others, and I am begging for the old songs back. I think what should have happened was that the old songs were level based and the new ones you buy. PLEASE bring back the old songs and I will change to 5 stars.
This game used to be so good! Endless mode, sooooo many good songs... But then they took endless mode away, for some reason also effed up all the songs that used to be there, so many damn ADS, and its not as entertaining anymore. Do not download it if you want to feel nostalgic, cause you won't.
So about 4 years ago this was one of my favorite games then I had to get a new phone and I couldn't get this game I was so excited when I got a new phone to play this again and now it's not as fun, the progress bar covers your number score, you can't keep playing after you've finisheded with the three stars it's full of more unnecessary ads and many of the old features that I liked were removed and replaced with new tile skins and backgrounds. It went from a fun game to an place to watch ads.
Wow the reviews weren't actually lying. You guys did remove a lot of features and what even is song book?... I remember playing this back when I was younger and the fact that I can't log in anymore hurts. I just wanted to play again just for a quick trip of nostalgia, but I can't.
Its a copy of piano tiles 2 also the songs are very high priced. takes up most of your space, do not recommend also i gave 3 stars because it shows inaproprite adds which is not good.
All good except the part where everytime you finish a level, you are at the top of the song list and have to scroll down a lot to reach the latest levels. Annoying
The game play was fine, maybe a little clunky, but apparently I have to watch an add to play certain songs and have to keep doing that even if I had already done that. And if I use a different instrument, I have to pay the same game currency just to have the same instrument. I love the idea of having different instruments, but having to keep paying in order to use the preferred instrument is a bit annoying.