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Piano Magic Tiles Hot song - Free Piano Game

Piano Magic Tiles Hot song - Free Piano Game for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by TilesGame. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi ! This game is superb but I have finished all the songs of the first round and it is still showing that the songs will be uploaded soon so please do something about that .All though I think you must put all the songs at the first time . This game is for music /songs listeners which I am and just want to say please keep on uploading songs as one song is done .Or as they reach the end you could start uploading the songs .The fast you will start uploading the songs the more ratings you will get.
It's a wonderful game. I'm addicted to it and the songs that are choose are fantastic. It's brilliant. I'd really like it if you add more songs and if the songs are from Michael Jackson Istg I'll love you till death. Ahem- anyways it's an amaJINg game I recommend downloading it!!
It's very awesome. The songs are really good. I gave 4 stars for this game. Because a problem of this game is some songs of that game want to be seen the ads. The ads very long. Some of them are at least 30 seconds. I like the songs of ALAN WALKER most. But I still like this game.
It's nice I got all songes in premium and there is no vip or anything whith πŸ’° money and it was the best game ever it was the best game on my phone and I play it every day but one thing that they should do that they should add more songs and no adds so it is not really the best game but glitches just allitel so hi I am done now thanks it's saying at the bottum uploaded soon and I just love this game just thankyou for doing this game cuse no game like this works it just works it's the best
Nice game but the timing of the songs are bad.and it sucks.but still nice game especially when u dont have an original song of the song u want to hear. I recommend only one adjustment of the game just change the timing so that other player like me who's been playing piano tiles for long can handle this game properly.ty
This game needs some Updates 1-I think it'd be better if The song is endless And to be there 3πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ after 3 ⭐⭐⭐. 2-the tiles must express the song , it is not reasonable that the speed of the tiles in the song (seniorita) and (shake it off ) is almost the same 3-I wish there were servers where I can compete with other people. Thanks for reading .
This game is awesome, I play it everytime amd it kills my boredom. The adds also helped me get other apps that I was looking for πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. I don't have any problems with it and I don't have much to say but this game is wonderful, the music I love them all just can't wait for the next upload. If you want to download this game don't think twice it's cool. Thanks for the app it's amazing.😍😍 I love it. Have a great day Byeee πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹.
I'm giving only 4 stars because there no updation in the songs and i wish there should be more kpop songs,like BTS, blackpink, exo, txt, etc. I love this app very much. It improved my concentration level and one request can you please update the songs (english songs and kpop song). ARMY kinda love this app because there is BTS songs and if you add more songs of BTS i think you would get more downloaders. So please add some more songs
Do you add the musics from fast and furious and Kesha$ take it of. This game is such a nice game i eber seen in piano tile games. And iam gonna addicted in this game . This is a perfect game from piano tiles. This game is with low ads and so many music. And we dont need to pay any money. This game gives us so many unknown music. So this is a nice game.
It is nice and very interesting but the only thing I don't like about it is that any time I have finished the game with all three stars for all the songs go to check something and stay a bit long and come back all my stars disappear which means I have to start the game all over again and it just keep on repeating
It's a great game. Give it a try. My Advice to the developer is to try and create one without the singing or one with the option of cutting out the background singing otherwise everything is okay. Amazing staff.
This is an amazing game. I love it. It is a great game for kids and adults who love to play the piano. It has 2 different levels in the same song, the slow level and fast level. I rate this 4 stars because not many songs are there. The original ones are also not there. Maybe you could add some more songs and the original ones. For example, into the unknown is sang by Indina Menzel, but it says it is sang by some male artist. So please look forward to updating the original songs.
This game is awesome. But I think it will be better if it has endless mode like other piano tiles. But nevertheless it's awesome But please also add more songs that will be better. And more importantly please make it more realistic because most times the song doesn't match with what we are playing
It's wonderful game, I recommend u all to download it but I less one star as u see it because it doesn't have much songs and some of songs are there that I have not heard. If some more famous songs or u can say, famous singers songs you put on ,than it will be a thumbs up point for you. And also put more songs of BTS,EXO, Black Pink..... BTS SHOULD BE MORE PLEASE
Had this game for quite a while like you can say about one year I never stop playing it's time to get three stars the graphics is very good in this game and it got a lot of shots some songs you have to download which is like about 1 or 2 megabits that's how much of megabytes it takes to download the song but you need diamonds which is not that hard to get why you playing you get diamonds and a lot like 2 roads you get to a boat 30 if you get 3 stars maybe thanks already and this game is great
Ok the game is pretty nice but i just have one complain.when you play a song,then you miss a tile,it tells you to to tap to see a video so that you continue with your song,it tells me that video is not available.then just before i go to main menu,it shows me an adπŸ€¨πŸ™„πŸ˜•.but so far i love the game,its awesome.i wish there were online competition,so that you can play with your friends and also i wish that you can download your own songs and play.but the game is wonderful.nice work πŸ€©πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Œ
It's quite a fun game. I kinda wish all the songs were free, but I guess that would ruin the challenge of earning the gems. If I'm being honest, even when I don't press "ad to continue" there is an ad, and it's a bit frusterating. That's why it's not a 5/5. Sorry if that's just me being picky, but hey! You're not the only one! It's literally every other piano tiles themed game that does this just to piss people off
This is way better than the other piano tiles this has more options and is way more fun to play the quiet songs are pretty easy and fun some louder songs are harder to do it's so much fun it's not like any of the other one the other the other ones just have really hard to do
I love this game!!! its so good. and most of it is free!! I have been looking for a game that is piano but has actual vioces in it it. like the song not just the melodie. i give this five stars i could not have asked for anything better. please dont make this like other money eating games also the amount of ads is reasonable. theres not a ad every 2 minutes. but please update the songs and add more!!
Love this app a lot! However I would very much appreciate if you could add more songs as soon as possible because I have beaten all of them already... And also, it would be great if you could make the songs via watching ads available without the ad after you have watched an ad for each song a few times because it frequently tells me to try again later. Anyways I love this game its awesome! Great job!!!
I like the game by could u make a few modifications. First could u have an option to use diamonds to revive urself along with ads. U known...for us online players. Two the game lags reallyyy harrrd. I hope u could look into this.Third. U know it's hard to code like this but could u make it that the music aligns with the tiles and doesn't play inthe background. I would appreciate it if u did. Love this game tho
Way to fast for beginners! Which means you have to sit through a 30 ad Everytime you miss! And a beginner Miss's often! Im uninstalling which is a shame because at this point, I can't even give an honest rating. Maybe if give a person a chance to figure out the game before slamming 30 sec ads every 30 sec! Literally
This is so freaking amazing I love it, it really helps to kill boredom, what other songs will you be adding? I especially would love to see a few of my favorite songs and these are my fav's, control, legends never die, toxic and thunder, gangnam style, gentleman and talk dirty, anyways keep up the boredom killing work!!!
Love the game. So addicting. But i have completed all of the music that has been provided, so far. It says it will be updated, but it has said that for weeks. Will it actually be updated and will there be new music available to play. This game is a great challenge. Great fun and i want more.
I love this app. I don't even know why people put it to a one star rating? The only thing that it needs to change is alittle bit of the speed? But whenever I want to download a app I make sure to check the rating and I have seen the same person writing something about the game. That the person thinks that piano apps are trash. She/he deleted the comment and changed it. But this app is perfect. There is nothing wrong with the app it just needs some new songs and the speen as well πŸ’•
This is a great app. It has a wide variety of songs and has good system overall. But it's a bit annoying when I tap the long ones and I get no points or it acts as if I never touched them which gets me out. 4 out of 5. An infinite mode would be nice as well.
Hi! I really love this Game its very good its easier to I like how it ends so you can actually beat the game! I gust don't really like how you can't pause it so maybe add it to the next update but it's ok for now. I really want this update because I'm really itchy must of when I'm doing the songs so if you can add that so I can pause it and ich and then unpause it so thanks I'll be happy if thats the next but I think no I know you Need to get Game its so good plz get this game have a good day!
This is the best piano game I have ever played. I completed all the songs, this is the 5th time I downloaded this app. For viewers, "you must try this". For the editor, "you should add more songs". At last, *I love this game very much*. Thanks for this lovely game. Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much
I really enjoyed the game. One thing I especially liked was the speed that the game required you to move your fingers; everytime I finished, there was this aftermath of an adrenaline rush. The only thing I wish could be changed is the fact that you can't import songs. But it's really great. In fact, I recommend it to kill boredom.
I love the game I've played pretty much every song on there but they still haven't put any new songs to play and also there's alot of adds as well. Other then that love the game very much.
Nice app, I gave it 3 stars because 1)When playing it feels like you're just pressing and the music is just playing on the background, you're not in charge of it, when you lose, the music stops like it would stop when am just listening to the song, the game doesn't feel interactive at all. 2) The name of the game says hot songs but the variety is so little, and I can't call that 'hot music'.
I really feel like I was just listening to a song while tapping the tipes. Its not the piano tiles app that i used to that when you tap the tiles theres probably a sound, this app is a bit different butI love it. The songs were new but only a few. I first played Jennie's Solo (BLACKPINK). I was shock that the tile are moving so fastly. LOVE THE APP.
The game is a fun lil time killer. Some nice songs. Just curious about what in the world the diamonds are used for tho? I used a couple hundred in the beginning to unlock those few songs and now i easily made thousands of diamonds after playin the songs and there are also offers to buy diamonds. But there is nothing you can do with them so why??
The lamest game I ever played. At first I was scrolling down to look for songs and thought it was cool all the hit songs were in it. No need for diamonds to play. I clicked play and began tapping and the music plays on. Literally THE ORIGINAL MUSIC. I was laughing the whole time I was playing it. And guess what the tiles weren't even on beat with the music. The tile speed was also constant, no fast no slow.
I love this app but my problem is after using the app for sometime now, recently whenever I log in,all the songs that I have already finished would restart again and before I uninstalled it whenever I press the tile, it would not respond and I will have to restart again. I am installing it again but I hope I will not have problems again
This is great. Unfortunately, it misses one thing that most piano tile games don't have and is worth at least one star. It's the audio feedback you get when you touch a tile. In this game and most you can barely touch any tile and the song will continue like normal. Few games if any have(besides piano tiles 3) the tiles connected to each note of the song which means if you don't touch a tile/long enough or too late/ early it will sound off key and will disrupt the song for a brief moment.
Great app for playing music as well as playing games but I wish there would be Justin Bieber songs also. And also there are very few songs in here, please add some more songs and also Justin songs also. By the way this app is really nice.
I did like it but can there please be a another way you can continue like using diamonds because watching ads all the time it gets annoying and it just keeps putting tiktok ads and I'm really getting sick of it so can you please do that I would be so greatful. It is still a amazing game though ☺️ keep up the fantastic work!
This game is awsomeeee!!!!! I love it . You now when i play the other piano tiles they only give the sound the piano and this game it rock's , there is one problem that is that it has to many ads , but still i gave it five star. thank you for makeing this game thank you.
I've downloaded this game 2 to 3 months ago but I uninstalled it why because when I buy a new song with diamonds next day the new song which I've buyed again it tells me that this song contains 60 diamonds I don't know why everyday it tells me the same thing. But I hope this time you've repaired this game if not plz I am requesting this is 1 of my favorite game. Thank You