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Phil's Football

Phil's Football for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Eli7 Studios. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 1.5 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A fun little game, the pictures don't really do it justice. Like the review below says once you work out the basics it's not too difficult. Maybe some alternate defence plays would increase the challenge? Give this one a go anyway!
After scoring 325 points the game started glitching and I could not run any plays crap fix it and I would probably download it again
This game is tons of fun. Its lets you do your own routes. It also kills tons of time. I give it 5 stars. Although its harder to score bc the defence is very fast, it makes u think more about your plays
It was a total waste of time and I kept going back to instructions who ever reads this do not get phils football.
Man I got the gs2 and this takes me back to the first hand held vid I owned. 5 stars hint can olny throw over skulled d fence
@Bill Mcsill to throw a lob just hold down on the receiving player for a bit longer until it switches.
The games fun n all but they should have an option to play defence also have a league but tht should be ina number 2
Love the game. Love to coach the game of football which is why I went hunting for a game app that would allow me to throw out ideas for formations and see what happens. This is OooooOoooOOOoooO so close. If they would allow the off and def to be set in traditional formations b4 the snap I would be in HEAVEN. Would even pay extra for it up to say $5 as would every coach I know. That would be the app to end all apps for FB playmaking. Also, it would be nice if they could account for long passes being higher
Ok game. Gets boring after a while. Needs defence and more positions like HB or WR. Also players move too slow
I.made it to round 7. Just got to make it to where passes cant get blocked every time you do bullet pass. But liked it
It is an excellent simple design. But it needs a few tweaks. It does not remember your mute settings. Even if you have it set to mute, when the game is over, you still hear crowd noises. There isn't enough backfield (could scroll and update the yardline numbers as you make progress). The players are way too close to the home and back buttons making it way too easy to hit them when trying to throw the ball. When I touch a player,it moves backwards before going where I tell it to,causing a sack.
Quite a fun little thing here. But once you figure out a play that works, you can just do it over and over for infinity touchdowns. The AI follows the same routine every time.
Was up this game is the best but nfl pro football 2012 is a little better on phils football u should send two blockers back with u and send every won far to catch it all the way to touthdown and u go all the way to,the other touchdown wit to blockers and then throw it or run its fun either way well its ya boy jmc_1999
This game is very easy to figure out. First, you need to throw a lob pass for everything. If you don't, chances are your pass will be blocked every time. The next thing to do is get two players to run in the same path into the end zone. Throw to the player who is in the lead and the player trailing behind behind will block any of the defenders. This method works 100% of the time. After you have mastered this, the game is rather boring. I love the controls, but they need something else to make the game more enjoyable. Playing defense would be nice.
My phone isn't able to support multi-touch,so I can't pass the ball. I can run the ball but that's all. Please update to support nonmulti-touch phones
Its pretty easy once u figure it out. Although once u get on a roll it gets pretty boring. Too boring to see how far u can run up the score. Like the others I think defense would be nice and possibly adding more football rules would make it more challenging. As far as gameplay itself sometimes it hard to select the player u intend on using. Then sometimes during the process of choosing the path for the players you will accidentally make them back track that causes for some unintended loss for yardage
Wanted this game to be addicting, since you can draw routes with the S-pen but the resolution is all off and players run backwards or just sit there after catching a pass. After 2 dozen series, still never scored a point. Also no exit button. Uninstalled but will keep an eye out for a more playable update.
Fun basic game, but the latest update increased the size and without being able to move it to the SD I have to uninstall till I get a phone with more memory :( MT3GS
What it lacks in football authenticity it more than makes up for with it's near infinite interactivity and in-play adjustment, great fun!
Haven't found anything else that gives you real-time American football. It could only be improved by getting closer to the rules, though.
It's not really made clear how to do a lob pass, but once learned it's an amazingly fun game. Two stars off for the ad taking up almost the whole endzone, it takes away from the game.
My commentary on what I have to say about this game. He snaps the ball he has 2 deep he is out of the pocket he pulls his arm back looking deep the ball is in the air and.... It is blocked..... AGAIN!!!!! That's the 3rd block tonight Phil
This app is genius! Add formation changes, and first downs to the free version please. I'm telling everybody about this. - A thankful fan of your work
Very addicting game... Very fun... Could play all day, people who say they dont get it need to get a freaking brain and look at the instuctions
I made it to the 30 and got tackled but it put me back where i was,and will u please put a full offence and could u put a defense in please.
Its simple yet addicting. The only thing i don't like is that you can't play defence. Besides that is fun
It's pretty fun but I wish you guys would put on. 1) 11 on 11. 2) More time to create plays. 3) maybe some defense. 3) Most importantly male the ball faster than the players on the lob. 4) The ball carrier should be the same speed as everyone else
Great game when u are bored makes u think in a way never before its just like tic tac to very easy but somepeople might not like this game well i got two words suck it
It should have a leader board and when you get to the 60's in levels it becomes really jerky and Idk... It was getting faster and faster but then it would stop and go.. but a leader board please.. I got 467 Thanks.