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Physics Simulation Building Destruction

Physics Simulation Building Destruction for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MountainRooting. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The latest update has destroyed the game on the Android 8 system. The DEV should remove the faulty update, and make the previous working version available.
the controls are good, but when u slide your finger up or right a lot on the move button whatever bullet type u have selected u will shoot... Also, the game lags A LOT!!!!!
I think this app is essentially perfect! The only suggestion I have is more buildings and the option to change the explosive power of the remote-controlled bomb. I love it!! Thanks.
Idk if your a kid or just really bad at unity but if you game is glitchy and runs really bad you shouldn't release it, i know how hard game development can be but you just used unity asset fillers, but... compared to most asset flips its good. I say good job for your skill level but you shouldn't release a game that doesn't feel finished try play testing and spend more time on development
I like how it works and how it can be played offline, but I feel like it would be a lot more fun if it had players and NPCs, and maybe more buildings.
Pure satisfaction. I do wish that there were more structures to demolish. Maybe a community custom structure browser to play community made towers, buildings, etc...
pretty good, it's fun and a good offline timekiller. I imagine though, a way to upload your own structures and download other people's from a hub area in-game is an interesting, yes ambitious idea.
where do i start? this is a time killer⏱️🔫. put on your explosion gear. do ultimate explosions to lag (crash) your game. if you dare😃😎. or if your more creative then destructive you can build! 😺 great game. keep up the good work. The amount of maps and tools are less than stellar though.
Super cool game! I love destruction so this was obviously a game for me. Its so satisfying to smash all te towers and the graphics are very impressive especially on a mobile game!!! It also helps to relive another of stress to.
It's a good beginning to a game, but not a good game yet. It needs some more pre built models, and better user controls. It could also use something to stop the lag issued it has. It's a good start but nowhere near finished
Really fun game, you can get really creative and the game is easy to use. Only hoped there are more pre-built maps and the maps have a bit weapons to use.
One of the BEST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!!!! I never rate apps, and I wrote a recommendation after only playing a few minutes. there are a few ads, but not too many. Just a really, really great game!
good game and lovely. But just one more thing. can we get a new type of shapes or blocks instead of cubes, like we need prism, piramid, cone, cylinder, ect.
I played it game when i was so young and i never forget it thw only tome I forgot about it is when gacha life came out but still the best game i ever played also no ads!
Great game. Easter egg: pause just as a bomb is exploding and you see a huge nuclear blast or firework blasts (does not affect the physics unfortunately). Suggestions: 1) In construction mode have options to "select all objects" and "group all objects" 2) In construction mode have an option to select the object you tap and everything directly behind it 3) In game mode have straight flying projectiles (like a rocket) in addition to balls and bombs. 4) Release a build targeting windows exe.
My only negative comment is that I can't use my S Pen to throw objects. I can use it to move the camera and navigate menus, etc. Fix this, and get a perfect 5. Playing in my Note 9.
I have been looking for something like this forever! I had thought that I would have to render this kind of destruction with blender. I wish this worked on PC
not the best graphics but who cares, minecraft has pixelated graphics yet is the best game ever invented. if i has bad graphics but its fun the game is still awesome. 13/10 would recommend this game it is so satisfying
Not very good graphics, but really, it's about the physics if it. It's very interesting to see what would would happen if you were to do THIS instead of THAT. Overall, very good game.
The game is very fun, one small problem though, the black bar is on top of the screen, not making it more full screen. Hey at least i gave you four stars
You fixed the display problem. Thanks. Please add option to have some ambient light so that sides of structures facing away from the directional light source don't appear completely black.
overall a good game, but one thing, is it possible to make the game engine more powerfull? since i tried to make a complex structure and the game suddenly lagging.
The presets are really good and fun to destroy and the construction is easy to use but does have a hard learning curve. Overall fun and satisfying! I would love this if my phone could handle larger models. One bad thing is the top fourth of my screen is black wasted space.
This game is way too fun. I live how paints are in the game and how remote control bombs stock to each other. This ge feels like it's missing something though. Maybe animals, more weapons, or bigger maps would help?
for some reason it keeped laging and i coulden,t delite the game and a ad was crashing my game! i culd not even get into the game!
Love this game! I can't find another game i like as much, with an unlimited means of destroying anything, however you want! There are similar games, but not as good. More levels would always be good, but great job so far!
love this game, i too think this game could use a slow motion feature! I'd pay for an ad free version as well.
I have issues. Sometimes I become consumed with rage but I know there are laws preventing me from acting out on them. This game is so therapeutic. Blowing stuff up and destroying things is fun. I would actually pay for this app.
Some say that is boring, but they don't have an understanding of how good this physics sim actually is.
I like this game. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I was making a building that I worked so hard on, then there was the ad, then I was back on the main menu and nothing saved.
This game has been a good time waister and has been enjoyable to play.I learned this game from a friend and love this to bits.Ads are in the game so they can make money also.The ads arent a big deal becuase there are few every so often.The title proves the game and shows it in many ways.What a phonominal game.
I used to play this game. Then,the update came. The game refused to open in Galaxy ON NXT phone. PLEASE fix it.
Excellent game, always had dreamed of an app like this. I suggest showing the creations of others in the game, so you wouldn't have to make so many pre-made ones.
At first it seems like a wonderful game. It has wonderful physical attributes, as well as a range of items to use. It also doesn't bombard you with ads. Only thoughts would be to have a wider range of premade structures. As well better player controls.
Great chill physics sim! Graphics are decent, gameplay feels pretty solid (for the "gameplay" that there is...), and the Unity physics is working great as usual! My only two complaints are the moderately steep learning curve on creating your own levels, and the slightly glitchy sounds. Solid 8/10.
Such a great game. Making your own buildings is a bit complicated and time consuming. Becomes tedious. Needs to be simplified. Also, would like the ability to share builds. Or at least larger prebuilt levels. Otherwise an addictive time killer.
One of the best games ever it might not sound fun but it's great and does not drown u with ads. I wish there where more items to use and more levels, but every thing is is okay.
I already have this game on my phone, different options on ammo and structures keep it interesting. See how few shots to take down a target, or waste it with a bomb. You can even paint the target with paint balls, and change views. Fun great passtime.
Eh, pretty boring. Ads take up a good chunk shrinking down the size of the game which was never the case. I'd like to use my entire screen
A lot of fun! I have spent hours using this app and it's so much fun. There are many buildings/objects to chose to destroy, and I love the weight feature. I never normally leave reviews, but this is too good not to!
This game is really good and deserves 5 stars. I have an idea to at least have the maximum block weight to at least 100 to allow for more experiments. It would be handy if there was an option to turn off the explosion animation on remote bombs as well. An another idea that came through my mind is letting the player decrease or increase the speed of the bullets to make the room bigger for even more experimental activities.
You know this game is a great success in my opinion but there is some things I do recommend. 1 I would like it if the structures were different because they are the same color and same shapes on a lot of them. Also maybe put glass panels on the buildings that break in pieces when they get hit hard. I just go around helping games improve but you do not have to do this I just recommend it. 2 when you do construction can you have fully in tact prices like a wall or pole. Anyway that is all. This is still a great game!