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Piano for Video Game undertale sans and deltarune

Piano for Video Game undertale sans and deltarune for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Puppy Game Studio. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love that I can choose my own background and this app has FNaF and undertale songs. But the tiles just don’t match up as much as they should.
I was so happy because the other piano tile games don’t have this, a lot of songs from Deltarune. Keep up your good work.
What an amazing undertale piano tiles game! And i love the game when i first started the game i was so shoked and it was so cool if you dont have the app you should get it its good
I love this app most of my favorite undertale songs are on here. Download this app it is awesome 👍
When I first downloaded the app I was excited because I love Undertale and Deltarune's songs. And, to be honest, i love it. But, Dev should at least add a way to turn off ads because you have to wait a few seconds to X out of it every time
This game is really good have alot of song from Deltarune. For bad games I will delete it and never talk about it, so thanks for this nice game. The only problem is that sometimes my taps don’t work so I have to press the button twice. Please fix that.
Some things I would ask for (I hope I don’t sound like an annoyance) is for more sections on the bottom. I mean undertale, deltarune, fnaf, etc. Add more SANS's icons, please.
I love this app so much. The quality of the undertale sound is amazing. I just would like for you to add haikyuu opening :)
I love all those undertale songs very much and I completed the sans song which is Megavania well something like that anyways I know the creator worked very hard to create this game and make it fun for everyone to enjoy. Keep up the good work!
I love how many undertale songs that have though it would be cool if the added lyrics too ok the songs because if you’ve heard a song so many times you kinda memorize the lyrics and some times as I was playing some of the undertale songs I lose place in the song because I am used to also hearing the lyrics
This is a solid title with very unique and popular songs, I really enjoy that there are some of those songs that are not from Undertale and Deltarune but I still really enjoy it.
Love this game. I downloaded this yesterday and there is a wide collection of undertale songs I also love the upload photo feature. Tksm, dev!
I have a couple song requests, such as adding Dogsong and Spider Dance (Both from Undertale). So far, this app is a pretty great idea! Keep up the progress!
Okay so were do I start. First It said FNaF and BATIM on the app title but came up with undertale and delutrune. I mean I love both of those things but I sort of think you should get finded for false advertising. Second it took two whole hours to load. Next it gliched and laged ALOT! Lastly in the sans song it littraly swears at the start. Undertale is a 9+ game wich means kids play it. Would not recommed to even the most die hard fans of undertale and deltrune. Also would not give it to a enimy
It’s super fun and the piano cover is really neat. I heard people can request songs? i love undertale songs a lot, and my request is to add crawling by CG5?
Amazing app! The reason I gave it 4 stars is because of all of the ads. What do I expect from these developers? Better games? Nope. Never will get better games or better quality. Was great until the ads.
Now I’ve played a lot of piano tiles like games but this one has some of the best songs special Deltarune songs. My only problem is that there r way to many ads.
Just only downside is that your game's missing some touching songs like Dogsong (a Undertale song) and I wish there was a way to request songs to be added in-app otherwise and awesome game!
I love how I can play all my favorite undertale songs magic tile style but I have a few requests for FANF song if it’s not to much of a bother. Can You Add You can't hide? Please And Thank You
They keep adding undertale songs and giving us free songs, also we can try songs with ads to see if there good for us. So I’d suggest it to a lot of people who like magic tiles 3 and video game songs.
I love the game! It’s amazing and very fun ❤️❤️ It has Music from a lot of games like undertale, Minecraft, and a lot more also. It's so difference from some other music games.
I rate this 5 stars because there are a lot of undertale songs to choose from and there are so many backgrounds to choose from.
Just letting everybody know this is the first review on games. overall I love this game because, it has songs most piano tile game don’t have like Fnaf, undertale, and Minecraft!
I love the game it’s fun, and I like that it also has undertale music, but I would like it more if it had more music from my favorite game bendy. Thank you for this wonderful game!❤️
Don't download unless you want to see ads 24/7 this game is just for cash and you have to watch adds to watch to unlock the next song plus this app is online so don't believe when it says it offline!
Eeee! Tottaly a weeb here. But it was a nice game to play when your bored songs were😄awesome and overall it was good! ((To many ads tho😒
Very fun game! I love all the songs and I love that you can upload your own pictures for the background!! Best piano tiles game I ever got!! Thank you so much for Making this. If I could, if gove you 100/100 starts
I love the songs in this app! There are so many songs to choose from. I am a big undertale fan so I love the undertale songs. I also like the magic tiles 3 so this app is great!
I like to have a update on it where the developer adds more undertale backgrounds and more FANF songs. I play this game everyday so thank you for making this game! 😁😄😃😀
I have a few requests for songs murder time trio (from Undertale AUs), Red Light, tokyovania. I really love your app! And that’s all! I love this app so much and it would be amazing if you added these songs! Have a great day/night/morning!
This game is good to play when you got nothing better to do it is interesting how I know most of these songs
Omg I love this game! It has the real songs and lyrics and it’s not glitchy at all!!! It’s the best ever Whoop-Whoop!!! I have a few suggestions though Plz take out the song “sans-undertale” by “ripped by” because at the begenning they said the “F” word and im only a kid
This game is really fun and it's really cool that of you get even 1 star you get a new song. But there are WAY too many ads and they are almost always the same. I think there should be another currency to buy songs or revives.
This is a really good game. But I really would like it if you added Confrontation of the dead and M.E.G.A.L.O.V.A.N.I.A from Underfell other than that this game is great
I just got the game and I love it. I do have a suggestion. Please add FANF song: count the ways by dawco. Other then that is super fun. I highly suggest this game. U did a good job on the game!
Like every game it has its flaws. for example I was playing Megalovania from Undertale and the game was a little weird when I would tap the tiles it would kind of stop for a second. But it is still playable. I would love to see the developer change this the best he/she can I really see potential in this game!
Ok first of all I love Undertale and fnaf songs but the thing I don’t like is ads so I can play it I know you get money for putting ads there or something but plz put a remove ads position in the game.
I love this game but you need to add Hopes and dreams - Undertale!! PS. “ It’s Been So Long” is one of my favorite songs! Thanks for adding it.
I get the idea, But the audio is terrible, It glitches and its hard to hear, And there is way to much adds. I dont suggest you download this, But you do you.
Omg I downloaded this game and I am addicted I am always into the undertale ones the song catch my eye and I’m continuing trying on the mangle but anyways It is AMAZING!!!! I’m willing to try Funtime dance floor!
I love the game I love playing all my favorite undertale and Bendy songs I like how you can have backgrounds too my favorite backgrounds are the black and white Bendy background and the Bonnie’s soul kid or something.
This game is amazing for a piano tile game. It’s very addictive and has plentiful undertale songs to keep you busy. I enjoy being able to play my favorite anime songs on a piano tile.
I love this game and there are so many undertale songs suggestions. I’m so happy you have some song I don't see often and I really love it.
This game is truly a masterpiece. Here are some songs I’d like you to add: Songs from undertale Help Wanted(The main theme, hard mode theme etc). It’s really good.
This game is literally the best in my opinion it is like no other music game you can play all kinds of undertale music that you don’t usually get on music games.
I love this game! It has tetnecly all the video game music like undertale,fnaf,and minecraft. This game dezerves a 10 stars!
I used to play Piano Tiles but I had stopped once I started to get into horror games and such because they didn’t have any undertale songs. A year or two after I found this and I LOVE it!
I really like this game, its really fun I still need to get better at it.It's its really fun to play when your bored. I recommend people that like game songs to get this game.
I love this game undertale songs are fun and you don’t see things like this on many other apps.The developers are still adding new songs and I hope one day Drawn to the Bitter gets added. :)
It's a good game, ngl, but there's just way to many ads. I know that's how ya make money, but do make it to where there's a ad every time you get off or on a song. Again, it's a good game just way to many ads. Please have fewer ads, more people would play if there wasnt that many ads. Thank you.
I love this game because it has so many undertale songs and they sound like a normal song that came from the real game but in piano. Keep up the good work
I'm giving this a 3-star because there's way too much ads everywhere you go every single new page you go there is always an ad I mean I get I know that's how you make money and all but at least make it more or less because there's so much people playing the game I don't really see why you need that much money and plus it makes people uninstall the game like me and it's not fair to other people as well cuz he can't he can't really enjoy your hard work so please turn down the ads thank you
Why do want to torture me with ads like it's just ads PLZ IN THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE ADS IT'S LIKE TORURE
I'm giving this game a legitimate review, yes this is really good and it may have alot of ads but people need to realise. The game is offline; that means you can just turn airplane mode on and you can play... WITHOUT ADS FOR FREE
This game is really cool. I’m always seeing games like this but they make it way to hard to be enjoyable, BUT THIS GAME it’s really fun because it’s not hard to unlock new songs and it has all my favorite undertale songs!!
First off I like this app, it is very fun, but after not playing for a while and coming back to it, it seems they updated way many undertale good songs. Tksm!
This app is amazing! It lets me play all my favourite undertale songs and I like the fact you can personalise the backgrounds. I highly recommend the app :)