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Phigros for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by PigeonGames. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a very good game and I'm enjoying it a lot but unfortunately I have to rate it to 4 star because it doesn't have a cloud service to save my progress.
The latest update was horrible. Now I cant even play a song. Whenever I try, it just softlocks the game. Pls fix this glitch/bug. I will change to 4/5 stars if you can solve the problem. Edit: After this update, the bug got worse. Pls help, now I can't even enter get past the main screen.
Phigros? Absolutely fantastic game! Love this game so much and I spend so much time playing each song. They also have 3 level difficulty. I would spend time practicing each song. Oh, did I mention that the songs are FANTASTIC. I love the songs in the game and love hitting notes along with the song because it's very catchy and feels so nice. The best thing I love is, that it is an off-line game too with no add. Marvelous! I rate this 5/5, but I would like to rate this 10/5 for me.
It could be better. The design looks really similar to VOEZ and Cytus 2. Not just that, the UI aswell looks similar. The TapFX, The notes (stretched horizontally) and just how the level is measured from Lv. 2 to 13 (idk) Its way too similar. The gameplay is fine but it could be better. Just played the first three songs that caught my eyes (or heard). Theyre Lv. 10 and I did well which means it also feels the same to other Rhythm games. Also, add settings for faster notes. Its too slow for "us"
Update: i updated the game in late October but now the game has no sound. The game stucks in the loading screen after i choose a song and i can't calibrate the game. What happened? Guess i'll just wait for it to be fixed. In the meantime, 1 star. Fun game. I still can't believe it's free. I hope this game have a long life. I don't mind paying a little bit for more well-known songs and more polished looks though.
I guess this is just happening to me. I'm using a galaxy s6 edge and there seems to be no notes spawning. In the calibration screen no notes show and no music plays, neither in the tutorial. I also dont see the judgement line in the tutorial. Will fix rating if this is fixed and I happen to try it again, for now 1 star..
this game is the best.. it's both one of the most easiest and one of the most hardest rythem games.. but it would be nice to have a favourite button feature because every once in a while I forget where my most favourite songs areπŸ˜…
Quite an amazing game. Super recommend, music selection is quite wide, plus it's a free to play friendly like heck! I mean, you can only buy songs by playing other melodies and getting good ratings, and you can't buy anything for money... This alone is awesome, plus the actual innovative game play makes it fun and challenging. All in all, fantastic and beautiful song selection, and very beautiful design. Bonus: it's completely offline!!! This game is a catch, wonderful, really fantastic!!!
This is a must have for any rhythm games fan: songs are good, gameplay is awesome and intuitive, no ads, no micro-transactions, the full game is unlockable through normal playthrough... The devs did a great job here, kinda feel bad that is fully free tbh! (Please, don't change that, but maybe let us know how to contribute?)
I love Phigros! I love how challenging it is and I love the dynamic judgement line. For a completely free rhythm game, Phigros is the best! but after the new update, I couldn't play anything anymore :(( the notes won't appear, the judgement line won't appear, so the game had become unplayable. The same thing happened on my tablet. I hope the devs would come fix this bug soon! 3 stars for that :((
A really fun completely free game. Not too difficult but not too easy either. Great songs and charts. Like other reviews however, the recent audio update has made loading audio impossible thus rendering the game unplayable (levels are unable to load, now even the menu is impossinle to load). This is the same for multiple device both on ios and android. I tried accesing the main audio file but it cant seem to load, even on platforms supporting the file type. I hope this review helps.
Best rhythm game I've ever played! This game is so much fun, it's almost addicting! I love rhythm games and I've tried basically all the ones avaliable on mobile, but I can definitely say this is the best one yet. I've only been playing for a few hours but it's insanely fun and challenging :) I haven't seen any ads or distractions so far, and I highly recommend this app! I'm so grateful it's free!
The game is fun, i love the moving judgement lines. But something happened. When i try to play a level, it won't load. Instead it shows the loading screen only. It worked before (probably 1 month ago), probably a new update i didn't notice. I tried reinstalling, but it makes it worse. Just like others, it stuck on start screen. It only show pighors and nothing else.
Uhmmm. It was a good game, been playing it for a year now, though. I can't open April fools charts:((. The game is updated and been doing the steps for the apr fools charts but it doesn't open up. Help:((
I really love this game, it's awesome the gameplay and stuff is cool as well but I'm giving these stars because it seems like I can't log into the game anymore, the game just stuck on the "Phigros" title.
I really enjoy playing this game so much! But, after the lastest update. My game keep remain silent and if I click a song to play, it'll just show a loading screen which never end! I'm already re-download the game but everything is still glitching. I hope you guys can fix it soon, i really, really love this game.
Fantastic and really fun rythym game, I play it on my off time when I can. It's also not hard on your battery unlike other mobile games. This game has fantastic effort put behind it and is genuinely really fun, plus it's easy to pick up. I am having an issue though, don't know if it's just on my end but sometimes whenever I hit yellow-outlined notes (2 notes at the same time) it just doesn't register at times. Great game regardless. Oh also it has NO ADS or MICROTRANSACTIONS must I say more?
This app is amazing. Ive seen many games like this all in the music genre, but this one has done something ive never seen before AND on top of that managed to make it simple to understand and not too complex. There arent many note types which I enjoy very much. This one is a keeper.
I have really enjoyed the game this far, I played this game for a long time, the controls and the music are amazing, but I updated the game and suddenly when I opened the game I couldn't hear any music exept from the sound effects and when I tried to play any charts the game just freeze and I need to close it. Please fix it, its one of my favorites games
I was playing for 3 days since the first time I downloaded it.. And I can say that I was in-loved with how clever the chart and how good the music is. However, after the next update. The game ia unplayable anymore. Ill definitely give you 5 star rating, because I was immediately inloved with it but please, just please fix the bug.
No Ads? No Micro-transation? Earnable Songs? All get a βœ… from me! Not only does it hit all the right boxes, but it introduces what I describe as a "Self-Aware" judgement line. Every Collab does introduce a few songs, but they're great songs I could rock to for hours. After some P2P Rhythm Games, I'm glad I stumbled upon this gem. Nearly no Bugs or Crashes (until 1.6.8 but I'm sure they'll be quick to fix it.) not to mention Avatars and Backgrounds to collect to customize your in-game profile.
Latest update has completely broken the game. There is no music on the menu screen or preview of songs and its become completely unplayable. Everytime i try to play a song it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Its a real shame since i really loved this game before the update. Please fix this bug asap because a lot of other people are experiencing this as well.
This is a great rythm game, I love rythm games and this game is one of my favorite rythm games, I am thankful that this game came out, for people who want to discover new kinds of rythm games and music, this is the best game for you.
The game isn't working like before. Everytime I open it, It gets stuck on the loading opening screen. Wish this can be fixed soon! Edit: Game works great now Thank You!
Definitely the vest rhythm game i played so far. Gameplay is nice and i like the songs as well. Levels are pretty challenging and fun at the same time. It kind of shocks me that this game is completely free with no ads or anything. Great jobs to the developers of the game Edit:after the update it seems that i cant even play the game anymore since the sounds are gone. Please fix it since this is my fave game
So, after quite a while i decided to update this review, since i already gave it 5 stars but didnt articulate. This is a masterpiece game, one of its kind, and almost the only one that is completely free. Pretty sure this is every rythm game fan a must play, and its sooo good man, the music just flows through your hands, when you master it, what seemed difficult at first, you just vibe to it later. Amazing game, and thank so much the developers for this game, cheers.
I love this game, the game controlls are easy to understand but there is challenge still which is cool my only problem is, the pause button is absoloutely tinyyyy everytime i want to pause i have to press it a hundred times to even get it to pause, it would be good to alter the size of it or just atleast make it bigger, otherwise i would put 5 stars
Best music game ever. It does not have any stupid ads. The gameplay is exhilarating. You can feel the adrenaline rush while playing this game. This is a free to play game and I love the fact that the only way to earn data is through playing. There are literally no in-app purchases. I love this game very much and hope that you don't add ads or in-app purchases.
Awesome game! ...until the last update. I loved playing this game until about a week or so ago, which is when the last update rolled out. Since this new update came, the game is completely unplayable. The songs don't load, and not even the offset setting demo works. I tried downloading the game on a second device, hoping it would work then, but nothing except the text loaded. Please fix this, it was such an awesome game, but now it's completely broken. Once this is fixed, I will rate it with 5β˜†
why does this have only a 100k downloads? this game is awesome. it's full of new ideas never seen before in rhythm games, it has many songs and is even well optimized!. hoping it'll get more visibility because it totally deserves it
I love this game very much, and overall, I would definitely recommended it. Though, over the past few weeks, I've been having trouble with getting into the game itself. I'm always stuck on the title screen and I was wondering, what should I do. Pls help a friend out 😒 Edit: it works now!!
Game is really really good. Although I think a fairly recent update broke the game as I am unable to access the game itself. Songs won't play and levels are stuck at the start. Reinstalling the game only made it worse as I am now stuck at the Phigros loading screen. Until then, my rating will be a 3 star.
This game is amazing. It has so many songs and it is add free and offline. the best part about it is that you can only progress through your own hardwork because there is no in app purchase which is an amazing decision only if it had the option to interact with other players then it could become very popular this game still had plenty of room to develop well that's what I think . Oh and the gamplay quiet simple but as the difficulty level gets higher the gameplay gets exhilarating.
New review for the update after the audio system update. (For context, I gave the game a 1* because you can't play the game itself.) Now for the review, you still can't play it but it's worse now. It only goes up to the Phigros screen for me and then nothing happens. You just see Phigros and that's it. I can't even go to the chapter selection anymore. And still no audio to be heard from the start menu. Anyway, take your time devs but I will be rating this 1* yet again because we can't play yet.
Overall this game is very addicting and fun, the gameplay is amazing even thought the calibration gets a little bit wonky sometimes. Another thing I would change is...and spoiler warning, the story is a little....unexpected? I dont think this should be rated for 3+ story wise.... there are some hidden songs too that contain glitches that might scare some young kids. I dont think this is that big of a deal because most people arent that into the story anyways but it may be something to consider..
Ok, so I have been playing for a while but stopped for a while and when I came back the newest update COMPLETELY BROKE THE GAME, there is no music, just sound effects, I can't even play any songs because it's stuck loading the damn thing, and just overall it breaks the game so much I can't even play anymore, now I don't even want to open the damn app because of this. Audio update? More like BREAKTHEWHOLEGAME UPDATE!
So I just downloaded this and I'm immediately in love with the artwork and music, but I feel like I'm missing something control-wise. Every rhythm game I've played has been in portrait, but this is in landscape and feels sooo awkward.
One of the greatest rhythm games out there for mobile, the musics are really well made along with the gameplay itself. Would love to see future additions to the songs in the future & some secret songs.
This game is super fun to play and very well made, it has good songs to play from and is completely free with no paid songs! What would be cool to see is if they added a feature for people to make their own levels to play and have a server to upload them for others to play! To prevent copyright issues, you could maybe get consent from artists and have their songs on a menu for people to use
New update, the music lags... and the chart too! anything else loads, it'll be the music lags again in the main menu
Phigros is rad, the best rhythm game I've played with on the Play Store. Feels good. Many mobile rhythm games can feel lackluster when it comes to the actual rhythm experience but this one manages to pull it off well. It's a recognizeable take on the genre while having a character of its own :) Gamplay can be challenging yet learning is intuitive. If there were a way to send quick feedback in-app I would happily use it!
This app is amazing!! It has good music all the charts are cool and I'm really happy that the old charts are still there, tbh it has one of my favorite music's like MARENOL,Aleph-0,Water,doppelganger,HumaN and more I just love this app it's a cool game, You guys should update the game into Phigros x Arcaea.
this app is super amazing and something to play to kill time . however like many others , recently i've been getting a loading screen when trying to open a new song to play . the progress bar is up to halfway and it says loading on the screen . despite me waiting a good ten minutes , it is still unable to be played . please please fix this !! i really really love this game and i hope to complete my songs soon .
I don't usually write reviews, but this is definitely one of the best rhythm games I've played, all the charts are really unique and the music is great 10/10
The game is great overall, there is some minor issues thou, like the UI design, which is really hard to navigate sometimes, one thing that deserves atencion is that there is no ads whatsoever in the entire game, and this should be appreciated
Good game, everything's available for free with some being unlockable with in-game currency that you get for playing the game normally. The absolute go to rhythm game for f2players. Love what you guys did with the judgement line, consistent updates and all that. Cheers.
This game is good, but the recent updates have rendered the game unplayable. Since the audio update, I have been unable to play songs. It simply wouldn't load. After updating it again, this time when I wanted to play the game it was stuck on a loading screen. I went to go eat a sandwich and when I came back iyly was still just stuck there.
One of the best rhythm games in my opinion. There are many well charted maps and they're very enjoyable to play. There's tons of songs to choose from and I'd say that majority of them are super fun and challenging. However, there is a small bug that does bother me and it's about the legacy button for certain levels. When I click it, it doesn't bring me to the old chart it just makes a sound and nothing happens. I really hope you can fix this bug as I want to play the old charts for these songs.
Amazing game until the last update, everytime I try to play a song it just stops and the progress bar is at the middle and when I redownloaded it got even worse, I couldnt even open the title screen (I thought it was broken bc my phone didn't have enough data or smth so I deleted like 10 games but after finding out the problem I was kinda sad qwq) . But it is a great game so I'm giving it a 4 stars until the bug gets fixed and I will change it to a 5 star :)
I really love this game. Probably the best rhythm game I've ever played before. Hopefully in future you could add more song like from friday night funkin. It would be so great if you guys could at it to the game. Thanks for the amazing game.
I'm stuck at the loading screen whenever I try to play a song. For some reason, the 'progress line' is already halfway through even though I haven't even started yet. Something was already off when there was no preview sound of each song. It was working fine yesterday though
The game delivers great gameplay, alongside great art and music. The difficulty, however, is... Well, I play using my thumbs, and the game is sometimes too hard for me. However, I'm pretty sure that it's just my lack of skill. Great game, 10/10, looking forward to future updates. Tutorial is broken...
So the game was updated again but the title screen is still only shown. Until the game is completely fixed, I will stand by my 1 star review because it reflects my opinion on the current state of the game which can't be considered a game if it's only a title screen. If and when the game is fixed I will change my review to 5 stars.
The game is great and challenging. All the songs are playable for free by earning mbs (in game currency). I really want to suggest songs because I have played most of the songs already. It would be pretty much appreciated if there would be a new extra chapter for USAO songs like Cyaegha or Saikyo Stronger (I recommend these two though). I would love to play these songs in this game. Great job devs, keep up the good work!
At first it's jarring with all the options to choose from and I didn't know I could get other songs until I was about a month in... But if your wanting a good rythym game then this game is top tier! (After the recent audio update and the addition of two new songs, my game wont load. I know others have had this same problem and wanted to help.)
For some reason, I can't hear any audio or play any songs after the new update happened. The songs won't load and the calibration thing won't move either. I definitely like this game a lot (it pains me to leaves 3 star but I have to bc I cant play the game bc of the audio issue), so please fix the audio issue!! Thank you :D
I rate this as 5 star.....but...the problem is that when play it in the afternoon and it keeps loading and doesn't have sound but when I play this on yesterday it works fine....pls fix this. Edit: It's completely silent except the clicking sounds but when I play it stucks on loading screen....it needs to be fixed. Thank you.😊
Ok, now I have bug again. If I decrease the volume, the sounds become bad. So I need to increase the volume a little bit higher to make it normal. But if I using headphone/earphone there is no problem. Hope it will fix soon..
Best rhythm game I've ever played!!! This is high quality gameplay. I'm surprised that this is free, no ads, and not even inapp purchases(no p2w) so you gotta progress with your own efforts. If you love rhythm games and if your a real man, you need to try this! Absolute hidden gem. I'm glad I found this. The songs rock especially the one made by leaF. They really put so much effort into this. Give them some love. Keep up the good work devs! I hope this thing grow more popular. Damn.Lost my cool.
I deleted it and then got it back because of the virus the update had. I just lost all my progressssss maaaaaaannnnn. To whoever's reading this: if you hadn't know yet, check the reviews before you're about to delete the game after it hasn't functioned properly. I freaking hate this man, now my fingers are gonna have to put out their abilities somewhere else. I hope the devs will work this out soon.
No in app purchases. Not a P2P/P2W. No forced grinding. This game is seriously amazing. It doesn't force you to pay anything. The judgement line is all over the place. But that's what makes Phigros special. Also the song selection is amazing. I just wish they made more games like this. Because I love this.
Very simple, fun and challanging, difcerent difficulty levels for players to choose, there seems to be an error in data mining from shop, i cant seem to click the back button, it just keeps using my mbs. Is this an error or am i doing it wrong? Also, really love the tips, its fun to read, a very great game, thank you!
I have a Samsung 20+ 5G and the new audio system has ruined this game. Before the update, my phone was loading the judgement lines, notes and music. I did not use sound effects or hit sounds as they would be off beat with the latency adapter. The soundtracks for free-to-play users are still good selections and athe stave sites are very good for story lovers. The game is good but has become unplayable due to the new update.
This game is good but the pause is so tiny tho can u make it bigger cuz it's hard for me to press it and u have to press it twice that's annoying but overall game is good
I love this game, it's probably the best free rythm game out on mobile that doesn't have ads or pay packages. It's sad seeing so many 1 star reviews because of the recent update, but I'm confident they are working on fixing the issue as we speak. I can't wait to go back playing the game <3
Super nice game, with no in-game purchase and no ads. Y don't you add in-game purchase?? How can you earn money from this project then??
I love the game thats all Edit: how to fix the robotic sound here please. Edit: im done in recalibration bit its still the same please fix it my device is realme c15 and my rating is 12.12 i dont want to lose it please please
I love this game like, a lot! I'd rate it 6 stars if there is one... Is what I really want to say but... Recently, after I update the app, it just won't load. All I can see is the loading screen. Like, the floating phigros logo and nothing more. I can't play it at all. Please fix it asap! A day without playing phigros is not complete 😭😭
The songs, the game play, just outstanding. It can be invigorating, and me personally, I find it as a beautiful rhythm game.
The game delivers great gameplay, alongside great art and music. The difficulty, however, is... Well, I play using my thumbs, and the game is sometimes too hard for me. However, I'm pretty sure that it's just my lack of skill. Great game, 10/10, looking forward to future updates.
One of the best rhythm games I've played, very diverse and expressive charts with very intuitive controls. Even if this wasn't free I'd still be willing to get this game. Only issue is sometimes updates randomly delete the .obb file and I have to replace it.
Most creative rhythm game i've ever played! I've seen notes falls to judgement lines but JUDGEMENT LINE FALLS TO NOTES is crazy! I know there are some rhythm games do that but this game not only offers that, dynamic ever changing judgement lines and notes coming outta nowhere making this game truly challenging and fascinating. But the most importantly all song is FREE. YEAH AT FIRST I THOUGHT MAYBE SOME OF IT IS FREE BUT NAAAHHH YOU CAN BUY IT ALL WITH IN-GAME CURRENCY! 5 STARS IT IS!
Thank you for fixing the bug! 😊 I can now play smoothly, also I miss playing destination and shadow :<
One of the best rythm games I've ever played. Different charts can have extremely different game play, making for more variety. Have played for hours on end, the fun doesn't stop! I would like a way to donate to the developer(s) as I dont see anyway they are making money off this. No adds. No in app purchases.
So i just downloaded the game just now and it appears to be, buggy. At the introduction part it isnt playing any songs or showing any of the notes, just the background and the instructions on how to play. I also can't get past it even if i think the introduction is done, I'm just stuck there. I'm really looking forward to this game, hopefully someday you all will fix it^^.
I love this game, I really do, and the fact that it's free makes it better. The problem is that the game will run normal for a few seconds then audio will skip and sound glitchy causing the game to lag entirely. I hope this issue can be fixed soon.
This is game is so much fun, and is very entertaining! The only thing I would say to change is how you determine levels, or song difficulty. Some songs will say that they're a lv.2 or 3, but they are actually lv.5 or 6. This is very misleading. Other than that, this is sure to keep your blood pumpin and fingers tappinπŸ˜†πŸ’– Now, ever since the new update, I can't play any of the songs! I can hear the sound effects of tapping, but no music. Please please PLEASE fix! This is one of my favorite game
Ngl this game is interesting. If you're a rhythm player, then you should try this out. The game is humorous and somehow some of the charts are tricky that will make you clear it again and again. I, a former player of Cytus (1 & 2) Dynamix, Muse Dash and Arcea never had been so fixated on a single chart (Lyrith) before. Very interesting and very well made. I really like it! thank you for this!
My favorite rhythm game. has good songs, kinda challenging and most i impressed is everything is free(no ads and can get everything just by playing). I hope it keeps updating, keep it up.
I really enjoy this game, as much as I enjoy other rhythm games (Cytus 2, Deemo, Voez, Arcaea etc.). But since the previous and today's update (regarding sound update), it won't play any music and worse of all can't even log in to the game. It's a shame tho cause this game has great potential. Developer, please fix this bug
Awesome rhythm game! Everything is free, 100%! I'm so happy that there is no annoying ads in the game, and I get to play any song for free without cool down! I recommend this game to any rhythm game lovers who can't pay full access on other rhythm games.
This game is the most precise rythm game I've found on mobile. It's really fun, and all of the tracks have high quality sound (definitely better with headphones). The only problem I have is my character status card isn't updating when I've cleared more levels. That's the only thing though, otherwise 10/10 :D
Rhythm games normally aren't my thing but this is a really fun game. The fact that there aren't any ads or in app purchases just makes it that much better. Thank you you much to the game devs ❀
Best mobile rhythm game, no ads, no in-app purchases, very fun, nice visuals, good songs (new ones added frequently). Best game.
It's great fun to play and a unique experience mechanically when comparing it to other mobile rhythm games, and the music selection is pretty nice and satisfying to play to. My only gripe was that as someone who has played rhythm games for a while, it is painfully slow to get into. It was pretty tedious to have to clear low difficulty, super slow tracks. I like how the extra pack songs unlocked, but I wish the first songs IN was naturally unlocked and worked the same as the others.
This game is the best! I really enjoyed playing it and completely ads free! That's how games are supposed to be!
No ads, no in app purchases and best of all developers have no hair. oh wait i meant easy to learn game play. I came from another game called arcaea but I didn't excell there and only am able to play all of the free songs and only until ftr 7-8 but here in this game, I can feel myself excell bit by bit overall I'd give this game 100/100. Oh and I hope the developers gain some hair with my stars.
The game are truly amazing providing all free music but the game are lack of efect and background which is make it bored πŸ₯±...but trust me if each every song get theirs own background music and effect ...This game will be the top best music game ever. I have to give 3 star and hope there will be more awesome update 😎
The new update isn't that precise of what I have thought. I can't see the slight changes of the chart in Lyrith at the IN difficulty. Also, I think there is a problem with my handphone or the game, I can't tap with three fingers at notes, and it'll make one of the three or more notes missed. Overall, I think it is okay for thid update. Thanks, Phigros Games!
First, it has great songs and music. It was fun and challenging. Love the artwork. Great playing experience and ITS FREE. I love it, definitely recommended! πŸ‘Œ
I will change the review after this current update is fixed. I'm still getting stuck at the loading screen, and there's no music playing on menu. Please fix this bug. Update: now its stuck in the phigros loading screen. Update #2: i know you guys have been busy, but please fix the problem
This game is just an A+. I started play it last week and its very addicting. We don't need to use data to unlock the song and that just make me happy. There's no ad. Yes, no ad even the small ad. The gameplay was fun and fancy. There's a lot of songs too. Believe me. If you like rhythm games you should try this game and you'll have no regrets. I rarely put a rating but for this game, I must put a rating because everyone should try this hidden gem. Thank you for making this wonderful game (◠‿・)β€”β˜†
Phenomenal. Everything about it, from the calibration to the charting to the song selection (god bless spasmodic) is spectacular. The quintessential mobile rhythm game, highly recommend.
I love this game. I was trying a lot of rhythm games but none proved to be good enough for a smartphone screen. This game really suits for any screen size and its game mechanics is awesome. It might take sometime to learn but once you have enough practice, I am sure you can almost complete all the easy levels of any song. (Please do not remove your free to play feature but you can charge for some songs in future.) Edit: I can't play anymore. :( Please fix it nothing is loading at all.
I LOVE THIS GAME! I just started out a week or two but now im getting high scores on my first try on some songs! Oh yeah, about your programmers... Well i could give tips about their hair. If something like a harmful chemical is in the hair, then rinse it and use their most trusted shampoo :D But yeah in overall me, my siblings, and my older brother's friends enjoys! Thx for the game Pigeon Games!
Hello, i've lost my progress so many times when swtching into another device, when i was going to do so, i always log in to Phigros through Google Play Games, it shows my username but not my Play Games username. I thought my data was uploaded that time. I've logged in to the game with my account back then but still no data left. Can you fetch my data please?
This is epic. Good music, good concept and really good realization. Please add an editor. That would be really epic!
New update broke the game, I reinstalled it and now I'm stuck with tutorials with nothing to do. There is no sound or music playing in the background except when you hit the buttons or settings in the game. PLEASE fix this game and I seriously love playing this and the new update is very, very disappointing
Firstly, all the 1 star comments are just because of one single bug, and shouldn't be trusted on how "bad" the game is. Secondly, before the bug, and now after, the game is great, simplistic and fun, the maps are charted very well and gameplay is interactive. Thirdly, Phigros updates quite often and has changes quite often from small map changes to map overhauls, making it extremely up to date. Lastly, for those who did rate it 1*, please change it if you actually enjoy the game.
Man this game is so good I actually felt like giving it five stars. The levels are very fun and I don't personally know many rythm games that are creative as this one. Amazing job !!!!
This game is so good that I force myself to get an S or higher on every level I come across Although I am bit confused about unlocking the story the gameplay is pretty fun. One thing I would have wanted is a volume slider for the fx, I like the sound effects but they can be too loud at times especially when I am playing at a high volume. If you're into rhythm games then you should download it. Now.
After the update legacy in charts wont work anymore i kept pressing them but it won't work and i tried restarting the game but it wont still work please fix it. Overall amazing game just the legacy charts wont work. edit: OI PLAY STORE UPDATE THE GAME!
The best rhythm game i've played so far the gameplay is kind of basic but the stages are unique so it doesn't look repetitive, best thing about this game is that the game is COMPLETELY FREE, i can unlock every stages just by playing so i can't really complain much. but hey, on top of that who looks at the reviews anyway.
Really creative and accurate gameplay, also has amazing music, I really had fun playing it! The only thing I would like to see is a way to contribute with Pigeon games, for a game of this caliber I would definitely pay, I almost feel bad for playing it for free.
After: Stating on 2020/30/2020 Update didn't work on mine:(( please fix even though it was going well for me Dang, This game is still on its early months with 100k players yet the developers are putting so much love and effort into it. I really love this game it's my most favorite one!!! Edit : I wanna Join the beta tho because of early releases of songs but its full :((
Love the game. It's super easy to get into, whether you're a completely new player or have prior experience with the genre. Gameplay's certainly unique, and there's plenty of songs to challenge. Also the game is completely free, no in-app purchases in sight. Seriously, this is so fun, go try it out. Edit: Devs are busy trying to fix the bugs breaking the game, so until they're fixed, hold off on getting the game.
I have played this game before (like prolly i started since 2019??) I've experienced everything in this game and this is the best of all android rhythm game around But why i gave 2 star, i lost my data and i don't know why. Before when im reinstalling phigros, the data remains since it is connected to my Google play acc but now it's all gone. All the music i unlocked and the scores i set is all gone. Hope devs finds a way to help me retrieve my data. I'll rate this 5 star once my acc is back.
Great game, not that I'm a regular rhythm game player or anything, but in my personal opinion it exceptional, especially considering that it is offline, add-free and without in-app purchases. Gameplay is really fun and would recommend the game for anyone looking for a great time. 😁
This game is really fun to play after this past few months, but after I stop playing for a few months too, something weird happens like I can't hear the music but I can hear the effects perfectly and the problem is I can't play the music at all. Is it a glitch or something else?? Please fix the issues of this app!!!
Probably one of my favorite rhythm games ever! The controls are intuitive, and easy to understand! But there's still also challenge! And no ads, or microtransactions! I'd say it's one of the best rhythm games on the app store! Just one thing I'd like to see in the future: Custom charts, and a custom chart maker that's intuitive, and easy to use! Other than that, I have no complaints!
What a great game. An absolute masterpiece. This is one of the most unique rhythm game I've ever played. The way the judgement line works especially is so fun. Plus.. no in-app purchases or ads!! I wish there was a way to donate to the devs. My only real complaint is that sometimes it's kinda difficult with a bigger phone but it isn't too bad!! Very rare to see a mobile game like this, honestly.
I'm sure this is a good game but for some reason I can't seem to open it; it gets stuck on text reading the game's name with no way of getting past. My wifi connection is fine and I've tried reinstalling the app. Developers can see my device information from my comment, let me know if this issue gets fixed.
very enjoyable play style with the moving active line, good music, and i really appreciate not needing to pay for extra song packs. only one thing I would wish for is if there was cloud save.
β€’ Scoring: 1 - 1.0 - 1.9 2 - 2.0 - 2.9 3 - 3.0 - 4.5 4 - 4.6 - 4.8 5 - 4.9 - 5.0 β€’ Criteria: Songs - 4.8 / 5.0 Story - 4.1 / 5.0 Difficulty - 5.0 / 5.0 Design - 4.6 / 5.0 UI - 4.2 / 5.0 β€’ Rating: 4.8 + 4.1 + 5.0 + 4.6 + 4.2 = 22.7 22.7 Γ· 5 = 4.54 *(+0.2) = 4.74 *Because everything is free, there's no ads and the game is very cool +0.2. β€’ Pros & Cons: Pros: - Everything is free - No ads at all - The game is difficult even at the start (which is awesome) Cons: - Takes space - No saving data
Really good music. I like the way that you can't buy Mb. Please continue updating this game and making it even greater!
One of the Best rhythm game I've played so far, the music, style, and the performance of this game is outstanding, and the best part is it's not pay to unlock the other songs. Keep up the great work. :)