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Phone Case DIY

Phone Case DIY for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun time killer, but I really wish there was back buttons and a way to blend a background and still add more paint. Another issue that I have had is the amount of ads. Sometimes I'll get three adds in the matter of two minutes Otherwise it's actually really fun when playing the actual game. But the lack of back buttons is irking to say the least.
The marble type should be free everytime you have to watch an ad. when i started marble type the water in which you dip color was black and no color was visible. after we make design with pen it was also not working i was moving pen but it didnt make any designs. plz fix this
I love this game! the ads are annoying, sometimes I can't even get rid of them, but this game would be the most awesome game without the ads. It is still cool and awesome though, just the ads are the problem. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Incredibly aggressive with adds, there was like no way can play this without adds. The game play was mediocre at best and boring at worst. It had horrible graphics and its a complete waste of time and space. Don't download it at all, its boring and z horrible experience
AMAZING GAME!!! It is really soothing! One problem is i cant get the ads to work for vip? And when I finish coloring the phone with the bunny ears my screen goes black?...Plz fix if possible.. But other than that I reconmend Downloading the game! Amazing work!
This game is mostly good, not too many ads(others that say this are simply exaggerating) and most of the customizations work well and there is a lot of choice. However,the marble feature does not work, as you are unable to mix the colours, and the design comes out in a target shaped pattern, instead of you being able to mix it. If this is fixed, this game would get 5 stars, it's a good way to pass the time.
This game is a good time killer if you're bored..it's also kinda satisfying..but there is one problem.... whenever someone want to put a specific glitter and you add that glitter,it's says you have not added and doesn't give you the point
Love the app but kept on freezing. Which is a bit disappointing. Overall, it is a great game. Some of the things that could be improved are: the marble choice to be on for longer, more colours, more choice to customize the shop, more customers and an avatar to make.
Love this app, I mean so many ads but at least the ads are not long and I like the way you can design all different phone case and watching an ad to design the VIP to bonus more coins is not that long and it's pretty easy to collect the acrylic ones it's pretty addicting and you can also collect coins! And you can even put different colors like a rainbow then put stickers! Love the way where you can move stickers and just click โœ“ if you're done! And it's very great.
In my opinion, this game is really fun! It's not like most games where they MAKE you use a certain color and design, your colors are limited until you unlock them all though. It also is from what I've played so far, a kid-friendly game. Whenever you finish your phone, you have to put on this glaze and it does make your phone look better, thank God! You also get to change your desk and the room that you use which is cool but you also need to unlock or use your money that you earned from playing
Gameplay is laggy, controls are laggy and the hitbox doesn't make sense, graphics are as bad as expected. This game doesn't deserve to be in the top charts at all, not even for 1 minute.
I really like the consent of this game and I was really intrigued to play this game, I downloaded it and entered. I started spreading the glue and everything was fine, then I got to painting it and the entire system glitched and kicked me off, this happened several times until once I got to paint my phone and dry it but I was working at a very extreme pace and didn't finish the case properly, after it kicked me off again. Additionaly, when I exit the app I can still hear the annoying music. BAD!
I have watched so many ads about this app and I could not help but thinking about how I can make such great art on this app and so when I got it there was just too many ads and it glitched quite a lot and so to get it ye sure but don't say I did not warn u....๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
This is the best game i have ever played. I liked the options of choosing the favourite colour,design and more. But whenever i want something it tells to watch an ad. Please decrease the number of ads in the game. Otherwise it is a very good game.
I couldn't open the app and has to reinstall. I only did one phone did the ad to get vip customer, then the ad dragged me to the play store which is normal but then, I COULDNT OPEN THE APP AGAIN. Overall good app, but please try and fix the app opening :). Update. I got the app again since I liked it and it opened :) 5 stars, since the app is good now.
This game is so awesome!!!! Its a fun time passer and it doesn't have a bunch of adds! I totally recommend this game
The reason I put 4 stars is because my game keeps lagging freezing and the adds take a long time to load before they start playing. Could you please please please fix that
I love this game because you can make your own cases and there are lots of bottles to un lock but I think there are too muck adds but the rest is amazing.
I love the app because it's freaking satisfying because this thing you get the paint of phone and like you get to serve the customers the right phone cases and you get to do acrylic stickers and paint it and at the end you can actually put the stickers Margaret or you can use your little buttons because those those things are super freaking amazing you should download the app right now๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜!!!!!!!!!!
This is a fun game and all except for one thing when the vip costumer comes no matter what internet I am on it always tells me ad is not ready yet ad is not ready yet ad is not ready yet please fix it and I will give it five stars by the way if you have too many pop up ads turn off your internet.
I think this is a great game the only reason I gave it four stars because when you put the glue on the phone or you do with your acrylics you start and then it finishes it for you other than that I would have given it five stars๐Ÿ˜œ
If the don't want ads to take on your phone just turn off the internet and the ads won't get in your way
Thank you for the update the game is much better now because I can actually do the VIP level, but it is still a bit annoying that you have to watch an add to do the level and if there are too any adds then simple answer : Turn Your Internet OFF Or go on airplane mode, this game is really good and I say this game could be enjoyable for you aswell. So my answer is for you to download this game :3 :3 .(p.s. it has good graphics the 3D items are actually 3D :3 .)
Cute!!!๐Ÿ˜ I love everything about this game one thing I don't like is pop up ads but that won't change my opinion on this cool game๐Ÿ˜š Plz don't change anything about it, it's perfect and like I said very cute๐Ÿฅบ.
I think they should give you at least 5 coins every time you watch a video Because every minute I have to watch a video and it is getting annoying so I'm fixing to delete the app, and anyway there are better phone case game with less videos than this one so fix it or give us coins or I'm going to delete it or give it a lower rate
THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!! I don't really mind the ads because they are short and I love the way that you can customise your phone case however you like! It's crazy! I recommend this game!!! Best game ever!!! There are stickers, glitter, 3d decos and more! You can decide on spray, acrylic or marble! This is the best game I have! Good job on creating this game!! I love ittt!!!!!! You can even add key chains!! I really like you done have to spend any money on this game! Worth installing great work! :)
Great app. I highly recomend you to play this, it's really fun when you jave nothing to do. The only problem is that it has too many adfs. Like when I was in the middle of making a phone and an add poped up. But other than that it amazing.
Its very fun but the same problem is always there with this manufacturer there are too many ads I do my first phone ad second ad its always the same thing i love all thees games but there are too many ads
This game is really quite fun for a bit until you get bored of watching the back to back videos of the same thing and when all the videos have stopped for about 30 seconds the game makes you watch more to get any paint or key rings.I would not recommend this game.
It's fairly good. There are ALOT of ads, and it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to click the x button with out going to the app store. Aside from that, it's pretty good. The vibrating, on the other hand, is gross.
This is so awsome! The coolest most amazing game ever! I don't mind the ads its just short and I really love this so much you should make another app like makeups! Like all of youre apps are so cool! I really love them the best game in my entire life! Like the best game in the entire world super cool! WOW! AMAZING! SUPER COOL!
Amazing game but I have got one problem it's that it is really hard to control the spray but otherwise it is an excellent game
This app is AMAZING and I LOVE IT but the only thing is that there is a lot of ads but they show you different types of games that you can play and you can design your own phone case so you can download this app on the play store or the app store go now and download this game
The app is good! But the problem is with the ads! Your ads are FRICKING broken! First! They always pop up out of no where and it accidently clicks! So when I go to play store and try to come back.. IT JUST BRINS ME BACK TO THE PLAY STORE! please it would mean alot if you guys fix this problem!!
This is really a superb gameโค๏ธ actually ๐Ÿ˜…I highly recommend this game I have no issues with it I know it's has lots of ads and much more but if someone have the patience they can and I am one of them๐Ÿ™ˆ who have patience and even I have 2 games in my phone 1: Phone case diy (all time)๐Ÿ˜ 2: Among us (all time)๐Ÿ˜
I would rate this 4 stars bcos i just after a while you get bored ๐Ÿ˜’ of using thee same features over and over again. I also disliked ๐Ÿ‘Ž the some of the features and would add more features to this app. I liked ๐Ÿ‘ the fact that u could draw with the markers on the phone case. I also liked โค๏ธ the app playing this has been really fun. Tysm for making this app and ty for having time to read this.
This app is going to be great and I like the fact that it let's you do that stuff I saw the add on my father's phone and I loved it. But I know my father is not going to like it. Because he never likes the weird apps "as he calls them" I download on his phone I love this add though this is.... pretty much almost the best app I would have known
I played this game this is very good game i was about to give it 5 star but I thought that I should play one more level and a vip costumer come I decorate the phone and and I gave her phone then my phone switch off automatically and battery was 60% I turn on phone and same costumer come to me and I was very disappointed and this happen with me again then it deleted my apps and it was showing delete phone case diy I click on uninstall and then after 2 days the app installed automatically very bad
Amazing app but when i choose the treasure box then i pick 3 items but when i want to refill the keys then it shows (ADS STILL NOT READY YET) and yes my internet is on all the time please fix this problem then i will give 5 stars i don't know too much English because i am indian and only 10 year old please don't mind.
Hi there this game is awesome and there's many color but I wish is offline game there's a rich boy and girl and your gonna use and your data many of this are cool my favorite is colors and the cellphone case I hope this game will be offline and i will give this a 4 stars sorry I don't really like it๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘
It updated automatically and changed all the key rings to rubbish ones! I watched so many ads to collect them and it went and replaced them with rubbish ones. The game gets boring after a bit, and it takes ages to unlock anything.
The ad for this game is really annoying me it pops up on every game i play i tried deleting the game i was playing so it wont pop up but it still came up on all the other games
Before I downloaded this game ๐ŸŽฎ I was playing a another game and this ad, would come on and it would tell me to play so I did but when I took my finger off the screen it took me to the play store but I wanted to go back to my other game it would not let me so I had to clear all my apps so. Fix THIS please.
it really isn't that fun i like the concept i it tho it's extremely slow and it crashes ever time I choose a new colour also the paint can keeps getting stuck and bugs out making it drop but still spraying .it won't let me pass level one because it keeps crashing i don't know if this is a problem for me but it's not good i have played games like this before and for me that are extremely boring i would play them if I have nothing to do but this is just as not worthy as it getting 3 stars
I like this game but the only reason I gave 4 stars is because it's very slow and it freezez a lot but it is kinda fun.
AMAZING I Love This GAME But one thing is that theres so much ads and vip customers make you watch an add and the keychains are for a add.. i think there should be less ads. I just dont like watching ads, it wastes my time. So can you make it so theres less ads so i cant be disturbed during painting a phone? Not being rude by the way..but i have to give it three stars because of the ads. Thank You.
The game is awesome , but in the starting few days it was good going , but know dryer part got stuck in the game every time i start the game , whenever i Start the game at the dryer point i have to exit the game , because it doesn't work , n the game stop there only , fix the dryer part
Overall, A good game. The only issue is that there are a lot of ads while trying to make the phone case but you do get the rewards for free for completing orders.
I also love this game so much and I all totally agree with you about the ads but it is not that bad I love arts and crafts so this is why I downloaded this brilliant game England Matilda P.S I also have it a 4 starl because of the ads Bye
Very very nice...... Who are all reading this comment please download it and rate with 5 stars โญโญโญโญโญ but I cannot give it 5 stars I can give it 1,000000000000000000000000000000000 Stars, But here not available. I didn't typed this much long but Phone case 3D Has said to rate with a long sentence. Did you know!? I am in the 2nd level ony but My mind said to rate it, Thank you โค๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜Š
Its is good but after you add the color and u push check it just go' s back to the coloring and freezee everytime!! Ugh but I give it 4 stars !
OK, so I don't know what happened... this game just started glitching got me every time I go on... I used it have it and love it but know it's just not what is use to??? Please update that bug thingy because it kept turning the phone case black,, the hair dryer went wonky, etc... So! please fix that makers of this game!! -๐Ÿบ
I love it! You can get so creative with the tools provided. Except, there a lot of ads. I also love al the cute stickers even though I only have three . . . so far.
I love this precious game also I like the noise when you spread some ayrilic on the phone case its so satisfiing also I rated it five stars because I love how you can chose any shape of case you want! There is never nothing to do on this beloving phone case game.Anyone who has not downloaded this definitely needs to.All im trying to say is just please support the creators of this game.I wish I could make my phone case more intresting cause mine is just seethrough.
This is a game about phone cases l like that you can make your own designs but it is really really laggy but overall it is pretty good game l will say in the future can you fix the laggyness of this game. But l will be deleting this game because it gets really boring overtime but l might be redownloading this game.
It was alright till two days but then, the game started to hang! Although it didn't affect the quality or anything, but it got a little slow. That's why 4 stars, if this problem wouldn't have occured, I would've give it 5 stars. And by the way, thanks for reading my comment!
Definitely 5 stars! This game is not a fake advertisement there are quite a few ads, but honestly I don't care. all I care about is that it is fun to play most of the items you don't have to buy. And you just level up and earn them so I really recommend this app!
Love this game but to many ads. Could be better as at the end when finished doing the phone case they take a selfie with there phone and the phone case you designed was not used instead there was a phone without a phone case
I love this game, gotta tell it to you, but there are so many ads, and when I saw an ad for this before I downloaded it when it said play on the ad I did and it took me to the appstore when I took my finger off of the screen and made me exit out of all my apps just to get back onto my app.
I love this game but there is just to many ads. It can get really annoying. I didn't download this game to watch as, I downloaded the game so I can play it. Overall it's alright.
I cant get the ads to work for vip? Can someone help me figure that out? Its not a bad game! But that one thing is confusing me here ._.? I don't mind ads so that part isn't a problem, the ads aren't long either, its only the vip ads that in having a problem with .-.
Great game, not too many ads. I looked at the other people's ratings they said it had a lot of ads but it didn't. Really fun game, I play it a lot. 5 start defently.
Its a really fun game but when ur done with the phone design an stuff why the character takes a selfish its just a normal phone what is up with that we want to see our designs on the npcs phone
It doesn't work well. Either there is something wrong with this game or my device because when I try to play it I can't. It won't even let me past the first stage of decorating the phone.
This is the best app I ever installed!!I also install in my bros old phone and it was so fun I just can't stop playing!!And it also helps me to do my homework because of the smothing background song you put and it is just so fun and now I am so energetic to do my homework (bc I was at 3 classes this morning and I have to take like 2 hours) so my mom is happy bc I did my homework anyways, this is the best app although it keeps on lagging but it doesn't stop me from loving this game!!Keep it up!!
This game is amazing but there's too many adds... Whenever I press a button I pretty much always get an advert that's why I voted it 2 stars-
I like this game very much but the customers want to make their own choices like Spraing on the phone we have to put the green colour if they want we do not get to do what we want we only get one or two stars if you don't listen to them and to as they say and second thing the ads are very very annoying after every single level there is a ad which is very long and we can't even exist by myself. But I love this game very much and the colours drawing glitter VIP customer then everything thing......
I,m rating it a 1 star the game won't load. Right after I get on the paint on the phone when i hit the check thing it kicks me off the game. Either fix this or NO ONE should play on this!!!!
This game is very very good it is superb I am in fifth class and gonna go to 6th class but even I like this game it is because our creativity and our imagination will improve adds are not much and when we complete one round every time we finish our round there will be a panel in that panel every round we do some of our points will add over there but dont think that it is money it is your energy used in the game and when the panel finishes we will get some things and that is free no videos to se
I love this app ! I can make my own designs for phone cases and decorate them and it's really relaxing just playing this game . I hope that Crazy Labs are going to make more apps and games like this .
I love this game its soo satisfying. This is like a classic fun game and also one of my favourite games you should play this fun game if you don't want to DIY your case you can play this fun game.
I LOVE THIS APP, You can play it offline or online very satisfying, You can do whatever you want with the cases and have your own creativity with what ever you want!, There are some times where you have to do whatever the costumer want but thats ok!, This is a game for any age!, Definitely recommend!
I love this game so much and the only reason is that I dont like the ads so please remove ads from this interesting and cute game (thank you).
This game is so cool kids say there are so much adds but for me there are only one pop up ever 10 seconds that is so fun i play the game 23/7 all the time.What I like about it is 1.you get to make cool phone. 2.you can change the background. 3.the paint the spray and the stickers. The game is cool,fun,nice,and cute ๐Ÿ˜
this game iss so laggy and bad and usally i dont get this picky but there where so many ads and they wouldnt let me get out of the ads.so i then had to go get it fixed which sucked soo dont get this game unless you wanna go pay alot of money to get something fixed for a stupid reason
I haven't played this game yet and I'm just now downloading it I read all of you all the readings and I totally agree and for all y'all people out there who hate this I would say I'm okay with it but the only thing that's wrong with it is the ads and it's just going to drive me crazy for a little while you got to pay for to get rid of the ads right sturridge's pay your money and you'll be done with it and you won't have to get up the suspense anymore because almost everybody!
This game is good but it freezes every 2 seconds if you want you can download it . And also add pop up every time you switch on to the spray. Hope you change the freeze's and the ads. Ty
2 stars! I love the game, I just don't like that I can't get past the level cuz ads keep poping up and the darn things won't even load so I'm on a blank screen for 10 mins!
It's good but if the ads weren't there I would give it a 5 star rating but I gave it a four cause it boring a bit and there's ads wen ur decorating the phone case
It glitches out a lot but it's super fun I never get to decide what color I want the phone case to be it's really hard to ... Choose! It's not that good I I've seen a lot of other games that are much better games. But I do play it. Really has a lot of glitches out a lot but it's super funny to me.
So one of the cases look like a among us character and I always do the color the customer wants, but I also put splatters of red to make it look like the among us character is a imposter. And it just looks so cool so I think ya'll should try it! Oh ya and also dont blow dry it or else the red will go away! Btw here's my thought of the game itself. So it's a amazing game but its full of ads but I dont even care cuz this app is unique !Oh and only do the trick on the case that's a among us legend!
I gave this great game a 3 because THERE ARE SO MANY ADDS! like every time i try to make a phone theres an add! also when i am done whith a phone and give it to the person theres an add. its hard to play when theres SO MANY ADDS! and also so many pepol want GREEN like all of them! please change this thank you
I really like the coloring and design stuff but there's lots of ads and it dose kick you out of the game but its fun
The game is pretty good, but why I gave it 3 stars is bc when I was decorating a case, and I was done, it got me in this infinity loop where I would press the checkmark repeatedly and I couldn't do anything else. (Its hard to describe).
When I try to do the VIP level it doesn't let me do it when my internet is on it just makes a noise and I can't watch the video. This game is a little bit bugged for me, that's why only 3 stars. If there are too any adds then simple answer : Turn Your Internet OFF Or go on airplane mode, but apart from that this game is really good and I say this game could be enjoyable for you aswell.
When I saw the ad i was really surprised but when i downloaded it and put on the spraies nothing happened! The color wasn't even visable and only some marks of it were! Please fix that it is kinda annoying.....
I love this game I play it every day, the only thing is that there are a lot of adds. that's why I'm giving it a 4 star and once you get vip it is very fun. you can create your own phone. But I just wanted to tell you that there are a lot of adds, but the good thing about adds are you could get games from them. Like I said I play it every day and you should two so download this app you won't regret it! Good bye!!
I love this game because it is so satisfying and i don't mind the ads and it has good graphics and also it is so fun for people who like satisfying games like me so that is why i like this game and gave this 5 stars and it is the best game i have ever played in my life.
Hello, yesterday I installed this game it is phone Case DIY every time I open it up it fine but I would like the colour unlock when I am playing. I finished the colour phone case it stop.
I love this game soooo much!! Its super smooth on my phone and there's almost no ads for me! I recommend this game if you like painting phone cases!
This is a bad app dont download,So basically when I was blending in my colors some turned white and I dont think this happen to my cousin so please fix this bug this bug is SOOO annoying and I JUST DOWNLOADED IT and it does that. Im so sorry if im arguing but its just it makes me mad when you fix this bug i'll start playing again.
I love it so much fun and it free what!!!!! I think it's like wow it's as fun as wolfcraft I think it's a little more funner than will spouse. You just have to wait run around it's the best game ever history play now really you should no way. Nobody would have it but I still don't want nobody to want to pay for it but it's really it's really strong me best game ever you have to if you don't play it your you don't know what you're missing it's really fun you download this game now Play
Just amazing! And quite obsessive too! I've been through 2 week's worth of the game and it hasn't even been 24 hours since I downloaded the app.Just love it! I recommend to all teens and pre teens who would like to have their virtual creativity shine! Enjoy!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
So I saw the other reviews and I haven't played the game yet, on every game like this they say there arento many ads, I personally found this game from an ad, but thats not the point. If u don't want ads, just turn of ur internet. If the game needs internet, then idk what to do.
Really fun but really lagy like you do this it freezes VIP person so many times to no and if you want to do the VIP you press the button waiting for the ad there is no ad available right now but other then late it is really fun.
I think this game is super interesting and fun. Whenever I am bored I play this game. Thank you, and keep up the hard work!
So first the game is pretty fun but when you see the people there eyes are all messed up.. and the outfits don't look good.. especially the VIP people. But I think the rest of the game is good, not to many adds, but everthing else is perfect!
This game is amazing but before I installed it there was a slight problem.When I tried to download it would say This game cannot be installed although that happened the game is fantastic it works fine quickly and efficiently just this bug made me go down to four stars .If you could please fix this glitch and you will hopefully get five stars :)๐Ÿ‘ Also one more thing. As I was playing a level the game crashed and it said Phone Case Diy has crashed. So that is another problem but overall it's good
I like this game a lot and it seems like fun, as much as i want to give this game a 5-- i can't because my phone always freezes when i get to the third part of custamizing.
Awful. Why? i join and an ad shows up. Then i see glue for me to put on an undesigned phone case. Next, when i try putting glue on, it wont work! theres nothing more boring than you being stuck on the same step. I just started yesterday and i rate it a one! Please improve this! Ill give your game more stars! xx
This game is the worse game but I still gave 1 star. It does not even let you or me to play adds to get things. I have WIFI. This game is nice for those who do not have WIFI
This game is amazing you should try it. It is so inspiring itself but to many ads... But other than that the game is inspiring, fun and unique. Keep up the good work and more games with less ads!
This app is not so nice because ya as many people told that there were lots of add that is actually true in the first to turns the add didn't come at all but after that it had many adds if I pick a colour the add would come not only one add after one another. After I choose any one colour I can't choose one more colour and if I give it to the VIP he or she will take back my coins . This is the problem. Need to improve
When I was trying the game, I tried blow dryer but it kicked me out and i couldn't see the blow dryer and i think this is a glitchy one but i wanna keep trying to blow dryer. If it doesnt work, then I'm getting it off my tablet. And it doesnt.๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ I hate this so much because it kicked me out again.
Love it!!! It's fun and there is not a single issue wrong with it. But I prefer to play this in a spot where there is no wifi of internet connection because of the insane amount of ads. So 4 stars๐Ÿคฉ
It is a awesome awesome game so why did I give it 4 stars? Because it had way yo much ads if it had less ads maybe I would give it 5 stars stars one of the phone cases looked like a unicorn I showed my kid she loves unicorns and she was so happy I let her play two rounds she asked for my phone everyday so she can play this game ๐Ÿคฃ
Very nice to play but there was a problem to face that when the VIP customer come when we have to see ad they say ad is not yet. So please fix this problem. Thanks.
The game is awful, i constantly have to watch ads at least twice per minute, as well as the fact that it makes me phone hot and basically strips it of its battery, and this cant be a problwm with my phone because it has never happened with any other game, do not download the app it has so many adds and is very glitchy and rips the battery from your phone.
Very good app. The only things disturbing is that I can't unlock chains, VIP customers and extra money. Also it keeps freezing the hole time.
This is actually really fun and I love all of the choices. Except for the paint. Alot of cool ones are for V.I.P people. But other than that it is super interesting!
idk but love the game so much! but the ads got to go like fr any game I play there ads so many of them but overall it's a pretty good game
It's a fun game but its always showing adds and its sooo glitchy also everytime I paint with the spray paint it lags even more but other than that it's a fun game
I'll rate this app a 5 star bcz it's really fun to play. It removes all my stress but the only thing bothers is ads. Overall it's very fun to play and I highly reccomennd it!
It is a some glitches wen it comes to different phone cases you try to decorate and lots of adds or uther whys it is utterly the best game ever
Am this game is fun and cool it teach us so many things but after every level it's stuck and allwase till me to watch as so the game is not like how I thought but it's fun and that's why I gave you 3 stars๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿค—
It is really good and I play it every two hours so I recommend you to download it too,but there is one problem.It is that,you know,there should be some where you come from like other game so please fix this problem but I still have it five stars๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
This game is so boring you should really add like some sort of twist and every time I finish a level and they give me an offer I tap no thank but right before I do that an ad shows up and I end up pressing an ad also there are so many ads and in this game you just make phone cases it looked funner on the ad actually and well I dont really recommend it.
this is overall the BEST game ive ever played is fun and i love the fact that it lets yoy pick your own colors and stuff the only thing in this game that i dont like is the number and amount of ads you have to watch in order to get things like colors and stuff so please change that and your game will be more awesomer other than that i love this game so muchhhhhh!!!!!
I enjoy the game but whenever I got to the case with the bunny ears I spread the glue all over but it seems like it isn't finished and I can't go on to the next stage. Good game overall though
It dosen't give you much freedom to make the case you want to make and at the same time it's really fun to to do the suggestion. Otherwise, it's a great game. On YouTube I watch a channel with phone case ideas. I thought it would be fun making them, and I didn't have a case to use, so I looked on play store and found this! #loveit
It's a really good game it's really fun and easy to unlock knew stuff the only problem is the ads. You could just be randomly making a phone case and then you get an ad and I've had the marble unlocked but haven't used it yet because I have to watch an ad to use it and after I watch the ad it just brings me back to the options and when I press on it again it says ads unavailable apart from that it's great game
Hi, This game is very fun! I love it!! But one thing I don't like is when u get done making the phone the u have to watch an add EVERTIME u want a keychain and it's annoying! That's why I gave it a 3 star.
I don't know of im the only one having this problem but when I try to put the glue on the bar keeps going up and down and it's really annoying this is my 10th time trying the app but it won't work please fix this it's just so unbelievable on how people even give this app 1 star but I also wish I could give y'all 0 stars
I really like this app i think this is the one of the best games ive played so keep working hard and seeing how much one stars there is that makes me cry because this is my favorite game
Nice game but I waited Soooo long to play marble but when I poured colors in the jar it was all black and mixing part in the marble we can't mix or make any design in water after pouring the colour in the jar
Well I give it a 1 because one day the app became very small in my screen and there is too much ads and they need to improve the graphics but since the game became small I needed to uninstall the game
There is no ad in this game.This game is amazing and amazing. If you will play this game u will find that it is ad free. And what can I say. Play and play.It not boring. Download this game and play.
This game is okay at one point it was the top game. It's fun but I don't think it's that fun. It's a good game very creative.i like it y'all definitely should get it ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป ~~~Good game~~~
I like it, but i mean i didn't like it to i had to pay money for the game. Because i don't think it is worth money but it was over all good i am gonna undeniable it. So i don't really recommend but there was an ad evrytime i was done with a client. Not fun or cool ad's that's all.
It's a really fun game I want to do the VIP and I have to watch a ad and it says add not available so it's still really fun game it's just hard to unlock stuff and the VIP is my favorite I haven't really done the VIP though so yeah I really like the game all day long I play
It's a really good game I love it but I gave it 4 starts because eon the cactus phone case I can't get past it, I've tried everything, coming off, getting a new glue and I've gone all around the phone case and I can't get past the glue part...
This game is fun I I'm giving it five stars because not too much ads and I love it it brings out my art inspiration and I see a lot of ratings about ads all you have to do is turn off your internet that's all and that's good with the game so I'm giving it five stars keep up the good job keep up what you guys are doing and make more fun art games so that it can inspire me to do more artwork because your game is giving me the inspiration to become an artist so keep up the good work .
I love phone case but I didnt rate it 5 because of the amount of ads are to much and if you make a mistske you cant redo it and its realy fustrating. I love it ! I love the colors ! The stickers are so cute
It is good and all but it keep kicking me off so I am giving it 4 stars so be carefull for that then you have to start again.
This game is kinda fun but also boring you have to play so many days in order to get PAINT and key chains you have to watch a add after and when I watched a add to get a key chain ot gave me ANOTHER ADD AND I DIDNT EVEN GET MY KEY CHAIN THIS GAME IS A RIPP OFF
I normally don't write a review on games but most people have it, I am giving the review a 2 star because it glitched so much and it had a ad every 15 seconds! I don't recommend if you want to have ads again , every 15 seconds.
I just installed it. Then the meter thingy just keeps going up and down! I'm stuck with putting glue on the phone! Why do you need glue anyways. Pls fix it. I saw the ads! It looked so cool!
It's a fantastic game with loads of interesting features! I simply loved it! It has few ads but doesn't lack fun!!! I would recommend it ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ
Nope ain't for me this game had ads right in the beginning I try to skip but the button didn't work so I took off the game and went back on rigth after when I finish my phone case there was an ad again I try too take it off but it stopped working I so I got so angry I'm thinking of deleting this (game) ):
I hated this game. It was fun at first but then it stopped working. It froze my screen I had to restart my phone. Tell me when you get this fixed. Until then, I don't think you should get this game.
I Love this app! Only one problem, when I have to watch a add to get something, it says " add still not ready yet." And then I have to wait a long time. When I want to unlock the VIP customer it says add still not ready yet. So PLEASE fix that, it's very annoying. Other than that this app is good๐Ÿ™‚
I think the game is decent. It has cool decorations and really great choices when your decorating a phone case. I gave the app 2 stars because I think I got hacked through the app. I was playing when all of a sudden my screen won't stop flickering and when I'm spraying the case black patches show up. This game is very fun but unfortunately I have to delete it. Please fix the bug and I will re install. Thank you โ˜บ๏ธ
Really good game but i insist you do not play it on phone i reccomend ipad or tablet becausw on ipad and tablet its kess laggy and has less ads and when we play it on phone it lags alot and has a lot of ads bye
I love the game and you get to be creative with the colors and inspire you and tell your feelings but you can not get color orange black or white and on vip you get to color when you can be doing stuff that need more like a rainbow and you can not a lot of color you can use on nomaral customers and never get new Keychain and you do not use marker a lot and if you play two day maybe on the third or fourth day you get the item so it is fun and bad at the same time
So, I saw the ads and they looked cool. I installed it, and it was working fine until the dryer part. My phone locked up. It restarted on its own, which is strange, because my phone never really does that. Overall, pretty great game!
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its a fun art game and I like the new things you can get. The only thing I don't like is the unexpected adds. Some adds may be inappropriate, But I'd just ignore them.
This game is really fun! But I have 1 major issue, im not really a huge fan of the amount of ads in this game. So if you guys decide to update it, please make it so there are less ads. Overall, this game is amazing! If there were less ads I would give it 5 stars. ๐Ÿ‘
Did two levels, not very challenging. Clients should come in with expectations. Do not understand why every phone case scores 3 stars. There is no success objective because you always win....boring. The game also has too many adverts. Avoid if you don't want to sitting in constant adverts. Two stars are for colour pallet and game and original theme as haven't seen a phone case creating game yet.
I give it one star because when I try to put the glue on the bar just goes down. I just got this game yesterday so I don't like it. I maybe would like it if they made it easier to put the dang glue on . I would highly recommend you not to play this game. On the ads they made it look so easy, but I have to tell you it aint. I kinda hate this dumb game.
This game is fun in all but the game gets repetitive after awhile and the only thing that makes this interesting are vip customers so maybe add more things to do and also less ads would make it better