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Photo Finish Horse Racing

Photo Finish Horse Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Tilting Point located at 521 5th Avenue New York, NY 10175. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I give this a 5 Star because I am in love with horse racing and the only bad thing is that you have to let your horse rest for ten minutes.
ok I love this game but there is one big problem with it. And it makes me hate the game. One of my horses used to have a tiger skin and I changed my phone for another one but then when I got my account back they took the skin away and now my horse is freaking white and it even still says befire im gonna race that it's tiger skinned but it's white and it says that if i want it to look the same again i have to buy the stupid skin again. and i just hate the developers for that.
I love how detailed it is! I told my friend Mackenzie about this game and she is glued to her tablet! I. Love. IT!!!
1 word: AMAZING! This game is phenomonal if you are debating whether or not to get It GET it it will be the best decision of your life
I'm not going to complain about the graphics because they are great, but the only issue with this game is that it does take a lot to get new horses, but it's worth it
Awesome game!I have 1 horse that won over 50K dollars!its a really fun game to play I have an idea for an update mabye make a way where you can age your horse to make it more realistic
i mean its a good game so far but i dont like that you cant keep racing with the same horse in other tiers like i want to race with my first horse to keep racing in higher levels
I started out enjoying this game, but then like all these games it became impossible to win any races even when all odds are in your favour. It was taking up to a day just to upgrade a few points on a horse. Too slow in the end so I deleted it.
I love this game. Unlike Horse Racing Manager, it didn't download a virus to my device so... bonus points! It also has a way of drawing me in. I do have some suggestions to make it even better. Perhaps you could add horse care? You know like feeding, grooming, mucking, petting etc. And the better you care for it the better it performs? I dont know, maybe I'm the only one that feels this way, but I like to be able to care and pet my horses. Other than that, it's a great game.
This game is amazing!!! This game has easy controls and great gameplay! The only problems are that upgrades on tack are expensive, you need to upgrade tack way too much just to complete one stake, wages are expensive, horse shoes are hard too to get, foals take too long to grow and you can't have two horses that are the same tier.
Its a great game but when the horses go to the start the trainers should walk the hores out with the jockey on the horse and and the same trainers should put the horses in the gate
The game is Great....one of the best Horse racing games I've plaid.... I'll recomend it to everyone😁β™₯️ but i would love it if you guys can maybe add features to the game, for example wg here u need to train your horse or just take the horse and go on a run around the track.... that'll be Awesome....but grat gameπŸ”₯😁
Noticing a problem, and pattern, here. The game starts to freeze and act very buggy at inopportune times, when racing for the live season races. Namely, the last two times I bet the million. The countdown at the beginning didn't stop at the correct times and there were good 2-3 second delays during the races when trying to accelerate at the proper times then it read the next tap as if I tapped too early. Looking a little suspect goven that the not so high stakes races after, the game flow went without a hitch.
Awesome Game!!.Super fun!!!I Reccomend!! Also when Your breeding a Horse and it Says respin on the bottom for two horseshoes just hit back it's in the top left corner then go back into breeding and it's free to re-spin... Very Cool Game!
shithow can people rate this at 5*? really? unless you spend money it does not keep up the pace.for free upgrades you wait for hours and days.all you can do is play in live mode which in essense does not bring you up in level.waste of time.even the buying prices are ridiculously high. cheating in broad daylight.shame i can not rate less than one.oops, almost forgot.bonuses are simply a joke. "buy or die" thats what it should be called.i just watched 21 clips to get free horseshoe.not credited one
Good game and seems to run smoothly on my Galaxy. Would give 5 stars if they specified if your horse is a mare or a stallion. I think it's odd that they don't? And improve the graphics a bit. Another thing I think would be nice, would be if you had more influence and control on a foal's training; like something similar to the 'hit the mark' for boosts and starts during racing. These things would improve the 'realism' of the game, but it's a good game with opportunities that don't cost a lot!
The best host racing games you can enjoy it by online and offline too... can upgrade horse online race's.... It is fully amazingπŸ˜†
So much fun!love the grapics though i wish the better horses didnt cost so many horseshoes but still a great game for horse lovers
its a very smooth operating game just wish it didnt take a full day to restore your crown box as well as only giving you two days to train your foals all in all great game highly reccomend
This is great! Better than ever πŸ˜‰ only one problem U can only run 70mill (qο½₯Ο‰ο½₯q)οΎ‰β™‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ plus IDC I am writing this for you to know that this game is good πŸ‘Œ for U to download!!
Really Love this game. It's fun, But when I logged in FB,,I did not get my 25 horseshoe. Over all, not a bad game.
This game sooo great and I love it 🀩🀩 Graphics are brilliant controls are good I suggest you this if you are looking for a horse riding game. 🐎🐎
Nice game to play but i do recommend some improvement in graphics and can u put a high jump competion in also or like the long distance add jumps in it pleaseπŸ€©πŸ˜‹
I love horses.I love grand prix jumping.But this is incredible.The game is addictive approprite and AMAZING.I think it is one of the best games out there. Become a member of the Kaylees Dream Team....in youtube hit the subscribe button love you guys Bye.
I like this app but I'm not sure will stick it out as you can only do one championship upgrade. If it was one per horse that would be understandable and would make the app a lot more tractable. As it stands, it kills time on the train. Obviously, if it changed, would five star it πŸ˜… Also I feel like it is encouraging me to gamble, so going to uninstall.
I wish it did not say you lost when you only got like 2nd or 3rd but I liked the realistic horses and the courses
I find this game really addictive and somewhat realistic. I do get attached to the horses though which is silly. This game reminds me of my horse when he used to race as a pacer. Maybe to something to improve the game and make it better would be being able to train your horse for future races. But I think this game is overall awesome.
its cool and fun you can even breed a hore with a grl but its no so sexual its just they run amd the baby follow they didnt show they thing so download i play this for a long time and i keep playing
I like the game the graphics are good. But I don't like the fact that each horse is capable of making its own money. But they do not allow you to upgrade each horse. if you are upgrading one horse you are not allowed to go upgrade any more horses in your stall. Even though they're all in different rank. If each horse makes its own money each horse should be allowed its own up upgrade.
Nice graphics, good interaction. play off line or on line. ads are not intrusive. I highly reccomend this game for a different experience in a game. ,
This is definitely a instant download you'll be surprised how fun an exciting it it this is my first time trying a game like this an I find it quite fun.
The online races are pretty challenging and exciting. They should have also 1 1/4 miles races online, at least once in a while, that really will make the game more interesting!
Best game ever!!!! But with the golden spinner why do u have to pay for it or login to a facebook account because I don't have a have facebook account, that is my olny problem.
This is a super fun game, but I wouldn't recommend buying anything unless u want to. But I think what they should add is a free ride, where u get to go on a ride as long as u want on the track. But if they don't, that's okay, it's still really fun and I won't be unstalling this app for a while.
Can someone tell me why the game is froze when loading? I would uninstall then open app and it would get me in to where I can do everything but play a game. I would then leave, open app through short cut on my phone, then it would be stuck trying to load the game. I am using a Note 9. Had no problems before. I stopped playing about 2 years ago and decided to play again. But having these issues. Hoping someone can tell me what's the problem.
lots of optional ads, it asks VERY often if youd like to watch an ad, or buy some "limited time offer" (they're not REALLY limited, every time you run out of something they show up) upgrades are odd, it wont let me upgrade more than one at a time at the champion levels, even on separate horses. fun gameplay though, I'm enjoying myself, but it's despite the above. the ads and bugs do detract from the game, it would easily be 5β˜†s and I'd probably buy in-game items if those werent as prominent
This game is amazing but if there wasn't so many stuff that counts alot of horsesjoe it would be great
It's ok needs to work on it more. You should try to have camera change to front view, top view back view and view though the rider eyes.
This game is very good I just wish there where hurdles.and you did not 9nly have to press the boost button
This game is so great!! It does lag sometimes but I think it is some of the other games I have because I deleted the game and it was perfectly fine. I recommend downloading this game!! πŸ‘
Takes way too long to raise horses, really 12 hours??? And dang its cost so much to do anything past the basics, I tried to be patient but after a while you get tired of waiting and the other game the horse manager 2019 is the best. Please make it easier to get further in the game.
I want to rate this game higher, I really do. But when you consider that with online stakes it doesn't even seem to matter how skillful you are or how well upgraded your items are your performance is capped at a made up odds system it really puts a dampener on your ability to enjoy this game, if your at EVENS 1:1 odds to win you can race your full potential with a good run, but a replicated run at 4:1 odds sees me running up to half a second slower, that costs wins. Please address and fix this.
I use to be a Hot Walker at Woodbine Race Track for 8 years. This game is awesome! I love this. 1 thing. Colt should be older. In my opinion they start the babies training too early and too young. Bones haven't grown or hardened enough at age 1 & 2 year olds . This game is 5 STARS!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Start up is slow, after racing I have to restart to continue playing. There is this wonderful button called all in it doesn't work. It will wiggle and jiggle for your enjoyment but that's it.
Downloaded it a few hours ago but I've already found it becoming predictable and very monotonous. It's an ok game to pass the time but graphics are mediocre and I won't spend money maintaining the game with so little options to occupy my time. Also VERY expensive. Rival Stars is still my favorite house game.
This game is fun and i love it because it help's you learn how to race and i reas about a race horse named fast anni that had to be put down due to a sickness called laminitis and that was very sad to me guys.
I like this app but I'm not sure will stick it out as you can only do one championship upgrade. If it was one per horse that would be understandable and would make the app a lot more tractable. As it stands, it kills time on the train. Obviously, if it changed, would five star it πŸ˜…
A overall pretty good game, but I wish you could do more things with mares, like you could save up and buy one and breed at anytime. Love the racing and training parts of it, just wish you could train the adult horses for extra speed/stamina ect.
Amazing Game, I recommend that you get it!! I've had an awesome time playing this game! This is the perfect game because I love horse racing
Could be a lot better. it's an ok game at best. still a lot of issues that need to be fixed. Lag issues being the main issue it cost me so many races. 2nd, I can perfect start. (WAY AHEAD OF 2ND) then opponent somehow hits another gear and blow right past me. Game is rigged to spend money. BUT NOTHING TO DO. they dont even have a support line. DELETED
Love the realistic factors in this game. I'm a big fan of Horse racing and while missing the real deal during the Coronavirus, this helps take it away. β™₯️ Would like it if the horses criss cross to battle for position instead of staying in position.
I HATE this game it's not fun it shouldn't even be the best horse racing game or the #1 horse racing game but rival stars is AWESOME you can breed, race, trane, sell, and by horses I DO NOT recommend this game but I do HIGHLY recommend rival stars
Great game, nice online rival aspect Would be nice if it had UK Race Events like the Grand National at Aintree and The Gold Cup or Cheltenham UK which would make the game very popular in the UK.
I loved this game......But I left it because it had a lot of upgrade time.....It took 15mins for 1 upgrade.......I want to play this game again so Please remove or reduce the upgrade time....... Also add multiplayer, random multiplayer and play and compere with friends mode.......Otherwise this is the best game I have ever played....Thanks in advance..... Waiting for your reply......
Fun but a little costly. Freemium starts quick. Offers to complete for horseshoes are decent however.
Love the game! The o ly downfall is the number of tiers. Add unlimited please and a sell button to sell a horse.
This is a great game but u should keep turning horse mode like we can get inside or outside anyway the game is great
I'd give 5 stars, but there are a few things that could improve the game. You can only upgrade the equipment on one horse at a time which makes it really slow especially if you've got higher tiers. I waited a day for my tier 1 horses tack to upgrade and then realized he couldn't even race the last championship because the first horse you get at the beginning, not breed, didnt have the stats and theres no way to improve them. It's a lose lose. Cant contact support team either. Otherwise, the game is great!
Not being able to do multiple championship upgrades to your horses with paying real money to purchase horseshoes is a real money grab and takes any fun out of the game as it will take forever to complete. I have no issues with spending a few bucks from time to time to time but this feature take it to another whole level of outrageous. Otherwise it's a fun game and I could have seen spending some cash from time to time but not likely to continue playing for a long time so not worth the invstmt
(please read End message)I've been playing for a while maybe 2-3 years and I love this game I have found nothing wrong it can be difficult at times but that's ok I like a challenge. **Also a very important message to everyone. Racing is an abusive "sport" and I as well as other in the equine commnity do not support such behavior twords horses. The way racers treat the horses is not the same as the rest of us, we treat them with respect as a living individual. They are NOT some mindless creature*
The game could be alot of fun but its ruined by roadblocks that try to force you to spend money. 1. You cant breed your own horses, they present you with horses you can breed your horse with. But to see other choices it will cost $, and if you pick one it will cost $. 2. You have energy, when your energy is gone you cant race. you can watch some videos to earn 1 energy back, but eventually you have to spend money or race once every 15 mins. 3. Wait 20 to 60 mins on upgrades, or pay to finish.
This game gets a 5 all day long baby... It is a time killer and one of the best cell phone games i've come across, the graphics are great, it's easy to win, just watch the ads and the reward is great... No complaints by far, yet... GREAT GAME!!!
The game is very good but I think you should be able to sell the horses in order to get the money back. I also think if you sell horses you could get a better horse to race with or have Kentucky derby
I love horse racing this makes me feel like im there competing with all the other horses and rider's thanks photo finish
Good game and can play and be successful without spending money. Top ten in the league without spending cash.
Game is good but has a few things that i recommend fiximg First,.if another horse is equal to you and at the same position as you then it shoul be considered a tie and you do another race agaimst just that horse. second, you shouldnt make the stupid equipment have outrageous prices , it does not cost that much and i get broke. Also, people on the live races hack and make their horses automatically win so ban them please. And on the profile pictures one of them is a man"s dong so ban him aswel.
Interesting game. It's fun and educational at the same time. It gives you a little insight of how the horse racing business is ran.
It's really fun even though when you trade horses you dont keep that one but it's really fun to play I have this game on three phones so it's super fun
I love the game very much, it was executed well. I would however like the option to sell my horse at some point in the game, it would make the game feel a little more realistic. Thank you
The game irself is fun actully, but the fact that you have to update ALLL THE TIME is SO stupid, for example, one time I had over a millon$ and had to up date 3 times and ended up with 812$. Also when you wanna bet on a higher or medium size wager, IT MAKES YOU LOSE! No joke, I have been betting higher stakes, and every single time, I lose! Do they judge on your horses name, or what? But, when you get to race WITHOUT updating, I rather enjoy it.
I love the racing, but some of the rules to progress are a little unclear. But I'm catching on as I play. Good graphics. Its a little too easy to buy different things with real money. But things arent too expensive.
great game to play awesome Graphics good control the only problem I have is to make the Horseshoes a little more accessible. if you play it smart you don't need to spend any real money to get through the game.. a good suggestion would be to split the crate time in half do ever 12 hours and make sure you give a horseshoe.. all in all i love the game love it... the Live season is a joke I've tried to run it with my horse with low-level upgrade and high-level upgrades and I can't win... wow..
Great app,but I hate how it adds the whip because if kids play this game it sets a bad example,it's teaching them to hit people and animals,no hate just my personal opinion,please consider this,I also don't like that bc it's abuse to animals,god wouldn't like us hitting his creatures,so please fix this,other then that great app.
I just downloaded this game and I love it! The horses are beautiful, except for the non-realistic and exotic ones with stripes. Anyway, the graphics are great, and the game play is simple, but fun. In the near future, please enable players to feed and groom their horses. I would love to interact with mine. Thanks!
Is a great game too kill time if you a fan of race horses game then this is the game you wanna play easy controls breeding you horses great graphics and Now upgrading your horse has got even better deff love this game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me
kind of fun, but having to upgrade horses gear constantly is real annoying and the way it appears the game is setup is: you win a couple races, win some money and then all of a sudden you are all but forced to upgrade your gear. If you opt out of upgrading, you will definitely lose your next race, as if to prove to you that you had to upgrade. you can't really ever catch up and is losing it's fun.
One should at least get sum horseshoes back when they lose a big race and not just coins. The "photo finish" doesn't work because i never can see if i get beaten by a nose when in fact i reckon I've won...this app is just named as such without a camera flash at the finish. The guide for when to tap the screen isn't an exact thing like it is sumtimes difficult to see when their is a white banner or another "white" behind it and it has slight delay between taps at times.
I love the game,it is so much fun to play ,and the earnings come quickly,best of all is that u can earn money by watching a small video.
I absolutely love Photo Finish Horse Racing and I 100% recommend it. I have no problems with the game but one recommendation, could you make it any easier to get horse shoes? I struggle with being able to breed good horses because its hard to get horseshoes. Thats only a recommendation, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!! Also very addicting. One more thing, can you make it so that when your upgrading a horse, you can upgrade another at the same time? 5 stars!!
Really enjoying this game and would have given 5 stars if ads were available to watch when prompted. Progression is very slow due to no ads being available every time I'm given the option. 😞
Graphics are amazing! There should be some other activities at least to do while your horse is regaining energy. Like, grooming, peaceful trail rides, feeding, training, tack purchases, and other things that different horses can do, like barrel racing, show jumping, dressage, weaving, and much more.
Been playinf for a couple years. Had to get a new phone bc old one stopped working. Used same accounts and sim cards, basiclly everything the same. All my hard work down the drain because the game doesnt save!
I love this game I like the graphics but what can make this game better Is to go in first person mode
Graphics are swell. AlΓ s, there's always ways to improve. They could add a quicker way to earn Horseshoes into the game experience, by adding some kind of activity... this game is like all the others, a cash grabbing machine. For all the developers out there a warning: let the people enjoy their time playing instead of being frustrated by not having a treasure chest lying around the house.
The reason why i gave it 2 stars, is because i have very bad problems in-game, YOU need to fix! One: the saddle pad is too far back. Two: the saddle is too far up. Three: the saddle and saddle pad is NOT lined up right. Four: the bridles dont even look like a real racing bridle. Five: the horses look like running sticks. Six: rival stars is better. Please fix this problem and i will reconsider downloading again. But for now it is just a horrible game, i dong reccommend anyone to download.
Slow unplayable progress unless you are watching ads all the time. Gives you the option to link your Facebook account, if you don't link it you have a flashing link all the time to add your Facebook for a free reward.... Do yourself a favour and don't bother with this ad infested game.
updated my review after a week of playing. it is still a funish game but you get bogged down by being able to only upgrade one horse at a time for higher level items. you then either have to race the harder levels with fewer upgrades while you wait for them to finish or wait around and do nothing sometimes for days while you upgrade enough item for the previous level horses to get high enough level. im only on level 3 and already it has become very stagnent in procecing. great looking game though
love it. awsome game. no need to buy to win but help support the gane every once in a while. its easy to understand and race.
Good graphics, but the racing experience itself is awful. After the first race, the difficulty skyrockets, and the margin for error on boosting your horse's speed is ridiculously small. Upgrading your equipment doesn't seem to help much either, if at all. Definitely not a well-balanced game in my opinion.
Super fun really is the best horse raceing ever! Its amazing one of my favorite games. Deffently get wont regret But could you make it esier to get gold!? Thank you for this game :)
This game was a perfect game and I like and love this game that is called:Photo Finish I love you guys so much more than the Earth
To tell the truth think the multiplayer mode is fake for example......I play and win the first race but u can never win the second one and if u race a third time there is a 50/50 chance that u will win.but otherwise it's a good game
Cannot connect my account to FB to get my saved progress. Not sure if it's a bug or somethin. But from what I remember this game is ight. 3 stars until it's fixed tho
Don't waste your time or money. It's a BS gimmick, fun for about 2 tiers then the goal is evident; pay to play. Eff off.
This horse race game? Please... And they actually want you to spend your money on this at times during gameplay? Wow... Way too many glitches, and connection issues, especially with updating and upgrading your horse along with other things during the game. In my opinion Look elsewhere.
Its fun and offline but you have to pay for stuff so it makes it hard for me becuse i am not gowing to bye stuff i just have to worke realy hard to get to alote of coins to get the speacil eqmeant
Not bad, reasonable graphics, decent UI. Breeding is incredibly slow, however, which makes you feel as if you're at a standstill for quite a while in the beginning. Would love a way to speed breeding up, even at cost of some stats or something.
Good game to play......... But the waiting time kills the fun, oh n I'd think the game would be better without the use of energy
Great game but your forced to spend money. I havent yet but when i get there i wont play anymore. fun though
Good benchmark Horse racing game guys. I believe as a passionate Racing Industry and Horse breeding lover, can't wait to see the next Photo Finish.Thanks. Fox !Aussie Punter Downunder.
A good game but needs improvement. You can't upgrade or work with more than one horse at a time. You can't breed more than one horse of any given tier, but a choice of horse to race at any given time would be nice so breeding more than one horse at a time when would be good. A minium of 20 min wait time to upgrade one piece of equipment is a bit ridiculous when there is nothing else to do. And how are you supposed to afford the horses that are randomly offered when you are forced to spend the 'bucks' on upgrading the equipment otherwise you cannot carry on with winning the races? Also PLEASE give us a way to earn horseshoes within the actual game, waiting 24 hours for the crates to refresh in the hope that you eventually get some is not worth the playing.
The game is fun. The controls are intuitive and the graphics are nice. I do find myself wishing there was some level of positional/directional control of the horse. As is, it's like the horse is stuck in invisible lane with no means of lateral movement.
This game is great bc it is offline and easy to play but the bad things are when u come second its says u lost like i came second i didnt lose
I have played this game in my childhood also but lost my place. I love this game a lot. I love hoow you can race buy horses and lot's of other things. The price just needs to go down. Its the best horse game I have seen yet! Plus it's the most realistic. Anyway keep up the good work.
Attractive game. You need good eye-hand coordination or timing to punch the speed button. 4th day playing, got 4 horses and leading at 7 million (next guy has only 500k hehe). Worth the $$, however my horse upgrade timer once stuck at 20 minutes and I had to spend unnecessary cash to get it to finish --- minutes after I just spent $20. Other glitch was in Roses series where counter stuck at 16. Also, its stupid you can't upgrade 2 horses at the same time.
Good game. But got to tier 3 but it says it can't connect to Internet to get my money in season races. I resetted the game and still no luck. All other races are fine accept the live season ones
Really Fun Once you have gotten used to start πŸ˜‰. Should be able to have the Booster control on left or right because that is a big letdown as I've only my left arm, And that makes it extremely difficult to boost .
Very fun game. One HUGE problem is when I had to do a factory reset on my phone, it deleted the app. That's not the main problem though, it's the fact that they didn't make it so that if you log back onto the playstore, it won't save the progress. I spent actual money on it and I am very sad to see all of my progress gone... other than that great game... still mad...
A very nice game. Just one mistake is there . Please allow championship after NAPA STAKES. It takes so much time to complete the updates .
A fun game. Definitely some small details would make it a 5. You can't upgrade two separate horses in higher upgrades at the same time. This should change. You can't race lower tiers in higher tiers. This should change. My tier 3 horse was way better than my tier 4 for a long time. To breed good horses, you need gold horseshoes. You don't really earn horseshoes. You either buy them, or download trash apps to "earn" them. It would be nice to earn horseshoes by winning championships. These small changes would make this game a 5.
Really good graphics It's a much liked game and I've only been playing it for about a week now Maybe the best horse racing game ever
Good quality nice horses and the game is just beyond good you can breed In this game only thing need to work on is when you upgrade your parts making people wait too long
fun addicting and the graphics are great doesnt ask me to purchase too much and low on adds.. very fun so far no complaints