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Physics Balls

Physics Balls for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by CurryGames located at New Territories Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
DON'T BOTHER!! Hijacked by ads... This game really had a lot going for it (intelligent physics, challenging strategy, engaging), but now it's constantly (like every 30 seconds) interrupted by ads that take you out of the game to Google Play--it acts almost like a virus. This despite my partying for the ad-free version.... β†’ INSTALLED.
This was a great game until they moved the Ad ticker to the bottom of the screen. Half the Ads don't function properly causing you to force close the game.
At all costs, don't play this game!!!! It is incredibly fun but could use some updates. Wait! They did a Physics Ball 2, but it's horrible! The new version is the worst money grab I've seen yet. There is an option to pay to remove ads, just not the ones you want gone. To remove those ads it will cost you A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!!! So, do yourself a favor and don't even try this game. Look around and I'm sure someone has remade this already.
Was a great game and I enjoyed it but after resetting to a new phone I couldn't restore my paid "no ads" version. And the developers don't seem too concerned about responding either, and with the new ads system it's just too much. They got there money so I guess that's my fault.
I purchased the game in old device to remove ads but it's ask8ng to purchase again instead of doing the restore purchase in my new device
This game is largely one of luck, not skill. I thought with a name like Physics Balls, there would be a greater emphasis on physics. The balls bounce randomly with varying direction and force. I find myself tuning out while playing because is much more dependent on luck than ability. Edit: More recent updates have improved this a lot! Upgraded from 2 🌟 to 4 🌟
Nice game and everything but after I charged my phone I have to purchase it again. The restore purchase button doesn't work.
Bought game om S10, upgraded to S21, game downloads free version and dev never wrote back to a solution.
Being strategic on ball placement based on shape is key. Entertaining and a great way to pass time until you are determined to beat your high score. 😁 Many ads throughout the game but I just paid the $2.99 and now I'm ad free! Have fun!!
Decent game / concept. However no other game modes, balls are only visually different, so gets old fast. Still, not a bad way to kill some time.
I really like this game except for all the ads. Literally ever 5 seconds there's a 30 second ad to sit through. Really really annoying
Interesting game. Long but, you need to add value to ball the further along you progress. Otherwise fabulous time consumer.
The game is fun, but the ads are obnoxious. If you minimize the game or lock your screen you will be forced to watch an ad before you can resume playing. Also I would like if the game could be played faster, you can make it run at double speed each round but only after around 10 seconds.
I inadvertently uninstalled this app after immediately reinstalling I'm being forced to watch ads again even tho I had paid to remove ads. NOT COOL. please fix this
Fun game! Clean and simple. However, if you switch between apps, say to change a song, you'll be met with a full screen, loud ad that blocks music running in the background. Any attempts to back out results in launching the Play Store for downloading the advertised app. Similar games have ads as a means to continue if you lose. This app? Obnoxious, warranting a swift uninstall.
A challenging game that makes you think and pay attention. Angles and angles and more angles! It is satisfying to watch the balls bounce around and reduce the seemingly difficult obstacles. Can't stop playing this! Put it on my phone and tablet! Get this game!
Having to swipe to very bottom of the screen to extend the guide line is very uncomfortable after a few minutes of play. The nonlinear response laterally is also unintuitive. This same app used to be better.
Its fun when you start but gets boring after a while. theres also too many ads. Look i get that you need money but showing them everytime we pause isn't good. Shouldn't us choosing to watch them for a reward be enough? Please fix this.
Beautiful game. If you either like pool, or Tetris, play this. If you like both, do yourself a favor and really get this. I love this game.
This isn't physics when the ball should be bouncing a certain way based on it's path but then randomly goes in another direction. You shoot your balls to bounce of an object but none of them go the same way. That's not right. Challenging because you can't predict the bounce which by the way is not physics. You put force this way then all the same should follow suit. This game doesn't do that.
The game itself is 5🌟 for a very smooth experience, but there's too little variation, little skill and no sense of progress. I finally uninstalled after one too many advert (and they are the annoying kind that jump to the Play Store if you miss the close button by a pixel), this one coming from just looking at the option menu, for goodness sake!
Good game, if you want to spend as long clearing up your storeage as playing it. The dev does nottrack and clear advertisment files left after displaying them. 6 or 7 games, 150 + png, mp3, jpg, video, html, log files in a selection of locations to clear.
Great game! Not another mindless game. Requires strategy. Very entertaining, almost addictive. EDIT: I don't understand the complaints about going ad-free. I paid the $2.99 and there are zero ads. None! My only complaint is that it now only gives me one "revive" when I screw up. I would like to have unlimited revives.
The bouncing physics are very random the more stable the balls become. It makes the game very luck based sometimes. Also there are ads everywhere in this game. Dont bother getting it unless you know how to use lucky patcher. There is also no way to cancel a move so if you accidentally click then it will waste the move most of the time.
Overzealous ads randomly pause the game and taking up the whole screen... If you can tolerate the heavy handed approach to sporadically shoving ads in your face then I guess the game is ok? There are better free games out there.
Like the game but can't transfer the ad free paid version to new device. Wrote to the developer but heard nothing.
Don't Buy It. Doesn't work. Purchased to remove ads and it doesn't. Clicked again and it says I already own it, but ads are still there. Restore Purchase button doesn't work either. Even uninstalled and then re-installed. Nothing. What a rip off.
This was a great little game, but since they came out with the updated version, this game sucks. I think they've made it tougher on purpose to discourage you away from this one and encourage you to get their new game. Don't waste your time...
Nice game, Needs purpleπŸ”΅βš« balls andπŸ”³πŸ”²β—Όβ¬œβ¬›πŸ”ΆπŸ”ΉπŸ”· balls. A trampoline the rebounded balls. Water balls.
New phone. Restore purchase button does not work. I knock but nobody's home. Can somebody acknowledge this and fix it, please?
This app never ever saves your place. Everytime I open it to play a game that I started a few hours or days ago it's either opens to the beginning or it takes me into a place in some game that was not where I left off. This would seem like something you should have fixed a long time ago!!
Fun game fairly addictive, but the ads have gotten out of control I hate it when the commercials automatically open the Play Store it almost never happened but now it happens every single time, not okay.
A really great, satisfying game. A bit of strategy, a bit of aim, and a bit of luck, this game is just perfect for idle downtime. If you like it, pay to have the ads (which aren't terrible) removed and there's nothing left to want. I topped 400k points, bet you can't beat me!
NONSENSE You snakes. You put the ads on the bottom so we accidentally click we have to watch a 30 second ad. This happens so many damn times I just quit the game. Whoever put that in place deserves to get fired. Hate this game
Great game but "restore purchase" does not work after resetting phone. Have messaged developers but no response. I don't do adverts so uninstalled unfortunately.
It was a great game I enjoyed playing, now when I play it start advertising right in the middle of a series of ball drops. I am removing it. I understand the advertising but this is too much. Way more games out there.
Back in this days this games (speed up balls feature) crashed my phone and it is still having software issues whenever I open it up. I don't use it anymore but this app was the reason that I switched phone.
Very enjoyable game, but you really have to play the angles & rebounds to rack up as high a score as possible.
Was good even though ridiculous ads. Routinely scored around 120k to 200k, apparently they don't like people playing that long, now I can't even score over 60k with a revive.
Too many ads. Pause to use a different app? Add. Pause to restart a game? Add. Game pauses because a phone call cone through? Add before you can start playing.
The CONSTANT ads, even mid game (sometimes several per game) are pathetic. There has to be a better way. It got worse. Now you get 2-3 MINUTES of ads between games and I just got 4 #_#--$-#[email protected]&_+ ads when I went to the freaking SETTINGS page. The creators of this should be dragged into the streets and beaten.
Decided to buy the "no ads" version. Mistake. There are still ads if you want to revive or if you want to get the bonus items that show up during the game. Sitting through the ads take more time than playing the game. The game is fun and addicting but stick with the free version...
I read these complaints about ads & how there's so many but I don't think there's a lot. The game itself is fun.
Fantastic, addictive game. What ruins it is the constant ads which lock up the game. When you restart it, you lose your last move as well as the extra balls you were supposed to get. Once a great game, now just another source of frustration.
ok so the game is ok but the unstoppable adverts that burst onto your screen mid swipe is what has forced me to instantly uninstall. way too intrusive. the ads even stop my music or background videos playing. the ad actually overrides EVERYTHING on your phone. big no from me.
I thought you fixed it yet again , this is nuts , does anyone read these reviews that works on the games ? This game was really a lot of fun, but they keep changing the ball rewards , and totally skips the second half of the game if you have a high score , and makes you want to delete the game . Not fun anymore 😈
Fun game, but switched phones and lost paid purchases. Emailed developers and never received a response. I won't be paying again, so I'll find another version from a developer that responds to customers.
I like play this game. Just my opinion, if possible, please add undo button for player, when they had wrong direction , maybe for 3 time chance. Also possibility for player to buy more ball 😁