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PhoneMaker : Create your own phone company

PhoneMaker : Create your own phone company for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Franck G. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A very good game!! Very glad I had picked this out to leave a review! Cant wait till the next or new version is published!!!!!! Expect anither 5 stars!!
There's a snowball effect that takes place almost immediately. Once you research all the tech (with the crazy amount of money you make with unrealistic sale rates). I never even had to use advertising.
When I first started playing the game it was great, I sold my first phone but then I upgraded and made my second and when this happened, I could not sell more than 500 at a time which is a big problem for moneymaking. My second problem is that when I made and was selling my 7th phone, it sold really well without the 500 cap but in the end I got $30 million and it sent me right back down to $500 k. Please fix this as it is an amazing game.
it is very fun to play but still with no much content, try add new resolutions like 4k, aspect ratio notcher, motorized cameras and stuff like that, this new thinks that as showing up in the market right now, like 90 hz displays, Oled, i have a certain disapointmeint in some points cause when u get a lot of fans, they get dumb, u can make the expensive phone possible and they will still buy...
This is the best game in this category for android! It has some bugs and miss some features, but it's still great. Please fix the leaderboard bug, and the my smartphones bug and add some new features or develop the currents. Edit: The bugs are fixed, the support is great and the new features are interesting.
Great concept. Try to improve on the UI. Especially those slider buttons. and make it a bit more challenging, diverse and immersive so that it feels more like real life decisions rather than repeating tasks.
Just a few areas to improve. Like no matter what silly phone we make, people will buy it and we will be rich(why do I sound like apple) I hope 2020 update has: 1. Pop-up camera option 2. High refresh rate option 3. Option to choose what cameras(telephoto,ultrawide,macro ,depth,etc) 4. Penta camera setup 5. Option to expand your business to fitness bands, smartwatches, tablet, laptop, PC, wireless tech, 6.Curved screen If these are included, I'm pretty sure this could be the best game. Period.
It's a really good game but there should also be a ranking system that will tell you how much your company is worth compared to real world companies
The game is good but, there is still a lot of things the game is missing, and also we need sound FX, and music. It's just boring to play whitout any sound. I know I can just play some music but it's not the same. Keep up the good work and never stop improving the content of the game. 🙂
The game is really good. Haven't found any game that has a simple UI like this. Also the fact that this game has no ads. Really love the game because it gives you custimizability to your phone. I hope that the developer will add more electronic devices to produce (ex. tablets, laptops) and more upgrade options like wide camera, a better punch hole (more customizability, making the camera a circle or letting it rotate), flip camera, foldable phones and different materials to finish our product.
this game is really fun with plenty of potential. sadly, the game is only about an hour long, but i hope that future updates will add more upgrades and features. there should be more upgrades, and the punch hole needs to be less pointy and more circle, but thats pretty much my only criticism.
The game Wont load, i have Waited So Long, I cant wait any longer i would give this 5 stars if it worked, fix this...
The game was ok until i created my phone's design and after that it just said loading. I waited for about 20 minutes and nothing happened. I used to like this app, now i hate it!
I would've given 5 stars but I finished the wholw thing in about 2 hours. Fun to do but I got all 54 addons for the phones, built the perfect phone, and got a LOT of money. It would be cool if you could have a research page such as "Processor Development" and other stuff like that. Otherwise I enjoyed this alot
Never make another app again takes way too long to load, and your money glitches when you reach 1 quadrillion dollars and it just keeps going up instead of going to 1 quintillion dollars and eventually it just says "divide by zero" and you can't use it anymore
The game doesn't start at all. It takes hours to create directory yet doesn't start. Worst. Wish there was an option to rate below 1.
I cant be bothered to wait for so long! the loading is taking sooo loonggg?! Like wth!! its been more than 10mins! Fix it tho.
It's a really nice game and fun to play, but I feel the game is too easy and lacks options. I unlocked all research options within an hour, I've played this game for one day now (1900 in-game days) and of my latest phone I've sold literally more units than the amount of stars in the observable universe and it has only occured once that my phones were not popular and that was when I sold them with a profit margin of 200%.
I HATE THIS APP!!! THE REASON WHY I HATE THIS APP IS BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS STUCK ON THE *censored for obvious reasons* CREATING DIRECTORY SCREEN!!! *censored for obvious reasons* YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Hey! Developer I Played this Game for an hour and I unlocked all the features U should add some advanced features like optimizing the ui for phones, gradient back, a selection for processor Example - Snapdragon 660, 855 Exynos, 9910, 9920 etc , compete with other brands as on the leaderboard, launch sub brands and share market. - Om
I made my first phone and it let me build as many as I want to then sell. When I built my scecond phone it would not let me build more than 500 even though I had millions of dollars. I deleted the game thinking it may be a bug and re-installed it but had the same problem. is this a bug or something in the game I am missing. If this can be fixed I would give it 5 stars. please help. never mind i got it to work
Very bad, doesnt even load. Im stuck on the creating directory screen for 5 minutes and nothing happens.
Its entertaining, but its too easy to beat as now I have 18 quadrillion dollars with nothing to do lol EDIT: to those complaining abt the loading screen just restart the app and its fine
Nice but too easy, you always make money and buy all upgrades and that is! It will be better if you can lose money, clients etc. make it harder :) EDIT: Make a review system based on the other phones that are on the market.. only if is not that hard, im not really into programing so.. the phone sales will be based on the reviews and trends!
great but you need to make leaderboards stop craching and add other options in game and make the 8k resolution and make the game a littel harder because i got Billions OF MONEY in seconds and you need return online feature because it was the most important thing to compare myself to best companies in the world it gives a target in the game you know what i mean, it would be amazing to make (PC ,software, Games , consoles)maker, you would be the first moble pc tycoon,and I Love Your works style
This game is actually pretty good, the UI is pretty easy to understand making it even better. I'd suggest the game to have more features like the ability to make your own os or add an os to your device, the ability to play online and list your company in the stock market...it still is a good game though
So basically it's good but bad at the same time. It's just like the car manufacturer tycoon. It's better than smartphone tycoon but in some point it's really bad. Like I can't open leader board. So you don't know what other company look like. Second is rating. You don't get any rating for your smartphone. You can just create and sell. You can earn trillion dollars by just one smartphone. You create one smartphone and sell it 20 times and you can become trillioner. That's bad.
The new version of game I can't play it only Creating directory . But I can play old version by turn off the internet .The game is good but I want to play new version. Please fix the Loading ........
The concept itself is great. For the first few hours I was addicted to this game. However, after those first few hours, it lost it's appeal. It was too easy to purchase all the upgrades and I unlocked everything within 3 hours. After that, it got boring. I still love this game and what it COULD be, but I'm not in love with it at it's current state. I'd love to give some ideas and become a beta tester if you're interested Franck. I am a technology enthusiast and love these types of things.
I give this 4 stars because when I replenish stock, it doesn't work so I do it second time and I lose half the money that I lost before. Could you fix that? Could you also fix the rounded screen because I want to make a Pixel 3a, but it doesn't apply the edges.
terrible and do not get it is a wast of space. It was so glitchy and phone is NEVER glitchy. It also had terrible controls. Overall it was an AWFUL GAME. i reccomend getting the game and dont even try playing it and trust me and write a TERRIBLE review with 1 star. I am very dissapointed with this game:(.
The game is great but there are a few problems and a few ideas I have for you. Problem one, the first time I logged into the game I was stuck on the loading screen for 10 minutes and had to restart for it to work. Two, as I progressed farther in the game it seemed to load slower between getting to each different menu, also a idea could be make it so you stop selling as much or dont sell at all if you raise the price too much or sell the phone too much, also the margains should start earlier.
Nice game but needs a lot of improvement for being worthy to earn 5 stars. I unlocked every features of the game in 2 hours make the game challenging too.. You dont need to add all right away but i have few ideas... 1. Dual front cam 2. triple back cam 3.Curved display 4.more back cameras 5.better notch and punch hole cam 6. fingerprint sensor( front mounted) 7. Bug fixes.. And many more... then the game would be darn awesome...
This is an alright game for the size of it. First of all there could be bugs that are fixable and should be fixed soon. Other than that, this is a game I can play for 2 hours straight. Idk why people hate this and has 2.9 ratings, In my opinion this deserves 4 star ratings.
Very Good Game, definitely should add other things like laptops/PCs, TVs, and other games accessories for them, but I give it three star because I'm not able to sell anymore phones, it says runtime error and divide by zero every time I click to restock, please tell me if their is a solution.
Everytime i play i get to a point where it says loading and i left my phone on the app for an hour and when returning it still shows. Needs major fixing.
Would be more, but it seems 5o only work on my samsung note 10. No other device I have installed it on will even load the game.
Good and entertaining game, but a few issues is that it can take you like 10 minutes to complete the game and there isnt enough upgrades. Here are a few that you could add, Pop up camera, 8k displays, different materials, fold or flip design, different speakers like mono or stereo and different unique features like edged screens,and a box designer as in what the phone comes in and also being able to add accesories that come with the phone. I know thats alot of things but they're just ideas. :)
I used to have this game as a kid and I loved it. I have no idea why I could not even get into the app. I'm sorry but im putting a 1 star review just becuase I couldn't even get into the app!!!!
I'm sure this game WOULD be great if I could play it... When I try and play the game it gets stuck on 'creating directory'
4 stat for now, there are a lot fixes to do but I'd probably give 5 star rating in the near updates. I just suggest that the developer adds more customization. I have a lot of things that I wanna see in the game. I hope this review will help the developer to enhance the gaming experience of the app.
It's a great game! The only trouble i have is when i am in a low internet place, then the amount of copies i have stays at 500 for no reason! I'll let this slide though because the game itself is awesome! I will also get out of an internet low zone soon, so i hope this won't happen in a internet high zone! (◠‿・)—☆
The game is very frustrating because everytime I try to create a phone and press finish, the game crashes and is really annoying. Other than that MAJOR PROBLEM, the rest of the game that I could play was pretty good.
Best Company Simulating game ever! Keep on working. ❤ Please add power and sound button design feature, gradient and customizable color design, customizable brand icon and more.... Love in it...
Why is the loading screen taking mighty long? And why the hell did you remove dark theme? Why? Its a very good game then after this update its worse how??
Really good, but needs more adding to it. I managed to basically complete it in a few hours, so I think more content and a harder difficulty needs adding. This game is one so good I'd pay for it, but it needs something else that makes it more challenging and take longer. Overall, I enjoyed it, developer is onto something here.
Really well designed. One thing that could be added are other companies, for offline mode. Like samsung, huawei, apple... All in all the game is okay, but i passed through it in 2 hours. It has a lot of potential😁
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It's a very good game and it gets very addictive. Only problem is, after a few hours of playing it got extremely boring because you cannot do anything, because everything is already purchased. I hope the creators are making a few more extras to this game. Thanks
I LOVED THE GAMEE IT WAS BETTER THAN THE LAST PHONE SIMULATOR And BTW I think you should add these things or maybe Improve - Add AI (And make it so you can name the AI) - Add One UI In The Research (from Samsung) - Add Offline Opponents (Like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, Huawei etc) - Make It Harder (Hardcore?) - Improve The Replenish Stock (everytime you use it you get x2 the money I had - Make A Discord So We Can Help You - thx for responding
This game is really fun and addictive, but here's some things that are off. The punch hole cameras look a bit weird. They look like pills. The screen rounding resets sometime. It would be fun to have more cameras, colors and research. Lastly, fixing the sudden crashes that occur sometimes would be great. Those aside, this game is great.
This is a great game,just you know,to take some time off.I love it plus its free,unlike another similar game that I called amazing until they asked to pay. This game is a great game and has alot of potential,I believe there should be more options on customizing our phones like the camera of the screen or something like that. I only hope that this game will continue to be updated,cause so far I love it. *hopefully the developer of this game will read this
This game is very good. There is one major problem, though. When I clicked replenish stock on a phone I made, it said i made it 100 days ago. I decided to continue. That was a very big mistake. After i replenished stock, my money said -2000000000000$ and it kicked me out of the game. After that when i tried to join, it said no money for a second and kicked me out again. Also, when you go to smartphones, the visualization is completely different than the actual phone.
Great game but would be cool if you could get more upgrades for your phone. Also if you could sell accessories with your phone. I finished the game in less than 1 day. With that you should have more customization like place a camera anywhere or behind the screen and if you could make your own processor. Edit: I haven't played theis game in a bit and i started playing again today and it looks whay better. Thank you for taking our suggestions and have a nice day.