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Phoenix Rangers: Puzzle RPG

Phoenix Rangers: Puzzle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its actually surprisingly fun and enjoyable. Not like the other games where you must do 20 million tutorials before being able to play. As simple as it is, its great.
Good concept but y'all really done goofed with it. first off you dont get any premium summon when you first start besides the lame ass 3 star, second you have so little energy you barley get to play and thirdly theres no goal or prize to work for. It gives you a bunch of missions to do but there's no prize for doing them so why bother? Over all this game seems completely pointless
I just downloaded the game using my data but whenever i open it, it either says connection lost or update even if there's no update. All my data was lost in vain. I hope this issue will be fixed soon. From watching the trailer, i think its quite a nice game though.. Too bad
As much as I'm eager to accept more puzzle RPGs into my library, this game is lacking in... Well, it's just lacking. There don't seem to be many monsters to collect, the list may seem long but many of them are elemental variants (which also function identically, just with their respective elemental strengths and weaknesses). Most of the better monsters (design-wise and stat-wise) are behind the premium banner. Unlike many mobile games, this one isn't generous with freebies, unless you count pulls on the worst banner for monsters that are basically XP fodder as generous. The grind for free pulls from the elemental banners is obnoxious. Town management seems like it was tacked on as a way to inspire spending for faster building, and that's it, it doesn't really add anything positive to the experience. While the hatching halls allow for relatively easy monster production, these are roughly comparable to the worst banner (so, more XP fodder, which is nice, I guess). Energy is limited, and this is one of the very few mobile games where I've actually had to stop playing or pay if I wanted to continue right away. The style of puzzle combat used, where attacks are fired straight up and have to be lined up with enemies, is really frustrating because it means there are times when I'm forced to waste turns even if I have combos available (it's very RNG-dependent, and 3-starring a quest relies more on luck than skill). This system also makes it very difficult to use a specialized team, having all elements present is necessary to ensure every available combo can be used (and even then, RNG is stronger than skill). There so many puzzle RPGs out there, what about this one makes it worth playing alongside them? I don't know if there are big expansions planned, or if this is pretty much it, but as it is now this game just doesn't stand out among the rest. And it's not generous enough to at least keep me on the fence with hopes of what's to come.
This game sucks, it's a waste of your time, unless you want to pay to win. Not worth the time, there are WAY more better games, with the exact same concept - different art styles and characters - that aren't pay to wins. I would never recommend this game to anyone and I warn all who want to download it. DON'T!!! It's a waste of time.
I've been playing the game the past few days and I absolutely love it so far. But when i tried to log in today, it said there's an update waiting. I came here and no update. Restarted my phone and uninstalled/reinstalled the game but still the same thing: update required. Please fix and I'll give better stars. I want to play the game again ;-;
The game was amazing. Insane graphics, incredibly balanced resource scheme, and an overall satisfying experience. I still don't get why it hardly has a player base. Probably needed more marketing, a friend system, and should've utilized Facebook instead of Discord for popularity. This game had so much potential and I'm sad that Rovio couldn't capitalize on it. I'll miss this game, and absolutely commend the team behind it.
Game itself is okay, it just that it would take forever to get the ×10 monsters roll, even if you spend some real money to get gems. There are so many monsters, but even with the premium summon I've gotten low tires and monsters I would get from the daily summon.
Great concepts with the puzzle aspect next to other games. Just the story wasn't enough and maxing that hatching huts at level 7 was too soon and only gave common up to 2 star monsters. Would've liked to have the opportunity to at least chance at a higher tier monster making it worth the grind. Hope the game improves later one and might be worth another download.
l downloaded this because the ads made it look fun, but it wouldn't even open! l tried to open it multiple times but it just took me to a black screen, l even waited for 5 minutes hoping it would load but it didn't.
...I found the game very very awesome...I love it's graphics and its play style...and I really love how short the time duration is when you upgrade or repair buildings, I am Really happy to be playing this game!! <3
Would give it a higher score, but it became not fun really quickly. The game is good don't get me wrong, but would be better with some changes. First off, the targeting system is useless. Second, You can't hit an opponent if you're not on the side it is. I have had the game pretty much give me a force loss cause there are hardly any matches on the board there are two opponents is the way corners that are nearly impossible to hit or it's a combination of hardly any moves and two opponents.
A good alternative for e&p, but u will need patience, a slow and long game, it will take a couple of months to get a decent lineup of monsters for f2p. Just like e&p. UPDATE: the game is constantly being updated, the functions are slowly being unlocked
*Update* Solid match 3(ish) puzzler rpg. Solid character design and style, lite base building and resource management and solid gameplay. Empires and Puzzles, but much faster to play and more enjoyable. Balance is a bit punishing early on, Gacha rates are low, and the lack of skill required is a bit of a turnoff, but I am a week in and I am still coming back a few times per day. Solid effort - and very happy with how responsive the devs are. ✌️
The games has a problem "connection lost" I much enjoy this game I spent money for gems for nice character and energy because its limited in energy. I reinstall but the problem is always appeared connection lost, even we have a better connection. Please take an action to solve this repeatimg problem. I regret that I didn't read the feedback before I install.
Servers appear to be down right now and have been for a few days. I personally enjoy the game but I think it needs more expansion in levels and revisions to Gear to make it accessible after World 1 ends just for quality of life. A lot of concerns here are just quality of life changes, ranging from adjusting point values or adjusting EXP functionality or even adjusting gameplay in minor facets, but they're all simple fixes that would go a long way to making the game much more endearing.
Thank you for finally creating a puzzle RPG that you can actually progressively play while building up your buildings!!! I love this game...this is so typical...THE ONE DECENT RPG AND YOU ARE SHUTTING IT DOWN! SMH I AM DONE WITH GOOGLE APPS
Game's fun and all not until the last update. Ever siince then, I wasn't able to participate in the trials of nature. It always give me the error "There was a problem with your connection" even though I'm connected to the internet. Every other feature of the game works perfectly aside from this. Hope the developer can fix this soon.
This app shows you Rovio was a one hit wonder with the Angry Birds franchise. This game won't even load half the time, and it's an uninspired copy of 50 other games. Hope they can expand upon this and make into something better. Especially now that Sega Heroes is shut down and we're all looking for another game. So far it's Valiant Tales. But this has potential.
I was having fun with the game. A different take on the puzzle RPG. Just uploaded yesterday... today I needed an update. Wouldn't let me. Had to uninstall then reinstall to do the update. Then lost all the progress from yesterday.😢 If it happens again I will be uninstalling permanently.
Seemingly good game I wouldn't know cause I can't seem to play it over a WiFi connection. UPDATE. So yea I would contact the support thing and let you know what is going on, the problem with that is the game has to actually load for me to do that. If you can't seem to make an update to fix this from what I have told you I will just end up deleting this application and making sure to let all of social media how horrible this experience has been. Thanks.
What an annoying tutorial. I wanted to just look around and get my own feel for the game but I'm over thirty minutes in and they're still walking me through it with no way to get out. Not interested anymore.
Quite an underated game in my perspective, With the devs helping and trying to fix the game is quite wonderful, amazing game for starters with beautiful backgrounds and monsters. I love how the devs did their "take" on this mechanic. Suggestion : make good monsters be able to be gained in early game ( 4☆ and stuff ) . All in all im quite pleased ( I solved my issue with a variety of different ways I already had problems like these in another game )
This game is fun but it has some issues. It takes entirely too long to hatch monsters, the amount of gems to summon monsters is outrageous if you want premium monsters(kind of feels like a cash grab to make you buy gems to progress), evolve materials for monsters are few and far between, the concept of rebuilding your "base" is nice but only being able to upgrade one building at a time is ridiculous, and the game doesn't give monsters for leveling often enough. Would rate higher if fixed.
This was a dope mash-up of Pokémon and match-3 mechanics. Really nice visuals. I didn't care for the whole build your castle/land portion of the game as it felt very tacked on and last minute. Energy systems are a bane on fun. Sad it died.
This game sucks I played before and was very good but I had to get a new better phone so I had to restart with a new game and when if finally get to download the game and start it up and wont work it says no connection every time even if I do delete the app then install it back again.
Great Customer Support! There was an issue with the spawn rates for one of the items and I reported it. Within a day it was fixed! Haven't seen that timely of a fix in a game. The game's great too! User friendly gameplay, and great graphics!
Was fine until an update made it reset my phone every time I started the game. Even went to their website to report the issue. Got an email suggesting a possible fix (for a similar but different problem) I said the suggestion didn't help and haven't heard anything since.
Game is closing down! Dont buy anything. Had fun as a casual game but it was messed up in many areas. A lot of unpolished situations and to much of the time factor. Aka waiting around for your energy to come back.
I just downloaded this app in my Android phone. But whenever i open it, it always says "connection problem". I enjoyed playing this game since i downloaded it, and now it feels so bad because i can't play with it right now. Please fix this as soon as possible.
I have played the game for a little while and this is my opinion on it. It's utter garbage. Summons cost way too much (300 gems per). The game crashes at least once a day. Updates take over 24 hours. It's pretty much a hard cash grab. Originally the game attracted me because of the art style. Good art put to waste in a trashy, broken cash grab.
I love the gameplay an the key vauly plus there some pretty kickass monsters. I just recently started playng game again an it is so kickass
I like the game for the most part, but I'm getting really frustrated with the item drop rate. I've been trying for three days to get the ripe berries. Considering they're available from the first level on I shouldn't be having this much trouble.
I really enjoy this game. There isn't a lot of energy so I feel like I really only play for about 10 minutes and then I have to wait forever to play more, could use some more balancing... I have many monsters who are stuck at a level and can not be leveled up due to lack of resources.
Fun as long as you don't buy into it. RNG of this is awful. I've spent about 15$ and gotten about 7 monsters worth using and then just copies of them repeatedly. If I could get i refund I would...
Let's get serious here ok. First the tutorial is literally ridiculous, it's a matching game. You really need three battles to explain. On to the stupid battle system you got going on here. You can't strike an opponent because you didn't match blocks on the side it was??! Seriously, so what was the purpose of being able to target a certain freaking monster? Did yall stop and ask yourself that while making the game? Next update, maybe yall should fix something or just pull this garbage. REALLY!
I can even get an overall experience with the game always crashing & rebooting my phone. I won't even waste my time anymore after I've installed the game 3 times with the same results. Would give a better score, but oh I can't fake it like most developers do when they say they'd do something. Attempt that they do & okay blind to it. Well in my case, I really can't judge what I can't see....
Looked fun I was looking for a new match 3 to play. Didn't get a chance to try. like a lot of the reviews say the game won't even load. It tells me it lost the network connection tried turning off wifi uninstalling and reinstalling nothing worked.
Overall a fun and somewhat rewarding puzzle RPG. Unfortunately like most it's extremely grindy. Rewarding enough to keep me busy, but rather quickly I have maxed out materials and fully upgraded buildings.
Its frustrating playing the game and never getting the 1 item you need to evolve the monsters. The drop rates are atrocious and you cant power up beyond a certain level without evolving. Waste of time.
I've had the game for a few days now and I enjoy it but its extremely annoying because I cant upgrade any of my monsters without the atherberries and the drop rate for those are ridiculously low... I've literally spent 2 days binge fighting and cant get a single one. My monster roster is full because I cant merge any of them.
The game is a good thought. The hatch times are way too long. Energy is low and futile. Unless the monsters are above the cudes they dont get hit. Getting gems to summon are hard and long drawn. Pluse building a villige is just wrong.